"Hey, although there is no thief in the Immortal Class, but I call myself the thief of the North Dipper State. As long as I want to steal something, there is nothing I can't steal, and I will never be caught by the other party!" Ling Song said with some pride.

"Really, what is your situation now?" Zhu Minglang asked.

"Oh, oh..." Ling Song scratched his head in embarrassment, and involuntarily glanced at the blind girl next to him.

"You can run, right?" Zhu Minglang asked again.

"No, no, I can't run, Venerable is so powerful, I am a flea in front of you." Ling Song explained hurriedly.

I wish Minglang will not expose it.

This thief Lingsong should have the ability to escape. As a **** who can steal things from him without knowing it, he must also have a powerful way to escape.

He didn't run, the reason was obviously the blind woman.

He was afraid that Zhu Minglang would hurt the blind girl and vent the anger of the missing thing on her.

"Can you steal the amulet from someone else's body?" Zhu Minglang continued to ask.

"Yes, not only can it be stolen, but it can also make the other party not notice that something is missing."

"Then do things for me." Zhu Minglang said.

Swaggering God’s protection method is quite good. Obviously, it is impossible to hurt him if he is not up to the level of the god, although it was a little overkill to deal with that ugly fairy...

Anyway, Zhu Minglang already knew that the blind woman was the weakness of the stealer, and there was no need to worry that he would run away.

Moreover, there is a crow, whether it is a blind girl or a thief, it is basically impossible to escape Zhu Minglang's sight.

Zhu Minglang let Ling Song go and asked him to steal the slamming god’s personal statutes. Of course, Zhu Minglang did not expect the stealing Ling Song to complete it all at once. He gave him ten days, and he could steal that within ten days. Guardian law forbids, even if he completes the task.

The blind girl's hand skills are indeed good. I wish Minglang feel comfortable all over, and thinking about the encounter of swaggering the gods, the whole person feels happy.

With his current cultivation base and his current methods, this Xuan Ge God City, where all the gods gather, is afraid that he can play whatever he wants... as long as he doesn't suffer from the crowd.

First went to the Xiashan half-yard, and threw a large sum of money to Fang Niannian, asking her to refill her dragon babies with the best rations, and at the same time letting Fang Niannian continue to help herself purchase those soul orbs with different attributes.

The gods of Xuan Ge are equivalent to convening the first Shenzhou Gods Summit. The gods are gathered, it is prosperous and prosperous. There are also a lot of extraordinary things on the market, and there are few exchanges between the big gods in the past, and rare items are emerging. Out a lot.

In fact, it can be known from the appearance of the god-stealing goddess in Xuan Ge, not only the representative gods of the major gods came to the Tianshu Xuan Ge **** capital, but also some practitioners with abilities no less than the gods. Up here.

As the major Shenjiang plates are constantly approaching, there should be more ways to travel through Shenjiang.

The more people there are, the more treasures are circulating in the market. At this time, the funds must be strong to ensure that when you see good things, you will not miss it!

"Gold is not working now," Fang Niannian said.

"Why don't the money work?" Zhu Minglang asked puzzledly.

"The recent arrival of the gods has caused some changes in Xuan Ge Shendu's trading methods. At the beginning of the period, everyone accepted Jinsha and Jinzhu, but later found that gold was troublesome, and gradually turned into trading with Xingyue glazed shards. Xingyue glazed shards are rare, the output is very small, and the usefulness is the most extensive for the gods." Fang Niannian said.

In private transactions, when will the golden sands and golden beads be used? A huge number of golden sands and golden beads can also be exchanged for Xingyue glazed glaze tablets, but when it comes to items at the level of **** children, **** generals, and even gods, the movement will cost billions or hundreds. Billion, gold is very inconvenient.

Especially the gods of other gods arrived one after another. They brought some Xingyue glazed shards, using Xingyue glazed shards as currency, so that the market of Xuan Ge God Capital has been changed. Xingyue glazed shards have become the most advanced currency.

A complete piece of star-moon glazed glaze is equivalent to ten million golden sand.

"Xingyue glazed shards became the currency of the gods..." Zhu Minglang burst into tears when he heard the news.

Fengyue Bailong and Yan Wanglong both eat this kind of food!

Raising a dragon is too expensive!

"You~~~~" Xiao Bailong was lying on Zhu Minglang's shoulders. While silently mourning for Zhu Minglang, he held up a piece of star-moon glazed glaze and ate a piece of nut like Komatsu Xu.

Ten million gold...

It was gone in a blink of an eye.

Recalling the days when I just fed nectar to the little white dragon...

Zhu Minglang realized that he hadn't stayed in Baize long enough, and the windfall that he finally extorted from the crow was probably not long enough.

The dragon shepherd is always a human being, but in front of his own dragon babies, he is actually a social animal in a god-world society.

In other words, among the gods, which one is the richest?

Go back and check to see if there is any problem with the God of Wealth.

"You have replaced all the gold with glazed shards. There are gods that fit our dragon babies. Don't let it go. Qingzhuo, Zijiao, and Niban are about to enter the Shenlong general level." Zhu Minglang said to the other side.

"In other words, prices are also rising. After deducting everyone's rations for the next three months, there will be enough money to buy one or two things. Why have we been with you for so long and our life is still so tight? When will Master Zhu be able to let the family wave their hands on those magnificent palaces, all inclusive of the extravagant gods?" Fang Niannian said.

"My strength has improved too fast, and of course the money will never be enough." Zhu Minglang said in an angry voice.

Is it an order of magnitude compared with the present?

"I ran out of the money you gave me before, mainly to buy condensed divine objects." Fang Niannian took out the small book and began to report to Zhu Minglang.

At the level of Shenlong, Zhu Minglang discovered that the dragon item had undergone some changes.

It is generally called Shenlongzi, and it must be three items to reach the **** level, claws, dragon scales, dragon breath, dragon inflammation, dragon horns, dragon wings, dragon bones and the like.

However, at the level of the dragon, there are some differences between the three dragons, the six dragons, the nine dragons, and the twelve dragons.

First of all, some parts of the dragon of the Shenlong level cannot be condensed to the **** level.

For example, the dragon flame of the Cinder Black Dragon, no matter what level Zhu Minglang uses for strengthening, the dragon flame it spit is far from the power of the Shenlongzi level, as if completely locked in the realm of the Dragon King. .

Similarly, the scales of the Cangluan Blue Phoenix Dragon have never been able to condense the scales of the Shenlongzi level, which means that its defensive ability is extremely fragile. Once it is hit by the full strength of the God level, it will be severely injured and even die.

Of course, the wings of Cangluan and Blue Phoenix Dragon are god-child, and the chance of it being hit is not great...

This exposed a problem.

It is dragons with low bloodlines. Some of their twelve dragons are locked up, and the condensing effect is extremely poor. Unless the overall cultivation base is promoted to a higher level, they will have scales, tails, horns, and horns. There is an overall improvement in the claws, otherwise it is basically impossible to condense...

This situation means that the dragon has defects and weaknesses.

The weakness of the Jinjin black dragon lies in the dragon flame and speed.

The weakness of Cangluan and Qinghuanglong lies in defense.

The same Tianshalong, Thunder King Zilong, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon, and Yan Wanglong all have some weaknesses, but they have higher bloodlines, their weaknesses will be less, not so obvious, and they can be condensed to make up for their weaknesses.

Refining the Cyan Black Dragon and Cangluan Blue Phoenix Dragon, when encountering the existence of God-child level, it is generally no problem one-on-one, one-on-two is a bit difficult, because some of the twelve dragon items are bloodline restrictions, and the improvement is not significant. , There are weaknesses.

Fengyue Bailong and Yan Wanglong, in the level of the gods, they can hit three or five, because of their twelve dragons, about half are at the level of the gods. The dragon claws are sharp and the dragon scales are hard. The dragon's breath is overbearing, the dragon is extinguished, and there is a powerful dragon tail, dragon wing that surpasses its own cultivation base...

That’s true. Among the twelve items of dragons, there are still some that can continue to be condensed. Bai Qi can still condense its scales, its bones, its dragon flames, etc. The Yan Wanglong can also strengthen its horns and its horns. Hitomi... If all of them can be condensed to this level of perfection, there will be no problem with a dozen.

Therefore, the blood of dragons is equivalent to eternal life with them.

There is no spiritual thing that can change the bloodline.

Unless, reincarnation stings.

There is no problem with Fang Niannian's approach.

Each dragon has some weaknesses. Through condensed methods, those weaknesses are filled. At least when facing enemies of the same level, they will not be inhibited by their weaknesses.

Of course, the bloodline is locked, there is no way, at least those dragon items that can be condensed must be upgraded.

"They have all improved their cultivation bases, and there are a lot of dragons that need to be condensed."

"I know, so the money is not enough!"

"Good, good, I will find a way."

Raising a dragon is really a bottomless pit. If you want to keep improving, it feels like you don't have enough money to invest in it.

If you don't want to spend money, you can only wear stars and moons, and accompany the dragon to hone and fight in the deep mountains and forests, which consumes a lot of time.

Hate yourself, why not be the **** of wealth.

However, money isn't just for dipping.

Spend it out and you can see a significant improvement. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

After the weakness is completed, the Cangluan Blue Phoenix Dragon and the Refining Black Dragon can also be one enemy to two.

As for Fengyue Bailong and Yan Wanglong, if there are more condensed items, they can achieve and leapfrog challenges, and they are completely fearless in the face of the existence of the gods!

"There should be countless rare treasures in the bronze gate. One day you will cultivate the Dragon Lord, go and scrape away the contents!" Zhu Minglang was already looking forward to holding three special keys.

The other end of the key must be an inexhaustible treasure.

This is the consensus of the heavens and all realms!


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