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Dressed Like a Pretty Daughter-in-law From the 1970s

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The new generation article “Dressed as Fubao and Her Evil Cousin” is being serialized~Please make me fatter~~~~~~

An Zhixia, the empress of Sanqiu, went to her best friend’s supermarket in anger, turning herself into a young educated youth who had a stepmother and a stepfather, and was forced to follow her brother to the countryside. She also moved her best friend’s entire supermarket. Come over.

There is a heroine on the left who is jealous and jealous of her.

There is a male protagonist who puts money on his face and thinks that she must be him.

There were some royal concubines who tried to trip up the heroine after her life story was revealed.

Later, she was stalked by her stepmother and her family of six.

Don’t be afraid, the boss is in hand, I have the world!

This article is purely fictitious by the author. All the places, names and events in the article are fictitious and have no reflection!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​—Dear little darlings, don’t delve into it~

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Short Title:DLPDF
Alternate Title:穿成七十年代俏媳妇
Author:One summer north and south
Weekly Rank:#58
Monthly Rank:#55
All Time Rank:#4513
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Childcare, Clever Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Cooking, Doting Older Siblings, Farming, Female Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hot-blooded Protagonist, Hunters, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Persistent Love Interests, Poor to Rich, Second Chance, Sharp-tongued Characters, Transmigration, Twins, Ugly to Beautiful,
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12 Comments on “Dressed Like a Pretty Daughter-in-law From the 1970s
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  1. Writing style is very boring...and you are not able to grasp emotions from the character.... with no good background setting....and there are too many plot Holes on usage of space supermarket....and most important ml has three biological children from another women

  2. Don't worry, the children are ML nieces and nephew. He is NOT the father but their uncle and also never had any woman. Check chapter 190

  3. Thanks for telling me that they are not ml's children....i seriously don't like stepmother fl novela....but even if they are not ml's children the novel is still boring

  4. I want to ask are the three children ML's biological?....if yes I am not going to read this novel.... I don't get it why Chinese authors are so obsessed with making fl stepmother for ml's children....

  5. Okay ...the 3 children are ML's biological ( we get to know in ch 188)....i don't get it why Chinese authors like to see fl becoming stepmother so much ???? And then fl act all kind-hearted and good mother for these children...i seriously don't find it cute...but irritating instead

  6. if you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading this

  7. Can you give me a novel recommendation where the ml is obsessed with the fl and act innocent infront of the fl like a puppy but will destroy anyone who annoyed him?

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