Chapter 1843 Fanwai Five

  Luo Qiao came in with a plate of fruit and looked at the two big-bellied daughters: "Don't be lazy, get up and do some activities quickly, it's almost the due date, it's good to do more activities."

The two daughters didn't say anything, the two sons-in-law spoke first, Luo Chen looked at his mother-in-law: "Mom, Yanyan has been walking slowly for half an hour in the morning, with such a big belly, after walking in a circle, she is so tired and sweaty , why don't you leave this afternoon?"

  Qi Junrui also felt sorry for Yueyue: "Mom, if it's really not possible, I'll have a caesarean section. I'm a little worried because my belly is too big."

   In fact, he was a little worried, he was too worried, for fear that his wife had a bad one, and the belly was too big, but the mother-in-law said that both his wife and sister-in-law were pregnant with twins.

  The two were still negotiating the price when Yanyan called out, "Mom, my stomach hurts, do I have to give birth?"

  Luo Chen hurriedly stood up: "Mom, Yanyan has a stomachache."

  Luo Qiao looked at Luo Chen who was still in a hurry: "What are you still doing, don't hurry up and go to the hospital."

  Luo Chen hurriedly hugged the person and ran outside, frightening Luo Qiao: "You slow down, you won't be born so fast, don't drop her again."

   Just got in the car here, and Yueyue also had a stomachache. Fortunately, Luo Chen came over today and drove a commercial car, and it happened that the two pregnant women were sent to the hospital together.

  Luo Qiao drove in front, Luo Chen accompanied Yanyan, Qi Junrui accompanied Yueyue, and Aunt Rong hurriedly cooked porridge and crucian carp soup after they left, ready at any time.

  Luo Qiao called Lu Yichen after she stopped at the traffic light: "Brother Chen, Yanyan and Yueyue are both going to give birth. I'm driving to the hospital now."

   "I'm going to give birth, you must drive carefully, don't worry, I'll rush over right now."

   "Okay, you can give your sons a call. If you have errands, you can help out."

  Luo Qiao hurriedly called the obstetrics department of her hospital. When they arrived, someone was already waiting at the door.

   After checking, it was found that they had only opened two fingers, and they had to wait. There was nothing wrong with the two big bellies. Luo Chen and Qi Junrui were not calm for now.

  The two tossed in the ward for several hours before being sent to the delivery room. Luo Qiao also changed her clothes and went in.

Luo Qiao has been encouraging them, and she also used her supernatural powers to help Yanyan, whose fetal position was slightly incorrect, to adjust the fetal position. Three hours later, with a loud cry, Yanyan's son was born first, weighing five pounds and two pounds. two.

  Luo Qiao is so excited that she has become a grandmother, that kind of joy is really indescribable.

   personally helped the child clean up, wrapped a small quilt, and watched the nurse put on the child's identification information before returning to her daughter.

   Not long after Yueyue's eldest son was born, Yanyan's daughter and Yueyue's youngest son were born one after another, and the doctor in the delivery room was envious.

   Everyone praised in various ways, Yanyan and Yueyue knew that their mother was there, so they fell asleep tiredly.

   After the child was carried out, Luo Qiao used her supernatural powers to help her two daughters clean up before launching the delivery room.

   She came out with her two daughters, and her two sons-in-law waited anxiously outside the delivery room. When they saw someone coming out, they hurried forward to see them.

   When they saw the person, their eyes were red with distress. Luo Chen looked up at Luo Qiao: "Mom, is Yanyan okay?"

  Luo Qiao nodded: "It's okay, it's just that you lost your strength and fell asleep. Don't worry."

   (end of this chapter)

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