Nangong Xin saw Su Rong's broad-mindedness more than once. She sat down and sighed.

Su Rongxiao asked: "Why are you sighing?"

Nangong Xin said: "Nangong Zheng has been valued and cultivated by my brother since he was a child. All the people in the Nangong family combined can't put as much effort into him as my brother. Mr. "

Su Rong nodded, "Well, that's it. Others in the Nangong family can let go of their sworn hatred, but Nangong Zheng can't."

Nangong Xin nodded, "Yes, I can, but he can't. In my brother's heart, I am just one of his sisters who is willing to marry into the royal family. Nangong Zheng is different and irreplaceable."

 She sighed, "If my brother had not died, Nanchu would have been swallowed up by the Wei Dynasty."

Su Rong held Nangong Xin's hand, "I don't kill them all, not because I am very kind, but because as long as they are the people of Nanchu and have no objections, I can treat them equally. I am not afraid to use talented people. ."

Nangong Xin looked at her and couldn't help but smile, "I'm just worrying."

 She squeezed Su Rong's hand and said, "Okay, I'm leaving. You can rest!"

Su Rong waved his hand.

Nangong Xin walked out of the meeting hall and met Ye Xiang who stepped through the door. Ye Xiang was stunned for a moment, then held his hands in greeting and said, "Queen."

Nangong Xin glanced at Ye Xiang, ignored him, and turned away.

 Ye Xiang touched his nose.

Su Rong saw it and asked curiously: "Oh, Ye Xiang, you don't want to be seen by others?"

 Ye Xiang coughed lightly and said, "I am a member of the king, so naturally I don't want the queen to see me."

Su Rong was funny, thinking that no one cared about his father at his old age, and so did Ye Xiang. He must have avoided people like the plague for many years, so the queen didn't look good when she saw him. It was difficult for the queen to gain power in the Nangong family. He didn't unite with the Nangong family to kill them both.

On the day when the rankings were released, Qin Luan was accompanied by her maid to look at the rankings. Although she knew she had failed, she still wanted to see who was on the rankings.

 She was also shocked when she saw the first name was Nangong.

From the top of the list to the bottom of the list, she focused on the name of Nangong Yun, the only woman in the second class, for a long time, then looked down, and paused for a moment on the names of the two women in the third class, before letting her maid help her go.

The maid looked at her face along the way and saw that Qin Luan's face was calm since he read the list, but her tight lips still revealed her mood. She didn't say a word along the way. After returning home, she locked herself up. In the room, I didn't eat lunch.

It wasn't until Qin Ruo came back from the Yamen in the evening to see Qin Luan that the maid told the story of Miss Jin'er going out to look at the results.

Qin Ruo sighed after hearing this and knocked on the door, "Sister."

Qin Luan didn't keep him waiting for too long. After a while, the door opened. Qin Luan looked at Qin Ruo and said first: "Brother, I'm fine." Qin Ruo nodded, "Sister, the three women who have passed the scientific examination , all of them have family origins. Nangong Yun grew up in a private school with her father since she was a child. The other two women also came from the academy's Confucian families, and they were deeply influenced by it. Misses from major mansions in Beijing tried, and none of them made the list. , just study for one year and take the exam again next year, and you will definitely be on the list."

Qin Luan nodded, "Brother, I know."

Qin Ruo sighed, "You clearly understand everything in your heart, but you are depressed. If this continues, it will be bad for your health. What did the doctor tell you? Don't forget it. Otherwise, how can you achieve your wish without a good body?"

Qin Luan took a long breath and said, "Don't worry, brother. I'm worried about you. Are your mother and uncle coming soon?"

"Well, it's coming soon." Qin Ruo said, "Thanks to the crown prince, Prince Daliang, who received the letter from the crown prince, he was particularly gracious and allowed his mother, second uncle and others to come to Nanchu."

Qin Luan nodded, "I heard that the princess wants to open a girls' school?"

"Yes, we have ordered people to take care of this matter now. In the next two months, the women's academy in Beijing will be ready. I will report your name." Qin Ruodao.

Qin Luan finally smiled and said, "Thank you, brother."

Qin Ruo touched her head and said, "Shall we eat? I heard that you didn't eat at noon."

Qin Luan said "hmm".

 Seven days later, there will be the palace examination.

On the day of the imperial examination, the King of Southern Chu regarded himself as a Buddha statue, sitting high on a dragon chair and leaving all power to his concubine Su Rong.

Su Rong asked three test questions, and the waiter distributed the papers. Before the papers were handed out, no one except him and Zhou Gu knew what the test questions were, not even Xie Yuan and Cui Gong. They had gone back to rest after marking the papers. After all, they had worked hard for two or three months. , both of them are very tired and deserve a good rest.

Nangong Che is a somewhat thin man, with handsome and firm eyebrows, and a bit bookish. But at a glance, you can tell that this is not a person who only studies books. After seven days of digestion, he had already calmed down. Now standing on the Golden Palace, he felt as if he was in a dream. But it was this feeling that made him increasingly remind himself to calm down. This was his last hurdle. The last step, being tested by the concubine himself, was the toughest battle he had to fight.

Like all the students, when he stepped into the Golden Palace and kowtowed, he heard Su Rong's usual bow of courtesy. When he stood up, he quietly raised his head and glanced at Su Rong, and was greeted by the princess's extremely beautiful face. His face was shocked, and he lowered his head in a hurry.

While Nangong Che forced himself to calm down, he briefly recalled the sight of Su Rong in his mind. What I saw at this glance was that the princess was gorgeously dressed. The princess's court dress was not in the men's style, but a women's style skirt embroidered with gold silk python patterns. She did not wear a court crown on her head, but wore a hairpin and a red hairpin. In addition to Her clothes were specially made, and she couldn't tell much difference from ordinary women.

  No, there is still a difference. Ordinary women do not have the calmness and magnanimity of the concubine, nor can she look at people with a single look that can penetrate people's hearts.

She does not have the fierceness and dignity of someone in a high position, but because of this, people feel invisible pressure and dare not ignore it at all.

This is the concubine of Nan Chu. She once led an army to defend Heiya Pass and defeated the 800,000 invading troops of the Wei Dynasty. Later, she led an army to counterattack the Wei Dynasty. This was the first time in the history of Southern Chu that the Wei Dynasty had to cede the city. Pool, compensation and food.

This is the princess of Nanchu, who made all the officials surrender, made the government and the public praise her, let them be trampled into the mud, the remote branch of Nangong, magnanimously not being implicated, and giving them a fair and just opportunity.

Nangong Che thought to himself that if he wanted to stay in the court and be loyal to such a concubine, it would be the luck of every aspiring minister, right?

Nangong Yun is the same as Nangong Che, but she is much more excited than Nangong Che because she is a woman. She has never thought that one day a woman can stand in this golden palace and get a fair share with men. .