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Zhong Di had never been to such a high-end residence before, and as soon as she entered the villa, she couldn't help looking around. Stepping on the expensive camel hair carpet, the soft touch made her feel like she was floating, which deepened the inferiority and unease in her heart.

Huo Wenli was much more casual. She put away her handbag, looked at the living room and said, "Mr. Kang, did you put a lot of thought into the decoration of this house?"

"I asked someone to design it. I didn't care much about it." Kang Jianfei asked the Filipino maid to bring a drink and said to the two women with a smile, "Just sit down and go home."

Zhong Di sat down timidly, but did not know what to say, the smile on his face seemed a little stiff.

Seeing her unease, Kang Jianfei asked softly, "How old are you?"

"15 years old, birthday in January." Zhong Di answered in great detail.

"Are you still studying?" Kang Jianfei asked again.

Zhong Di said: "After the summer vacation, I read F4, and I went to Kowloon True Light Middle School."

F4 in Hong Kong's old school system is equivalent to the first year of high school in mainland China, which means that she has just graduated from junior high school.

Huo Wenli was surprised: "You are also a student of Zhenguang Middle School? We are alumni."

This commonality made their relationship a little closer, and Zhong Di shouted, "Hello, senior."

Kang Jianfei asked, "Have you made it clear to your parents that you are not going home tonight?"

"They don't care much." Zhong Di explained the family situation a little.

Her father died when she was 1 year old, and her mother soon remarried, but instead of taking her to her stepfather's house, she stayed with her grandfather. Later, his grandfather passed away, and Zhong Di went to live with his grandmother. After his grandmother died, he lived with his aunt and uncle, and even was fostered in a welfare institution for a period of time.

She grew up eating food from hundreds of families. She has lived in Tai Kok Tsui, Sha Tin, Yuen Long, Ngau Tau Kok, and Sham Shui She, and basically stayed with various relatives. It was not until her mother remarried last year that she was brought to her new father's house. She is currently living in an old house in Mong Kok.

Huo Wenli didn't know about it carefully, but now listening to Zhong Diyi, she suddenly felt that she had gone too far. This girl suffered such a miserable experience, and she also tempted others to sell herself, which is simply a loss of conscience.

Kang Jianfei was also a little surprised. He only knew that Gillian was stupid and naive before. He took a lot of **** photos with Teacher Chen, but he never thought that this woman had such a rough childhood.

Of course, whether it is Huo Wenli or Kang Jianfei, they are not sympathetic men and women. The most emotional about the girl's life experience, and then what to do.

Kang Jianfei asked, "Can you sing?"

After the small talk just now, Zhong Di was no longer so nervous, nodded and said, "It will be a little bit."

"Sing your favorite song." Kang Jianfei said.

Zhong Di cleared his throat and started singing. He sang Wang Fei's famous song, the Cantonese version of "Women who are easily hurt."

"The intonation is good, and the voice is recognizable, but the skills need to be strengthened," Kang Jianfei commented and said to Huo Wenli, "Find her a vocal teacher and train the basics first."

"Ah?" Huo Wenli was quite surprised, the girl was just here for Kang Jianfei to enjoy, but Kang Jianfei really planned to make her a singer.

Zhong Di reacted abruptly, like a blessing in her heart, she quickly stood up and bowed to Kang Jianfei: "Thank you, Mr. Kang!"

"Sit down," Kang Jianfei leaned on the sofa, "change your names to change your fortune. Miss Huo will be called Huo Wenxi from now on, and Adi will be called Zhong Xintong from now on. What do you think?"

The two women naturally did not dare to object, and there was even a little bit of expectation. Maybe changing their names would really bring good luck.

Kang Jianfei said to Huo Wenxi, "In addition to taking Adi with you after you join the company, I have another girl for you, Cai Zhuoyan from "The Sixth Sense of Spirituality". I plan to make them into a singing group."

"Okay!" Huo Wenxi was overjoyed.

Cai Zhuoyan is Kang Jianfei's goddaughter, and she will definitely be supported by the company. Huo Wenxi is already eager to try, she wants to make Cai Zhuoyan and Zhong Xintong the most popular singing group in Hong Kong!

Kang Jianfei asked the girl, "Adi, would you like to be my concubine?"

Zhong Xintong was still in a daze, Huo Wenxi hurriedly urged: "Silly girl, hurry up and recognize Qiye!"

"Oh," Zhong Xintong came back to his senses, knelt down and kowtowed and shouted, "Dad!"

"Okay, get up," said Kang Jianfei, who had received another goddaughter. He brought a guitar from the piano room and caressed the girl's head, "Adi, this is given to you by godfather. Welcome ceremony. No matter how many setbacks and setbacks you have suffered in the past, don't be discouraged, as long as you work harder, you will definitely get better and better in the future."

"Thank you Dad." Zhong Xintong took over the guitar and was suddenly moved to tears. She lacked family care since she was a child, and when she grew up in the eyes of relatives, Kang Jianfei only gave her a guitar and said a few words of encouragement, but it made her feel the father's love that she had never experienced before.

Seeing that Zhong Xintong's eyes were wet, Kang Jianfei took her into his arms, patted her vest and comforted, "Silly girl, stop crying, go and choose a room to sleep, this will be your home from now on."

The more Kang Jianfei said this, the more moved Zhong Xintong became, and the tears in his eyes were left behind. She wiped away her tears, hugged her guitar and said, "Dad, I won't let you down."

Kang Jianfei smiled brightly. She's really a stupid and innocent girl. She's so deceiving. She sold her and counted the money for you.

Under the guidance of the Filipino maid, Zhong Xintong chose a room as his bedroom. She stretched out her hand and pressed it on the bed, and said with a slight smile, "It's so soft, it's much more comfortable than the bed at home."

Lying on the bed, unable to fall asleep, Zhong Xintong tossed and turned, then jumped out of bed to check around, touching this, touching that, and finally leaning against the head of the bed holding the guitar. It's a pity that she didn't learn an and could only pluck the strings randomly, listening to the intermittent sound of the piano, and the whole person was immersed in the happiness that fell from the sky.

"Godfather is so kind to me," Zhong Xintong put down the guitar and rolled around on the bed, thinking, "It would be even better if he was my biological father."

In the living room, Kang Jianfei and Huo Wenxi had already started drinking red wine. He didn't put his arms around the beauty's waist until he drank it until Huo Wenxi had a red glow on his face, and said, "Miss Huo, it's getting late, let's go to rest first."

Huo Wenxi leaned against Kang Jianfei's arms, pretending to be shy and powerless: "I really want to drink too much, I don't obey orders when I walk, please help me Mr. Kang."

"I'm happy to serve." Kang Jianfei smiled, suddenly reaching out to hook Huo Wenxi's leg, and picked her up by the waist.

"Ah!" Huo Wenxi exclaimed in surprise, then raised his small fist and hammered, "Mr. Kang, you are good or bad, you scared everyone!"

In the same villa, Zhong Xintong was immersed in a happy and sweet dream, but the next door stayed up all night, Huo Wenxi was tossed to the death.

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