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Zhong Xintong woke up at six o'clock in the morning, which was a habit she had cultivated for a long time. She usually goes to school every day, running all the way from Mong Kok to Kowloon Tong, a distance of several kilometers, which can not only exercise, but also save the fare. Just because she ran to school for a long time, she was picked by the coach when she was in the second grade of middle school, and was selected to join the school track and field team, specializing in the women's 100-meter hurdles.

Opening his eyes, the first thing that caught his eye was the gorgeous ceiling and chandeliers. Zhong Xintong was startled, and fumbled with both hands on the bed. After more than ten seconds, she finally realized where she was.

It wasn't a dream!

I really became Mr. Kang's widow, I can live in a big house in the future, and I can become a big star at the end of the year!


Zhong Xintong just wanted to let go of his throat and shout, to release all the excitement. But she still suppressed her voice, lay on the bed, pinched her fist and slammed the pillow.

After tossing and venting for a long time, Zhong Xintong got dressed and went downstairs, walking around the living room blankly.

"Miss, what do you want for breakfast?" The Filipino maid came over and asked.


Yes, I am now Mr. Kang's concubine, and I am the daughter of a rich family!

Zhong Xintong has never felt that life is so wonderful, she coughed and said, "Cough, that, just eat a little, you can go busy."

"Okay, Miss, please wait a moment." The Filipino maid turned and went to the kitchen.

Zhong Xintong excitedly turned around in circles, after tossing for a while, she went to the garden to trot again. Running is her habit, and she always feels awkward when she doesn't run any day.

The morning sun rose in summer, and Zhong Xintong was already sweating when she returned to the dining room.

The Filipino maid set a table of Western-style breakfast and said, "Miss, there are bathrooms upstairs and downstairs. If you can't find it, I can take you there."

"Well, let's talk about it after breakfast." Zhong Xintong replied.

Twenty minutes later, Zhong Xintong was lying in the huge bathtub, playing with bubbles leisurely. The house she used to live in was so small that she didn't even have a water heater, so she could only boil water and pour it on her body to wash.

Just because of this huge bathtub, Zhong Xintong didn't want to go back to the old days, and Kang Jianfei asked her to do whatever she wanted.

In the other room, Huo Wenxi woke up long after noon. Because she was too tired from being tossed last night, she really didn't want to get up, she turned over and lay on the man's arms and continued to sleep.

Kang Jianfei patted her buttocks and said, "Still in bed? It's already noon."

Huo Wenxi said confusedly: "I hate it, let me sleep for a while."

Kang Jianfei smiled, reached for the clothes by the bed, and dragged over a pink women's purse.

This wallet should belong to Huo Wenxi, and there is a group photo stuck inside. The two beauties in the photo look exactly the same. Kang Jianfei asked in surprise, "You still have a twin sister?"

Huo Wenxi opened her eyes and looked at it and replied, "Yes, my original name is Huo Baozhu, and the photo is of my sister Huo Baoling. When we just graduated from middle school, our sisters went to your popular record company to try out the music, but they sang too much. Rotten was not selected."

"Haha, it seems we have a good relationship," Kang Jianfei asked, throwing away his wallet, "what does your sister do?"

"Company clerk," Huo Wenxi said in surprise, "Aren't you trying to draw my sister's attention? Let me tell you, she has a boyfriend and she is already planning to get married."

Kang Jianfei didn't answer directly, but asked, "What does her boyfriend do?"

Huo Wenxi said: "An insurance sales manager is like that in his life. He can't get rich or starve to death. Apart from being handsome, he has no other advantages."

"What's the point of living such a mediocre life? Someday I invite your sister out, and let's have a meal together." Kang Jianfei had never played Twin Sisters before, so thinking about it made him feel exciting.

Huo Wenxi's first reaction was anger, and then fell silent again. Although she is beautiful and capable of working, it may not be easy to win Kang Jianfei's favor.

If the younger sister is also brought in, if the sisters go into battle together, maybe...

Huo Wenxi was shocked by her own thoughts, she felt very ashamed, and wished to slap herself a few times. But as soon as this thought came up, it couldn't be thrown away, and it eroded her soul like poison.

"Fei... Brother Fei, I'll try." Huo Wenxi's voice trembled when he spoke.

Kang Jianfei persuaded instead: "Forget it, I'm not a bully who robs the women by force."

Huo Wenxi said seriously: "Really, I try to ask her out."

This woman is so ruthless. In order to compete for favor, she even sold her twin sister. Kang Jianfei expressed her satisfaction.

While looking forward to it, Kang Jianfei felt it again, and ordered, "Get down!"

"It's necrotic, I haven't had enough fun last night!" Huo Wenxi muttered and complained, but her body was very honest.

As time passed, Zhong Xintong downstairs was already waiting impatiently. The Filipino maid had already prepared lunch, but the godfather and Miss Huo hadn't gotten up yet.

After asking about the room from the servant, Zhong Xintong trotted upstairs, knocked on the door and shouted, "Dad, it's time for lunch!"

There was no response from inside, Zhong Xintong shouted again, couldn't help but put her ear to the door, and heard a strange sound faintly coming from inside, a bit like a patient's moaning/groaning.

Is the godfather sick?

Zhong Xintong didn't think much about it, she grabbed the door handle and twisted it, and the door actually opened.

"Ah! I didn't see anything, you guys... you guys continue!" Zhong Xintong covered her eyes with her hands, turned around and ran away in fright, running downstairs before stopping.

After a while, Kang Jianfei and Huo Wenxi also went downstairs.

Huo Wenxi is dressed in professional attire, a women's slim-fit suit and trousers, with a slender waist and slender legs, and the capable women in the workplace are **** and tempting. In particular, her brows are full of spring, and the blush on her cheeks has not dissipated, which adds a bit of charm.

"Miss Huo is so beautiful!" Zhong Xintong couldn't help but admire. However, she quickly remembered the shameful scene just now. Miss Huo was naked and pressed by her godfather.

Huo Wenxi was broken by the little girl, and she couldn't hang on her face. She pretended that nothing happened, took a piece of chicken and praised: "Well, this tastes good, the craftsmanship of the Filipino maid is very good."

Kang Jianfei asked Zhong Xintong amusingly, "Adi, did you get used to your stay last night?"

"I'm used to it. The bed here is very comfortable to sleep in." Zhong Xintong said.

Kang Jianfei said, "If you like it, you can stay here forever. You can go home and tell your parents that you will live in the company's artist dormitory in the future."

"Well, okay, thank you Dad." Zhong Xintong said happily. She has no relationship with her mother or stepfather. The only grandfather who cares for her has died a long time ago. There is no psychological burden to leave that so-called home.

Kang Jianfei asked, "Do you want to be a full-time star, or do you want to sing while reading?"

Zhong Xintong thought about it and said, "I still want to continue studying."

"How was your grades?" Kang Jianfei asked.

Zhong Xintong said, "It's definitely not a problem to go to university."

"Then you can continue to study, I will be responsible for the tuition." Kang Jianfei was a little surprised. At this time, the admission rate of Hong Kong's universities was not high. In a growing environment like Zhong Xintong's, it was almost impossible for the university to have a chance. I didn't expect this girl to be very motivated.

Although it is stupid and naive, it doesn't seem to be stupid.

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