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Novel Summary

Oaks Lin was favored by the force of nature and was reborn in the Marvel world.

But this world is at stake…

The three avenues against fate—

Technology, mutation, magic.

So be a scientist who looks like mutants actually use magic?

“Just hit De! Just hit De!”

In the face of the army led by the Avengers, Thanos was furious:

“Why did the one who was hacked to death just now get up again!”

“Damn beasts, eat a knife from this seat!”

“Big Gugu – Flutter your wings!”

“…Turn the fire!”

Thanos turned around and slashed through Team America’s shield:

“You said you could play all day?”

This is a story about a Druid who pretends to be a scientist and survives in the Marvel world.

(Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU background)


Completed the works “Pirates of Light Swordsman” and “Guardian of Tirisfal of Konoha”

Personality Guarantee

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DMT
Alternate Title:德鲁伊的漫威游记
Author:Master said??/a>
Weekly Rank:#3326
Monthly Rank:#787
All Time Rank:#3274
Tags:Azeroth, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Godly Powers, Healers, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Pets, Righteous Protagonist, Transmigration, World of Warcraft,
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