Above the sky.

Lin You still climbed up the invisible stairs.

He didn't know how many steps he had taken, and he didn't know when he started. With every step he took, he felt that the red shadow became a little clearer.

This change is extremely small, but Lin You can detect it very keenly.

He knew that this was the process of forming a soul connection between himself and Hong Ying.

After walking up the ladder to heaven, Hong Ying's complete picture may be completely revealed before his eyes.

At that time, it will also be the moment when the soul connection is completely completed.

Lin You could feel that that moment was not far away.

The deepest secret of the sky is about to be unlocked.

While Lin You concentrated on climbing the ladder, the fierce battle continued on Fang Ye and others' side.

The ground turned into an abyss, and the giant spirit general waved the big stick in his hand wildly, and the energy continued to be stimulated.

But his mood turned sour instead.

When the combat skills exploded, creating a situation of ebb and flow, the giant spirit general thought he could have the absolute upper hand and quickly forced Xin Yuxia to the edge of the cliff.

But it backfired.

He succeeded in reversing the situation, but this reversal was not complete.

Xin Yuxia was still able to barely parry under his stormy attack.

The Wuji body may only be half broken now.

And if you want to maintain such suppression, it's not just as simple as releasing awakening combat skills.

The battle source, dark demon energy and super source power are all being consumed rapidly.

Although the opponent is also attrition, the difficulty of this battle has far exceeded the expectations of the giant spirit general.

"What is he thinking about? What are he waiting for now? Let's fight back with combat skills!"

Tekas, who was watching the battle on the Wind Demon Bird, saw the battle and was a little unable to understand it.

Seeing that even if General Djinn unleashed his combat skills, he could not stabilize Xin Yuxia, Tykas thought that this battle would be won.

But gradually, he discovered something was wrong.

Xin Yuxia was always passively defending, with no intention of counterattack.

Looking at this form, it looks more like he is delaying the time for the giant spirit general to awaken his combat skills.

But his combat skills are an alternative type of continuous strengthening combat skills.

This kind of combat skills often last for a long time.

By the time Xin Yuxia reached that moment, he might have died countless times.

"This is not normal. Could it be that..."

Thinking of some bad possibility, Tekas hurriedly sent a message to Fang Ye: "Let me ask you, has your elf already unleashed its combat skills before activating the legendary shadow?"

He thought about his situation.

Previously, he ran into a large number of spiritual warfare demon soldiers, and the aura of spiritual warfare did not stop, so Ajian was forced to use combat skills to escape.

In this case, even if the legendary shadow is activated, the awakening combat skills will not be reset.

Just when Tekas was anxious, Fang Ye's calm voice sounded in his ears, "Waiting for an opportunity."

Waiting for your chance?

Tykas was stunned for a moment, but immediately cheered up.

That elf still has combat skills!

But aside, Tianyang's expression remained solemn.

Tianyue read that something was wrong with his expression, and quickly said: "Tianyang, don't worry, Fang Ye said that his Xin Yuxia still has combat skills, which are probably explosive combat skills, ready to be used suddenly by the giant spirit general. one strike."

"Don't be too optimistic."

Tianyang frowned and said: "If it is an explosive combat skill, it will explode first at this time and inflict heavy damage to the spirit beast. In subsequent battles, even if the opponent has the blessing of combat skills, the threat caused will be significantly reduced. Isn't this more beneficial to Xinyu? What does a hero do?"

"This... seems to be what happened."

Tianyue was a little troubled, and her brain worked quickly, "Isn't it an explosive combat skill?"

"It's not a matter of combat skills..."

Tianyang shook his head slightly and stared directly into the abyss below.


Another smashing sound was heard, followed immediately by the sound of breaking.

Xin Yuxia's Wuji body completely collapsed at this moment.

The giant spirit general sneered: "Wearing such a hard turtle shell is really a headache, but now that the turtle shell is broken, I think the energy in your body will also be lost. If you can do this, I will have to deal with it." You affirm it, but unfortunately, you seem to be missing the most critical ability."

He was naturally referring to awakening combat skills.

Xin Yuxia had been passively resisting for so long, and the giant spirit general also realized that he did not have such a trump card.

At least he can't reveal that trump card now!

Upon seeing this, the anxiety and worry in General Djinn's heart disappeared.

Without such a trump card, the possibility of losing has been reduced to zero.

Xinyu Xia remained silent, but the strong power of Xinyu and Super Source power still emerged in his body.

In the previous battle, the total amount of super source power consumed by both sides amounted to tens of thousands.

This is a terrifying value!

For General Djinn, more than half of the battle resources were consumed.

Even the most abundant dark source energy has been consumed by half.

After paying such a huge price, he was able to crush Xin Yuxia's infinite body.

One can imagine how powerful this infinite body is.

Of course, this is not unrelated to the large amount of energy consumed by Xin Yuxia.

Many of the Giant Spirit General's attacks were mostly consumed by the energy collision, and the rest was just implemented on Xin Yuxia's Wuji.

"If you are on the verge of collapse, stop trying to be brave. Wouldn't it be nice to sleep peacefully? Look at the cemetery I carefully prepared for you."

The giant spirit general laughed wildly and swung the big stick in his hand with increasing vigor.

One stick after another.

The number of space fragments became more and more obvious, causing a certain amount of space turbulence inside the abyss.

At the same time as the turbulence was generated, a huge suction force came out and sucked Xin Yuxia in.

But it was a blessing in disguise, as he dodged the giant spirit general's strike.

The giant spirit general was not angry. Instead, he thought of something interesting and quickly stepped forward and tried to grab Xin Yuxia.

But Xin Yuxia's figure flashed past, and instead appeared behind the giant spirit general, kicking out with full super source power!

This kick instead kicked the giant spirit general into a space crack, and the surrounding space turbulence was coming from that crack.

Under the effect of the suction, the giant spirit general's body was unbalanced for a moment.

Xin Yuxia did not take the opportunity to stay away from the opponent. Instead, he took the initiative to get closer and turned from defense to offense!

"court death!"

The giant spirit general roared angrily.

His original plan was to capture Xin Yuxia and hold him down at the crack in space, preventing him from breaking free and continuing to be invaded by the turbulent flow of space.

Such a move may have limited damage to Xin Yuxia, but it is quite insulting.

Unexpectedly, I would be tricked by the other party at this moment.

The giant spirit general quickly activated the source of the battle, and a large amount of cold air caused the turbulent currents to stagnate. He quickly broke free from the restrictions and held the stick in both hands.

The big stick was swung out from the side of the neck after gathering momentum.


The big stick collided with Xin Yuxia's fist again, the energy exploded, and Xin Yuxia was blown away.

This time, the angry General Djinni put away his playful spirit and continued to stimulate energy.

Once again suppressed Xin Yuxia.

The abyss collapsed further and expanded.

And in the process.

Gradually, the super source power no longer attached to the ice blue stick of the giant spirit general.

His super source power has been exhausted!

On the other hand, Xin Yuxia still inspires the power of Super Source.

Although the intensity of the stimulation is far less than the original.

But you must know that this is the super source power that has been absorbed by the giant spirit general.

Despite this, the super source power held by Xin Yuxia is still deeper.

This situation was somewhat beyond the expectations of General Juling, and he found that he still underestimated Xin Yuxia.

At the same time, I had a feeling of heart palpitations.

"Fortunately, fortunately, this guy is no longer able to unleash his awakening combat skills!"

While General Djinn maintained his offensive, such thoughts inevitably flashed through his mind.

If this were not the case, the loser in this battle would be myself!

Humans...are indeed terrible creatures!

At this moment, the giant spirit general felt an instinctive fear.

But he quickly gritted his teeth and forced away the fear.

There are no ifs in this world. He won this battle!

He could feel that the super source power that Xin Yuxia maintained now was very weak. When he ran out of energy, he would lose another source of support.

Looking back at myself, the awakening combat skills were extinguished very early.

The giant spirit general couldn't help but sneered: "You seem to have some wrong expectations. I probably understand what you are insisting on, and want to use this extraordinary super source power to forcefully kill my combat skills. After that, Turning defeat into victory may not be a fantasy, but it is a pity that the assumptions of this plan were wrong from the beginning.”

The strong wind roared, and the giant spirit general waved his big stick and said: "But there is no way, this is your only countermeasure. I would really appreciate your fighting spirit of trying to survive a desperate situation, but now I want to announce that you There is a cliff behind you, and now you have no way to retreat!"


Another hard blow.

The ground under Xin Yuxia's feet cracked again, and the super source power in his arms disappeared without a trace.

"Sure enough, has it reached its limit?"

The giant spirit general felt happy, UU Reading www.uuknshu.com victory was already within his grasp.

But at this moment, Xin Yuxia's body became a bit unreal.

The power of Xinyu began to linger around him.

The giant spirit general was a little confused. In his perception, Xin Yuxia's life breath suddenly plummeted.

Looking at his current appearance, he is like a candle in the wind and cannot hold on for long.

"What's going on? Could it be that the previous battle was a life-strain for you?"

The Giant Spirit General had some suspicions, but he quickly said indifferently: "But it doesn't matter, your failure is a foregone conclusion. Now that things have happened, it would be a kind of happiness to fall into silence earlier. I am here to see you off for the last time!" "

As he finished speaking, the big stick in his hand suddenly flew out.

But the moment the big stick touched those Xinyu powers, a strange scene appeared.

The sound of strong wind disappeared.

The air flow in the space is no longer flowing.

The surrounding broken stones and flowing soil also fell into a peaceful sleep.

The big stick was frozen in front of Xin Yuxia.

The world seemed to have been pressed on pause.

In this environment, the only one who can still move normally is Xin Yuxia, whose aura has become extremely empty.

Xin Yuxia slowly walked up to the Giant Spirit General and gently stretched out his index finger.

As if his fingers touched the water, a layer of light ripples spread out.


The next moment, there was a sound like the mirror was shattering.

Immediately afterwards, a large space immediately shattered.

The world is back to normal again.

The moment he returned to normal, a terrifying hole appeared in General Djinn's chest that nearly penetrated his body, and blood poured out like a flood.

The vitality of General Giant Spirit wavered in an instant!

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