The two sisters gave all their defenses to defense skills. The right hand seemed to become a phantom, and the arrows exploded at a violent speed. If it weren't for the bow in their hands to have their own strength bonus, I am afraid they would have long been abandoned.

No, the bows in the hands of the two sisters now only have one shape, and the inside has become fragmented.

Give full play to your own strength and now you can only rely on your own strength to force support.

Even if the two bows are the original weapons of the two sisters, it will take a long time to repair after this time.

On the other side, Du You was the same, shrunk the dark shield to a close-fitting situation, and teleported it all the way. The violent power is constantly sweeping around, and the dark shield is constantly fluctuating.

Sometimes, some power that didn't know what the situation would directly tear open the dark shield, leaving a series of scars on Du You's body. Du You knew that this power was definitely not a power of the ninth order, it was essential that it had reached the tenth order. Because it hadn't reached the tenth-order essence, it was impossible to cut open his dark shield so easily.

Near, getting closer, Du You's eyes fixed on the position of the origin of the world.

Finally, when Du You approached, the dark power in his hand condensed, as if holding a black hole in his right hand.

Using the energy-gathering magic cannon, Du You concentrated almost completely the power he could use, and then formed a sharp blade. At the moment when he is close to the manifestation of the will of the world, pierce it out.

The pitch-black sharp blade pierced into the colored ball of light fiercely, and then sank into it. The closer you get to the inside, the greater the resistance you receive, but Du You didn't stop. The will of the world at this time has no power to counterattack.

Du You carried the violent force around him, piercing the sharp blade in it bit by bit. The wounds on his body seemed to appear out of thin air, accompanied by blood spilling around.

The two sisters frantically attacked all the frenzied violence around Du You, and also kept getting closer and closer under pressure. But there are more and more wounds on the body, and these wounds are not so easy to get rid of.

It's just that the two sisters only have Du You in their eyes, and they don't care about the injuries on their bodies.

In the whole world, countless people looked at the doomsday-like scenes around them, not knowing what they felt in their hearts.

Perhaps regret, or fear, they have already felt that the world has begun to undergo tremendous changes. The complete destruction of the Outer World made the fear in their hearts worse.

They don't know what their future is like, or even if there is a future.

At this time, everyone doesn't know whether to resent the world will or those who oppose the world will, because this is completely useless. Just now, the guys who originally gave the speech also looked up.

They don't continue to speak anymore, and it's useless to say anything now, and the will of the people has no influence or help anymore.

I don't know how long it has passed, it seems to be a moment, or it may be countless years, in short, Du You's sharp blade finally completely cut the ball of light. Then Du You stretched out his left hand and grabbed a small colored ball of light inside.

A flash of joy passed on Du You's face, and he succeeded. Pulling hard, the ball of light was pulled out.

Because the level is too high, there is no way to fit it into your personal space, you can only hold it with your hands.

But when Du You was happy, World Will launched the final blow. Seeing the loss of the world's origin, the end of the world's will has come, but the surrounding forces are still there.

The will of the world cannot attack, there is only one thing it can do, and that is to die with the enemy in front of it. The violent power suddenly exploded and attacked in all directions. That power directly affected everything around him.

Du You was the first to bear the brunt. In the face of this force, Du You had almost no ability to resist and was involved on the spot. "It's the turbulence of time and space, it's awful." This was Du You's last consciousness.

After that, Du You lost all consciousness. This was the first time he was knocked unconscious since his debut.

The exclamation of the two sisters sounded from behind, and Du You felt his two soft hands grabbed him, and his heart was completely relieved.

The violent turbulence of time and space erupted, instantly sweeping the entire world. In an instant, all the clones left by Du You died at the same time, and the whole person exploded. This means that the upper echelons of this world died almost simultaneously.

Next, everyone discovered two more terrifying things, that is, those strong men, their powers suddenly exploded uncontrollably, and then they died in front of them.

Those who reach the seventh rank will all perish, and those who reach the eighth rank will not be left. Of those from Tier 4 to Tier 6, only a few people can survive, and most of the few who survived went directly into madness. They didn't even know what happened.

If Du You's clone is still there, then it will be understood that because there is no world will, their strength that has been forcibly promoted by the world will power has lost its suppression and has begun to bite back. Originally, it was not the power obtained through systematic cultivation. Many powers even conflicted with each other. It would be strange if they didn't backlash.

Those who are weak are not that there is no backlash, but the backlash is relatively light, so it looks okay.

The ground was torn apart, and many parts of the world were torn apart, caught in the uncontrolled turbulence, and then shattered.

After the turbulence of time and space gradually subsided, only a devastated battlefield remained. At the same time, in the turbulent flow of space outside the world, silhouettes and auras suddenly appeared in this place.

"Oh my Who did this? It should be a top-notch world, it's actually hidden in this place."

"The most terrifying thing is that this world is actually destroyed. Even the powerhouse of the ninth peak cannot destroy it at this level. At least several ninth peaks must work together.

They don't know how terrifying the world of Tier 10 is, so they can only guess like this. Suddenly, someone glanced towards the direction of the earth, only that place could bring out several ninth-order peaks.

Didn't you expect that person has grown to this level? Thinking of this, some people quietly retracted their consciousness.

As for not seeing other people here, they don't care at all. They just leave after they succeed. There is no need to communicate with them. As a result, this situation has scared countless people even more.

Du You didn't even know that by doing this, the people who originally wanted to take revenge on the earth shrank. Even in the abyss that had been fighting with the earth, it was just fighting with ordinary cannon fodder, and the strong did not dare to appear.


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