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One p.m.

Outside a park.

Lin You arrived here by car.

This place, at first glance, seems to be leaning toward the suburbs.

But here is exactly where the Jiangcheng Association is located.

At this moment, the uncle driver looked enviously at Lin You beside him, and said, "Little brother, I've arrived at the Jiangcheng Association, and the car can't drive in. Do you think it's okay to get off here?"

While speaking, I couldn't stop feeling emotional.

Although this little brother is wearing sunglasses, he can still see that he is only about twenty years old when he looks at him.

At such an age, he is already qualified to join the Jiangcheng Association.

Of course, it must be to look young, and the actual age may be two or three years older, otherwise it is still the age at school.

But even so, it is still not difficult to see that this is not an ordinary person!

It's just a little strange, for some reason, the other party gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Still thinking about it, Lin You suddenly took off his sunglasses and said with a smile, "Thank you, just stop here."


The uncle driver's brain roared, and the moment he saw Lin You's appearance clearly, he took a deep breath, and his face was full of astonishment.

Damn it, Lin You!

He finally understood where that inexplicable sense of familiarity came from.

The person who co-authored the upload in his own car is exactly the historical genius Lin You who is now famous in Jiangcheng, surpassing Cang Ya and comparable to Ye Tuosheng!

It is said that he is only 20 years old now, but in terms of combat power, he has almost reached the peak of the glory level!

Such a character is from Jiangcheng, and his influence in Jiangcheng is self-evident.

It wasn't until Lin You paid the bill and got out of the car for a long time that the driver uncle realized it, and then took out his mobile phone tremblingly to find the family group.

He wants to show off his experience today in the group!

After getting out of the car, Lin You soon walked towards the gate.

The door is completely open, but there is a supervision line inside, obviously no one will be let in at will.

Today, however, the security within the association seems to be tighter, and patrolling association duelists can be seen everywhere.

And just by standing at the gate, you can feel the continuous flow of magic power from inside.

Obviously, not only people, but some protective facilities inside have also been opened.

Lin You was a little surprised by this atmosphere.

He had been to the Jiangcheng Association before. The last time he came, although there was martial law here, it was not to this extent.

What happened?

While Lin You was puzzled, two duelists from the association, who were in charge of patrolling in white uniforms, had already stepped forward.

Seeing Lin You, one of them said in a concentrated voice: "This is the Jiangcheng Association, idlers, etc., please don't stay here. Please cooperate with our work and leave quickly."

Apparently, it was seeing that Lin You didn't have the iconic uniform of the association, so it was attributed to the people who approached him out of curiosity.

On weekdays, such people are not without.

In the past, it's fine to give them curiosity, as long as they don't enter.

But the situation is different today, because of one incident, many big names in the association have returned to the Jiangcheng Association.

The standard of external security has been greatly improved, and they who are in charge of this work naturally cannot allow people to approach at will.

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【Global Card Battle Monsters】【】

"That's it..."

Lin You had a slight headache. It seemed that he came here at the wrong time, but he still asked tentatively, "Then can the association still go through the membership procedures today?"


Hearing this sentence, the two of them were surprised, and they couldn't help but look at Lin You carefully.

At such a young age, he is qualified to join the Jiangcheng Association?

Gotta be a genius duelist!

The man thought for a while and said, "Actually, it doesn't matter. It's just that the situation is special. I need to report it before I can let you in. I hope you understand."

"It should."

Lin You wasn't in a hurry, as long as he could go through the formalities, he couldn't help but asked curiously, "Brother, let me tell you, did something important happen?"

"It is."

The man nodded and said: "There is something that many big figures from the association have come forward to discuss, but what is it, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't satisfy your curiosity."

As soon as he finished speaking, the person next to him urged: "You should pass on your duel information first, and we will report it to you as soon as possible, so as not to waste time."

Lin You knew that the two of them had a heavy workload today, so they didn't talk nonsense, they were driven by magic.

As the magic power surged, a jet-black light emerged from the wrist, and the duel disk emerged.

"Duel Disk of Honor!"

The moment they saw the duel disk, both of them were shocked.

They all recognized it, this is the exclusive duel disk that only the annual national rookie king can get!

The two of them never expected that the dueling plate worn by the young man in front of them would be such an existence!

and many more!

At such an age, it's an honor duel, and it's in Jiangcheng, could it be...

At this moment, what did the two of them think of, Tong Kong shrank slightly, and one of them hurriedly asked: "Little brother, could it be that you are... Lin You?"

"Brother knows me?"

Lin You said with a smile: "It seems that others didn't lie to me. Now I really have a certain reputation in Jiangcheng. It's a great honor to have it spread to the Jiangcheng Association."

"Oh, it's true!"

Hearing his confession, the two couldn't help being a little excited.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly thought of something, and some disbelief appeared in his eyes.

Lin You said just now that the purpose of his visit today was to go through membership procedures.

He plans to join the River City Association? !

This is definitely big news!

Although Lin You came from Jiangcheng, almost no duelists in the Jiangcheng Association thought that he would choose to join the Jiangcheng Association.

It's not that the Jiangcheng Association is bad, but that it's not good enough for this historical genius!

To go, is also to go to the Magic City Association, and after two or three years of transition, you will directly enter the headquarters of the Imperial Capital, which is realistic.

Unexpectedly, Lin You had the intention to join the Jiangcheng Association.

Realizing the importance of the matter, the two looked at each other, and one of them hurriedly said: "Brother Lin You, wait a moment, we will report it now..."

Before he finished speaking, another person said first: "Why bother, and leave little brother Lin You here, how inappropriate, just go with us, so as not to waste other people's time."

The man was slightly stunned, but he immediately reacted and nodded repeatedly, "That makes sense."

Lin You didn't know what the two of them were thinking, so he couldn't help laughing and said: "Then I will trouble you two brothers."

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【Global Card Battle Monsters】【】

"Where is it, it's a trivial matter."

The two waved their hands, turned to lead Lin You, and set off quickly.

At the same time, the main building of the River City Association.

In a large conference room, many people have arrived and are discussing with each other.

These people have a good status in the Jiangcheng Association.

If you are familiar enough with the members of the association, you can see that the main group among them is the masters certified by the association!

While they were discussing, the door of the meeting room suddenly opened, and a middle-aged man in his 50s led a young man in his twenties into the room.

Seeing the two of them, the discussion of the crowd suddenly stopped, and they stood up one after another, looked at the middle-aged man, and greeted politely: "President Long."

That middle-aged man was none other than Long Yu, the vice president of the Jiangcheng Association.

After greeting him, some people looked at the young man with smiles again, and one of the oldest ones said with a smile: "Lantian is here too, and this breath seems to be much stronger than before. I am afraid that this trip can represent the Jiangcheng Association, and it will accomplish a lot!"

"Uncle Chen, you like to tell the truth."

The young man named Lan Tian was not humble, he said confidently: "With me, no matter if it is the evolution of Baishi or other treasures, not to mention being able to take care of everything and get a share of the pie, there is no pressure. If you share a big cup, the chances are not small."

On the side, Long Yu couldn't help but patted his head, and said with a light smile: "Lan Tian, ​​the president has explained to me that whenever he sees that you are not humble, he will slap your **** hard. I will be merciful this time." .”

Jiang Lantian was a little depressed and said: "Uncle Long, just ignore my dad, he always treats me like a child, and even slaps my ass, it's really not embarrassing."

Then, he added: "Furthermore, Uncle Long, I am not at all humble. In this world, when will people not tell the truth? At my level, I need talent, talent, and fighting power." , even more combat power, not many can compete with me."

Long Yu smiled and said: "You are strong in battle, but who can go to the master level of the beast island this time, which one will be weak? The situation on the beast island itself has become more complicated, with many variables. Lantian, you There is no need to set too high expectations for yourself this time, as much as you can get, and by the way, no matter how much you gain experience, it is not a general danger-level secret realm that can attract this battle."

Jiang Lantian pouted, still confidently said: "Anyway, I won't be afraid of anyone. If anyone wants to fight with me, then just come and try. I will let them know what real strength is!"

"Don't mess around."

Long Yu's tone became a little serious, and he said solemnly: "The situation on the island of beasts this time, to put it bluntly, is a matter that benefits the duelists of our country in China. Since they are all our own people, even if there is a fight, we must understand it." Enough is enough, remember not to really hurt the harmony, no matter who gets the benefits, whoever has more or less, what will help is the growth of duelists in China, so that in the future, we can better fight against the Chaos Demon Realm."

Jiang Lantian was a little speechless and said: "Uncle Long, of course I know this, can I still harm my compatriots? At most, I will beat you twice if you don't like it."

"You are poor!"

Long Yu knew that Jiang Lantian was joking, so he didn't worry about anything.

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【Global Card Battle Monsters】【】

Besides, even if he wanted to beat him, it would be difficult.

If he can casually beat up those masters who entered the country this time, evolve into Baishi and even better treasures, Jiang Lantian will really have a chance to win them!

Still thinking, suddenly, I sensed some movement from the duel number.

Someone sent a message.

Long Yu quickly glanced at the content of the message, with surprise in his eyes.

"Everyone, something happened suddenly, I'll go out first."

After leaving a word, he left in a hurry.

Jiang Lantian showed doubts, why is Uncle Long in such a hurry?

The masters were also a little surprised, wondering whether there were any distinguished guests that Long Yu needed to greet in person.

Could it be that the president is back?

But hasn't the president gone to Earthbound God these days?

While everyone was curious, Long Yu had already arrived at the reception room of the main building.

This is a place dedicated to the high level of the association to meet with distinguished guests.

Ordinary people will not be brought here.

At this moment, Lin You was already waiting here. When he saw Long Yu, he quickly got up and cupped his hands and said, "Master President."

Long Yu smiled brightly and said: "Don't be so polite, you seem extravagant, if you don't mind, just call me Uncle Long."

Lin You hesitated for a moment, but quickly said with a smile: "Although I think it's somewhat inappropriate, but the chairman has let go, and if I say more, it seems disrespectful, so let me pretend to be close, Long Uncle, you should know my thoughts on coming to the Jiangcheng Association this time, and I hope you will take care of me in the future."

"of course."

Long Yu smiled very comfortably, and couldn't help but patted Lin You on the shoulder, appreciating his face: "Frankly speaking, I really didn't expect that you would make such a decision. There is a saying, standing on the standpoint of the Jiangcheng Association , I shouldn’t have said it, but I think I still have to say it, with your talent, you should really choose the Magic City Association, and that will help you the most.”

Lin You smiled lightly and said, "Uncle Long, I have considered these things in my heart. You can put yourself in my place and think for me, which makes Lin You very touched, so I must also tell you some of my thoughts openly and honestly."

"First of all, there must be love for homeland. How many people don't miss their hometown? I was born in this city and grew up here. I smell the familiar atmosphere and feel the changes of the four seasons. These They have all become imprints on my life, I think Uncle Long can understand this, right?"

Long Yu nodded and said: "That's natural. People are emotional. After living in this land for so many years, how can they not be attached? Even if compared with some top dueling cities, there are many shortcomings, but so what , this is the root, the place where it first formed a connection with your own life."

Having said that, Long Yu turned around and said: "But one yard is worth one yard. It is true that you have feelings for your hometown, but this has delayed your own future, especially your future. I, the Jiangcheng Association, may become sinner."

Long Yu very much hoped and even longed for Lin You to join the Jiangcheng Association, but at the same time his mind was still clear, and he felt that he had an obligation to speak clearly with Lin You.

"Thank you, Uncle Long, for reminding me."

Lin You smiled and said: "But I haven't finished what I just said. In fact, no matter which association I join, I won't stay for too long in the end. The threshold of master level can't stop me. How long, besides, I plan to go to a secret realm in the near future, although it is only a secret realm of general danger level, but it has become a place of great influence recently, I have to hurry up and further improve my strength."

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【Global Card Battle Monsters】【】

Long Yu was slightly stunned, and suddenly said: "The place you are going to, isn't it the Divine Beast Island?"

"Sure enough."

Hearing Long Yu mention these three words, Lin You made some guesses in his heart, and said with a smile: "The reason why the Jiangcheng Association is so lively today is because of the matter of the Divine Beast Island?"

Long Yu didn't hide anything, and said directly: "That's right, the association is discussing this matter in the meeting room."

Then, with some surprise, he said, "I didn't expect you to pay attention to Divine Beast Island. I don't know about some recent changes in Divine Beast Island. Do you know?"

"If it's about the increase in the energy level of Divine Beast Island, I know about it."

Lin You replied, Long Yu was even more surprised, but he quickly thought of something, and said in relief: "Your master helped you get the information."

Lin You nodded slightly, "It was the teacher who told you."

"Then I can save some time explaining."

Long Yu said something half-jokingly, then restrained his smile, and reminded slightly solemnly: "Compared with the past, the island of the beasts has become more dangerous. With your current strength, it should not be difficult to protect yourself, but I'm afraid it will be more dangerous." I'm afraid, you think too much, sometimes, you have to remember, don't act recklessly, learn to take risks moderately, don't cut off your own long-term interests just because of temporary interests."

As if he felt more than that, Long Yu quickly said: "Besides, if something happens to you today, it will be a loss for the entire Hua Kingdom and even the human world. I will not stop you from entering the island of beasts this time. I feel very courageous, and I should have the courage to try the challenge, but no matter what, everything must be based on safety. Be cautious when you act. If you encounter some troubles, you can find someone to help in time. This time, the duelist who entered the secret realm You guys, there may be some competition between each other, but everyone knows what the ultimate goal of this competition is, so I believe that no one will turn a blind eye when my compatriots are in trouble, UU reading www.uukanshu. com stand idly by!"

Long Yu said a lot in one breath, the meaning inside and outside the words could not be more clear.

This is because I'm afraid that something will happen to Lin You in the island of beasts!

Lin You couldn't help but smiled, but quickly said seriously: "Lin You will definitely remember what Uncle Long said."

"Okay, let's stop talking here..."

Long Yu patted Lin You on the shoulder again, and said with a smile: "Looking at your appearance, you really have considered carefully. If I say more, it seems that Lin You is not welcome at the gate of the Jiangcheng Association. Come on, join me first." A meeting, membership procedures, leave a copy of the duel information, and I can find someone to handle it for you, no problem."

Attend a meeting?

Lin You was slightly taken aback. Is this the discussion about the Divine Beast Island?

It is said that many high-level members of the association have come here. I have not officially joined the association yet, so it is appropriate to directly participate in this level of meeting?

"There's nothing to worry about."

Long Yu saw through Lin You's thoughts, and said with a smile: "It's a big deal for you, a historical genius, to join our Jiangcheng Association. Take advantage of this meeting to let everyone know about this happy event, let's talk about it." , you have the idea of ​​entering the island of the beasts, and the content of this meeting is considered to be on the right track, and when you go to the island of the beasts, you can also take care of the immigrants from the association."

"Okay, then I will listen to Uncle Long's arrangement."

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【Global Card Battle Monsters】【】

Lin You didn't hesitate, and agreed directly.

The smile on Long Yu's face was wider, and with a little excitement, he led Lin You to the conference room.

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