The morning sun shines on the face, it is warm. Du You was muttering something in his mouth. After a long time, he narrowed his eyes in a daze. "It's another day, strange, why didn't I hear the alarm clock ringing."

   Du You muttered in a daze, and stretched his hand to the side. After groping for a long time, his eyes suddenly widened. "My phone, who stole my phone."

   Du You, who was still lying down, sat up all of a sudden as if he had cheated on a corpse.

   But after getting up, Du You was dumbfounded, this was not his bed at all. That's right, my home is obviously a wooden bed, or most people have similar furniture in their homes, but now I lie on something, this is an iron shelf, or a top bunk. I haven't slept in this kind of bunk in many years.

  Remember that I once slept in this kind of bed when I was still in school.

   "Am I dreaming? This dream is too real." Du You was dumbfounded, and touched his face, um, there was a feeling.

   Du You, who was still confused at first, touched his arm, but he still felt it, and he could feel it hot or cold. Suddenly, Du You was cruel and squeezed at himself: "Oh my god, what I pinch myself to do, it's all green, no, this is not a dream."

   Du You, whose reaction seemed to be slow, finally realized that something was wrong.

   turned over and jumped down from the bed, with a "puff", it seemed that he had a good grasp of the height. Du You was anxious and didn't realize that his body seemed to be much more flexible than he thought.

   looked around: "Isn't this my dormitory? The nicks on this, the traces of this coffee table burned by the alcohol stove, this is my original dormitory, could it be said that someone was playing a prank? Or I was born again."

   While thinking, Du You hurriedly ran to the bathroom in the dormitory, where there was a mirror.

   "Hahahaha, I really have been born again, and I have come to a good life. I have lost everything that I lost all these years. I want to be a rich man, and I want to stand on top of the world."

   Looking at the young teenage face in the mirror, isn't that exactly what I looked like when I was in school.

   "Hahahaha, was I still handsome when I was young." Du You stroked his chin with his fingers. "No, I want to calm down, I want to calm down. First understand some of the current situation, and then make a plan. Don't let people discover that I am reborn, otherwise it will be in trouble." Du You took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

Walking around in the dormitory, I suddenly slapped my head: "Why am I so stupid? It won't be good to forget some things for too long. No, you have to write them down and write them down. By the way, use code words to show others. I don't understand."

   After rummaging through the cabinet for a while, Du You finally came back to his senses: "Really, why is it not calm at all? How could there be pen and paper in our dormitory? Aren't those things in the classroom."

   It’s the same in my own dormitory, let alone a schoolmaster, there is not even a good study. Everyone is here to mix diplomas. How can there be pens and papers in such a dormitory?

   For a better future, I must write down the clear things in my mind as soon as possible. Du You thought of this, and no matter how much, he took his wallet and prepared to go to the canteen to buy paper and pen.

   rushing to find his wallet, Du You hurriedly ran outside. Du You was stunned just when he arrived at the door of the dormitory. "What day is this? Has the school ever had such an event?"

   Du You stood at the door of the dormitory, feeling a crow flying over his head, this scene is too ridiculous. Outside of the dormitory, there is still his familiar layout, but this person, why is it so strange.

   If he didn't feel the vitality in his body and made sure that he was not being pranked, he would really think that someone deliberately spent a lot of money to fool himself. In front of me, what was that who had just walked past, the old man with white beard. Does anyone still grow their beard this long? This is one metre.

   What the **** was doing on the side of the road? A sniper rifle in his hand was quickly being disassembled into parts. What kind of gun, this is too simulation. A small stall in front of me slowed down all kinds of firearms, and some people were asking for prices.

   Is it really good to sell artificial guns in schools? This thing is not illegal, right? There are also the bullets...

   In front of the door, a group of girls passed by. The girls are fine, but what kind of dress is this, horse monkey shochu. By the way, is this? I don’t remember this kind of activity in my memory.

   There is also an old farmer, carrying a big basket, what's in it, Chinese medicine? Does the school still have the classification of Chinese medicine? Why do a group of people come up to ask for the price?

   What was the last thing flying in the sky? This must not be a hot air balloon anymore. It is an airship. Moreover, it is the kind that carries a weapon, so this weapon is also fake.

   "What the **** is going on with me, did UU reading have hallucinations. Why did the school become like this?"

   Du You looked dazed, why the whole world has changed. Isn't it rebirth that I'm not reborn, but that I'm not going through it.

   "It's not right, it must be fake, it must be something the school is doing, it is absolutely impossible."

   Du You shook his head vigorously, somehow not sure what the situation was. No, let's buy a book first. Thinking of this, Du You forcibly ignored everything around him and walked towards the canteen in his memory.

"Fortunately, there is no change here, I know..." Seeing the canteen in his memory, Du You finally showed a relieved expression, but just walked in and inhaled it again. This is a canteen. ?

"Welcome, what do you want to buy my little brother? I have the most comprehensive ruled guide here. You are the last year this year. You can't do without this ruled guide. I also have the best bulletproof vests here, and a series of various Tools. They are the most common ones that will not cause the exclusion of the derivative world and can be brought in. They are suitable for those of you in the graduating class..."

   Under the ceremonious recommendation of the commissary lady, Du You bought some strange things in a daze. Although the prices are a bit too cheap, do you need them?

   Standing outside the canteen, Du You hugged the things in his hands, feeling like to cry without tears. Who am I, where am I, what am I doing...

   Du You, who was confused about the situation, went back to the dormitory before waking up. "No, what the **** is going on, why is it different from what I thought." Du You finally recovered his ability to think.

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