On the second day, Su Rong almost couldn't get out of bed.

 Zhou Gu stretched out his hand to pull her, "Get up."

Su Rong reached out to open him, pulled the quilt to cover her face, and muttered in a sleepy voice, "I don't remember it."

Zhou Gu smiled in her ear, "Get up, are you going to miss the morning meeting?"

Su Rongweng said in an angry voice, "It's all your fault, you're making such a fool of yourself."

"Yes, it's all my fault." Zhou Gu said with a smile, "I didn't do anything to you yesterday, so why are you so tormented? What should you do if we get married? Isn't it true that you can't get up? Are you here? What will you do in the morning?"

Without waiting for Su Rong to speak, Zhou Gu sighed, "Have you been neglecting your martial arts practice recently? Your physical strength is so poor."

Su Rong choked. How could she have neglected her practice? How long had she been busy since she had practiced? It's been half a year, right? Unlike Zhou Gu, who had to get up half an hour early every day to practice Kung Fu. She could only yawn and stretch her muscles when she woke up.

Zhou Gu pulled her quilt and said, "Get up. Tomorrow you will get up half an hour early with me and practice with me. This won't work. You are too neglectful to exercise. How will we fight against the Wei Dynasty in the future? Don't worry about it then. My hands are too weak to lift the sword."

Su Rong sat up dissatisfied, "Who are you talking about? I don't know how."

She put her arms around Zhou Gu's waist and rubbed her face against his, looking sleepy, "Zhou Gu, you are so bad. How did you learn so many bad things?"

Zhou Gu lowered his head and kissed her face. "In order to please me, Fengyue gave me a book. How many pages did I just use for you yesterday? One-tenth is not enough."

Su Rong suddenly woke up, "This Fengyue, he doesn't have anything good in his hands."

Zhou Gu saw that she was completely awake and smiled, "Get up quickly, madam, it's really going to be late."

Su Rong was dissatisfied and said, "I will punish you by giving me clothes."


The two of them rushed to the Jinluan Palace and almost missed the morning meeting.

Seeing that Su Rong was listless, the King of Nanchu immediately asked with concern: "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Caught a cold? Are you so sleepy? Why don't you go back and rest quickly?"

Su Rong shook his head and said seriously, "Father, I'm fine. I just went to bed too late to read my family letter yesterday."

The King of Southern Chu simply believed it, "After the scientific examination, you will be much more relaxed when new people with new sciences enter the court. Then the court will be full of talents, and you can go to bed early every day."

Su Rong said "hmm".

 The King of Nanchu looked at Zhou Gu again.

 Zhou looked at his eyes and his nose, his nose looked at his heart, and did not meet the eyes of the King of Southern Chu.

Seeing that Zhou Gu was in good spirits, the King of Southern Chu thought about going to court. He turned around and privately told Zhou Gu to watch Su Rong and go to bed early and not stay up too late.

Today's morning court meeting will have several important matters to discuss, and the next court meeting will be late.

After the morning court, Su Rong yawned and was surrounded by several courtiers as he went to the meeting hall. The courtiers headed by the Night Prime Minister were very concerned about Su Rong and said, "My lady, please take care of yourself."

Su Rong nodded casually, "Yeah, don't worry, Mr. Ye."

When Zhou Gu was about to leave, he was stopped by someone sent by the King of Nanchu. The King of Nanchu called Zhou Gu aside to talk privately, "Zhou Gu, you have to keep an eye on Xiaoqi and don't let her sleep too late? After finishing reading the letter from home, , wrote a letter from home again? Whose letter from home? Also read archives or memorials? "

Zhou Gu could only reply, "It's a letter from Aunt Su and my grandfather, saying that they have already set off and will come to Nanchu in two or three months."

King Nan Chu’s eyes lit up: “Your grandfather? The old prince is also here?”

"Yes, my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my nephew, and Aunt Su." Zhou Gu said several people's names angrily, "They are all here. My grandfather is old."

"Oh, this is great." King Nan Chu understood, "No wonder I went to bed late, I guess I was excited."

Zhou Gu nodded bravely, "Yeah, yes." He really hadn't done anything bad for a long time, and now he had done something bad. Although it didn't show on himself, it showed on Su Rong, making her look like It's really a sin to look tired, sleepy and awake.

At the same time, he felt helpless. It was really not easy to be a daughter-in-law and a daughter-in-law. There was nothing trivial about the prince. It seemed that he would have to pay attention to it in the future. She couldn't mess around like she did yesterday. She made it too late, lost her sense of proportion, and couldn't get up from bed.

  It is not acceptable for a person who used to be quite energetic to be depressed by him. It can be seen at a glance that he is tired from going to bed late.

 Fortunately no one else knew about it, otherwise he and Su Rong would be embarrassed.

 He still wants face.

"Wonderful son-in-law, you should also take care of your health." The King of Nanchu told him, "Now that the Hubu has entered Chu Duan again, assign any work to him. After the scientific examination, you will recruit a few more people from the Hubu. You won’t be too tired.”

Zhou Gu felt ashamed and said, "Okay, thank you father-in-law. I will pay attention to it."

The king of Nanchu waved his hand and let Zhou Gu go.

Today, the courtiers all knew that the princess was sleepy, so they did not bother her with trivial matters. After solving a few major issues, they all wisely asked the princess to take care of herself and go back to rest, so they left early.

Su Rong was unambiguous, nodded in agreement, and went back to rest.

In the evening, Zhou Gu returned to the palace from the Ministry of Household Affairs and had dinner with the King of Nanchu on time. He didn't see Su Rong. He asked: "Father-in-law, where is Xiaoqi? Are you still in the meeting hall?"

"No, she only went for half a day and went back to catch up on her sleep." King Nan Chu was very satisfied, "That's how it should be. You can't overwork your body at a young age. If it goes on for a long time, you won't be able to make up for it."

 Zhou Gu was not measured for the first time. He didn't expect Su Rong to have such great stamina, and felt guilty, "That's it."

The king of Nanchu said: "She sent someone to deliver the message. She is too lazy to walk, but she has come to have a meal. Let's eat together!"

 Zhou Gu nodded.

 After dinner, Zhou Gu returned to Fengdian.

Su Rong was still lying on the bed. The room was dark and there was no lamp. Zhou Gu entered the room, turned on the lamp and looked at the person on the bed. He saw that the person was awake, but didn't get up, looking lazy.

Zhou Gu walked to the bed, knelt down, took her hand and held it, whispering: "It was my fault. I lost my sense. I won't dare to do it next time."

He didn’t expect that she would be so tired.

Su Rong flat-mouthed and stretched out his hand to hook Zhou Gu's neck, "You're right, I've neglected to practice. How can this be okay? I'll get up and practice sword practice with you tomorrow."

 Zhou Guxiao, “Go to bed half an hour early and get up half an hour early every day.”

"Yeah." Su Rong hugged him and shouted softly, "Zhou Gu."

 “Yeah.” Zhou Gu’s heart almost melted at his shout.

Su Rong hugged his neck and sat up, "I'm looking for my wife today, and she also gave me something. You wait."

 Zhou Gu: “…”

His face was hot, "Isn't this bad? I have made up my mind not to mess with you anymore."

"No." Su Rong hugged him, "You should still mess around when you should. The worst thing to do is practice martial arts. It is said that there is a combination of yin and yang in the world. You and I..."

Zhou Gu immediately intercepted her words and laughed angrily, "Don't even think about it. Those are all secret techniques and they are definitely not good things."

Su Rong: “…”

Originally, she really wanted to ask her fourth aunt in private. Since it was not a good thing, then forget it.

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