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Luo Zhaohui hurriedly got up and stretched out his hands, bowed his head and bent over to hold Kang Jianfei's hand and said, "Mr. Kang, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have always admired your name, and today I finally have the honor to invite you out for a light meal."

"It's easy to say," Kang Jianfei responded casually, then turned to Huo Wenli, "Who is this beauty?"

Luo Zhaohui quickly introduced: "This is Miss Huo Wenli, the agent of Hongtu Entertainment."

"Hello, Mr. Kang," Huo Wenli said with a pleasing smile.

"Hello, Miss Huo." Kang Jianfei nodded.

Huo Wenli immediately introduced: "Mr. Kang, this is Zhong Di, my singer. She admires you very much, so she wants to see you tonight."

"Hello, Mr. Kang." Zhong Di hurriedly stepped forward to shake hands. She couldn't help but secretly glanced at it up close and thought: He looks more handsome than in the newspaper, it's better to be with him than that Boss Luo.

The three met and greeted Kang Jianfei before going to shake hands with Zhou Xingchi, and then took their seats.

Luo Zhaohui and Zhou Xingchi were sitting together, Kang Jianfei was Huo Wenli on the left and Zhong Di on the right, surrounded by two beauties, big and small.

At the beginning, everyone was just chatting, not talking about serious business at all, basically talking about anecdotes in the entertainment industry.

Huo Wenli seized the opportunity to guide the topic, and suddenly sighed: "Alas, the entertainment industry is really getting worse and worse now, and only big figures like Mr. Kang and Mr. Zhou can flourish."

Zhou Xingchi didn't say much, just smiled.

Kang Jianfei asked casually, "Who are the stars under Miss Huo?"

Huo Wenli said, "Have you heard of Zhao Xue'er?"

"I heard something." Kang Jianfei nodded.

Zhao Xueer is Mu Wanqing in Huang Rihua's version of "The Eight Parts of the Dragon" in 1997, and now he is still just a little famous singer.

Huo Wenli said: "When Zhao Xueer graduated from the wireless training class, he didn't even have the opportunity to sign a contract, so he could only play tricks on the set. It was I who signed her and released a record, and cultivated her into a star singer step by step. As a result, she just became famous. , she was dug back by TVB and Huaxing Records, are you angry?"

Kang Jianfei said with a smile: "TVB and Huaxing are a bit inauthentic."

"And Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi's boyfriend," Huo Wenli said. "When he made his debut through a singing competition, I also signed his record contract. What happened? Once he became popular, he ran away!"

"Miao Xiao can't accommodate the great Bodhisattva, Miss Huo, it's time for you to change the company." Kang Jianfei said.

"I think so too, but unfortunately I can't find a good place. Oh, let's not talk about it, Mr. Kang, I'll give you a toast!" Huo Wenli raised his glass.

When the two were clinking glasses, Huo Wenli stretched out his little finger and gently scratched Kang Jianfei's hand, who pretended not to know.

Huo Wenli raised his glass and drank it, pointed at Zhong Di and said, "Mr. Kang, what do you think of A Di?"

"There is great potential." Kang Jianfei said.

"I think so too, but unfortunately Hongtu Entertainment doesn't have enough resources. It would be great if I could join Oriental Entertainment." Huo Wenli finally expressed his thoughts.

Kang Jianfei said ambiguous: "You can bring her over to try it another day."

Luo Zhaohui suddenly interjected: "Why another day? Let's do it tonight. Mr. Kang takes Adi back and carefully examine her ability to see whether she is suitable for singing or filming!"

"Yes, yes, it's better to choose a day than to hit the sun, just tonight," Huo Wenli echoed, "I also ask Mr. Kang to pay more attention."

Not to mention Kang Jianfei, even Zhou Xingchi, who had never spoken much, now fully understands it. It turned out to be Luo Zhaohui and Huo Wenli, who wanted to give the beautiful girl next to Kang Jianfei to enjoy.

Zhou Xingchi turned his head to look at Zhong Di, and saw that the girl was burying her head and said nothing, and he couldn't help feeling a little regretful, but he didn't say much about it.

After chatting for more than half an hour, Luo Zhaohui tentatively said: "Mr. Kang, the two batches of medicinal materials from Dongfanghong, look..."

"It's easy to say," Kang Jianfei smiled generously, turned around and took out a few documents from his briefcase, "Boss Luo, please take a look first."

"This is... the equity transfer book of Dongfanghong Group?" Luo Zhaohui opened the document and his expression changed drastically.

Kang Jianfei raised his glass and smiled: "I bought these shares at a premium of 50%, and they were at the price before Dongfanghong Group's stock price plummeted. If Boss Luo is interested, you can also sell your shares to me."

"You deceive people too much!" Luo Zhaohui was furious.

Kang Jianfei bought it at a 50% premium at the price before Dongfanghong Group's stock price fell sharply, which seems very fair and kind. But the problem is that the stock market in Hong Kong is in a downturn this year, and the stock prices of most companies are in a trough state. Selling shares at this time will suffer a big loss.

In particular, Dongfanghong Group is engaged in the business of traditional Chinese medicinal materials. This industry is very stable. As long as the stock market downturn period of one or two years is passed, Dongfanghong's stock price will definitely rise again.

"Am I deceiving people too much?" Kang Jianfei laughed. "No, no, no, compared to the stock price when Boss Luo bought Dongfanghong, you are not at a loss, and you may even make a profit."

Luo Zhaohui only bought Dongfanghong Group when the Hong Kong stock market crashed in 1994, which is equivalent to the acquisition of cabbage. The problem is that he wants to hold this stock for a long time. Although he can make a lot of money by selling it now, for him, these two years are equivalent to nothing.

"I will never sell it!" Luo Zhaohui blushed with anger.

Zhou Xingchi looked embarrassed. One was his boss and the other was his good friend. It seemed inappropriate to speak to anyone.

Huo Wenli quickly eased the atmosphere: "Aiya, I have something to say, drink and drink!"

Kang Jianfei drank a glass of wine from Huo Wenli and said with a smile: "How about I increase it by 20%? If this doesn't work, then I can't do anything about it. Boss Luo, you can figure it out. It really doesn't work, I just Can short Dongfanghong's stock."

Luo Zhaohui wanted to beat Kang Jianfei to death. With Kang Jianfei's financial resources, he wanted to short Dongfanghong, and if he cooperated with all kinds of negative public opinions, he couldn't resist it at all, and he would only lose even worse.

After pondering, Luo Zhaohui asked, "How many shares of Dongfanghong do you have in your hands?"

Kang Jianfei said: "24%."

"I will transfer another 10% to you, and you will be the chairman of Dongfanghong. This is my bottom line!" Luo Zhaohui's heart was bleeding.

"Deal." Kang Jianfei smiled slightly.

This is Kang Jianfei's slight punishment to Luo Zhaohui, but since he has made so many moves, he cannot return without success. Dongfanghong Group is in the business of medicinal materials, and after 20 years, it has become more and more prosperous. Buying such a high-quality enterprise only makes a profit.

Huo Wen looked at Kang Jianfei with adoring eyes. She liked this kind of strong man, who could force the famous real estate prodigy to do nothing. She really couldn't find many in Hong Kong.

Luo Zhaohui can be considered to be able to hold it and let it After a few minutes of anger, as if nothing had happened, he continued to drink with Kang Jianfei, chatting and laughing happily. Anyway, the deal has already been done, and he is not at a loss. If he can take this opportunity to befriend Kang Jianfei, it would be a good thing.

At the end of the show, Luo Zhaohui even said with a flattering smile: "Mr. Kang, Adi will be going back with you tonight, and you must teach her well!"

Zhong Di's cheeks were flushed, and she silently followed Kang Jianfei's side. From the moment she took the check, she had already accepted her fate.

"No problem," Kang Jianfei said with a smile, turning to Huo Wenli, "Why don't you go with Miss Huo? You are A Di's manager, so you must know her better."

Everyone was stunned, Kang Jianfei wanted to eat everything.

After being surprised for a while, Huo Wenli suddenly said with ecstasy: "Since Mr. Kang said so, then I definitely can't refuse."

For Huo Wenli, Kang Jianfei's invitation was not an insult, but the most precious opportunity in her life.

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