"Quickly, block these guys and don't let them destroy the altar."

In the outer world, countless strong men are resisting those outside strong men around. Although the magic array has been opened to cover the world, it can be said that most of it is useless, but the altar used as the main body to control the array is different.

If this altar is destroyed, the magic circle will be very severely affected. Although it will not collapse directly, it will also lose control. Then just destroy the out of control circle.

This is also the main reason why they are fighting around here. The power of the world is now on their side.

Because with the absorption of the power of the local world, the suppression of the will of the local world weakened, these originally very advanced worlds gradually began to restore their own instincts and their own hazy consciousness.

Although the world has not yet become the real world, nor has it formed their own will for the world, but instinctively allows them to know what is best for them, and they need to continue to absorb that power.

As for what will happen to the local world, it is completely beyond the instinctual consideration of these worlds.

Every world is like this, with evolution itself as the ultimate goal, everything can be given.

When these instincts are awakened, those strong men who come to their own troubles to stop their evolution become their enemies. These hazy instincts may strengthen one's own power, but it is still possible to suppress the enemy a little bit.

As a result, the opponent's strength is constantly weakening.

There are also some worlds, because the strength of the people coming is too strong, or the speed of rushing is too fast, and ultimately they can't be blocked at all.

One of the worlds of Tier 8 was pushed to the center of the battle in less than ten minutes, and then the magic circle was destroyed. The instinctive consciousness of the world began to go mad, because he felt that his evolution was interrupted.

At this time, one of Du You's clones said, "The magic circle is no longer useful. Start the final plan. You can't let this world be controlled." When the others heard this, they nodded in agreement.

Then, everyone opened another passive magic circle next to the magic circle, and a force quickly spread to the surrounding world.

At the beginning, I just knew that they were their own world instincts, and thought that these people would still help themselves. As a result, they directly blessed them, letting go of all rejection, and let this power envelop themselves.

But the next moment, the world instinct found that something was wrong, because this force was not used to help oneself at all, but communicated with the magic circle that had been out of control, and directly locked the whole world. Then, the huge force began to tear the whole world, the world instinctively began to resist, but at this time it was no longer helpful.

"As long as this world is destroyed, then this world will not be re-controlled by the local world, and these guys who came to this world will also be ruined in this place."

As Du You's clones, they are not afraid of death at all, as long as they can drag more enemies to die together, they will earn money.

And those guys created by the will of the world don't even have a thought, don't know what death means, now it's just an instinctive attack. Without the magic circle as the target, they attacked these clones.

Everything that happened around was no longer within the scope of their consideration. Until the whole world gradually shattered, the Void Storm involved them. Torn by the violent force, the souls of these people were directly shattered.

Even if the world's will is intact, wanting to resurrect these dead strong men with a little source will have to pay a great price, and it is simply not worth the loss. Now they have nothing left but a little root.

After the original death, their spirits will be recovered by the will of the world.

But now the will of the world itself is hard to protect, and there is no power to pull it back, plus the chaotic void storm around, even if it reaches the eighth rank, its own spirit still has no way to resist, it will still be torn to pieces.

Of course, even the avatar of Du You was ruined together.

This kind of thing is not only happening in one place. In fact, this kind of thing happens in many places at the same time. The worlds in the void exploded and shattered, causing chaos around them.

Especially the relatively weak world, because of the large number and the fragility of the world itself, sometimes without having to turn on Du You's back hand, their own battle fluctuations can shatter the entire world.

The world exploded one by one, and the void around the world became more chaotic, and the violent aura continued to spread out. After a long time, I am afraid that the strong in the void will discover the changes here.

But Du You was not worried, because he didn't need a long time.

In the same way, every explosion in the outer world will cause the will of the world to lose part of its power, and it will also be damaged.

Although these worlds are in rebellion, they are still part of the will of the world and belong to the world itself before they go out independently. Therefore, the death of each world is equivalent to cutting off a piece of meat from the local world.

This happens more, and the power of the will of the world begins to become weaker.

At this moment, Du You had already confronted World Will for many times. Du You stopped again, wiping a wisp of blood from the corner of his mouth. Although his own power has gradually gained the upper hand, the will of the world is still not easy to deal with.

The most important thing is that Du You's own background is completely incomparable with a tenth-order world. He was injured, which was forcibly shaken by the opponent. Looking around, the situation is much better than on my own.

A large number of Du You's summons are nearby to help the two sisters fight~www.mtlnovel.com~ These summons are very powerful. Except that Bubble and Xiaozi have also reached the ninth-level peak, the other summoned beasts are now also the strength of the late-stage ninth.

Under their own blessings, these summoned beasts can barely exert their strength close to the peak of Tier Nine. When the surrounding powerhouses gradually lost the blessing of world power, they finally began to turn the tide of the battle.

Now, many strong men have died, and the battle has begun to fall to their own side.

And in this area where he was fighting, the sea had completely raged, forming a huge whirlpool, extremely raging. The bottom of the sea is even more unclear how much it has been deepened. I am afraid that few people will be able to approach this place in the future.

Du You gasped for a while and gave himself a recovery skill: "Your doom is here." Du You said to World Will.

The world's will is even more violent, like a wounded beast, now he can't hear anything.


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