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*It’s another novel from the author of Versatile Mage*

Any creature on this continent has a chance to transform into a dragon.

Rumor has it that every life has its own dragon gate, after jumping over it, it looks like the sun and the moon, dazzlingly brilliant.

The same is true for people.

The dragon gate of man lies in the incarnation of the dragon herder.

Look around for those little young spirits who are about to transform into dragons, and train them into the unparalleled dragon king in the world!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:DT
Alternate Title:牧龙师
Weekly Rank:#4917
Monthly Rank:#1670
All Time Rank:#2465
Tags:Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Cultivation, Dragons, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Past Plays a Big Role, Twins, Underestimated Protagonist,
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9 Comments on “Dragon Tamer
  1. Its difficult to read there is no backround story to chapter 26 pure small details that he was in past dragon herder then falimy craftsman transperd into mind just like cultivation

  2. you read too less chapter, this novel takes time to build up because its world building and mystery simply too many, if you want to know whole background in first dozen chapters maybe this novel doesnt suit you

  3. Another master piece by chaos Anyway Iam no. 1 fan of versatile mage and charm of soul mofan and chumu is superb characters where they grow and getting stronger in fighting Not as cunning and savage like fangyuan, leylin, derek mccoy and zhou yifan sometimes they were pretty boring because they spend time in alchemy to become stronger Not like mofan and chumu they became stronger in the battlefield

  4. All i can say is the book is getting better and better, this is the new novel of the author chaos who have written charm of soul pets and versatile mage, the story at the start may puzzle you but you will know what happened after 100 chapters, the story is awesome and definitely worth a five star in my opinion, looking forward to story development

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