Chapter 1846 Fanwai Eight [End]

  Time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye Lu Yichen and Luo Qiao are both grandfathers and grandmothers.

During this period, she was promoted from vice dean to dean, and sent the old couple of Luo family and Rong family away. Although Luo Qiao understood that birth, old age, sickness and death are natural laws, she was still sad for a long time. Take care, that's how it came out.

Lu Yichen retired three years ago, and he has not rested since he retired. However, when his younger son is too busy, he will also come to the company to help, but the most important thing is to pick up his daughter-in-law to and from get off work, but Luo Qiao also To retire with honor.

   Some time ago, Lu Yichen had already bought an RV and arranged it according to Luo Qiao's preferences. He was going to accompany her to complete her dream of traveling around the world after Luo Qiao's retirement.

   Lu Yichen was waiting downstairs in the hospital again. When Luo Qiao and her colleagues came out together, they saw him at a glance. Although he was retired, he looked very young. Standing there was a sight to behold.

   A daring little nurse said to Luo Qiao, "President Luo, Uncle Shuai has come to pick you up again. It's really enviable. If I can find a husband who is so dedicated to me in the future, it would be great."

  Luo Qiao smiled and looked at the little girl: "Then I wish you good luck and find the person who is dedicated to you as soon as possible."

   Everyone laughed kindly.

  Luo Qiao quickly walked a few steps to Lu Yichen's side: "How long have you been waiting?"

   "After a while, I'll get in the car and tell you something."

"What's up?"

   "The two parents and one mother also want to go on a self-drive tour with us. They have already started to choose a car."

  Luo Qiao looked at Lu Yichen: "You can go if you want, anyway, it's fine if you don't ride with us."

  Lu Yichen pulled the seat belt and said, "They found a chauffeur to accompany them."

  Luo Qiao laughed: "Who is so lucky not only to travel the whole country for free, but also to get paid."

  The two talked and laughed and walked home. Now the family has hired a couple again. They are cheerful, quick to work, winked and know how to advance and retreat. Luo Qiao likes this couple very much.

  Today is the day when the family gets together once a month. When they got home, the children in the family rushed out: "Grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma, you are back."

Now that the two-child policy has been opened for several years, in addition to the genetic relationship, I don’t know if it has something to do with the well water and food in the space. with two.

   However, because of her work, the three daughters-in-law are confinement confinement, and they are all confinement nanny, so even if the three daughters-in-law are pregnant again now, it will not affect her travel plan.

   After dinner, everyone moved to the living room, and Luo Qiao said, "I will retire in a few days, and your dad and I will also start a RV trip, so I think some things should be arranged in advance."

He took the water that Lu Yichen handed over, took a sip, and then continued: "You all have your own careers, and no one was willing to take over a product at that time. It was Xiaoyu who gave up his own business to make me feel at ease. Returning to Yipin, he has been conscientious for so many years and has managed Yipin very well.

   Before Yanyan and Yueyue got married, they each got 10% of the first-grade shares as a dowry, and now I still have 60% of the shares. Your dad and I arranged this. "

   Everyone looked at Luo Qiao, and Xiao Rui said, "Mom, what are you talking about now?"

   Others echoed.

  Luo Qiao reached out to stop them: "I discussed it with your father, and of course I have thought about it carefully. Some things are arranged early, so you can rest assured."

   Seeing that everyone stopped talking, he continued: "Xiao Rui gets 16% of the shares. After all, he has no other property, but he joined the army to contribute to his family. I think you all know this.

Xiao Yezi gets 15%. After all, your company is doing well now. I believe it will be even better in the future. Xiaoyu gets 20%, because Yipin must be controlled by his own people. This is what he deserves.

  The remaining 9% is owned by me and your father. After a hundred years, these shares will be equally distributed to grandchildren, granddaughters, grandchildren, and granddaughters. It is considered a coming-of-age gift from us. Do you have any opinions? "

   Everyone shook their heads, expressing no opinion.

  Since everyone has no opinion, there are professionals to handle it, and the procedures will be completed quickly.

   This day is Luo Qiao's retirement day. The formalities have been completed yesterday. She arrived at the school early in the morning. After saying goodbye to everyone, her nose was sore, and she hugged and said goodbye to her colleagues in the laboratory.

   Originally, she was going to study medicine and was going to hold a farewell dinner, but Luo Qiao refused.

   I finally came to the hospital. I went through every department and even had a minor surgery. I said a brief goodbye to everyone in the office, turned off the dinner party, and went downstairs in the presence of everyone’s attention.

   No matter how much reluctance to part, it is finally time to say goodbye. Lu Yichen secretly took a lot of photos for future souvenirs.

   took a step forward with flowers in hand: "Daughter-in-law, I'm here to pick you up."

   took the flowers, but when he turned around, he saw that the gate was full of farewell colleagues. He was really moved and tried his best to calm himself: "Go on, work hard, and come on!"

   A week later, Lu Xinyi, Luo Haotian, and Gu Qianru brought their RV and driver to join Luo Qiao and Lu Yichen. The three RVs set off from Beijing for a domestic tour, with the first stop in Chengde, and set off.


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