Chapter 1842 Fanwai IV

  Today is the day of the Luo family gathering. The old couple got up early and were about to pack up when they heard a knock on the door.

   Zhou Guifang opened the door and saw Luo Haoxuan and his wife Luo Haotian standing outside the door: "Why did you guys come back so early?"

  Song Shiya smiled and looked at her mother-in-law: "Mom, if we don't come back sooner, you and Dad will definitely finish the work again."

   Everyone laughed when they heard this.

  Zhou Guifang quickly got out of the way: "Come in quickly, your dad and I are getting old now. We wake up early in the morning and there is nothing to do, but we have to find work."

Gu Qianru put the things in her hands in the yard: "Dad, Mom, we have discussed it with a few of us. From now on, we will stay with you in every round of the family. My brother-in-law and his wife haven't retired yet. Stay here."

At this time, the eldest Luo Haoxuan also said: "Dad, Mom, don't refuse, we said to ask a nanny to come back, but you didn't agree, saying that there are outsiders at home that are uncomfortable, the children are busy now, and we are all retired. It's good to come and accompany you at home."

   How could the old couple of the Luo family not know what they meant, Luo Daoren said with a smile, "You can figure it out."

So this matter was settled like this. Usually, no matter who comes or goes, Luo Haoxuan and his wife Luo Haotian take turns once a week, until Luo Haoqing and his wife join in after retirement, and it becomes a ten-day shift. Of course, this is another story. .

   After a few people entered the door, they got busy. Song Shiya and Gu Qianru were cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen. Brother Luo Haoxuan and Luo Haotian cleaned up upstairs and downstairs, and cleaned up the yard again.

   In fact, there is not much dust in the house, but it has become a habit now.

   At ten o'clock in the morning, the old couple also came, carrying a lot of cooked food and various cakes: "We're back."

   Zhou Guifang said: "Yeah, you bought cooked food, and your second sister-in-law came over early in the morning and made a pot of stew."

  Gu Hongjuan said with a smile: "It's okay, we have a lot of strength, and I can destroy this in one bite."

   Then there was a burst of laughter from the courtyard.

   Neighbors passing by outside heard the laughter and said enviously, "Is it the day of the Luo family dinner again? This laughter is really enviable."

   "No, the eldest couple and the eldest couple came back early in the morning, for fear that the couple would be tired from working too much."

   "Look at the situation of other people's Luo family, which one of us is not envious of, the children and grandchildren are all capable, the great-grandchildren study one better than the other, and they all go to good universities, I really can't envy them."

After   , the grandsons and great-grandsons of the Luo family came back one after another. They couldn't complain that Luo Haoxuan and Luo Haotian didn't trust the old couple to live by themselves.

   This is also the result of Luo Qiao's ability upgrade to help adjust, but this can only delay aging, and cannot get rid of the natural law of birth, aging, disease and death.

Today's party was different from usual, that is, Luo Penghao, Luo Pengyun, and Luo Zitong all brought their partners back today. The three of them got married, but this was their first time to attend a family party. .

  Because of the marriage of these three people, the family was urging marriage in various ways, but now it has finally been decided.

   It’s just that they settled down, and the family’s marriage urges changed to the next batch. Today is another day of urging marriage, haha!

   When the food was on the table, Luo Daoren said, "Come on, let's toast, no matter what time of day, you must remember that home and everything are prosperous."

   (end of this chapter)

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