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Dressed As a Green Tea Female Supporting Role In Three Texts

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How was the Shura field formed? ——The system told me to disassemble the cp with my bare hands! the
Concubine Su transmigrated into a green tea female supporting role in the world of three books
System: “Ding~Welcome the host to the green tea system, HP -10, please start the first step of green tea to renew your life dear~”
Concubine Su: “…”
So, Su Concubine held the hand of the hero of the first world, Xiao Mu, “Little brother, I thought Ruan Ruan would never see you again…”
King Qinghe whose hands were held: “…”
Brother Xiao who stood watching from the side: “…” Is it me? the
Uncle Seven Emperor, the hero of the Second World, likes soft, cute and obedient girls
Su concubine heard the footsteps behind her, and quickly let the river lamp go, her tone was soft, “May the Seventh Uncle be free from illness and disaster, and everything will go smoothly!”
King Qinghe behind him: “…” Hehe
The Seventh Emperor Uncle on the side: “…” Good little nephew, you are so kind to me! the
The general likes enchanting and charming women, Su concubine covers her body with light gauze,
With her beautiful eyes and graceful posture, the general lost his mind in a second,
At the end of the song, behind Qingshan, the Qinghe King actually pinched her slender waist,
“Huh? Didn’t you say that you only dance solo for me?”
Concubine Su: “…” We’ve been discovered! the
Later, the great general blocked the knife for her, the young prince made red makeup for her, the seventh uncle threatened not to marry for her, and even the bright and handsome King Qinghe was beside her.
When several men get together: “Didn’t you say that I am the happiest?”
King Qinghe looked at her: “Huh?”
Concubine Su looked up to the sky: “…” Hey, I’m guilty…Too beautiful is a sin
The original male and female protagonists in the original world are really dismantled CP, the original female protagonists in the black first world, and the original female protagonists in the other two worlds engage in careers. the
“Constantly striving for self-improvement” in the Shura field is a heartthrob X Qinglang Junyi’s heart is broken and his legs are jealous
1V1, he

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Alternate Title:穿成三本文的绿茶女配后
Author:Nanhua Yaoyao
Weekly Rank:#6297
Monthly Rank:#6345
All Time Rank:#9007
Tags:Ancient China, Black Belly, Comedic Undertone, Famous Parents, Famous Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Multiple POV, Possessive Characters, Reverse Harem, Shameless Protagonist, System, Transmigration,
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  1. I've only read a few chapters, but it seems that she has 3 targets (3 original MLs), and they are not *her* ML (Lu Yan)... so he will be a vinegar jar. It doesn't help that FL is clumsy and airheaded, it seems. She gets their identities confused, and it looks like the system also pits her? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Ok, finished it. So FL has to attack 3 original MLs for favorability: a cousin (the family clan relations confused me), an imperial uncle (not related to her), and a general. Real ML keeps getting mistakened as her target by her. It's a funny and entertaining story, although towards the end, it gets rushed and becomes more of a summary. Still enjoyable for quick read.

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