Chapter 1845 Fanwai Seven

  Today is a good day, the wedding day of Yuan Jiale.

   Sister Luo Qiao and brother-in-law Lu Yichen were entrusted with important tasks to pick up the relatives. Originally, they wanted Yuan Jianing and his wife to pick them up.

   Ever since Yuan Jiaming made rude words to Luo Qiao because of the Ning family's uncles, Luo Qiao has become a little estranged from the people in the big room.

  After the death of Mr. Yuan, the three brothers of the Yuan family separated, and there was less contact with the big house. However, there was not a single occasion for the annual festival.

   After all, it was Yuan Jiaming who made the mistake, so we can't generalize, the people in the Yuan family's big house are still pretty good.

People in the big room can also understand Luo Qiao's approach. After all, Yuan Jiaming was really too much at the time. It's not wrong to feel sorry for his wife, but you can't hurt others, you can't stand on your own force field and ask others, it won't work. , only scattered.

   He didn't even think about it, if it wasn't for Luo Qiao, he wouldn't be able to know Ning Lingyu.

  Luo Qiao is not only the godfather of the Yuan family, but also their matchmaker.

   Actually, Yuan Jiaming regretted it long ago, but there is no regret medicine in this world, and Luo Qiao was very sensible in this matter, and did not give him a chance to explain and apologize, and was not prepared to forgive him.

The two cousins ​​who used to have a good relationship, but also because of his words, they became estranged. It was his impulse that made a gap between Luo Qiao and Ning Lingyu's cousins, and let Luo Qiao and the Yuan family have a big room. people are estranged.

And because of this incident, he and Ning Lingyu were disliked by the big house and the entire Yuan family, especially Jianing. It has been so many years, and they are still lukewarm to him, never before. His intimacy, he really regretted it.

When Luo Qiao and Lu Yichen came over, they said hello to the other people in the big room, and chatted with the people in the second room for a while, especially the sisters-in-law of the second room. They treated Luo Qiao as a little sister-in-law. Very good relationship.

   Several nephews in the second room were also very close when they saw Luo Qiao, all the little aunts and aunts were so close, which made several sisters-in-law in the big room envious. Yuan Jiaming and Ning Lingyu were even more unpleasant to the eye.

  Luo Qiao and Lu Yichen received a warm reception when they arrived at the bride's house. After all, their identities are there, and everyone always has to give some face.

  Things went very smoothly, the bride entered the house, and their task of picking up the relatives was also completed.

  Yuan Jianing watched Luo Qiao finish his business: "Qiaoqiao, let's go, let's sit over there."

  Luo Qiao asked, "How long can you stay here this time?"

  Yuan Jianing laughed: "This time I really didn't leave, Ming Rui was transferred back from the branch."

  Luo Qiao shook her head and laughed: "In this case, I seem to have asked you many times. Every time a branch is established, my brother-in-law has to be sent there." After that, she laughed.

  Yuan Jianing looked for a place to sit down: "I won't be able to do it in the future. Now that the market is almost developed, and the regions are divided, I will stay at the headquarters to work in the future."

  Luo Qiao suddenly thought of something: "It can't be your uncle who is going to pick a guy, right?"

   As soon as he said that, he heard someone say from behind: "You still know me. I'm going to take a long vacation for myself. After a few years, I will travel around the world with Siyun. If he doesn't come back to take over the company, how will I have time?"

Luo Qiao didn't turn her head back when she heard the voice, and gave Jing Wanpeng a thumbs up: "Traveling around the world, this is my dream, I'm going to retire and buy a RV, first to travel the great rivers and mountains of our country. , and then go outside to see the world, you have arranged it first."

   The two looked at each other and smiled, knowing in their hearts that they are both people who have lived again, and have long thought about it.

   The Yuan family and the others who came around at this time also responded. Everyone chatted very lively for a while. Ning Lingyu took Yuan Jiaming and walked over: "Qiaoqiao, can't you forgive us?"

  Luo Qiao looked at the two of them: "'She' is gone. We and uncle are getting along pretty well now. It's meaningless to memorize these things."

  Ning Lingyu laughed: "Thank you, Qiaoqiao."

  Yuan Jiaming looked at Luo Qiao: "The third brother was too young and ignorant at the time, and he acted too impulsive. You should be angry, the third brother deserved it."

   His words made Luo Qiao laugh.

   But Yuan Jiaming's nose is sore. After so many years, Luo Qiao has finally forgiven him.

   At this moment, Xu Yuqing and Yuan Weicheng shouted at this side: "Come, come, come, everyone come here, take a family photo."

   For a time, everyone started to act, each finding a good place. Xu Yuqing pulled Luo Qiao and Lu Yichen to the middle position, and when they saw that everyone had arrived, she signaled that it was time to start.

   I just heard the photographer say to everyone: "Come on, everyone smiled, I counted one, two, three, and everyone shouted eggplant together."

With a   'click', a festive family photo framed everyone's smiling faces.

   (end of this chapter)

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