Finally finished the book, because a lot of things happened at home later, which made my mood a bit bad. Later, I encountered the impact of the epidemic, and there was some water in the latter part of this book, which is really unreasonable.

Fortunately, this book is successfully completed, and we will see you in the next book.

"I Have an Eye of Truth"

There was a city in Daqingshan at the door of my house, but Daqingshan disappeared when I turned around.

When I just came here, I was faced with a doomsday-like scene. What kind of trouble? Wang Yang looked at the fireball in the sky.

This is a great era in which all people are exploring foreign lands. The ninety-nine layers of the world are stairs and restrictions. Fortunately, they have an eye for truth.

"Earth Traveling Through the Ages" Completion of Remarks

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