"Well, where is this place?" Du You slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were completely dark. But Du You, who quickly adapted, could see that this place should be in a cave.

"Master, you finally woke up, great." Suddenly, a slightly hoarse voice came from my ear.

Du You looked back and found that it was Lin Yushi and Lin Yucha who were two people, but the two of them were not very good now, their bodies were covered with scars, and their breath was a little weak.

Du You knew that this was because the two sisters were injured by the power of the will of the world before, and in fact, he was the same. Otherwise, with one's own physique, it is impossible to feel so weak.

However, what I have to do has been done. Destroyed a tenth-tier world, the power of destruction required for advancement has been replenished to Consummation, others don't know, but Du You himself can feel it.

He is still holding that world source tightly in his hand. With this, he can create a new world of rank ten, and then gather two forces to reach rank ten himself. The injuries on the two sisters, as well as the injuries on their own body, all have a tenth-order aura. With their own strength, I don't know how long it will take to disperse them.

But once you advance yourself, you can restore it back in a short time.

"By the way, where is this place?" Du You said again, sitting up slowly by himself.

"Here, this is the earth." The two sisters glanced at each other, as if they were a little weird in their eyes, but they still spoke out. "But it's not the original earth, but a different one."

Du You was taken aback for a moment, did he cross again. But it wasn't right. Letting go of perception, Du You found that the aura of this earth was no different from where he was originally. If there are differences and there are differences, it is too weak.

This earth is just a world with only one order. Although it is a real world, and it is rare that the first order is the real world, it is also too weak. You know, the earth was originally a tenth-order world.

Wait, I don't seem to feel right.

"Let's go out and have a look." Du You pulled the two sisters. With their current state, it is impossible to encounter any danger in this kind of world. Soon, three people appeared in the outside world.

This earth is of normal size. The world before Du You passed through is as big as this world, and the expansion of the earth has not yet occurred. But the background of this era is completely different.

"When the great ancestor of Ming Dynasty came down to the sky, wait, if I remember correctly, the world's mutation seems to have started at this time." Du You suddenly said.

Lin Yucha nodded and said: "Yes, it is this era. After the Great Emperor Ming Dynasty founded the Ming Dynasty, the world suddenly changed, and then the world entered a new era. Later, the evolution of the five major alliances also began at this time."

Du You seemed to have thought of something: "Hahahaha, that's how it is, that's how it is, it turns out that I did all of this."

Du You understood, and then took the two sisters to the core of the earth and easily found the origin of the earth. "Then, it will be cheaper for you next." After Du You tempered the origin of the world in his hand, he sent it directly into the core of the earth. In an instant the power of the earth began to expand, and the whole world began to release mutations.

"Next, we are here to heal our injuries, and after a few hundred years, we will be able to return to our time."

The two sisters nodded slightly, but suddenly, the earth began to vibrate.

"No, the earth level is too low to withstand this force at all."

Not only the strength of the earth is not enough, but the level of this world is not enough, Du You patted his head, he was really anxious. Forget it, let's rely on yourself next. Du You sat down in front of the origin of the world, then used his own power to control this power, let this power slowly release, and change the world bit by bit, so as not to cause problems too quickly.

But for the next few hundred years, Du You couldn't leave this place either.

Now Du You is more certain that the earth's mutation is his own cause.

It may even be because I didn't belong to this world originally, so I can come to this place to change over time. If you go directly back to your own era across time, it is not impossible.

But Du You could feel that if he did this forcibly, it would lead to a series of unknowable consequences. In addition, it takes time to break through and recover from his injuries. This is the real reason Du You stayed here.

The three people weren't completely idle here, because they still had a clone, so they created a clone that was not very strong, and then sent it out. Explore the world as a clone.

"Look, Master, that person seems familiar."

On this day, Du You, who was visiting, saw a scholar who was about to starve to death. Du You stepped forward and took a closer look: "Isn't this Mingzun? I didn't expect him to be like this before he became Mingzun."

The Ming Venerable who was about to die naturally had a breath of death on his body. This is why Ming Venerable went on the road of death later.

Du You recovered it casually, then after thinking about it, he put a special cultivation method into Mingzun's mind. "Let me see what your growth path will look like next."

Du You raised his head. At this time, the earth was already connected to some weaker worlds outside. After a while, someone will be randomly selected and sent to other worlds for exploration.

Time changed and passed, Du You saw many people he knew or had heard of on the earth. These were some of the later great abilities or people who had made significant contributions to the earth.

For these people, Du You untiringly helped, and at the same time, Du You's reputation spread.

No one knows Du You's identity, they just know that there is a very powerful existence guarding the earth. "Perhaps, the mysterious strongest person in their eyes is myself." An unsolved mystery was solved by Du You.

For a long time, the guy called the strongest on earth has never appeared. Only when the earth is in danger will he come out to help, and then disappear immediately, no one has even seen his true face.

Many people think that this person does not exist, and now it seems that he is himself.

After another period of time, Xiaobai, who was affected in Duyou Space, awakened. Du You sent Xiaobai out, and then traveled with them on this new earth.

Xiaobai quickly accepted his current situation, after all, Du You was by his side.

One hundred years later, the world has finally stabilized. On this day, Du You let go of his control and let the earth develop by itself.

"I now know why the will of the earth is so kind to us." Du You smiled, seeming to understand something. Looking up, a huge creative force is sweeping in.

Du You closed his eyes and absorbed them. When he opened his eyes again, the breath on his body had completely disappeared.

"Master~www.mtlnovel.com~Are you successfully advanced now?"

Du You nodded slightly: "Yes, I have transcended everything and succeeded in becoming Tier 10. However, this may be just the beginning." With that, Du You entered some basic settings into the earth will.

Using himself as a reference, position his current level to be level 91, and the full level is level 100.

The level of Consummation is not the 90th level that people later thought, but the one set by myself.

From this day on, the earth began to enter a period of rapid expansion and expansion, a series of epic stories happened everywhere, and the era of great exploration began.

"Next, let's wait. The reunion with other people will take hundreds of years."

"This time is not very long, we just have to wait a little bit." Lin Yushi said with a smile, their lifespan is eternal, this time, should be regarded as an adjustment before the reunion.


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