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After waking up, Xu Yi returned to the eve of the college entrance examination.

But the world seems to have changed a little: On the playground of their school, there is a King of the Mountain Squatting.

The most important moment for high school students is not the college entrance examination, but the “National High School Student Elf Attribute Check” which will begin immediately.

Untalented people are downcast; those who possess attributes are grateful; those who awaken the green caterpillar are excited; those who awaken the little dragon cheers.

And Xu Yi. The initial spirit he awakened was a bird-[flaming bird].

- Description from MTL


Short Title:EITAOP
Alternate Title:精灵时代的地球
Author:Use a pen for codewords
Weekly Rank:#6318
Monthly Rank:#5856
All Time Rank:#2166
Tags:Battle Academy, Beautiful Female Lead, College/University, Cultivation, Early Romance, Elemental Magic, Familial Love, Fan-fiction, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Modern World, Overpowered Protagonist, Pokemon, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth, Special Abilities,
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  1. Recommend me a Pokemon/taming novel where MC uses a ditto. Preferably, it should have max IV and EV to all stats, plus a unique nature where it gets bonus to every stat. Bonus points if it's abilities include Wonder Guard, Magic Guard, Magic Bounce, Libero/Protean, Adaptability and Filter. Ditto copies enemy monster and it's moveset, cloning the monster in it's most perfect form (max stats in everything). Libero/Protean makes it an everchanging elemental type and gives same type attribute bonus to all attacks thus with Adaptability , it has increased offensive capability. Wonder guard, magic guard and magic bounce protects it from almost anything other than elemental weakness. Filter reduces damage when attacked by it's elemental weakness. Thanks :)

  2. ngl from what your requirment is i don't think there people have the full requirement u just stated.....even if there mc use ditto it wont be max iv or whatever u just want LOL

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