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Dressed As a Female Cannon Fodder In the 1960s

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Novel Summary

Lin Qing travels to a farming essay in the 1960s.

There was a female cannon fodder in it, she died within a few days of her appearance, and was killed by her own Virgin.

Lin Qing disliked this female cannon fodder very much. When the cannon fodder died, Lin Qing raised her hand and clapped it. Who knew that the next day when she opened her eyes, she was squatting in a simple hut made of a shed, holding a bamboo slice in her hand. Shave your ass.

Lin Qing’s whole person is not good…

But another day, Lin Qing found out that he had golden fingers…

This article is also known as “Sixty’s Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Life”
Funny than self-improvement drama heroine vs sultry domineering loyal dog hero

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:DAFCFIB
Alternate Title:穿成六十年代女炮灰[穿书]
Author:raccoon color is not fragrant
Weekly Rank:#3104
Monthly Rank:#3413
All Time Rank:#5488
Tags:Evil Organizations, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Rebirth, Reincarnated in Another World,
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14 Comments on “Dressed As a Female Cannon Fodder In the 1960s
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  1. The story was so so untill she got married and everything flies. Ending so rushed and in few last chapter i don't even know what happened 🤣.I won't recommend to read this.

  2. Can every novel with a character as a Cannon Fodder once get a cannon fodder tags please🥺🙏 so it's easy to look for such story when someone in the mood to be a cannon fodder reader.

  3. This novel was ok at first but it turned out to be annoying like it is not well detailed. I think the author just wrote this to pastime 🙄

  4. Read till about 42. This novel is not it. The start was okay, but the further it went, the more incomprehensible it became. Her 'space' is weird; she can 'imagine' jus about anything and it will materialize. The 'change' of her family is way too fast, and why was SJ reborn? What does she add to the story? Had to drop it, not worth wasting my time.

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