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This is a wondrous story of a millenium lotus fairy called Yandan.

According to the order of appearance of male characters:

Mr. Mountain Lord is a gentle and silent caring man, yet he had made Yandan as the worst example for girls who want to marry.

Mr. Taoist Master is handsome, but his words are sharp and blunt. He caught Yandan, the lotus fairy, and locked her into an enchanted equipment and tortured her mentally over and over.

Mr. Palace Lord is knowledgeable and elegant, although has a weird habit of using other’s faces.

There is one thing in common between those guys, which is the fact that they are all prudent and shrewd. Lotus Fairy took advantage of her hardworking, considerate, eloquent, and flattering company in a struggle between them.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:EC
Alternate Title:沉香如屑
Weekly Rank:#6388
Monthly Rank:#6508
All Time Rank:#6750
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Multiple Realms,
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  1. MTL, wtf you adding another piece of trash like MTL are you stocking garbage in the home ? Like don't even try to read this shit. Don't be waisting your time and brain (cells)

  2. Are you seriously complaining about a Google-translated novel just as the website’s name: MTL (short for Machine Translation... or something like that) stated? Really?

  3. It’s called MTL for a reason. MACHINE TRANSLATION, get it? It means the translations were Google generated and not edited by anyone. So if you want better translation, go check out novel updates for the official translation (whether professional or not).

  4. It’s called MTL for a reason. MACHINE TRANSLATION, get it? It means, Google-generated translation. If you want better translation, go find the website that translated the novel on novelupdates.

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