Chapter 1 Crossing

  Under the big willow tree in the center of Qingshan Village, the villagers were still discussing the big show of family recognition that was staged in the second room of the Zhao family yesterday.

   Luo Qiao, who was still fighting against zombies in the last days, was pushed into the zombie group by her teammates and was unable to save herself, only to hear someone behind her calling her name torturously, and she lost consciousness.

   The next moment Luo Qiao woke up and found that she was in a strange place. She was weak and had a severe headache. Before she had time to think about it, a memory flooded into her brain.

When she endured the headache to sort out her memory, she realized that she was dressed as a poor fifteen-year-old Luo Qiao who was not wanted in the 1980s, but the original owner remembered how these people's names were so familiar to her, she closed her eyes and repeated it. After several times.

   Then I remembered that this is not a novel I read before, "The Life That Was Replaced". The female supporting character in it is also called Luo Qiao.

   Carefully recalled the plot that I did not remember very well, and then I understood why the Zhao family in Qingshan Village did not recognize this daughter who was sent back.

  Because only Gao Suhua, the second daughter-in-law of the Zhao family, knows that Luo Qiao is not her biological daughter at all, her son who has been raised for fifteen years has gone with her biological parents, and there are still six daughters to be raised in the family, so she firmly refuses to recognize Luo Qiao.

  Luo Qiao just realized that she was not only transmigrating but also wearing books when she heard a magnetic voice, "Awake?"

  Luo Qiao looked around, and saw that the curtain at the door had been opened, and walked in a tall, handsome, but cold-faced man with deep and sharp eyes, and his arms were still leaning on crutches.

  Luo Qiao calmed down and asked in a hoarse voice, "Who are you? Where is this?"

  Lu Yichen looked at the little girl whose face was still bloodless, did not answer Luo Qiao's words, but said coldly, "Get up and drink the medicine."

  Luo Qiao originally wanted to ask something, but when she met those cold eyes, she shut up and sat up obediently despite her dizziness, took the bowl and drank the soup with difficulty.

   After drinking, he handed out the bowl and said, "Thank you."

   I just heard the man on the ground say: "Lu Yichen, my name, have a good rest." After speaking, he left the room.

  Luo Qiao is a little confused, what is the situation now?

  In the novel, the Zhao family finally accepted Luo Qiao due to the pressure from the brigade cadres, but they kept calling her in the moment. Who is this man now? Where are you now?

  Luo Qiao was so angry when she saw that the man had just left, but now that she was so dizzy, she had to wait a bit longer, and fell asleep again in a daze.

Luo Qiao seemed to have had a dream, as if she had arrived at a small canyon, where the scenery was pleasant, with waterfalls cascading down the mountain to form a creek, outside the valley there was a field of about ten acres, but the field was empty. .

   On the contrary, the ground opposite the stream is lush and lush, and there is a two-story bamboo building from a distance.

  Luo Qiao walked over the stone bridge over the creek, and when she reached the bamboo building, she asked softly, "Is there anyone?"

   But no one replied for a long time, Luo Qiao was embarrassed to enter someone's house at will, so she walked forward along the road.

  There is a three-acre flowerbed in front of the bamboo building, where common peonies, roses, begonias, camellias, orchids, peony, jasmine, and roses are planted.

   Going further is a large medicine garden. Ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum are planted in pieces in the medicine field. This is really a wonder in the world. The medicinal materials in the medicine garden are complete.

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   (end of this chapter)