Chapter 808 Release of Ranking

Xie Yuan, Cui Gong and others reviewed the papers for a month and rated the first, second, third and third grades, and handed the list to Su Rong for review. At the same time, he put all the files on Su Rong's desk.

Su Rong read things very quickly. He took advantage of half a day in the afternoon to read through all the reviewed files.

Children of the Cui family in Qinghe accounted for two of the first three. These two were Cui Xingzhi's cousins. One was named Cui Xingyi and the other was named Cui Xingyu. They are both two years older than Cui Xingzhi.

The other person is from the Nangong family. He is a collateral descendant of the Nangong family who was excluded from the Nangong direct line and was not taken seriously by the direct line of Nangong. His name is Nangong Che.

 Erjia covers the children of various academies across Southern Chu.

Among the three women selected by Xie Yuan and Cui Gongyue, in the competition for men's scientific examinations, the one Su Rong favored most, that is, Nangong Yun of the Nangong family, only took the last place in the second place, and the rest were other Two women ranked among the top three.

 The woman Enke drove suddenly and was not prepared in time. Su Rong was satisfied with these three people. At least they all made the list and didn't fail in the end.

 The top three were to be ranked. Xie Yuan and Cui Gong did not comment, but handed the ranking to Su Rong.

Su Rong took the three papers directly and returned to Fengdian to show them to Zhou Gu.

Zhou Gu read the book with a lamp in hand at night and said to Su Rong: "This Nangong Che is more practical. Although Cui's two cousins ​​are good at writing and have unique insights, after all, the Cui family in Qinghe has declined over the years. In terms of cultivating the children of the clan, he lacks practical experience and is not as good as Nangong Che."

Su Rongxiao looked at him, "So?"

"So, let him be the top one!" Zhou Gu said: "Cui's two cousins ​​are equally matched. If we want to rank higher, Cui Xingyu has a better understanding and ranks second. Cui Xing is also third."

Su Ronxiao said, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

 Zhou Guxiao looked at her, "Do you really listen to me?"

Su Rong nodded, "Your opinion is my opinion. Uncle Xie said it when he came to deliver the files and the list today. Mr. Cui and he read all the files and selected the top three. When he opened it to look at the names, he saw After seeing Nangong Che's name, and comparing the paper with the two cousins ​​of the Cui family in Qinghe, I felt that they were slightly inferior."

 Zhou Gu laughed, "Grandpa is fair and just."

"Yes." Su Rong nodded, "You are also fair and impartial."

Zhou Gu stretched out his hand to pinch her face, "For the sake of your empire, I should be fair and just. Do you think you'll condone me when I say that I put Nangong Che in third place and openly show my selfishness?"

"Why not?" Su Rong pinched his face with her backhand, "The surname Cui is enough for you to indulge your selfishness, and the surname Nangong is enough for me to indulge your selfishness."

Zhou Gu let go of his hand and said with a smile: "I've learned all my bad habits from you." In the past, he learned how to pinch people's faces with his hands and feet, all from Su Rong. Now she pinched him, and her soft fingers pinched him. Touching the soft flesh on his cheek, he couldn't help but pinch her. It was soft, smooth, and felt great. No wonder she loves to pinch people's faces with her hands.

Zhou Gu helped Su Rong put away the files and pulled her to stand up, "I asked someone to check Nangong Yun. There is no problem. The situation is similar to that of Nangong Che. There are not many poor children in the family and life is poor. Even the Nangong family The Zeng family has a great business and great influence, but they are also marginalized families in the clan. After all, there are too many descendants of the Nangong family. If the disciples of the clan want to get ahead, they have to squeeze in. These two families belong to They can't be squeezed, so the children in the family are not valued. Let's release the rankings first, and there will be the palace examination. When you see the people in the palace examination, you will nominate the number one, second, and third overall. See how the person is. If his character is not bad, He is the top pick."

 “Yeah, okay.” Su Rong nodded and stood up with him.

Su Rong didn't waste any time. The next day, he had someone post the imperial list.

Several brave disciples from the side branches of the Nangong family are all helping. The first person in the first class is named Nangong. There are two people in the second class, also named Nangong. There are five people in the third class, all with the same surname. This list shocked the entire government and the public, as well as the children with the Nangong surname who were waiting in the royal capital for the release of the list.

With the idea of ​​giving it a try and a glimmer of hope, they participated in the scientific examination. They thought that the surname Nangong was enough to be kicked out and that they would never see the light of day on the scientific examination list. But they did not expect that the princess would be like this. He was so generous and tolerant that he did not suppress him, but instead published the list truthfully.

Nangong Che's eyes turned red all of a sudden. He was just a young boy who was not as good as Wuguan. He was only nineteen years old. The family has a sick father and a mother who is sick due to overwork. While studying, he writes books and sells calligraphy and paintings to earn money to support his parents. He also has a young sister, who is only ten years old.

In the last Nanchu Science Examination, he was unable to take the exam due to his parents' drag. He wanted to wait for the next one and didn't want the Nangong family to fail. At that moment, he almost wanted to die, thinking that he would never be able to succeed. . Unexpectedly, the princess did not clean up the Nangong surname, nor did she issue an explicit order not to allow people with the Nangong surname to take the scientific examination. Therefore, with the intention of giving it a try, he participated in the Jinqiu scientific examination. Unexpectedly, he got such a The result surprised him.

In the same way, there is Nangong Yun who almost cried for joy with red eyes. Her family is not much better than Nangong Che's family. Her mother died young and her father never remarried. For many years, she supported her weak body, worked as a private school teacher, and also wrote. Selling calligraphy and paintings, he raised Nangong Yun by himself. He was very worried about his daughter's life events. He originally decided to marry a family, but because of the rebellion of the Nangong family, the marriage fell through. They were too eccentric because of their branch. , the place where she lives is too remote, she has not enjoyed the glory and benefits under the protection of the Nangong family, but is affected by the surname Nangong. Now she is seventeen, and it is even harder to accept others, but unexpectedly, things have turned upside down, too Suddenly, Nangong Yun had the idea of ​​giving it a try, but she didn’t expect that she had been influenced by her father since she was a child and had read many books in vain, which made her the number one among women and squeezed into the ranks of men. In the second place.

The rest of the people named Nangong were also overjoyed. Everyone saw the light at once. The dark clouds hanging over their heads had dispersed, and the clear sky finally appeared.

Nangong Xin was shocked when she got the news that day. She went directly to the meeting hall to find Su Rong.

 When she left, it was natural that she would catch up with Su Rong when he was taking a lunch break.

Su Rong asked someone to invite her into the back room of the meeting hall. Before she could ask, he smiled and said, "Are you here for the imperial list?"

Nangong Xin looked at her and said, "What do you think? There are eight members of the Nangong family on the list, and one is actually the top one?"

Su Rong nodded, "If the Nangong family is talented and dares to take the exam, I will publish the results and use them. What are you worried about?"

Nangong Xin choked and got angry, "With so many people here, aren't you afraid that the court will be overturned again?"

“I’m not afraid.” Su Rong said, “If I hadn’t been unable to persuade Nangong Zheng, he would have been the person I wanted to conquer the most.”

 (End of this chapter)

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