Chapter 1841 Fanwai III

   "Boss, how much is this cucumber per pound?"

   "Sixty cents a catty, one dollar two catties, how much?"

   "Give me two pounds."

   "Okay, two jins tall, I'll give you a small handful of coriander."

   took the money and threw it into the small cardboard box next to it: "The money is just right, come back after eating."

   Another customer was sent away, and Gao Suhua lowered her head and continued to sort out the dishes she had brought back.

   Since she was cheated of money, she has been depressed for half a year. Later, even a few daughters couldn't stand it, and she became more and more impatient with her. She was awakened by a widowed old man.

   That’s when I started picking up scraps. After saving some money, I rented a stall selling vegetables. I finally stabilized my life after waking up early and working in the dark.

   She just straightened up after finishing, but she saw people fighting over there, and heard someone shouting: "Come on, someone is dead."

  The injured person saw the blood and ran away from the crowd in fear, while the injured person fell to the ground clutching his stomach.

   Gao Suhua got up and walked over, wanting to watch the excitement, but she was stunned when she approached. It was not someone else who fell to the ground, but Zhao Guibao, who she had raised as a baby for fifteen years.

   Her frightened hands began to tremble, and she said to the surrounding merchants: "Hurry up and call the police for me, and help me call 120 to save people."

   In fact, someone played 110 and 120 before she came over.

   She ran forward and hugged Robin: "Guibao, hold on a little longer, the doctor will come soon, you are not staying in Jishi, what are you doing here?"

  Robin's head was covered in sweat: "Mom, save me."

   Fortunately, 120's ambulance arrived first, followed by 110, 120 did first aid, and 110 put away the knife, which is a crime tool.

   When the doctor was doing first aid, Gao Su went back to the booth to take all the money, and went to the hospital with her. When Luo Bin was discharged from the hospital, she went straight back to before liberation.

   The police caught the man with the knife, but it turned out that the man was self-defense.

  The knife belonged to Robin. He threatened people with the knife, but the other party took the knife.

In the end, the man would rather go to jail than pay for medical bills, but out of self-defense, it was Robin who first took out a knife to scare people. Although he was too defensive, he would have to be injured if he didn't hurt anyone. The last two He was sentenced to three years for picking quarrels and provoking trouble.

After coming out of the court, Gao Suhua brought Luo Bin's hospital expenses to Luo Tianming and Feng Hui, and Feng Hui said angrily: "He is also your son. You have raised him for fifteen years. Let's see what kind of person you have raised. Where's the face to ask us for money."

After    finished speaking, he dragged Luo Tianming who still wanted to talk and left.

Several daughters knew that all the money that Gao Suhua had saved was spent on Luo Bin, and they all wanted to scold others. The second child, Zhao Xiaomei, was angry: "Mom, my surname is Luo now, and our life is not easy, why don't you know Help us, since in your heart we are not as good as Robin, then you can look for him to retire in the future."

   After a while, several daughters and sons-in-law left, leaving her standing there alone, looking extremely helpless, I thought, this is probably God's punishment for me.

   Feng Hui, who left in a rage, scolded as she walked: "Why are we so miserable, the one who suffered a thousand knives left such a mess for us, but she put herself in there to hide in peace."

It turned out that Luo Bin got into trouble in Ji City and could not stay any longer, so he ran out. Now Luo Tianming and Feng Hui, the biological parents, have to help him repay those debts. , also hurt them.

  Luo Tianming sighed: "Sigh, this is our life, it's too late to say anything."

   (end of this chapter)