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The apocalyptic girl Luo Qiao dressed as a poor little girl with supernatural powers.

I got a space by chance, which is really gratifying.

However, he found that he not only traveled through but also wore a book, and the original body in the book had a tragic fate!

Hehe, with powers and space in hand, Luo Qiao said she didn’t need anyone.

But the disabled boss in the village, who was said to be eccentric, wanted to help her everywhere.

Luo Qiao rolled her eyes, hehe, it’s not bad to hug your thighs and find a backer first.

See how a beautiful wife is raised, and see how Luo Qiao is free. …

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Short Title:DAESW
Alternate Title:穿成八零异能女
Author:Spring is full of gardens
Weekly Rank:#1223
Monthly Rank:#440
All Time Rank:#238
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25 Comments on “Dressed As Eighties Supernatural Woman
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  1. Good novel. Although I don't understand the purpose of adopting this stone kid. So annoying, following the Fl everywhere and blocking Ml to flirt with Fl. It's like a chaperone (annoying kid). 🙄

  2. One thing I find it tiring is that Fl spend all time buying and giving people around a lot of things. Pages and pages and pages buying and giving away freely, after a while it lacks importance and meaning.

  3. Chapter 870 🤮🤮🤮 why donate all the treasure to the government ?!! Why let the families of your enemies stay intact with the wealthy robbed from your family?!! So stupid, real people are more selfish and vengeful.

  4. After reading tons of novels, today I've discovered that I've been influenced by the misogyny of the Chinese patriarchal culture. So sad. The Fl had twins, two girls, and because the one child implemented by the government she can't have more children. And felt bad for her. I'm starting to worry about the brain washing here.

  5. The FL is the typical holy do gooder. Someone harms her? Petty harmless revenge in retaliation. Even try to set her house on fire? Just knocked out and put in nearby safe mountains for night. In the middle of night you hear someone fall in a dark alley? Do you go check it out [horror movies say this dumb person shall die] or mind your own business as no one is calling for help and no need to risk your life for curiosity. Oh course the fl. Just has to be nosy and check it. She only lives because of the almighty protagonist halo that protects dumb leads. She will pay huge sum of money and food to a family that semi let her eat their left over water down veggie soup after she delivered expensive food to em. Feels so grateful even after paying them alot of money that she then gives them a job ticket worth 500 for free because...dumb lead must be holy or saintly. And many more examples throughout this aggravating story. Im trying hard to read this as she has powers and space but i despise holy fl who must feed all kids and old people and cater to them especially random strangers. Must do everything in power to be nosy and solve their food..education...medical problems for free. With her past life experiences you would think she would be more cunning and black hearted at least have a hard heart. Nope she is a soft bunny that can be bullied at will because no reader wants a realistic fl that has darker thought and actions. 😑😑 that would make her human and we cant have that. Unrealistic and saintly fls only.

  6. Side thought. Ive noticed that every novel from here that ive read with a FL that knows medicine must and will help all freely at no cost even if using expensive and rare medicinal herbs. Now it could be my devilish western thoughts that doctors should not work for free since no one does. The cashier, the waiter, the bus driver all way up to the bosses. No one works for free let alone forks out their own money to solve others medical needs. But some weird ass reason all fls that have an inkling of medical knowledge [in both modern and ancient time periods] must help the poor the rich the ungrateful the arrogant all for free. Im all for free healthcare. But even then the doctors are still paid! The nurses are paid! The medicine still cost! So is this just a unreasonable standard in asian society regarding females? That unlike the male counterparts they have do things for free or they are seen as "crude and shameless". Hell these females wont even take a complement after the free medical service and free medicinal herbs. Its always replied with "this is what i should do" when they try to thank her. If anyone knows of a novel where this isnt true for the FL please let me know as that would be a rare find. [Even the so called poisners and assassins that get transmigrated will give free medical services/help!]

  7. most I've read get money unless it is a family member or friend or family member of a friend but if they have money they still insist on paying

  8. Dragging the romance part of a novel to a later part of the story is not really good at all, too many entanglements of a male counterparts for the fl w/c this is not a reverse harem isn't it? The sequence of the story was not in order,the author seems in a hurry to put the characters all at once, irrelevant characters and chapters, why make it to 1800 chapters?

  9. The author seems in a hurry to put the characters all at once that makes you confuse of the pacing of the story for a while, i mean you cant get the romance part even in chapters 400 and above, too many male entanglements for the female lead, i mean why not put the the ml and fl together in the early chapters like some of the slice of life novels? Just if you put the sequence of the story in order it maybe its likely to have an essence to read it. For reading too many novels, for me up to 105,i already know not to continue reading this and to waste time. I just dont like novels dragging especially the romance part too later in a novel,its kinda boring nowadays..

  10. The story was slow and too many unnecessary details. The mc was so op if anyone hate her, they'll be hated by luck too. Plot armor so thick. Faceslapping wasn't satisfying enuf unless someone else takeover from her. Someone pour kerosene to arson her house for her life and she just knock them out and throw em to mountain overnight. Author likes to recycle passerby but too long chapter along make reader already forgot relevant information. I'll read to pass time but definitely no repeat. Btw, all her advantages as transmigrator was forgotten along the story. Author describes not important scene but just go ever relevant details for important scene. Btw for romance, "tired and crooked for a while" was summary for hundreds of chapter of love and petting. Not recommended. 3 star at most. Thats for smooth story that hold my attention for whole book.

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