This has been written for the second time. The editor forced it to write it last time, and this time it was equally helpless.

Thanks to the many book friends who left halfway and who persisted until the end, it seems inevitable that "Xiangjiang" will be unfinished. In fact, at the time of the first crackdown, Lao Wang was no longer in the state, and he gave up and wrote indiscriminately for more than half a year. At that time, he only had ten thousand characters.

After "Xiangjiang" is over, I will apply to the editor to release "Superstar of the Golden Age", and by the way, I will open a new book and write the two books together.

As for whether to close "Starlight" and reopen it as a new book, or to open another book, I haven't decided yet, please wait patiently.

Well, I don't want to say more. If possible, I will write an extra episode of "Xiangjiang" in the future and put it in the VIP group of "Prosperity Superstars". Well, that group hasn't been established yet. I'll talk about it when I'm free.