The will of the world has been completely mad, and now only knows that the culprit in front of him is madly attacked. And Du You has been fighting against the will of the world, so the main attack of the will of the world is also aimed at Du You.

Secondly, there are many other people who are also involved and are constantly being attacked.

At the beginning, Du You was a little worried because the attack intensity was too high. Even the ninth-tier pinnacle like the two sisters, with the help of unique defensive skills, is still getting injured in constant attacks.

Fortunately, the injury was not very serious, and with the passage of time, the power of the world's will continued to decline, and there was nothing for the two of them. The injuries on his body are the same as Du You, and he is recovering quickly.

After all, at their level, some ordinary injuries can recover relatively quickly.

Of course, this is because there is no damage to the original source, or some special serious trauma, which takes a long time to recover. There is also the residual breath of power left by the will of the world on them, which can not be eliminated in a short time. If you want to recover completely, I am afraid it will take decades to go back this time.

If it were not for the continuous weakening of the power of the will of the world, or if they had not prepared adequately this time, I am afraid that facing the will of the world, they could only resist for a period of time at most, and then flee in despair.

Those ninth-order clones that Du You left behind were much more miserable under the attack of the will of the world.

These clones have no way to block the power of the will of the world. Every time they attack, if there is no way to avoid them, they will basically be seriously injured. This is also the result of the world's frenzied attack.

If it was the kind of attack that was aimed at Du You at the beginning, they would definitely not want to block it.

In this way, after a period of time, these ninth-tier clones also suffered heavy losses and died a lot.

In terms of loss, it was similar to the rank 9 helpers left by the will of the world, because their losses were not light. Every avatar exploded, there will be a residual power preserved.

Then when Du You and the two sisters are connected to their origins, these forces will be attracted, and then absorbed again, and return to the body. Although not much, it can also improve some abilities in various aspects.

The most important thing is that this force can also help oneself relieve the injury and make his injury recover faster.

In this way, the power of the will of the world is getting weaker and weaker, and Du You also feels that more and more of the world is being destroyed. If this continues, his victory is only a matter of time.

But at this moment, the attack of the will of the world suddenly stopped, and a depressed breath swept over.

"You two are here, I feel something is wrong." Du You whispered.

The two sisters returned to Du You for the first time, and the three of them stared at the huge ball of light in the sky. Suddenly, a special breath appeared in the ball of light, and Du You felt the breath of the origin of the world.

That's right, the will of the world actually used the origin of the world. You must know that the origin of the world has always been left untouched. It is really not easy that the will of the world can go against its own instinct.

The next moment, without waiting for Du You to do anything, a terrifying force erupted. In an instant, all the rays of light around the world exploded, terrifying power burst out, and the surrounding void entered a state of riot.

At this time, this violent aura directly attracted the attention of many powerful beings in the distant void.

It's a pity that because the breath here is too frantic, no one can feel what's going on inside. Even now with this violent aura, the center position is difficult for ordinary Tier 9 powerhouses to approach. If you forcibly approach, you may get injured. However, the eighth-order strong will be torn to shreds directly when they enter it.

Now only a few people inside knew what had happened, and Du You was even more shocked. "This guy is crazy, he still has such a trick." Du You didn't expect it himself.

Seeing that the will of the world was about to fail, there was a direct hit. The outer world was forcibly communicated by the origin of the world at the moment, and then it was completely detonated. Yes, all the worlds are destroyed at the same time.

The ninth-tier powerhouse inside was destroyed by the detonated world on the spot. It's the same whether it's the enemy or your own.

The colored light spots were absorbed from the outside, and part of them was absorbed by Du You and the two sisters. This was left after their clones died. Because they are all their own powers, they can also re-absorb and improve themselves.

Originally Du You planned to wait until after this battle to slowly absorb them one by one, but unfortunately it can only do so now. This detonation directly reduced his income to less than 2% of the original income.

The same is true for the two sisters, this time the loss is huge. The other part of the power is the ninth order under the jurisdiction of the will of the world. After the origin is destroyed, the remaining power is absorbed, and a part of the power of the world origin is restored.

The destruction of the outer world caused the continuously absorbed power of the world to cease to be absorbed. The wound on the world's will was even more serious. It was already scarred, and Du You could clearly feel it. However, the remaining power of the outer world was absorbed back, which also led to the constant expansion of the power of the will of the world.

As if blowing a balloon, that power became more and more violent and more terrifying.

With such a huge loss, he almost destroyed all his accumulation for countless years, and directly concentrated his strength. This power was simply not something Du You could contend.

Once this force gathers the will of the world I and the two sisters may not even have a chance to escape.

At this moment, Du You rarely felt desperately. "You two cover me, and I will take away their origins."

Du You gave an order, and then the whole person mobilized space power, matched his own speed, and found one jumping point after another in the gap of the void, and the whole person flashed and rushed forward.

The two sisters communicated with each other in an instant, and then arrows flew out.

The drop point of each arrow is very special, directly detonating the surrounding chaotic power, or blocking some existence that threatens Du You. Every attack can create a temporary stable foothold for Du You.

The stability of this special place was only a flash, but Du You was still able to teleport in an instant, and then leave in an instant. In this way, Du You continuously approached the manifestation of the will of the world directly from the chaotic and violent power turbulence.

Although the World Will has seen it, it is powerless. Now the injuries are too serious, and the surrounding forces continue to gather, the World Will can only watch.

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