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When Ye Li woke up, his mother said that he had sent him a fast dragon.

A game world appeared in the bathroom, and at the same time the real world was different, with elves and various legends of mythical beasts everywhere.

When Ye Li discovered that things in the game world could be brought to reality, a powerful dragon trainer and cultivator appeared.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:EL
Alternate Title:小精灵盟主
Author:Shangguan Daniel
Weekly Rank:#3644
Monthly Rank:#7873
All Time Rank:#6175
Tags:Alternate World, Beast Companions, Cheats, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Naive Protagonist, Pokemon, Poor to Rich, Special Abilities, System,
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  1. Here's a tip if you want to know what Pokemon they're talking about: Search up Bulbapedia's list of Chinese Pokemon names, then use your browser automatic translation feature to set it to your language. It will show the Chinese names like they are in the MTL. It might take awhile for it to load all the names, it takes a few minutes for my phone. Then you can use Ctrl+F to look for the name in the list, and you'll usually be able to find it. After that just match the name with the pokemon sprite. ✌️

  2. Well that how chinese novel works They will change english and japan name into their own chinese name at that seriously ruin the novel but honestly this novel are good for chinese people to read... For others go to comrademao to read this novel

  3. I hate it yes I understand the part where his ruthless to his enemies but basically locking them up and torturing them? Doesn't stand well with me I would rather he kill them directly and he still has that great guy act psh he's more rubbish than my trash can

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