Chapter 1844 Fanwai VI

  The two sisters each asked for a single room.

  The Luo family's side, Shen Juan and Luo Feng, Yanyan's sister-in-law Luo Xin, and her brother-in-law Shen Rui all came. The family looked at the twins in the crib, and their hearts melted.

  Luo Xin said happily: "I'm an aunt, Dad, Aunt Shen, you are now a grandfather and a grandmother, Shen Rui, you are a little uncle, we don't have to envy other people's homes in the future, and there are children in our own family to play with."

In another room, the old man of the Qi family saw a pair of twin grandsons, his face was full of smiles, and he couldn't get enough of it: "Yueyue, you have made a great contribution, our Qi family finally has a successor, and here are two more. Hahaha, my old man is finally relieved."

  Xiao Yezi rushed over first, followed by a beautiful girl, and saw Luo Qiao and Lu Yichen coming out of the ward: "Mom and Dad, where are my sister and my nephew?"

  Luo Qiao stopped first: "Be quiet, they are inside."

   glanced at the girl behind him: "Who is this girl?"

   Xiao Yezi said with a smile: "Shihui, this is my parents, this is my girlfriend Fang Shihui."

   "Hello, aunt and uncle."

  Luo Qiao looked at the girl in front of her, and her first impression was not bad: "Hello, it's the first time we met. In this situation, my aunt can't entertain you. I'll ask Xiao Yezi to take you home to play."

   "It's okay Auntie, I just came with Hong Ye to see my sisters and nephews."

  The two also carried a fruit basket in their hands.

   They just finished talking here, and Xiaoyu also rushed back: "Mom and Dad, sister, are they okay?"

  Luo Qiao looked at his sweaty face: "Everything is fine, why are you in a hurry, you are running with sweat all over your head."

   Xiaoyu smiled brightly: "I'm not an uncle anymore, I'm a little excited and want to see my little nephew soon."

   went on to say: "I received a call from my eldest brother before, he couldn't come because of a task."

  Luo Qiao nodded: "Okay, got it."

   Not long after, Mrs. Rong came over with the cooked porridge and fish soup. Anyway, it was a natural birth, and there was no need to wait for the exhaust, and they could eat it when they woke up.

   In the evening, the grandfather of the Qi family named his two grandchildren, Qi Ziyi and Qi Zixuan.

  Luo Feng thought that the four children were born in one day, and it didn't take long before and after. Since the names had been chosen over there, he named his grandson Luo Minghe and his granddaughter Luo Yujiao.

  The two had a natural birth, and after three days in the hospital, they were discharged and went home.

  The family has a confinement lady to take care of her. Luo Qiao, a mother, is also very relieved, but she still goes to see her daughter, grandson and granddaughter every day after get off work.

   Time came to the day when the child was full moon. The two families did it together, directly at the venue of Jinyuanbao.

   It was very lively, Xiao Rui and Xiao Yu came with their girlfriends that day, Luo Qiao was even more happy now.

  Xiao Rui's girlfriend is Mi Le. She is a college teaching assistant. She looks very sweet and has clear eyes. Luo Qiao is very satisfied.

   Xiaoyu's girlfriend is Guo Xiaoyu. She works in the government. She is tall, fair-skinned, and a proper beauty. She looks very stable, and Luo Qiao has a good impression.

  Xiao Yezi brought her girlfriend Fang Shihui over and introduced them to several people. Fang Shihui is a journalist who runs around every day and is very talkative, and the three of them can chat very easily.

When Luo Qiao came over, what she saw was a few scenes where they had a good conversation. The daughters have now settled down, and her work and family have had a good harvest. She can be relieved as a mother. Next, she should be busy with her sons. It's a lifetime event.

   Several people saw Luo Qiao coming and stood up: "Auntie."

  Luo Qiao smiled and looked at a few people: "You don't have to be restrained, have fun, I'll be busy today, I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of you, go back to your house, and my aunt will cook something delicious for you."

   did not forget to instruct his three sons to take good care of them before leaving with a smile.

  Guo Xiaoyu smiled and looked at Xiaoyu: "Hongyu, auntie is so nice."

   Mi Le also agreed: "I was a little nervous before, but my aunt is really nice."

   Fang Shihui, who has been in contact with her future mother-in-law several times, said with a smile, "Auntie is not only a good person, but also cooks good food. Let's form a group to eat together later."

The three brothers    looked at each other with smiles on their brows and eyes.

   (end of this chapter)