Practicing in the colorful sacred soil, Nuwa Dragon, Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon, and Yan Wanglong have all advanced to the first level, reaching the upper Shenlong general level, which gives Zhu Minglang more confidence.

Moreover, the funds on hand are also abundant, Zhu Minglang can continue to collect those various soul orbs, use Lou Longzong's psychic waterwheel**, and then cultivate a dragon in the future.

According to the development of several dragons, Cangluan, Blue Phoenix Dragon and Tiansha Dragon should be more suitable to be promoted to the level of Shenlong General.

"Shangxian, Shangxian, someone walked past you just now, as if something went along." Suddenly, the Baize Crow flew over the eaves and landed on the railing next to Zhu Minglang.

Zhu Minglang turned his head and glanced at the mediocre man walking naturally on the sloping streets.

Just now, Zhu Minglang did have such a strange feeling. He immediately checked his Qiankun bracelet and found that the Biying bronze key he had placed in the Qiankun bracelet was missing!

"Thief?" Zhu Minglang was a little surprised.

As a **** with powerful spiritual knowledge, things like stolen things are almost impossible to happen, unless the other party has some magical powers to steal other people's items, and can still directly reach into the universe of others!

"Staring at him." Zhu Minglang said to Bai Ze Crow.

Immortal Crow has countless incarnations and little demons. As long as it calls a few times, the crows living in the forest of Xuan Ge God Capital will be affected by it and turn into standard Bai Ze crows.

To monitor a person, it is too simple for the Bai Ze Crow. It can even appear in the blind corner of the opponent's line of sight forever, staring at the opponent without letting the opponent notice it, and of course it can also appear when the opponent can see it. The distance that can never be touched, with those "eyes of death" torturing each other.

The gods of Xuan Ge can now be said to be the gathering of gods. The representatives of the gods of the seven gods, including those who are not righteous gods, are also rushing to the gods of Xuan Ge in order to understand some important information of the gods of the Big Dipper. The gods of Xuan Ge are unprecedented. The excitement.

It is by no means ordinary people who can walk things along from oneself.

If before, Zhu Minglang would immediately rush to catch the guy, and then break his hands and feet to show punishment, but if there is a Baize Crow Watcher, Zhu Minglang would not be very anxious.

Right now, he even wanted to see how unlucky it was to slander the gods.

"Shang Xian, what are you doing?" Bai Ze Crow asked with some doubts when he saw Zhu Minglang crawling up the eaves.

"I'm not at a high place, how do I know if your bad luck spell is effective?" Zhu Minglang said.

"God, you don’t need to. You go to a massage parlour with a little lady. Let a little lady with good techniques relieve your tired body. I can see what you want to see with the eyes of death. Here you are." Bai Ze Crow said.

With these words, Bai Ze Crow’s death eyes suddenly flickered, and the evil red light reflected in Zhu Minglang’s pupils. Zhu Minglang only felt an illusory red in front of his eyes. After a while, countless pocket phantoms were like mirages. Generally presented in the wall of air in front of oneself...

"There is the thief just now. There are a total of seven crows staring nearby. Even if one is accidentally lost, the other crows will quickly lock it on."

"You have to look at the goddess. After all, the other person is a righteous god, so you can't have too many crows wandering around, otherwise you will be easily alerted by its sense of spirit. There is only one incarnation of me, staring at the big camphor tree. To the wine pavilion where they are."

Bai Ze Crow began to introduce his abilities, and his words clearly showed a little pride.

Zhu Minglang was also quite pleasantly surprised. At the beginning, he noticed that Immortal Crow’s eyes were very special. He didn’t expect to have such an ability. It was too perfect. If there were enough Baize Crows in the capital of Xuan Ge, Couldn't I monitor the entire Xuan Ge God Capital and observe the movements of all the gods? ?

From the secret collusion of the righteous gods to the private tea party of the goddesses, you can see it all!

This crow, confiscated it in vain!

Although it will be a little bit of life, but Zhu Minglang has a long life now.

"Ahem, why are your little crows patrolling in the Nv Tangquan Pavilion?" When Zhu Minglang browsed through these monitoring eyes, he quickly saw a scene that is not suitable for children, the white flowered scene, let Zhu Minglang again Once I was sure that this dead crow was definitely not a serious crow!

"Purely addictive, purely addictive, hehe."

"..." Zhu Minglang was speechless.

Dead crow, kind of honest!

"I am a righteous god, a **** Fuchen, a **** who surveys the sky and examines the sky, and the aura is right. Since you are messing with me, you will not do this kind of detrimental things in the future, understand!" Zhu Minglang said solemnly.

"What the Shangxian teaches, what the Shangxian teaches is...but the little crows who live in the forest of Xuan Ge God Capital all the year round told me that Xuan Ge God has been peeped by some daring thief many times not long ago. , I don’t know if the thief will be struck by thunder.” The crow fairy laughed in a humble voice, like a wild duck roaring in your nap with an extremely unpleasant voice!

I wish Minglang's face turned black.

This dead crow seems to be able to see some small sins in people's hearts.

In the face of this kind of thing, Zhu Minglang didn't talk nonsense with Immortal Crow, snapped his fingers, and suddenly a clear sky and thunder slashed down without warning, and directly smashed the old tree where Immortal Crow was standing into coke.

"Wow! Wow! Wow!!" Immortal Crow flew to the distance in a panic, laughing there.

"Turn me to the scene of swaggering God." Zhu Minglang said.


Zhu Minglang really found a massage parlor, but let a blind person treat himself.

Zhu Minglang would never go to the clever little lady's flower shop like the crow said. He has never been. I don't know where it is, and I will definitely not go if I know where it is.

However, when a pretty-looking blind girl walked from outside the screen, Zhu Minglang's face showed a bit of weirdness, and the crow standing on the treetop outside the window not far away let out a mean laugh.

Zhu Minglang pays attention to this cheap crow, staring at the swaggering **** intently.

Zhu Minglang is not only to look at the bad luck of swaying the gods, but also to be clear about the habit of swaying the gods, the ability to sway the gods, and the style of acting.

After all, it is a god-level existence. Zhu Minglang cannot act rashly. God Mingmeng is trapped by the inner demon, and his strength is greatly reduced. Zhu Minglang took him down by this point, but it is different to swagger the gods. Is a **** master.

Lord Jiu, an old man is soaking medicated wine in the backyard. He should be the old chef of this wine store, but when he is in grade, he has rheumatism and has to rely on this method of soaking his feet with medicated wine to relieve pain every day.

"Fan, do you still have agarwood wine? A few distinguished guests came. They said that they must have a century-old agarwood wine, and they called for the dishes you want to cook." The shopkeeper walked over and asked the chef Fan.

"Yes, yes, I will prepare it and put it in the jade altar." Fan Laochu said.

When the distinguished guests came, Chef Fan couldn't continue to soak his feet leisurely with medicinal wine.

But this medicinal wine has only been soaked for a while, and it is a pity to pour it out now. Old Chef Fan thought for a while, took an old jar, and poured the half-soaked medicinal wine into the old jar for storage first. Continue to recuperate afterwards.

After putting on his shoes and socks, Chef Fan went into the kitchen and began to prepare dishes.

Not long afterwards, a shopkeeper ran down in a hurry, and complained as he walked: "Where is such a bad temper, isn't it just for a while at night? They all said that the wine should be prepared, Fan Lao, Fan Lao, Where's the wine, is it this jar?"

"Ah? Yes, yes, let's take it." Fan Lao was a little ear, his hand was slapped, and he didn't have time to turn around to look.

Xiao Er picked up the old jar and walked towards Gaozeng Jiuge.

Since it is a century-old agarwood wine, it is naturally this kind of wine jar that looks ages, so the shop Xiaoer didn't think there was anything.

But this scene, all fell into the sight of Zhu Minglang, when Xiaoer of the shop hugged the old jar into the room where the gods were swaggering, Zhu Minglang's whole person was breathless and concentrating.

I don't know what kind of **** this swagger **** belongs to.

I don't know if he can detect this mistake.

If it is the **** of knowledge, the **** of Xuan Ge.

They would definitely be aware of such a small accident, and even if the wine was handed to them, they would never taste a bite.

But Swagger God obviously does not have this kind of knowledge.

The most important thing is that Swagger doesn’t seem to be a person who understands alcohol. When he opened the lid and smelled the peculiar smell, a smile appeared on his face that he didn’t understand, yes. The entertainer fell, "Well, it is a century-old agarwood, the fragrance is unique, and it is already intoxicating before it is tasted!"

Pang Lang took a sip of the fragrance of wine, frowning slightly, but when he heard that the **** of swagger said so, he naturally didn't dare to say anything, so he hurriedly agreed with the **** of swagger: "It's been a long time. I have never smelled it in other places, it is extremely strong!"

"Come, come, today is the day we make friends, drink this glass together!" The swagger **** raised the glass, and to show his sincerity to entertain, he even raised his head and drank the old man's foot-soaking medicinal wine!

When Zhu Minglang saw this scene, the tea he was about to drink almost sprayed on the chest of the blind woman.

"My son, UU reading, but the slave family didn't press it properly?" the blind woman asked cautiously.

"No, no, you continue. I just remembered something that was too happy and I couldn't help but want to laugh." Zhu Minglang's face was already full of smiles.

"Oh oh..." Blind girls are mainly invisible. Otherwise, seeing Zhu Minglang's weird expression, they will definitely feel that the other party has some other purpose. They are all serious business here!

Zhu Minglang continues to monitor the swagger.

Swagger is supposed to be receiving people from Tianji God's borders.

The **** looks like Yushu is in the breeze, with a magnificent aura, and there is a touch of red cinnabar on his forehead, like a handsome fairy from the family. He just drank the footbath wine after sip, even though every bite feels a bit like nausea. Feeling, but he couldn't spit it out in front of other people's swagger and hospitality.

This handsome Tianji fairy family smiled while secretly poking his lips.

This wine is really **** horrible, it hits the throat, smokes the nose, and feels even more disturbing.