Dragon-Marked War God

The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world! Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me. Don.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 1 Jiang Chen Chapter 2 I don't do it, I want to do it. Chapter 3 Big Brother, are you in? Chapter 4 Supreme God Power Dragon (He Meng Main) Chapter 5 Good accounting Chapter 6 Insulting people, people are insulting! Chapter 7 Go back and send me the coffin. Chapter 8 Liuyang Xuanzhi Chapter 9 The young master wants to make alchemy? Do not make jokes Chapter 10 旷世奇葩 Chapter 11 The grave of the ancestors exploded Chapter 12 Shicheng Dan influence

Chapter 13 Sale to the door Chapter 14 One stroke Chapter 15 Come on Chapter 16 Lee Kimiko Chapter 17 First dragon Chapter 18 War book Chapter 19 It’s really annoying when you force it. Chapter 20 Let you force you to die Chapter 21 The rain is coming from the wind Chapter 22 Open up the sea of ​​gas Chapter 23 Fierce Chapter 24 Give you a chance

Chapter 25 Cruel rule Chapter 26 Young master's confidence Chapter 27 Difficult to see people Chapter 28 Drink back Chapter 29 no Zuo no Die Chapter 30 Yan Yu Lou Caravan Chapter 31 Killing sword Chapter 32 I can cure Chapter 33 Impeccable beauty Chapter 34 a good man Chapter 35 One soul, Yuan Dan Chapter 36 Mid-sea

Chapter 37 The heart of the girl’s heart Chapter 38 Jiang Chen brother Chapter 39 Hit the door Chapter 40 Li Changhao Chapter 41 Killing is only in the blink of an eye Chapter 42 Lost the lady and lost the soldiers Chapter 43 Killing dogs Chapter 44 Sogou in the city Chapter 45 Don't mess with me, the consequences are too serious Chapter 46 Two punches die black rhinoceros Chapter 47 Very toxic, for your own use Chapter 48 Fur dog

Chapter 49 Dog fight Chapter 50 Counterattack Chapter 51 Broken grandson Chapter 52 Fully pressure [plus more, He Meng main] Chapter 53 Small devil Chapter 54 What did the big yellow dog do? Chapter 55 Can't run, you carry me back Chapter 56 Dragon Horse Blood Chapter 57 Ten dragons Chapter 58 People are more popular than people Chapter 59 just in case Chapter 60 Variance

Chapter 62 Powerful domineering rhubarb dog Chapter 63 Akagi New Order Chapter 64 Heavenly demon Chapter 65 Blood wing, person Dan Cheng Chapter 66 Jiang Chen’s decision Chapter 67 Don't ask people to disagree Chapter 68 Male gas Chapter 69 Water pool Chapter 70 Frozen three feet is not a cold day Chapter 71 a glimpse Chapter 72 Narrow road Chapter 73 Deliberately let go of one person

Chapter 74 Peerless enchanting, the Southern and Northern Dynasties Chapter 75 Serve the dog uncle Chapter 76 Not rolling down Chapter 77 There is a kind of silly death Chapter 78 Little devil Chapter 79 Don't leave if you are here. Chapter 80 Battle against Tiandan Chapter 81 Rhubarb dog's talent Chapter 82 Space遁 Chapter 83 Walking the dog Chapter 84 Genius Chapter 85 Abdominal black dog's abacus

Chapter 86 Another dark horse Chapter 87 Outstanding, no one can press Chapter 88 Whose face is not given Chapter 89 Battletable No. 8 Chapter 90 Fierce means Chapter 91 Genius also wants to kill Chapter 92 a clear pass Chapter 93 Ancient Devil wakes up, cold crisis Chapter 94 Final battle Chapter 95 Original warfare Chapter 96 Turn on crazy mode and kill directly Chapter 97 Southern and Northern Dynasties

Chapter 98 About the North and South Chapter 99 This is my fiancee Chapter 100 Have baby Chapter 101 Discover the secret Chapter 102 Broken sword Chapter 103 Forty dragons Chapter 104 Sudden death Chapter 105 Xuan Yimen Chapter 106 I don’t know Taishan Chapter 107 This is the name Chapter 108 Pointing Chapter 109 Jiang Shixiong’s heart is thick

Chapter 110 Kill the door Chapter 111 First World War Chapter 112 The doorkeeper summons Chapter 113 Xuan Yizhen Chapter 114 There is a helplessness is a genius Chapter 115 Alleyzan Chapter 116 Slam the big demon Chapter 117 Five dragons Chapter 118 Wolf shadow nine changes Chapter 119 Chasing Chapter 120 Silent, no interest, poisonous king Chapter 121 In the late period of Dan Dan, sixty-five dragons

Chapter 122 Exterior door storm Chapter 123 Set fire to dormitory Chapter 124 Good accounting Chapter 125 Hang up Chapter 126 The elders are also hanging up Chapter 127 Come one bundle, all hang up Chapter 128 Make trouble, not afraid of things Chapter 129 Wolf shadow nine changes Chapter 130 Kill Jiang Wei Chapter 131 The strength of Guoshan Chapter 132 The judgment of the gatekeeper Chapter 133 Stewed this dog

Chapter 134 Defeated Chapter 135 Wuxing Dan Chapter 136 task? Punishment Chapter 137 Gorefiend Chapter 138 frenzied Chapter 139 crucial moment Chapter 140 Violent violence Chapter 141 Underground spirit Chapter 142 Yu Zihan Chapter 143 Underground walk, pediatrics Chapter 144 Night killing Chapter 145 Jiang Chen Shenwei

Chapter 146 Fan Kun's color heart Chapter 147 Invincible Chapter 148 Blood magic nemesis Chapter 149 The crisis of the smoke morning Chapter 150 Skipping Chapter 151 Dragon's counter scale Chapter 152 Haze valley Chapter 153 Helpless choice Chapter 154 Killing the sky Chapter 155 Blood konjac Chapter 156 Bloody, **** month Chapter 157 Feng Ruo Shen Ming

Chapter 158 Battle against Liang Xiao Chapter 159 Kill Liang Xiao Chapter 160 Jiang Chen returns, wants to make a big deal Chapter 161 Rushing into a anger Chapter 162 Who is blocking who? Chapter 163 Killing the gods [Happy New Year] Chapter 164 Can't stop Chapter 165 Killing people by knife Chapter 166 Hemiplegia Chapter 167 Jiuyang Xuandan Chapter 168 Chiyang beast Chapter 169 Rhubarb wake up

Chapter 170 Qing Cong Chapter 171 Obstruction Chapter 172 Don't mess with me Chapter 173 All kill Chapter 174 Rhubarb dog's head Chapter 175 Growing up Chapter 176 Powerful red beast Chapter 177 Golden egg Chapter 178 Sinister dog combination, blaming Jiangdong Chapter 179 The anger of the Chiyang beast Chapter 180 Qing Ming Zong Battle Chapter 181 Xuantian array

Chapter 182 The reason is actually here Chapter 183 螳螂 螳螂 蝉 蝉 在 Chapter 184 Joined forces Chapter 185 Two birds in one fell swoop Chapter 186 Alchemy Chapter 187 Shocking Chapter 188 Wufu Chapter 189 Tianjianmen Yuncan Chapter 190 Green anger Chapter 191 Make trouble Chapter 192 Four hundred and ten dragons Chapter 193 Killing people must come first

Chapter 194 Chiyang Battlegear Chapter 195 Want to kill me, go to purgatory [five] Chapter 196 Going to purgatory Chapter 197 Sad reminder of monsters Chapter 198 Purgatory Demon and Nine-Life Crystal Beast Chapter 199 Magical use of crystal nucleus Chapter 200 Double-headed black crow Chapter 201 Perfect level battle Chapter 202 Despise the dog’s end Chapter 203 Guan Yiyun's whereabouts Chapter 204 It turned out to be the same door Chapter 205 Refining city

Chapter 206 The dog is going to be angry. Chapter 207 Angry Chapter 208 Sorrowful Chapter 209 Big kill Chapter 210 Demon lock Chapter 211 Bloody sword Chapter 212 Ten thousand eight hundred swords Chapter 213 Big dreamland Chapter 214 Liwei Chapter 215 People pets are not harvested Chapter 216 Nine leaves Chapter 217 Guan Yiyun’s shock

Chapter 218 Dog emperor Chapter 219 Desperate Chapter 220 It’s going to be a mess Chapter 221 Killing eight people in one palm Chapter 222 Blood flowing into the river Chapter 223 No surrender Chapter 224 Dog, I am wrong. Chapter 225 Dream heart Chapter 226 Purgatory killing Chapter 227 Natural array Chapter 228 Magic cave Chapter 229 Bloodthirsty

Chapter 230 Wisdom in battle Chapter 231 War spirit demon Chapter 232 Late elderly in the drug lord space Chapter 233 Take9 Chapter 234 Screw ban Chapter 235 Purgatory chaos Chapter 236 Last minute Chapter 237 See you again Chapter 238 Qizhou chaos begins Chapter 239 Hunter prey Chapter 240 Kill innocent Chapter 241 Fierceness

Chapter 242 Shangguanwei Chapter 243 The highest realm of murder Chapter 244 Wu Jiu’s identity Chapter 245 Duan Jianhong's plan Chapter 246 Blood dragon statue on ancient stone gate Chapter 247 Mysterious blood Chapter 248 Re-enter the cave Chapter 249 Military warfare Chapter 250 Rhubarb dog Chapter 251 Killing the World of Warcraft Chapter 252 But seek death Chapter 253 Xuan Yimen Crisis

Chapter 254 The strength of the Northern and Southern Dynasties Chapter 255 Open Chapter 256 The betrayal of Zhong Zhongtang Chapter 227 Jiang Chen returns Chapter 258 Kill my sect, kill innocent Chapter 259 One year ahead of schedule Chapter 260 eye for eye Chapter 261 Ultimate matchup Chapter 262 Who is the king of juveniles? Chapter 263 Faerie body Chapter 264 a misstep Chapter 265 Big rectification

Chapter 266 Save the cold Chapter 267 Another Tianyao Wizard Chapter 268 Drinking dog's wine Chapter 269 Bliss Island Chapter 270 Lushan Liuxiong Chapter 271 Magic wave Chapter 272 Exit Xuan Yimen Chapter 273 Big dog puppies Chapter 274 Luck is coming Chapter 275 Mie 小劫 Chapter 276 Skinny dead camel Chapter 277 act recklessly

Chapter 278 Metamorphosis Chapter 279 Not a good thing Chapter 280 Big demon golden lion Chapter 281 Unprecedented Chapter 282 Was discovered Chapter 283 audacious in the extreme Chapter 284 Bliss owner Chapter 285 The trade fair begins Chapter 286 Mixed dragon Chapter 287 Big head Chapter 288 Xiao Wei Chapter 289 Dog mouth eats, no door

Chapter 290 Dead three eight Chapter 291 Auction starts Chapter 292 Arctic ice silk crystal Chapter 293 The scene is hot Chapter 294 Hang you dead Chapter 295 Nine yuan Chapter 296 The most awkward bet in the sky Chapter 297 Come eat shit Chapter 298 Full audience Chapter 299 Come up Chapter 300 Sea change Chapter 301 Huge waves

Chapter 302 Battle against the world Chapter 303 Nangong asks the day Chapter 304 Fall into a dead end Chapter 305 Iceland reappears a hundred years ago Chapter 306 Crazy Chapter 307 Horrible pot Chapter 308 Ancient power Chapter 309 Kill one by one Chapter 310 Control the power of killing Chapter 311 To make a big deal Chapter 312 Nine roads Chapter 313 Selective death

Chapter 314 Stone monster Chapter 315 The anger of the two forces Chapter 316 Can't finish Chapter 317 Sky garden Chapter 318 All over the world Chapter 319 Shangguan Yilei Chapter 320 Single fight Chapter 321 Feast Chapter 322 Kill the official Chapter 323 Life and death Chapter 324 Endless glacier Chapter 325 Ice demon

Chapter 326 Fleeing Chapter 327 Deep pool Chapter 328 Xuan Bingfu Chapter 329 Another bronze medal Chapter 330 Previous life, now life Chapter 331 People in Wufu Chapter 332 Nine bronze medals Chapter 333 Jiang Chen appeared Chapter 334 I have conditions Chapter 335 Shame the world Chapter 336 treasure house Chapter 337 Second truncated sword

Chapter 338 Magma heart Chapter 339 Too bad Chapter 340 Late stage of God Chapter 341 Black altar Chapter 342 Tianshengjiansheng Chapter 343 Sword with the blood of genius Chapter 344 Unstoppable Chapter 445 Unable to look directly at the power Chapter 346 World War I famous East China Chapter 347 Return to Xuanyi Chapter 348 The outbreak of the body of Jiuyin Chapter 349 The peak of the early days of the war

Chapter 350 Xuan Bingfu Chapter 351 Must kill Chapter 352 Tianyuan Mountain, Skynet Club Chapter 353 Go alone Chapter 354 Killing people Chapter 355 Genius Chapter 356 Brute force Chapter 357 Earth power Chapter 358 Crush Chapter 359 Go away Chapter 360 Wufu Chapter 361 Qiu Tianba

Chapter 362 Give me a call Chapter 363 Another son Chapter 364 Beaten the world Chapter 365 This child can't stay Chapter 366 Cow fork and bombing Chapter 367 Emperor Wu’s summon Chapter 368 Holy War Dynasty Chapter 369 Tit-for-tat Chapter 370 Hundreds of thousands of fire Chapter 371 Depression in the Chicheng area Chapter 372 Tianxiang City crisis Chapter 373 The baby is back

Chapter 374 Dog mouth can't spit out ivory Chapter 375 Sky array Chapter 376 Ice demon king shot Chapter 377 Rule Chapter 378 Guild war Chapter 379 The demise of Shangguan eagle Chapter 380 Come back home Chapter 381 Gather together Chapter 382 Leave Chapter 383 No one believes Chapter 384 Emperor Wu’s mustard Chapter 385 New conspiracy

Chapter 386 Nangong family change Chapter 387 Goodbye Iceland Chapter 388 Large space transmission array Chapter 389 Southern continent Chapter 390 Family drama Chapter 391 Helper's strength Chapter 392 Nangongcheng Chapter 393 Nangong Yunfan Chapter 394 Pointing Chapter 395 Seeing the road Chapter 396 Demon palace Chapter 397 Killing the eagle king

Chapter 398 Sweeping demon palace Chapter 399 destruction Chapter 400 Wonderful hand sound dance Chapter 401 The four guards of the demon palace Chapter 402 Battle of the massacre Chapter 403 White teenager Chapter 404 Come on, get together Chapter 405 War spirit Chapter 406 Go away Chapter 407 Prince Chapter 408 Date of the war Chapter 409 Vientiane

Chapter 410 Raise your dog's life Chapter 411 Second battle Chapter 412 Who can play? Chapter 413 It turned out to be him Chapter 414 Battle dance Chapter 415 Unveil your veil Chapter 416 Change, the third cut of the holy sword Chapter 417 make up Chapter 418 Going to accident Chapter 419 Hand tearing Chapter 420 Follow you Chapter 421 Direct hands

Chapter 422 Invincible rhubarb ecstasy Chapter 423 Wu’s anger Chapter 424 Zhulian Jiuzu [three more] Chapter 425 The difficulty of Xuan Yimen Chapter 426 The end of the day Chapter 427 Xuan Ran Chapter 428 The wrath of the king (on) Chapter 429 The wrath of the king (below) Chapter 430 Strong return Chapter 431 Give my brother a sorry Chapter 432 Kill innocent Chapter 433 Send a big gift [three more]

Chapter 434 Shock Chapter 435 The rain is coming from the wind. [Five more] Chapter 436 You are an eunuch, don't talk Chapter 437 Jiang Chen's wisdom [two more] Chapter 438 Save people [three more] Chapter 439 Nine stars killing [four more] Chapter 440 The most stupid play Chapter 441 Xiaoqiang who can't die Chapter 442 Ten thousand dragons, smashed Chapter 443 Iron hand ruthless Chapter 444 Damn kill, not **** waste Chapter 445 Role conversion

Chapter 446 God of war Chapter 447 Solitary sacred dynasty Chapter 448 Emperor of war Chapter 449 Super enchanting [three more] Chapter 450 Three-day battle Chapter 451 Jiang Chen’s plan Chapter 452 Change Chapter 453 Old emperor Chapter 454 The day of the decisive battle Chapter 455 Battle against the old emperor Chapter 456 War in the sky Chapter 457 The reinforcements are coming

Chapter 458 Kill the Prince Chapter 459 Counterattack, crushing the old emperor Chapter 460 Kill the king Chapter 461 Second metamorphosis Chapter 462 Real Dragon Warfare, Canglong Five Steps Chapter 463 Taishanghuang Chapter 464 Battle of the peak Chapter 465 Three steps to death Chapter 466 New emperor? Chapter 467 Guy, let me talk about it. Chapter 468 The secret of dancing bamboo Chapter 469 Go to the South

Chapter 470 The conspiracy of the demon palace Chapter 471 Ghostly poison Chapter 472 Blood stained Nether Mountain (on) Chapter 473 Blood stained Nether Mountain (below) Chapter 474 Strong morale of the Terran Chapter 475 Xuanzang Palace Palace Chapter 476 Attacking the demon palace Chapter 477 Chi Yan Bao Chapter 478 Then demon king Chapter 479 Dust settled Chapter 480 The transformation of the rhubarb dog Chapter 481 19,000 dragons

Chapter 482 Fairy ice sculpture Chapter 483 Before leaving Chapter 484 Space channel break point Chapter 485 Earth bull Chapter 486 Earth prison Chapter 487 Dogs have money? Chapter 488 This dog can not be provoked. Chapter 489 I am also a master of the government. Chapter 490 Grace Chapter 491 Sea of ​​confusion Chapter 492 Tianying Island Chapter 493 Dark tide

Chapter 494 Six pirates Chapter 495 Shot Chapter 496 robber Chapter 497 Roll [one more] Chapter 498 Let you go Chapter 499 The first thief [two more] Chapter 500 Monk monk [three more] Chapter 501 Still human Chapter 502 Promotion war king Chapter 503 Eighth Pacific Insurance Chapter 504 Battle against the fourth king Chapter 505 Kill

Chapter 506 Monk clearance Chapter 507 Destroy the ancient Chapter 508 Revenge for you Chapter 509 Tan Langzhi Chapter 510 Easy bone surgery Chapter 511 Deep into the tiger's den Chapter 512 Arrogance Chapter 513 Too strong Chapter 514 Pull the sword to kill Chapter 515 Completely crazy Chapter 516 Kill Chapter 517 Hell cold

Chapter 518 Tan Lang’s horror Chapter 519 Jiang Chen's means [complement] Chapter 520 Destroy hell Chapter 521 Li Tianyang Chapter 522 Jiuyang Leilongdan Chapter 523 Last rob Chapter 524 Can't escape [three more] Chapter 525 Broken sword Chapter 526 Cataclysm Chapter 527 Recover interest Chapter 528 Western Region Chapter 529 Qinglian Mountain, old monk

Chapter 530 Lianhua Jing Chapter 531 The dragon is changed again, Nirvana is born again Chapter 532 Dragon scale Chapter 533 Four-level king Chapter 534 Fake death state Chapter 535 Unspeakable Chapter 536 Great thunder sound temple visiting person Chapter 537 Fire dragon print Chapter 538 go away Chapter 539 Tianyi Building Chapter 540 Sad reminder Chapter 541 Two major things

Chapter 542 Insufficient snakes Chapter 543 Magical world Chapter 544 level one Chapter 545 Monks don’t swear Chapter 546 Seven-level demon Chapter 547 Magic cave Chapter 548 Battle against the Eighth Devil Chapter 549 Earth prisoner Chapter 550 See who is robbing [He Renxian] Chapter 551 Revealing the fox tail [two more] Chapter 552 Completely crushed [three more] Chapter 553 The anger of big management

Chapter 554 Tit-for-tat Chapter 555 At first glance, the dead nine-level king Chapter 556 The death of Zhuang Fan Chapter 557 Blood washed Skyhawk Island Chapter 558 Three steps to kill one person, the sword is not merciless Chapter 559 One does not stay Chapter 560 Nine-level king of war can’t stop Chapter 561 Tactics, dealing with sweaty BMW Chapter 562 Seamless Chapter 563 Not afraid of being fooled Chapter 564 Not you are stupid, I am too smart Chapter 565 Inability to return to heaven

Chapter 566 The more dangerous, the safer Chapter 567 Nie's invincible anger Chapter 568 Ultimate killing order Chapter 569 Rhubarb wake up Chapter 570 Do something big Chapter 571 Falling apart Chapter 572 Rhubarb dog's induction Chapter 573 Flying ecstasy Chapter 574 Save people Chapter 575 flee Chapter 576 Besieged Chapter 577 Impermanence

Chapter 578 Ten-day battle [He Meng main] Chapter 579 Own means Chapter 580 Return to the holy cliff Chapter 581 a phalanx Chapter 582 Seven-level king Chapter 583 The day of the decisive battle Chapter 584 Step on death Chapter 585 Let’s squat down. Chapter 586 The most cruel death Chapter 587 Sword Chapter 588 Bonfire Chapter 589 The end of Li Tianyang

Chapter 590 Jiuyang Xuan refers to the new power Chapter 591 Liangzhou has a big deal Chapter 592 Tenchi Shinsui Chapter 593 Water dragon print Chapter 594 Eight-level king Chapter 595 Tiansheng sword fragments reappear [first] Chapter 596 Hurricane Temple [Second more] Chapter 597 Hidden murder [three more] Chapter 598 Zuo Linger [four more] Chapter 599 Monk's anger [five more] Chapter 600 See you at the first time [six more] Chapter 601 Left one yang [seven more]

Chapter 602 Kong Yang's gaunt book [eight more] Chapter 603 Go and ask for [nine] Chapter 604 The conditions for playing [ten] Chapter 605 Broken jar broken? Chapter 606 War hole Chapter 607 Wrong battle Chapter 608 The opportunity is coming Chapter 609 Yuanyang City Vibration Chapter 610 task Chapter 611 Huangling Desert Chapter 612 You are too disgusting [three more] Chapter 613 List of characters

Chapter 614 Fierce Chapter 615 No one is allowed to move Chapter 616 Sweeping the desert (on) Chapter 617 Sweeping the desert (below) Chapter 618 I don’t know if I hit my mother. Chapter 619 打 打 face [four more] Chapter 620 Eighteen per person Chapter 621 Demon leader Chapter 622 Guild war Chapter 623 passionate Chapter 624 Mao is gone Chapter 625 Sword

Chapter 626 First place in the list Chapter 627 Hu Song’s card Chapter 628 Nine-level king Chapter 629 Leave an arm Chapter 630 Bright mirror Chapter 631 Big management from Zhongsheng Chapter 632 It’s better to play one. Chapter 633 Horror light mirror Chapter 634 Dragon in the depths of the soul Chapter 635 Xingyunzi Chapter 636 Make a deal Chapter 637 White tiger

Chapter 638 Inner disciple Chapter 639 Unlawless Chapter 640 Beating a big deal Chapter 641 Fan slap Chapter 642 Shock warlord Chapter 643 Angry Chapter 644 All abolished Chapter 645 Fierce and overbearing Chapter 646 Big management is also abolished Chapter 647 No punishment Chapter 648 Open the ground Chapter 649 This is a rare monk

Chapter 650 Shadow killer Chapter 651 Terrorist killer organization Chapter 652 Save people Chapter 653 Terror tianlei [one more] Chapter 654 Practice nine Yang Lei Longdan [two more] Chapter 655 Ninth turn Chapter 656 Rhubarb array method [one more] Chapter 657 Second-level warrior Chapter 658 Donation Chapter 659 Demon sect Chapter 660 Full of gunpowder Chapter 661 Direct kill

Chapter 662 Brother repeat Chapter 663 Death Mountain opens Chapter 664 Ancient palace Chapter 665 Terrorist Chapter 666 Rhubarb dog's meal Chapter 667 Chen Zhihao's encounter Chapter 668 Better than the killer Chapter 669 Magma river Chapter 670 Blood color stone tablet Chapter 671 Take care of my bird Chapter 672 Broken pot again Chapter 673 Medicine

Chapter 674 Shameless Chapter 675 All spurting blood Chapter 676 Braided golden medicine Chapter 677 Broken pot debut Chapter 678 Killing has already started Chapter 679 Brothers are united, their profits are broken Chapter 680 Joint killing Chapter 681 Deep underground Chapter 682 Refined and pure land Chapter 683 Four-level warlord Chapter 684 Fighting the Northern and Southern Dynasties Chapter 685 Various magical powers

Chapter 686 Sacred bones, and then suppress [two more] Chapter 687 Immortal armor Chapter 688 Monster Yinling [four more] Chapter 689 Wild relics [one more] Chapter 690 Rhubarb's talented magical power [two more] Chapter 691 Remaining Wu Ge [three more] Chapter 692 Kill him [one more] Chapter 693 Promise star change Chapter 694 Mysterious Sanskrit, the light of the dawn Chapter 695 Think Chapter 696 Duhua Chu Xianwei Chapter 697 Small holy spirit

Chapter 698 Life and death moment Chapter 699 No retreat [three more] Chapter 700 conspiracy Chapter 701 Zhuoyi Chapter 702 Destruction is coming [one more] Chapter 703 When you are off, Wanfu Mokai Chapter 704 Duhua, five-level warlord [three more] Chapter 705 The savior arrives Chapter 706 Conquer again Chapter 707 Ada Chapter 708 a new game Chapter 709 Channel open

Chapter 710 Scene chaos [three more] Chapter 711 Really overbearing [four more] Chapter 712 Killing people Chapter 713 Tit-for-tat Chapter 714 To kill Jiang Chen, kill us first. Chapter 715 calm Chapter 716 Help you to work harder [one more] Chapter 717 Danyuan City Post [2] Chapter 718 Lions block the road [three more] Chapter 719 Raised [four more] Chapter 720 Wang Yue Lou Chapter 721 Nightmare

Chapter 722 Xuan Elder Chapter 723 Flapping wings Chapter 724 Xiao Sheng also died Chapter 725 Narrow road Chapter 726 Die outside the city gate Chapter 727 Bamboo forest Chapter 728 Blue Moon Lake Chapter 729 Throw all in the lake Chapter 730 lucky person Chapter 731 Ancient Chapter 732 Fusang Shenmu [one more] Chapter 733 Destined tragedy [two more]

Chapter 734 Unstoppable [three more] Chapter 735 Desperate [four more] Chapter 736 Dan Wang Chapter 737 Election day Chapter 738 Platform Chapter 739 Invincible Chapter 740 Monopoly Chapter 741 Famous world Chapter 742 Enter Danwangfu Chapter 743 Talent Chapter 744 Shenmu essence Chapter 745 Seven-level warlord

Chapter 746 Wedding change Chapter 747 Reinventing grace Chapter 748 Repair meridians Chapter 749 Lowering the light mirror Chapter 750 Second-level small holy road Chapter 751 Bright mirror Chapter 752 See also Master Hurricane Chapter 753 The second layer of the devil Chapter 754 destruction Chapter 755 Mozu hinterland Chapter 756 Subduing evil Chapter 757 Eternal fairy wind

Chapter 758 Area Huang House Chapter 759 Strong overbearing Chapter 760 Nine-level warlord Chapter 761 Gentan large disturbance Chapter 762 Being counter-smashed [one more] Chapter 763 Let Jiang Chen smash the head? [二更] Chapter 764 I want to move a grass and a tree [three more] Chapter 765 Five elements Chapter 766 Join hands Chapter 767 The war struck Chapter 768 Killing white tiger Chapter 769 The five elements are complete, shocking Xiaosheng

Chapter 770 Long change, ten times the improvement of combat power Chapter 771 Fighting the Northern and Southern Dynasties Chapter 772 Eternal fairy wind, tearing Chapter 773 Invincible, invincible Chapter 774 All Saints Chapter 775 Four domain overlord Chapter 776 Second-level demon Chapter 777 Prediction error, direct three levels Chapter 778 I have an accident at home [three more] Chapter 779 First-level small holy smoke rain Chapter 780 Guilty my home, sin is not forgiven Chapter 781 Thunder's Wrath

Chapter 782 Tianwei is rolling Chapter 783 Magic dragon robbery Chapter 784 Second-level small holy Chapter 785 Arranged properly Chapter 786 Return to China Chapter 787 Tiansheng sword fragments, promoted to the third level Chapter 788 Strong strike Chapter 789 Guild war Chapter 790 Starlight Shield [three more] Chapter 791 The face of the Great Leiyin Temple is not given Chapter 792 Destroy [one more] Chapter 793 Torn the skin [two more]

Chapter 794 First level sacred [three more] Chapter 795 One defeated enemy Chapter 796 Contradictory escalation Chapter 797 Peacock king Chapter 798 Overbearing Chapter 799 Rhubarb to the demon Chapter 800 Recast Nebula Sword Chapter 801 Spatial triangle domain Chapter 802 Dark family Chapter 803 Which is ridiculous? Chapter 804 Punch Chapter 805 Open the void gate

Chapter 806 Dark sang city Chapter 807 Color devil Chapter 808 Dark stream cloud Chapter 809 Hundred poisons do not invade Chapter 810 香消阁【一更】 Chapter 811 Inhumane [two more] Chapter 812 瓮中之鳖 Chapter 813 Torture Chapter 814 One never missed Chapter 815 Blood lesson Chapter 816 Zhenyuan Stone Mine Chapter 817 Fierce killing

Chapter 818 Just a start Chapter 819 Gongzi crisis Chapter 820 Want all wealth Chapter 821 Eight-level small holy three prince Chapter 822 Blood stained black dragon mountain Chapter 823 Dark royal family Chapter 824 Do not give opportunities Chapter 825 Superior hostage [one more] Chapter 826 Dark King's anger [two more] Chapter 827 Another North and South Dynasty [three more] Chapter 828 The fur dog is coming [four more] Chapter 829 Was robbed by the dog [five more]

Chapter 830 Roll [one more] Chapter 831 Already ate [two more] Chapter 832 Lifting the crisis [three more] Chapter 833 Ultimate plan [one more] Chapter 834 Finger bone induction Chapter 835 Xiao Ning [three more] Chapter 836 On the bar Chapter 837 Relic Chapter 838 Specialized bar you Chapter 839 Want to insert a foot Chapter 840 Four-level small holy Chapter 841 Feather

Chapter 842 Battle Xiaoning Chapter 843 Split day Chapter 844 Exposing identity [one more] Chapter 845 Sword murder [two more] Chapter 846 Big killing Quartet [three more] Chapter 847 Kill God [four more] Chapter 848 Outstanding group [five] Chapter 849 Everything is in control [six more] Chapter 850 Enter Wangcheng Chapter 851 Five-level little holy Chapter 852 Sword Chapter 853 unexpected surprise

Chapter 854 Grab all the treasures Chapter 855 Bloody Chapter 856 Killing Chapter 857 One sword, yellow spring Chapter 858 Who is not dead [one more] Chapter 860 Collecting mine Chapter 861 Ten billion wealth Chapter 862 Kill the Southern and Northern Dynasties Chapter 863 Destroy the space channel [plus] Chapter 864 Lingkong Mountain showdown Chapter 865 Six giants Chapter 866 Exuberant [plus]

Chapter 867 Young generation new article Chapter 868 Shengyuan Hall Chapter 869 First battle [one more] Chapter 870 Unbearable [two more] Chapter 871 Suspended tower open [three more] Chapter 872 Leopard Wei [four more] Chapter 873 Heavy obstacle Chapter 874 Leopard Chapter 875 Win [plus] Chapter 876 Seventh floor Chapter 877 Eighth floor, three Chapter 878 Yaozu big chance

Chapter 879 Totem is coming Chapter 880 Nine-level demon Chapter 881 Ancient family Chapter 882 Stone cold Chapter 883 Peak battle Chapter 884 Thousands of guns to kill the world [two more] Chapter 885 Going to the door to kiss [three more] Chapter 886 Super dowry [four more] Chapter 887 Shock Chapter 888 Gu Yu, what was wrong? Chapter 889 Twelve years of free body [plus] Chapter 890 Mother and daughter meet

Chapter 891 Condensation Chapter 892 Family association Chapter 893 Complete Chapter 894 Warcraft Chapter 895 Sad reminder of the old man Chapter 896 Kill the first level Chapter 897 Achieved Chapter 898 The secret of Qinglian ancestors Chapter 899 Goodbye Chapter 900 Griffin [one more] Chapter 901 Rhubarb's day robbery [two more] Chapter 902 Attacking strongholds [three more]

Chapter 903 Because I am Jiang Chen [four more] Chapter 904 Fierce killing Chapter 905 One does not stay Chapter 906 a big gift Chapter 907 Purgatory space reopens Chapter 908 Come back home Chapter 909 Master descends [two more] Chapter 910 Super lineup [three more] Chapter 911 The first battle of the list of the world [four more] Chapter 912 Star tyrants [one more] Chapter 913 Corpse altar [two more] Chapter 914 Zulong Tower prototype [three more]

Chapter 915 I don't know how to live and die [four more] Chapter 916 Tyranny Chapter 917 family Chapter 918 Ancient demon [complement] Chapter 919 Cold crisis Chapter 920 Tiger falls Pingyang encounters a bad dog Chapter 921 Space disappears Chapter 922 Kong Yang's blood Chapter 923 Killing the genius of the Holy Hall Chapter 924 Fart and big sacred [He Tianxian] Chapter 925 Warcraft shot Chapter 926 Water and fire are restrained

Chapter 927 Run Chapter 928 Blazing heart Chapter 929 螳螂 螳螂 蝉 蝉 在 Chapter 930 Guild war dragon Chapter 931 Courage is too big Chapter 932 First level Chapter 933 Long Feng Qiming Chapter 934 The ancestral dragon tower Chapter 935 Blazing Fire Wing [plus] Chapter 936 Devil Chapter 937 Master Chapter 938 Dead [plus]

Chapter 939 Death of Jiang Chen Chapter 940 plan Chapter 941 Return to the pure land [plus more] Chapter 942 How did you do it? Chapter 943 Ancient dust Chapter 944 Shengyuan Hall Chapter 945 Newcomers are also arrogant Chapter 946 Internal contradiction [plus more] Chapter 947 Hit the door Chapter 948 Arrogant Chapter 949 Big melee Chapter 950 Ancient refining

Chapter 951 High-level conflict Chapter 952 Three-day battle Chapter 953 Tower collision [plus] Chapter 954 kill Chapter 955 Human dog recombination Chapter 956 Xianqi [one more] Chapter 957 Take advantage of it [two more] Chapter 958 Genius gathering [three more] Chapter 959 Law Enforcement Hall [four more] Chapter 960 Ancient sky [one more] Chapter 961 Face ugly Xiao Tian Wang [two more] Chapter 962 Gamble

Chapter 963 Pit man Chapter 964 What is wrong? Chapter 965 glory Chapter 966 Eye-catching Chapter 967 Leave a face Chapter 968 situation Chapter 969 Late Qing Qinglian Chapter 970 See you at the end Chapter 971 Shocking Chapter 972 Third level Chapter 973 Ling Xiaochen Chapter 974 Strong return [one more]

Chapter 975 Mi Tian comprehensive array [two more] Chapter 976 The mad tyrant is boundless [three more] Chapter 977 The end of the six races (on) [four more] Chapter 978 The end of the six races (below) Chapter 979 frenzied Chapter 980 Niubi to burst Chapter 981 Fury of the Dragon Chapter 982 Wannian Xuan Bing Beast Chapter 983 Goodbye monk Chapter 984 Six Halls of anger Chapter 985 shameless Chapter 986 Western disorder

Chapter 987 Identity doubt Chapter 988 Yang Guwei Chapter 989 One husband Chapter 990 Buddhism Chapter 991 Xiao Changfeng Chapter 992 Calculation Chapter 993 Dark and dark Chapter 994 Xianyang Dan Chapter 995 Mozu genius Chapter 996 Big curse Chapter 997 Duel Chapter 998 Secretly watching

Chapter 999 True restraint Chapter 1000 Unstoppable rise Chapter 1001 Promotion level five Chapter 1002 Change the abbot Chapter 1003 The tiger is not at home, the monkey is called the king. Chapter 1004 Super strong [two more] Chapter 1005 Kill the eighth-level demon Chapter 1006 The sixth floor of the Zulong Tower Chapter 1007 Xiao Changyun Chapter 1008 Identity exposure Chapter 1009 Good genius Chapter 1010 Xiao Wuling also died

Chapter 1011 Magical eccentricity Chapter 1012 Six Halls of anger Chapter 1013 Magic Mountain News Chapter 1014 Nalan Sanzu Chapter 1015 Xiao Dian Thirteen Taibao Chapter 1016 Supreme wand Chapter 1017 Against the sky Chapter 1018 Strong second Pacific Chapter 1019 Slave contract Chapter 1020 joint Chapter 1021 variable Chapter 1022 Despair

Chapter 1023 Miracle creator Chapter 1024 Two Taibao’s grievances Chapter 1025 Battle against the eight Pacific Chapter 1026 Unaffected Chapter 1027 Oh, not killing Chapter 1028 The crisis has just begun Chapter 1029 Return to the holy cliff Chapter 1030 Seventh Heavenly Sword Chapter 1031 Tiansheng sword is perfect Chapter 1032 Strong cold Chapter 1033 Strong return Chapter 1034 Unilateral killing

Chapter 1035 Big kill Chapter 1036 Unilateral slaughter Chapter 1037 Taibao died Chapter 1038 Strong big Taibao Chapter 1039 Warm-blood brotherhood Chapter 1040 Crazy man [three more] Chapter 1041 Jiang Chen's Wrath [Four More] Chapter 1042 Bloodthirsty madness Chapter 1043 The third day of the third temple [two more] Chapter 1044 Xiao Dian is a prelude to death Chapter 1045 Life and death, fight here Chapter 1046 Fairy mark into the body [He Renxian]

Chapter 1047 Ultimate counterattack Chapter 1048 Self-binding Chapter 1049 One sword killing five ancestors Chapter 1050 First person in the sacred continent Chapter 1051 New order Chapter 1052 Qinglian Feisheng Chapter 1053 Last three days Chapter 1054 True Dragon Son Chapter 1055 Deadly attack Chapter 1056 Terrorist world law Chapter 1057 Han Cong Chapter 1058 See also drug lords

Chapter 1059 Flyer Chapter 1060 Yancheng Chapter 1061 Nosy Chapter 1062 Lion's big opening Chapter 1063 Yan Qingcheng Chapter 1064 Horror Chapter 1065 200,000 Chapter 1066 Good waiter chat Chapter 1067 Chief alchemist Chapter 1068 Yandongliu Chapter 1069 Subversive cognition [one more] Chapter 1070 The best yangyang Dan [two more]

Chapter 1071 Enjoy millions Chapter 1072 Yancheng forces Chapter 1073 Yuan Chengjun Chapter 1074 Do not care Chapter 1075 anger Chapter 1076 Who will come first? Chapter 1077 Killing Chapter 1078 Late stage of the battlefield Chapter 1079 Killing the late stage Chapter 1080 a trick Chapter 1081 a heavy price Chapter 1082 Huang Ying

Chapter 1083 Mine battle Chapter 1084 Competition Chapter 1085 Play Chapter 1086 Deliberately [one more] Chapter 1087 Half step to the fairy [two more] Chapter 1088 Will you fly great? [Three more] Chapter 1089 betray Chapter 1090 Jinxian old man Chapter 1091 Ouyang He Chapter 1092 Da Luo Xian Chapter 1093 City government crisis Chapter 1094 Late at night [one more]

Chapter 1095 Desperate Allure [Second] Chapter 1096 Blood rain [three more] Chapter 1097 Anger and heart attack [four more] Chapter 1098 Kill you, won't be soft Chapter 1099 The biggest change [fill yesterday] Chapter 1100 Shocking Chapter 1101 Dragon Sword Storm [One more] Chapter 1102 The fate of the dollar chamber of commerce [two more] Chapter 1103 Gorgeous gate Chapter 1104 Dead choice Chapter 1105 Abuse Chapter 1106 Stubborn slave

Chapter 1107 Killing people without blinking Chapter 1108 experience Chapter 1109 Night attack mine (on) Chapter 1110 Night attack mine (below) Chapter 1111 Acting for a name Chapter 1112 Can't catch the whereabouts Chapter 1113 Go after killing Chapter 1114 Godlike Dragon Tower Chapter 1115 One line and eight cents [one more] Chapter 1116 Pull hate dog [two more] Chapter 1117 Fu Hui Chapter 1118 Regeneration lotus [one more]

Chapter 1119 Big courage [two more] Chapter 1120 Wild vein Chapter 1121 Battle of the Devil Chapter 1122 Mid-term immortal [three more] Chapter 1123 Yellow poison Chapter 1124 13th floor of Zulong Tower Chapter 1125 Born to death Chapter 1126 Tianmo bull Chapter 1127 Trench shot Chapter 1128 surrender Chapter 1129 Windfall Chapter 1130 Twin brothers [one more]

Chapter 1131 Re-conceived [two more] Chapter 1132 The demon king's doomsday [three more] Chapter 1133 The fourteenth layer [four more] Chapter 1134 First-line Tianshan [five more] Chapter 1135 The opportunity is coming [six more] Chapter 1136 Critical moment [seven more] Chapter 1137 IQ [eight more] Chapter 1138 Eight Immortals are coming [nine] Chapter 1139 It is Ouyang He [ten] Chapter 1140 Was cheated [one more] Chapter 1141 Prey [two more] Chapter 1142 冤家路Narrow [three more]

Chapter 1143 One hoof is stepping on death [four more] Chapter 1144 Peerless Medicine [One More] Chapter 1145 Refinery Chapter 1146 Terror's promotion [one more] Chapter 1147 Even Jin 5 [two more] Chapter 1148 Parting ways [three more] Chapter 1149 Tianyun Pavilion [four more] Chapter 1150 Outer door elders [one more] Chapter 1151 Wu Dian plan Chapter 1152 Take all the time [one more] Chapter 1153 Indignation Chapter 1154 嚣张跋扈[三更]

Chapter 1155 He is Jiang Chen Chapter 1056 The days can't be over Chapter 1157 Being humiliated by the dog Chapter 1158 Sued the Presbyterian Church [一一] Chapter 1159 Burdocks come out [two more] Chapter 1160 Great Elder Yuan Kui [three more] Chapter 1161 Difficult! Too hard [four more] Chapter 1162 Jiang Chen's conditions [five more] Chapter 1163 闯铁傀阵(上) Chapter 1164 闯铁傀阵(中) Chapter 1165 闯铁傀阵(下) Chapter 1066 Strong and strong

Chapter 1067 Heaven machine Chapter 1168 carry on Chapter 1169 Original collision Chapter 1170 Half step fairy Chapter 1171 No one is scared Chapter 1173 True disciple Chapter 1174 Bully apprentice Chapter 1174 Fame Chapter 1175 Repair iron raft Chapter 1176 Trouble to the door Chapter 1177 Self-seeking Chapter 1178 Untouchable

Chapter 1179 Qu Yuan Chapter 1180 Qu Yuan's anger Chapter 1181 Life and death battle Chapter 1182 Shocked inside door Chapter 1183 Don't let me not let Chapter 1184 Evenly matched Chapter 1185 Silent nine Chapter 1186 Killer Chapter 1187 Dragon sword Chapter 1188 Abolish Chapter 1189 Yangshuo's anger Chapter 1190 Horror

Chapter 1191 Law enforcement master Chapter 1192 Buckle the raspberry Chapter 1193 Tit-for-tat Chapter 1194 Skylight cloud appears [one more] Chapter 1195 Sin Abyss [Second] Chapter 1196 Promise [three more] Chapter 1197 Big heaven Chapter 1198 Teaching [one more] Chapter 1199 Celestial map [two more] Chapter 1200 Pity [three more] Chapter 1201 Heaven Chongjing [four more] Chapter 1202 Departure [five more]

Chapter 1203 Long swim to the sea Chapter 1204 Desperate woman Chapter 1205 Jiang Da Ge Chapter 1206 Understate Chapter 1207 Yan’s encounter with the city Chapter 1208 Lord of sin [one more] Chapter 1209 Inferior son [two more] Chapter 1210 Daze down the city [three more] Chapter 1211 How dirty Chapter 1212 Barbaric Chapter 1213 Combat strategy [two more] Chapter 1214 The practicality of the big heaven machine [three more]

Chapter 1215 Dragon pattern Chapter 1216 Early days of the fairy Chapter 1217 Inferiority Chapter 1218 Can't escape [one more] Chapter 1219 Tianxiang City [two more] Chapter 1220 Countermeasures [three more] Chapter 1121 Crazy Dragons Out [One More] Chapter 1222 Lingquan and Jingjing Chapter 1223 Drowning fish (three more) Chapter 1124 Making a wedding dress for others Chapter 1225 Fifteenth floor Chapter 1226 Mid-day fairy [one more]

Chapter 1227 狠狠砸【二更】 Chapter 1228 Sixteenth floor Chapter 1229 Wilderness Chapter 1230 The power of the dragon Chapter 1231 Tianxiang City Crisis Chapter 1232 Time is tight Chapter 1233 Strong return [one more] Chapter 1234 No rules, only life and death [two more] Chapter 1235 Conquer [three more] Chapter 1236 a lot of benefits Chapter 1237 Just a start Chapter 1238 Surrounding chaos

Chapter 1239 Siege slightly (on) Chapter 1240 Siege slightly (middle) Chapter 1241 Siege slightly (below) [one more] Chapter 1242 Angry rhubarb [two more] Chapter 1243 Cruel [three more] Chapter 1244 Bloody hurricane Chapter 1245 reinforcement Chapter 1246 Demon shock Chapter 1247 Fiercely Chapter 1248 The last two cities Chapter 1249 Confident [one more] Chapter 1250 Liu Daren [two more]

Chapter 1251 Another demon [three more] Chapter 1252 Brothers meet again [one more] Chapter 1253 Unified peripheral [two more] Chapter 1254 Earthquake monument [three more] Chapter 1255 The attitude of the Lord of Sin [four more] Chapter 1256 Tranquility before the storm [five more] Chapter 1257 Demon attack Chapter 1258 Anti-day means Chapter 1259 Late Tianxian Chapter 1260 Sixty-three thousand dragon patterns [one more] Chapter 1262 Open the door [three more] Chapter 1263 Yang Bufan

Chapter 1264 Return to the first line of the day [two more] Chapter 1265 Big event [three more] Chapter 1266 Ancient tomb Chapter 1267 See also the sky cloud Chapter 1268 Seven-day period Chapter 1269 Mysterious creature [three more] ~ 1270 Black corpse [four more] Chapter 1271 Killing countless [five more] Chapter 1272 Jiang Chen return Chapter 1273 Growing influence Chapter 1274 Promotion half-step fairy Chapter 1275 Xuan Ran

Chapter 1276 Kistler [four more] Chapter 1277 Shot Chapter 1278 Uprooted Chapter 1279 act recklessly Chapter 1280 Even two people [one more] Chapter 1282 Battle half-step Jinxian [three more] Chapter 1283 Explore the secrets of Kistler Chapter 1284 Deep in the tomb Chapter 1285 Dry corpse Chapter 1286 Zhu Xian Chapter 1087 Killing Chapter 1288 Killing

Chapter 1289 Golden fairy genius Chapter 1290 Real grave Chapter 1291 Ice fire world Chapter 1292 Magma heart Chapter 1293 No effect Chapter 1294 Refining fire dragon Chapter 1295 The peak of the early fairy Chapter 1296 Gunpowder Chapter 1297 Icegate World Chapter 1298 Hail Chapter 1299 Funeral fairy [one more] Chapter 1300 诛仙令【二更】

Chapter 1301 Step by step close to [three more] Chapter 1302 Smile of female corpse [four more] Chapter 1303 Tianluo network [five more] Chapter 1304 Fury of the Dragon Chapter 1305 Yunxiao shot Chapter 1306 Energy in the immortal order Chapter 1307 Disappeared and disappeared [one more] Chapter 1308 Seventy-nine thousand dragon patterns [two more] Chapter 1309 Killing the clouds [three more] Chapter 1310 One does not stay [four more] Chapter 1311 Devil King [five more] Chapter 1312 Space collapse [one more]

Chapter 1313 The anger of the three forces [two more] Chapter 1314 Looking for Jiang Chen [three more] Chapter 1315 The first level must kill four more [] Chapter 1316 The majesty of the king of the king [five more] Chapter 1317 Mindful and serious yellow dog [six more] Chapter 1318 Main sword Chapter 1319 Recasting the sword Chapter 1320 Rapid advance Chapter 1321 Jinxian early peak [one more] Chapter 1322 Containing Tianyun Pavilion Chapter 1323 The depression of the sky Chapter 1324 Heaven machine crisis

Chapter 1325 Severe person Chapter 1326 Sky anger Chapter 1327 Full battle Chapter 1328 Sweeping the demon (on) Chapter 1329 Sweeping the demon (below) Chapter 1330 Spike demon leader [one more] Chapter 1331 I am compassionate, Daoguang Buddha body Chapter 1332 Kill the Quartet Chapter 847 Kill God Chapter 848 Outstanding Chapter 849 Everything is under control Chapter 1333 Dog head

Chapter 1334 Late fairy Chapter 1335 Loyal slave [four more] Chapter 1336 Genius konjac [five more] Chapter 1337 Battle post Chapter 1338 Genius battle Chapter 1339 Magic sound irrigation ear [one more] Chapter 1340 Take the upper hand [two more] Chapter 1341 Dragon has no regrets [three more] Chapter 1342 Half step Jinxian [four more] Chapter 1343 The induction of the big heaven machine [five more] Chapter 1344 Yang's decision Chapter 1345 Strong return

Chapter 1346 The mad dragon is angry, who is blocking who? Chapter 1347 Spicy Chapter 1348 Distressed Chapter 1349 Big kill Chapter 1350 The leader of the road saves life [one more] Chapter 1351 Immortal king pressure [two more] Chapter 1352 Pride [three more] Chapter 1353 Mad face Chapter 1354 Shame the sky cloud (on) Chapter 1355 Shame the sky cloud (below) Chapter 1056 No showdown [four more] Chapter 1357 Return to [five more]

Chapter 1358 Tell the secret [six more] Chapter 1359 Warming the body [one more] Chapter 1360 From the beginning of the war [two more] Chapter 1361 Cruel war [three more] Chapter 1362 Crazy absorption Chapter 1363 Battle half-step fairy king Chapter 1364 Sinful altar Chapter 1365 The light of the turn of the power Chapter 1366 Galaxy hanging for nine days [He Tianxian] Chapter 1367 Horror of the altar Chapter 1368 Jinxian early [one more] Chapter 1369 Unstoppable [two more]

Chapter 1370 Magical invincible [three more] Chapter 1371 Joint suppression [four more] Chapter 1372 The end of the sinful family [five more] Chapter 1373 One does not stay [one more] Chapter 1374 Thirty-three layers of Zulong Tower [two more] Chapter 1375 Yang's extraordinary progress [three more] Chapter 1376 Thirty times time rule Chapter 1377 Impact Jinxian mid Chapter 1378 Ninety-five thousand dragons Chapter 1379 Dong Xuanyu Chapter 1380 Strong return Chapter 1381 Expose your face

Chapter 1382 Die and die Chapter 1383 Guild war Chapter 1384 Unpredictable prophet Chapter 1385 Kowloon Chapter 1386 Strong end Chapter 1387 Skinny dead camel Chapter 1388 First-line legend Chapter 1389 Ready to leave Chapter 1390 Black magic cliff Chapter 1391 Do not measure [one more] Chapter 1392 Mysterious magic wind [two more] Chapter 1393 Gossip [three more]

Chapter 1394 Toasting, not eating, drinking fine wine [four more] Chapter 1395 Blackmail [five more] Chapter 1396 Monk's thoughts [one more] Chapter 1397 Go to the East Xuan domain [two more] Chapter 1398 Demon King [three more] Chapter 1399 Holy animal unicorn Chapter 1400 Jihad Chapter 1401 Each picture [one more] Chapter 1402 White heat [two more] Chapter 1403 Crazy 诛 剑 sword [three more] Chapter 1404 诛仙神威[四更] Chapter 1405 Genius overflowing [five more]

Chapter 1406 First come to three bowls Chapter 1407 Late Jinxian Chapter 1408 Futian Villa Chapter 1409 Fate Chapter 1410 Futian Gongzi Chapter 1411 Exchange Chapter 1412 Fusion after the spring Chapter 1413 Invitation to the blessed son Chapter 1414 Invitation from Futian Gongzi (below) Chapter 1415 Dominant position Chapter 1416 Being humiliated by dogs Chapter 1158 Accused the elders

Chapter 1159 Burdock Chapter 1160 Great Elder Yuan Kui Chapter 1161 Difficult! Too hard Chapter 1162 Jiang Chen's conditions Chapter 1417 Throw it out [one more] Chapter 1418 give face Chapter 1419 shameless Chapter 1420 Full of anger Chapter 1421 Blood Washing Mountain Villa (on) Chapter 1422 Blood Washing Mountain Villa (middle) Chapter 1423 Blood Washing Mountain Villa (below) Chapter 1424 Can't escape

Chapter 1425 Kirin's arm Chapter 1426 Emperor master Chapter 1427 White old man [one more] Chapter 1428 Fan Wang [two more] Chapter 1429 Such as the day of the day [three more] Chapter 1430 Royal family without affection [one more] Chapter 1431 Where the king's house [two more] Chapter 1432 Old friends meet [three more] Chapter 1433 Yiyang Huasheng Dan Chapter 1434 Huge transformation Chapter 1435 Rapid advance Chapter 1436 Xian Wang

Chapter 1437 The trouble to come Chapter 1438 Fuwei Chapter 1439 Feng Wang Dadian Chapter 1440 just started Chapter 1441 Martyrdom Chapter 1442 Sneer Chapter 1443 No suspenseful battle [two more] Chapter 1444 There are no qualifications for death [three more] Chapter 1445 Qu Shuangting [four more] Chapter 1446 Do not keep hands [five more] Chapter 1447 Forway’s killing Chapter 1448 Longing for a battle

Chapter 1449 Rakshasa Chapter 1450 tenacious Chapter 1451 Van Wang's handwriting Chapter 1452 Gradually reversed scene Chapter 1453 Half step fairy king Chapter 1454 a sword dagger Chapter 1455 One hundred and seven thousand dragons Chapter 1456 Better than royal wine Chapter 1457 Genius Chapter 1458 Foreign government [one more] Chapter 1459 Registration office [two more] Chapter 1460 Under the old man [three more]

Chapter 1461 If you don’t agree with one word, you can start playing [four more] Chapter 1462 Take care of it [five more] Chapter 1463 Toughly [six more] Chapter 1464 The power of *** [seven more] Chapter 1465 Punish [one more] Chapter 1466 Forbidden land [two more] Chapter 1467 Decaying other hospitals [three more] Chapter 1468 The second strain of Xueyu Wangshen [four more] Chapter 1469 Living dead [five more] Chapter 1470 Stronger than before Chapter 1471 Quenching the body [one more] Chapter 1472 Take an enemy eight [two more]

Chapter 1473 Progress [three more] Chapter 1474 All blow up [four more] Chapter 1475 Where the king's anger Chapter 1476 Fan Wang’s anger (below) Chapter 1477 Strong in the end Chapter 1478 War Prince Chapter 1479 Between the two Chapter 1480 poor person must have something mean Chapter 1481 Another Qiankun [two more] Chapter 1482 Heavenly Devils [Three More] Chapter 1483 Escape in the dead [four more] Chapter 1484 Escape from the dead (below)

Chapter 1485 Forget the sorrowful person Chapter 1486 Can't forget Chapter 1487 Heart of the strong Chapter 1488 Shocked genius Chapter 1489 irony Chapter 1490 Goodbye Van Wang [one more] Chapter 1491 Unpredictable secret [two more] Chapter 1492 Yang Zanqing summoned [three more] Chapter 1493 Danfu standard Chapter 1494 Daikoku Imperial Seven Prince Chapter 1495 Oriental Royal Chapter 1496 just started

Chapter 1497 Sheng Yan Huang Dan Chapter 1498 Earth fire Chapter 1499 Grade competition Chapter 1500 Sneer Chapter 1501 And slow Chapter 1502 Is it funny? [一一] Chapter 1503 No need to prepare [two more] Chapter 1504 Two kinds of flames? [Three more] Chapter 1505 Skilled four seats [four more] Chapter 1506 Dan Cheng [five more] Chapter 1507 Shi Pin Dan [six more] Chapter 1508 Going away

Chapter 1509 Join Dan Chapter 1510 reward Chapter 1511 Treatment [one more] Chapter 1512 The early stage of Xian Wang [two more] Chapter 1513 Missing [three more] Chapter 1514 The request of Dongfang Yu [four more] Chapter 1515 Fu Kui's revenge [one more] Chapter 1516 Killing to Fucheng [two more] Chapter 1517 Tianluo network [three more] Chapter 1518 Despicable and shameless [four more] Chapter 1519 Invisible [five] Chapter 1520 Dog head

Chapter 1521 Peerless Chapter 1522 Force Chapter 1523 Roaring Emperor [One more] Chapter 1524 Take one enemy four [two more] Chapter 1525 Kirin arm display power [three more] Chapter 1526 Judge you to die [four more] Chapter 1527 All killing [five more] Chapter 1528 North and South Chapter 1529 Genius confrontation Chapter 1530 Fight again Chapter 1531 Not an opponent Chapter 1532 compromise

Chapter 1533 Completely offended Chapter 1534 Big trouble begins [one more] Chapter 1535 The reincarnation of the great [two more] Chapter 1536 Half-step Xianzun's power [three more] Chapter 1537 The emperor appeared [four more] Chapter 1538 The love of the Oriental Yu [five] Chapter 1539 One million emperors Chapter 1540 Gold killing Chapter 1541 Genius event Chapter 1542 Jiang Chen’s decision Chapter 1543 Ping Wang’s plot Chapter 1544 Channel open

Chapter 710 Scene chaos Chapter 711 Really overbearing Chapter 1545 Note [plus] Chapter 1546 Fierce jungle Chapter 1547 Evil spirit Chapter 1548 Jungle drug lord Chapter 1549 Blood light Chapter 1550 Ripe blood dragon fruit Chapter 1551 Valley battle Chapter 1553 Old means Chapter 1552 War blood demon king Chapter 1554 Degree and then show [plus]

Chapter 1555 Harvest Chapter 1556 distribution Chapter 1557 The first day [plus] Chapter 1558 Surround Chapter 1559 confidence Chapter 1560 Air transport Chapter 1561 All sad reminders Chapter 1562 Black sunflower died [five more] Chapter 1563 Storage Kit [six more] Chapter 1564 Parting ways Chapter 1565 Mid-term of the fairy king [fill yesterday] Chapter 1566 Exit

Chapter 1567 Sorghum robbery Chapter 1568 Golden body Chapter 1569 Can be a friend Chapter 1570 擂台朝子 Chapter 1571 Zhuge Chapter 1572 Dominant Chapter 1573 Desperate Chapter 1574 Emperor's power Chapter 1575 It's you Chapter 1576 Fate Chapter 1577 Eye of the heavens Chapter 1578 Nostalgia [two more]

Chapter 1579 Change [three more] Chapter 1580 Eyes of the fire eye [four more] Chapter 1581 Dragon thirteen [five more] Chapter 1582 Monkey King appreciates you [six more] Chapter 1583 Narrow road Chapter 1584 No bones Chapter 1585 Big heart Chapter 1586 War cloud Chapter 1587 Step on death Chapter 1587 Three arrows Chapter 1589 Unearthed from Xianzang Chapter 1590 Lan Lingji

Chapter 1591 Daichi Senna Milk Chapter 1592 Choose ancient road Chapter 1593 Repair Zulong Tower [Complementary] Chapter 1594 39 layers Chapter 1595 Golden box Chapter 1596 Great self-confidence [plus] Chapter 1597 Monkey King is born [plus one more] Chapter 1598 Who will kill who? Chapter 1599 Seeing the road Chapter 1600 Hero saves the beauty [fill yesterday] Chapter 1601 To make friends Chapter 1602 Relic

Chapter 1603 Tens of thousands of years of echoes Chapter 1604 protector Chapter 1605 Don't give face [plus more] Chapter 1606 Destruction Chapter 1607 a savage monk Chapter 1608 Get your relic, help you super life [plus more] Chapter 1609 Target Chapter 1610 Open a road Chapter 1611 a stick on the west Chapter 1612 Unbearable [one more] Chapter 1613 Assignment [two more] Chapter 1614 Increased combat power [three more]

Chapter 1615 Overall improvement [four more] Chapter 1616 Where the king wants to be immortal [five more] Chapter 1617 Leading the river dust [six more] Chapter 1618 Strong strike [seven] Chapter 1619 Kill one palm [eight more] Chapter 1620 Battle Cao Yu [nine] Chapter 1621 Killing the corpse [ten more] Chapter 1622 One can't think about Chapter 1623 Not afraid of war Chapter 1624 Hidden ancient city Chapter 1625 Yan Yulong Chapter 1626 Change Taizong Zong [plus more]

Chapter 1627 Destroy the city (on) Chapter 1628 Destroy the city (below) Chapter 1629 Great ruins Chapter 1630 Brothers gather together [one more] Chapter 1631 Genius Chapter 1632 Strong north and south dynasty [three more] Chapter 1633 Xiaoyao Qin Chapter 1634 Hundred-step fire ladder Chapter 1635 Peerless creation Chapter 1636 Defend [plus] Chapter 1637 ten minutes Chapter 1638 Fight against the law [one more]

Chapter 1639 Big kill Chapter 1640 灭字诀 Chapter 1641 The devil is dispatched [four more] Chapter 1642 Step on the fire ladder [five more] Chapter 1643 The Great Tests [One More] Chapter 1644 Bath fire into a phoenix [two more] Chapter 1645 Jinwu blood vein [three more] Chapter 1646 Sun fire [four more] Chapter 1647 The ancient temple is silent [five more] Chapter 1648 Abusing the North and South Chapter 1649 Abuse of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (below) [one more] Chapter 1650 Broken scroll

Chapter 1651 Big void Chapter 1652 Word 诀 Chapter 1653 Eye nail Chapter 1654 despair Chapter 1655 Golden gate opens Chapter 1656 Sneak attack [one more] Chapter 1657 Spike [two more] Chapter 1658 Has become a climate [three more] Chapter 1659 Big Void Vision [four more] Chapter 1660 Walking in the void, the gap [five] Chapter 1661 Fengyunhui will [six more] Chapter 1662 Glorious sprinkling [seven more]

Chapter 1663 Swear to defend [eight more] Chapter 1664 Raging big yellow dog [one more] Chapter 1665 Be a brother, there is no life in this life [2] Chapter 1666 The inevitable peak battle [three more] Chapter 1667 Take an enemy six [four more] Chapter 1668 Life and death trenches [five more] Chapter 1669 Blood [one more] Chapter 1670 Killing the North and South, a coating [two more] Chapter 1671 Big thousand mirror [three more] Chapter 1672 The secret of rhubarb [four more] Chapter 1673 Sun **** feather [five] Chapter 1674 Even two people

Chapter 1675 Killing the way Chapter 1676 Kill the Quartet Chapter 1677 a big disaster Chapter 1678 Sweeping four thousand people Chapter 1679 Sad reminder of the Northern and Southern Dynasties Chapter 1680 劈 two halves [plus more] Chapter 1681 Ending Chapter 1682 Shock of the two heads of the government Chapter 1683 The world is chaos [three more] Chapter 1684 Get rid of the relationship Chapter 1685 Emperor's strength [fill yesterday] Chapter 1686 The strongest wanted criminal

Chapter 1687 Billion miles of pressure on the spread [three more] Chapter 1688 Bloodthirsty old demon [four more] Chapter 1689 Rolling Chapter 1691 No concern Chapter 1690 Respect for the teacher Chapter 1692 Killing Chapter 1693 Xianzun also has a doomsday Chapter 1694 frenzied Chapter 1695 Zhilong Huanglong Chapter 1696 Too cruel Chapter 1697 Metamorphosis Chapter 1698 Dragon thirteen crisis

Chapter 1699 Raging Monkey King Chapter 1700 The death of the dragon thirteen Chapter 1701 Grief and Ghost [One more] Chapter 1702 Anger Jiang Chen [two more] Chapter 1703 Domineering [three more] Chapter 1704 Heavenly robbery attack [four more] Chapter 1705 Killing nine robbers [five more] Chapter 1706 Thunder, the end of the fairy Chapter 1707 Absorbing the robbery Chapter 1708 Angry and ruined ancestors [one more] Chapter 1709 Cruel to the extreme, the destruction of a great school Chapter 1710 Situation conversion [three more]

Chapter 1711 Plan failed [four more] Chapter 1712 Gai Shi Zun [five] Chapter 1714 Shenwu old liar [two more] Chapter 1715 Dijing [three more] Chapter 1716 Let the words come [four more] Chapter 1717 Xiao forgets the good intentions of the heart [five more] Chapter 1718 Line up to meet [six more] Chapter 1719 Three and a half Chapter 1720 Can't just start playing Chapter 1721 Who is qualified to be high? Chapter 1722 Xiao forgets the strength [fill yesterday] Chapter 1723 The wind calms down

Chapter 1724 The vitality of Dragon Thirteen Chapter 1725 Linglong jade liquid Chapter 1726 Heavenly mood, Tai Chi Chapter 1727 Jun Tianqiu [plus more] Chapter 1728 Can't do the first person Chapter 1729 Despair of the holy dynasty Chapter 1730 Real legend Chapter 1731 Powerful scary Chapter 1732 Father's whereabouts Chapter 1733 Tianyu Dynasty Tianyue Chapter 1734 Come is to give you face Chapter 1735 Defeat Wanzhang Mountain

Chapter 1736 Taiji figure Chapter 1737 Determined to die Chapter 1738 First battle, victory Chapter 1739 Open the curtain [one more] Chapter 1740 Lock target [two more] Chapter 1741 Wake up, [three more] Chapter 1742 Election Conference [four more] Chapter 1743 Genius gathering [five more] Chapter 1744 Huangquanmen Luyan [six more] Chapter 1745 Sandy solitary, Da Mingjiang dissatisfied Chapter 1746 The strongest local tyrant Chapter 1747 The pretending king of the VIP area [one more]

Chapter 1748 True man Chapter 1749 It’s surnamed Jiang’s Chapter 1750 conflict Chapter 1751 Special treatment Chapter 1752 Can you dare to fight? Chapter 1753 How much more do you than the sky? [He Meng main] Chapter 1754 Force pressure [two more] Chapter 1755 shocked Chapter 1756 Identity exposure [one more] Chapter 1757 Election begins [two more] Chapter 1758 Genius style [three more] Chapter 1759 Wake up [four more]

Chapter 1760 Get out of the way of the monkey Chapter 1761 Unbearable [one more] Chapter 1762 Huang Quanmen Zhang Hao [two more] Chapter 1763 The good show just started [fill yesterday] Chapter 1764 Fight against Chapter 1765 Threat of death Chapter 1766 Go to Fengchi Xianyu Chapter 1767 Test Danu Chapter 1768 Despair Chapter 1769 The child is not filial [two more] Chapter 1770 Blockade Danfang [three more] Chapter 1771 All the way to blood [four more]

Chapter 1772 The end of Danfang [five more] Chapter 1773 All come over [six more] Chapter 1774 Yu Jiafengbo Chapter 1775 Yu Jiajia master [two more] Chapter 1776 Strong shock power [three more] Chapter 1777 Accept the trial [four more] Chapter 1778 Greasy Chapter 1779 Shikoko Chapter 1780 Service? Chapter 1781 Big conspiracy Chapter 1782 Major bleeding Chapter 1783 Solomon

Chapter 1784 Unstoppable Chapter 1785 Feng Huazi Chapter 1786 Exposing conspiracy Chapter 1787 Change Chapter 1788 No argument Chapter 1789 Winds of the Winds Chapter 1790 frenzied Chapter 1791 Old ancestor shot Chapter 1792 Fenghuazi's retention Chapter 1793 a place of superior cultivation Chapter 1794 Reborn Chapter 1795 Reburial

Chapter 1796 Great ruins Chapter 1797 Mood swing Chapter 1798 Disappearing ancient Chapter 1799 Relics open Chapter 1800 Where are you? Chapter 1801 Enemy Chapter 1802 Great spirit Chapter 1803 Dragon pattern Chapter 1804 Crisis Chapter 1805 snatch Chapter 1806 Mid-peak peak Chapter 1807 Hurricane

Chapter 1808 Gale beast Chapter 1809 Jiang Chen’s means Chapter 1810 Full absorption Chapter 1811 Going deep Chapter 1812 Summons of the funeral Chapter 1813 Jiuyin Xuanxin Chapter 1814 Take the heart (on) Chapter 1815 Take the heart (middle) Chapter 1816 Take the heart (below) Chapter 1817 Take the heart (continued) Chapter 1818 Advance to the late Emperor Chapter 1819 Fiftyth floor

Chapter 1820 Terror defense Chapter 1821 Let's die here. Chapter 1822 It turned out to be the Emperor? Chapter 1823 Return of the Great Chapter 1824 Female emperor wakes up Chapter 1825 Repeat the battle of the year Chapter 1826 Space collapse Chapter 1827 January agreement Chapter 1828 Reunion Chapter 1829 Sent to die Chapter 1830 Big day Chapter 1831 Genius

Chapter 1832 Crisis moment Chapter 1833 Shot Chapter 1834 Blood suppression Chapter 1835 Joined forces Chapter 1836 Berserty Chapter 1837 Miracle Chapter 1838 Shocked the audience Chapter 1839 Eat directly Chapter 1840 Fine gas distribution Chapter 1841 Phoenix Shen Yu Chapter 1842 All promoted Chapter 1843 Dragon Thirteen Marriage

Chapter 1844 Qi Jin Chapter 1845 But so Chapter 1846 a trick Chapter 1847 Do not care Chapter 1848 Come to Chapter 1849 Li Wangye’s killing ~ 1850 pressure semi-emperor Chapter 1851 The emperor Chapter 1852 Original smile Chapter 1853 Hidden behind the woman [three] Chapter 1854 Insufficient deterrence Chapter 1855 Dancing bamboo reproduction

Chapter 1856 Madden news Chapter 1857 Xiu En love's end Chapter 1858 Secret of the ancient Chapter 1859 New pattern Chapter 1860 Start revenge Chapter 1861 Arrogance Chapter 1862 No one can rival [plus] Chapter 1863 Killing Huang Quan's ancestors Chapter 1864 Imperial War opens Chapter 1865 Fighting the Crane City Chapter 1866 Wancheng crisis Chapter 1867 Morale improvement

Chapter 1868 Counterattack start Chapter 1869 The traitor Chapter 1870 Like a bamboo Chapter 1871 Where Wang Wei potential [complement] Chapter 1872 Killing the old man Chapter 1873 Fight against the Black Wind Ridge Chapter 1874 Demons Chapter 1875 Single fight alone? Chapter 1876 Force pressure cloud double Chapter 1877 Master Shenwei Chapter 1878 Battle demons Chapter 1879 Lost illusion

Chapter 1880 Promotion half step fairy Chapter 1881 The death of Yun Tianshuang Chapter 1882 Big victory [one more] Chapter 1883 Extermination of the Supreme [2] Chapter 1884 Long drive straight into the [three more] Chapter 1885 Taishang elders shot [four more] Chapter 1886 Force pressure Xianzun late [five] Chapter 1887 No fight Chapter 1888 Straight to the emperor Chapter 1889 Head shocked Chapter 1890 Old emperor Chapter 1891 Battle against the semi-emperor

Chapter 1892 Dragon tactics Chapter 1893 Means to do it, defeat it Chapter 1894 The end of the big cloud empire Chapter 1895 Fair treatment Chapter 1896 Same condition Chapter 1897 Negative resistance Chapter 1898 It’s coming here. Chapter 1899 Mysterious master Chapter 1900 Go to the Territory? Chapter 1901 Brothers join hands Chapter 1992 Ditian Darling City Chapter 1903 Wild land

Chapter 1904 Nothing to gain [one more] Chapter 1905 Absolutely pretty woman Chapter 1906 Uklinger Chapter 1907 Little girl’s encounter Chapter 1908 Mysterious prohibition [one more] Chapter 1909 No one can break [two more] Chapter 1910 Key moments [three more] Chapter 1911 Promotion of Xianzun [four more] Chapter 1912 Eighth emperor Chapter 1913 Linger’s decision Chapter 1914 East Xuanyu Chapter 1915 Returning to Fengchi

Chapter 1916 Juvenile rhubarb Chapter 1917 Longyang Emperor Chapter 1918 The law of heaven is missing Chapter 1919 Emperor Mountain selection [one more] Chapter 1920 One punch Chapter 1921 ten people Chapter 1922 Go to Xianting Chapter 1923 Ordinary disciple Chapter 1924 Heavenly Emperor Palace [one more] Chapter 1925 Xiaofeng Chijie Chapter 1926 Protection fee Chapter 1927 Unspeakable

Chapter 1928 Take money to redeem people Chapter 1929 Li Wei Chapter 1930 Slap into the pit Chapter 1931 Swinging nine waves Chapter 1932 Longyang Dan Chapter 1933 Not refusing Chapter 1934 A punch and a half of the emperor [one more] Chapter 1935 The big man is coming [two more] Chapter 1936 Hit the flight [three more] Chapter 1937 Scenery Yang [four more] Chapter 1938 Reasonable [five] Chapter 1939 Into the Dragon Hall

Chapter 1940 Special way of welcoming Chapter 1941 Broken Blade End of the World [two more] Chapter 1942 Battle Yu Feng [three more] Chapter 1943 The idea of ​​scenery Yang [four more] Chapter 1944 Find 茬 Chapter 1945 Leopard Hall Chapter 1946 Can't stop Chapter 1947 Don’t let go without leaving Chapter 1948 Double battle Chapter 1949 Each does not give back [one more] Chapter 1950 Three-level emperor without sense of existence Chapter 1951 Eating dumb loss

Chapter 1952 妖仙岛[四更] Chapter 1953 Suzaku blood Chapter 1954 Infinite sea area Chapter 1955 Narrow road Chapter 1956 Battle against Li Wangye Chapter 1957 Death of Li Wangye Chapter 1958 Blood-stained waters Chapter 1959 Huge loss [one more] Chapter 1960 Entering the fairy island [two more] Chapter 1961 How many people have you offended? Chapter 1962 Murderous everywhere Chapter 1963 Large platoon

Chapter 1964 Tianpeng Emperor Chapter 1965 Real attraction Chapter 1966 Xiao forgets the story Chapter 1967 Three hundred years of infatuation Chapter 1968 Some things, sooner or later, have to be solved Chapter 1969 The attraction of big void Chapter 1970 闯万风台 Chapter 1971 Wanfeng Chapter 1972 As a dragon, the wind does not touch Chapter 1973 No one is scared Chapter 1974 See you at the end of three hundred years Chapter 1975 Tianpeng demon emperor's attitude change

Chapter 1976 Brothers and brothers [three more] Chapter 1977 Xiao’s chance to forget [four more] Chapter 1978 Are family Chapter 1979 Eight-week turn Chapter 1980 Foreign visitors in the tomb Chapter 1981 Fury Dragon Thirteen [two more] Chapter 1982 First-class demon emperor [three more] Chapter 1983 Resentment avatar Chapter 1984 Who is going to fight? Chapter 1985 Peak matchup Chapter 1986 Killing blue sage Chapter 1987 Three people

Chapter 1988 Warfare Chapter 1989 Kill two more people [one more] Chapter 1990 That negative heart [two more] Chapter 1991 Waste saint, stand the Son [three more] Chapter 1992 Impact Xianzun late [four more] Chapter 1993 Dragon pattern Chapter 1994 Block kill Chapter 1995 One does not stay Chapter 1996 Xiao forgets to marry [fill yesterday] Chapter 1997 War book Chapter 1998 prison Chapter 1999 a belief

Chapter 2000 Make a break Chapter 2001 Ultimate battle Chapter 2002 Collision of peerless soldiers Chapter 2003 Floating blood Chapter 2004 Death, new life Chapter 2005 The ghost does not scatter [plus more] Chapter 2006 Unspeakable Chapter 2007 Poor four-level emperor Chapter 2008 Half emperor Chapter 2009 Five-level emperor appeared Chapter 2010 Hot temper Chapter 2011 One enemy three

Chapter 2012 The demon emperor appeared Chapter 2013 Three emperors Chapter 2014 Don't give face [one more] Chapter 2015 Also have to play [two more] Chapter 2016 Bailong Temple abbot [three more] Chapter 2017 Crisis lifted [four more] Chapter 2018 Old friends get together [five more] Chapter 2019 Returning to the wind [one more] Chapter 2020 Apprentice showdown [two more] Chapter 2021 Successfully draw together [three more] Chapter 2022 Xiaofeng Chijie [four more] Chapter 2023 Battle against black sand

Chapter 2024 Mysterious space jitter Chapter 2025 Haze sea Chapter 2026 59 layers Chapter 2027 Mysterious barbarian Chapter 2028 Force three levels of the Emperor Chapter 2029 Impact the Great Chapter 2030 Heaven and earth Chapter 2031 Xianting vibration Chapter 2032 Tianlong robbery Chapter 2033 Such as Mu Chunfeng Chapter 2034 Tianlong sword was born Chapter 2035 The 66th floor of the Zulong Tower

Chapter 2036 Calculate the account first Chapter 2037 Challenge Huang Tianbao Chapter 2038 Jiang Chen’s strength Chapter 2039 Can't spare Chapter 2040 Star emperor Chapter 2041 Discussion meeting Chapter 2042 Jiang Chen’s strategy Chapter 2043 Persuade Ling Chapter 2044 Tianlong Battlegear Chapter 2045 The main event is coming [one more] Chapter 2046 Seven-day period [two more] Chapter 2047 Mourning is not working [three more]

Chapter 2048 Return of the Emperor of Heaven, Xianting turmoil Chapter 2049 Bloody metamorphosis (on) Chapter 2050 Blood-washing metamorphosis (middle) Chapter 2051 Blood-washing metamorphosis (below) Chapter 2052 Lonely Chapter 2053 Who can escape the tracking of the big void Chapter 2054 Peerless Chapter 2055 Emperor Chapter 2056 Reproduction of the golden family Chapter 2057 Return to the Golden Killing Field Chapter 2058 Akasaka Emperor Chapter 2059 Ask for help

Chapter 2060 Gold tower Chapter 2061 Hidden blood power Chapter 2062 Third-level emperor Chapter 2063 Battle against Jintianyuan Chapter 2064 Nine changes Chapter 2065 Control the golden lupin Chapter 2066 Goodbye Yang Junlong Chapter 2067 Re-enter the ancient land Chapter 2068 Uk Mountain Chapter 2069 Undetected Chapter 2070 Raising the barbaric contradiction Chapter 2071 Mixed into the Uk family

Chapter 2072 Inside the altar Chapter 2073 Fall into the encirclement Chapter 2074 Lupin Shenwei Chapter 2075 Crazy killing Chapter 2076 Terran empire Chapter 2077 Holocaust is coming Chapter 2078 From the war Chapter 2079 The situation of the brothers Chapter 2080 Contrary Chapter 2081 Great army Chapter 2082 Maximum threat Chapter 2083 Aspiring

Chapter 2084 Promoted to the fourth level Chapter 2085 Peerless Monkey King Chapter 2086 Master of the world Chapter 2087 Help Chapter 2088 God monument shocks the earth [fill yesterday] Chapter 2089 Assignments Chapter 2090 Abandon the former Chapter 2091 Seven levels of the emperor Chapter 2092 Falling apart Chapter 2093 The first genius of the barbarian Chapter 2094 Large mirror reconstruction Chapter 2095 Brutal warfare

Chapter 2096 Destroy the sun Chapter 2097 Final card Chapter 2098 Five-level emperor Chapter 2099 Battle of the Territory Chapter 2100 Battle for Liusha City Chapter 2101 Battle against Ukman Chapter 2102 Sky mirror Chapter 2103 Great creation Chapter 2104 Kill the twelve chiefs Chapter 2105 Fairy mark Chapter 2106 Heavenly Light, Seventh Emperor Chapter 2107 Barbarian destruction [one more]

Chapter 2108 Entering the tomb of the **** [two more] Chapter 2109 God of God! [Three more] Chapter 2110 Hell general tomb [three more] Chapter 2111 Jiang's brother and sister [five more] Chapter 2112 Three gods [six more] Chapter 2113 The spirit of God’s kingdom is also killing Chapter 2114 If you want to add sin, why not have a word Chapter 2115 The most handsome fairy Chapter 2116 I am killing genius Chapter 2117 Stepping through nine turns, stepping into the sky Chapter 2118 Sword God League! Chapter 2119 Wanshouwei Mountain

Chapter 2120 Who is the ancestor of the fire? Chapter 2121 Three thousand dragons Chapter 2122 Fighting power, unstoppable Chapter 2123 Thunder is coming to the world, and the soul is gone. Chapter 2124 Virtual master Chapter 2125 Maitreya Chapter 2126 Amane Touso [Large Chapter 2127 Strong brother Chapter 2128 The defeat of the hand Chapter 2129 Fighting Li Shuai Chapter 2130 Heaven is no exception Chapter 2131 Dilapidated temple

Chapter 2132 Heaven can break the tears first Chapter 2133 Show the enemy to weak Chapter 2134 Terrible Chapter 2135 Useless abandon Chapter 2136 40,000 Yingling, gathered here [two more] Chapter 2137 You count a ball [three more] Chapter 2138 咎 By self-collection, there is a lingering death [four more] Chapter 2139 Xuanbing Ancient Road, Bronze Portal [Five] Chapter 2140 The realm of killing [six more] Chapter 2141 I am self-interested, who can be? Chapter 2142 There is one that is destined to be a bridge [eight] Chapter 2143 Terror crow

Chapter 2144 God altar Chapter 2145 The beastmaster Chapter 2146 God's flag Chapter 2147 Land of the gods Chapter 2148 Gathering Chapter 2149 The bones are gray, and the artifacts are everywhere. Chapter 2150 Bronze throne Chapter 2151 Misfortune Chapter 2152 Killing the **** of war Chapter 2153 Refining temple Chapter 2154 Tianlei Royal Magic Knife Chapter 2155 Fire God

Chapter 2156 From the gods Chapter 2157 Divine source Chapter 2158 Battle of the dragon Chapter 2159 The rise of fire Chapter 2160 Red lotus fire Chapter 2161 Fight for fire spirit [plus more] Chapter 2162 The inheritance of the gods Chapter 2163 Everything Chapter 2164 a veritable refining temple Chapter 2165 But you are still dead Chapter 2166 Refiner Chapter 2167 He is my brother

Chapter 2168 Eyes of fire [one more] Chapter 2169 Recast Tianlong Sword [Second] Chapter 2170 Sumiyama shock [three more] Chapter 2171 Craftsman God [four more] Chapter 2172 Nice cute puppy Chapter 2173 Full of gunpowder Chapter 2174 Avoiding inevitable, only one battle Chapter 2175 a large color dog Chapter 2176 Amazing ass Chapter 2177 Because he is called Jiang Chen Chapter 2178 Looking for a dead end? Chapter 2179 death declaration

Chapter 2180 Holding the flag, you can see Tianwei Chapter 2181 This is the commandment Chapter 2182 Zijin Shenge Chapter 2183 Reinforce the source of the Thunder Chapter 2184 The battle of the slaughter! Unstoppable! Chapter 2185 Killing the rams Chapter 2186 Dust settled Chapter 2187 Yinkui Mountain, Xuelong Cave Chapter 2188 Great posture Chapter 2189 Crazy rhubarb dog Chapter 2190 Emperor Chapter 2191 Broken into the void, big dark days!

Chapter 2192 Void Town Chapter 2193 I have forgotten the years Chapter 2194 Vanishing cemetery Chapter 2195 Kyushu Eighteen Counties Chapter 2196 Half step king of the king Chapter 2197 Hand over the inheritance of the gods Chapter 2198 If God blocks me, I will kill God! Chapter 2199 God's humanity Chapter 2200 Strong fire god Chapter 2201 Come to catch a slap Chapter 2202 God, I am coming. Chapter 2203 Beiliang Shenzhou, Luming Mountain

Chapter 2204 Xuan Fengzong, Feng Man Lou Chapter 2205 Under the gods and gods Chapter 2206 The simplest and most difficult Chapter 2207 Listen to Jun, speak for ten years Chapter 2208 White woman and black ice Chapter 2209 Shocking battle Chapter 2210 The flame is coming, destroying the dead Chapter 2211 Is the monk still so confident? Chapter 2212 Strong windy building Chapter 2213 Killing has been decided Chapter 2214 a sword Chapter 2215 斩草必除根

Chapter 2216 Your surname is Helian, and your family is in the East. Chapter 2217 I am alone, enough! Chapter 2218 Killing a few masters Chapter 2219 Entry nameplate Chapter 2220 Into the Xuanfengzong Chapter 2221 Hundreds of wars, nine regrets! Chapter 2222 Looking for the door Chapter 2223 Play pig eat tiger Chapter 2224 Does Huang Shixi want to pay the bill? Chapter 2225 Five hundred thousand unfair goods **** original stone Chapter 2226 Shadow Warrior--Zhen Zhenkai's Battle Chapter 2227 Shadow Warrior - Lonely Sword

Chapter 2228 Man, born as a war Chapter 2229 Shadow Warrior - Your sword is my sword Chapter 2230 "Kagemusha"-Bonfire Chapter 2231 I hope, there will be a day. Chapter 2232 Weight of trust and respect Chapter 2233 "Shadow Warrior" - Good Soul Dan and Broken Xiaodan Chapter 2234 Shadow Warrior - Test Dan! Chapter 2235 If you are sent, life and death are accompanied by [plus] Chapter 2236 Sorrow, it is sorrow Chapter 2237 The thickness of the face is too thick Chapter 2238 Shameless to the extreme Chapter 2239 Need for medicinal herbs

Chapter 2240 Your death is not far away. Chapter 2241 True identity Chapter 2242 Enticing people [plus more] Chapter 2243 Spike Chapter 2244 Xuan Qingming Chapter 2245 Jiang Chen, are you afraid of not being afraid of me? Chapter 2246 Good one is respectable and not terrible Chapter 2247 Thunder's source of clues Chapter 2248 Severe anger Chapter 2249 Qiyun Mountain Chapter 2250 Goddess of Heaven Chapter 2251 Wind and snow drifting, the rain is coming

Chapter 2252 Will be the top Chapter 2253 Fire spirit lizard and red flame three head owl Chapter 2254 Show their talents Chapter 2255 Purple scorpion Chapter 2256 Counting your luck Chapter 2257 Come on, pretty sister Chapter 2258 Heaven helps me too Chapter 2259 Enemy wins Chapter 2260 Play pig and eat tiger Chapter 2261 Who can laugh at the end [plus] Chapter 2262 Nether shuttle Chapter 2263 God renewed

Chapter 2264 Melting away from the light Chapter 2265 Confidence in the fans [plus more] Chapter 2266 Really want to rob? Chapter 2267 Play with fire*, the dust settles Chapter 2268 Frozen land Chapter 2269 Looking back, it’s gone Chapter 2270 Tatsuhiro Chapter 2271 No difficulty Chapter 2272 The contest between Jiang Hao and Lin Zhongqiang Chapter 2273 Turning the tide Chapter 2274 Crazy to the sky Chapter 2275 Need for great

Chapter 2276 Also my grandchildren [plus more] Chapter 2277 Blood mouth spray [one more] Chapter 2278 Secret of the secret [two more] Chapter 2279 Xuanyuan Fengqi Chapter 2280 Cologne in coexistence with the world [four more] Chapter 2281 The shame of a hundred years ago [five more] Chapter 2282 Jintanmune Chapter 2283 Artifact for betting Chapter 2284 His beastfire, I have to fix it. Chapter 2285 What about my Dan? 【加更】 Chapter 2286 Gentleman is guilty of sinlessness [five more] Chapter 2287 Three people

Chapter 2288 Another landlord Chapter 2289 How can you be defeated? Chapter 2290 Everyone said how much to add Chapter 2291 Uninhabited Chapter 2292 You little wolf Chapter 2293 Twisted jungle Chapter 2294 Refugee Chapter 2295 Crisis Chapter 2296 Do not abandon, do not give up Chapter 2297 A nose hell Chapter 2298 East 瀛落英山 Chapter 2299 Nine-tailed firefox

Chapter 2300 burden Chapter 2301 Infatuated Chapter 2302 Sure enough, he Chapter 2303 Capture the heavens Chapter 2304 devil Chapter 2305 Qinghe Zongsan Taibao Chapter 2306 I want to drink Wang Ba Tang Chapter 2307 I was happy for a while, forgot... Chapter 2308 Pagoda Town River Demon Chapter 2309 What can I do? Chapter 2310 God of the gods Chapter 2311 Earthen buns [plus more]

Chapter 2312 Luohe turtle - Luo Shen map! Chapter 2313 Xuan Tianjiacheng Chapter 2314 Life and death, not as good as ants Chapter 2315 Death is coming Chapter 2316 Death sentence Chapter 2317 See you can't save Chapter 2318 Heartfelt Chapter 2319 Reincarnation mandala Chapter 2320 Spike oppression Chapter 2321 Taiji map, shocking Chapter 2322 Battle of the King Chapter 2323 Your character is obviously not as good as me.

Chapter 2324 There are always people who want to suffer Chapter 2325 Heavenly deduction Chapter 2326 I thought I would agree with you. Chapter 2327 Ancient artifact, big scorpion soul light [plus] Chapter 2328 Magma mountain Chapter 2329 The other side of the flower Chapter 2330 Seal power Chapter 2331 Blade of Soul Chapter 2332 Sealer Chapter 2333 Why do I cry? Chapter 2334 Old macaque Chapter 2335 Lava monster

Chapter 2336 Kirin Chapter 2337 Life and death Chapter 2338 Undead Chapter 2339 Heart of lava Chapter 2340 Are you looking for it? [一一] Chapter 2341 If you are a brother, why do you want to ask for more [two more] Chapter 2342 Just for you Chapter 2343 骷髅大军【四更】 Chapter 2344 惺惺相惜【五更】 Chapter 2345 a touch of affection Chapter 2346 Give me a roll Chapter 2347 Guilt

Chapter 2348 Evil sect Chapter 2349 Guild war Chapter 2350 The ancient dragon Chapter 2351 Severe Chapter 2352 Miles Escape [plus] Chapter 2353 Van Gogh in the whirlpool Chapter 2354 Divine power disappears [two more] Chapter 2355 At first sight, there are no beginnings, and all four are empty. Chapter 2356 The helplessness of the young sage [four more] Chapter 2357 Ling Tiandao [five more] Chapter 2358 Ten thousand and eight thousand Chapter 2359 Fighting again and again [two more]

Chapter 2360 Wan Ghost Soul Eater [three more] Chapter 2361 Against the array [four more] Chapter 2362 Wujia brothers [five more] Chapter 2363 Inaction is incompetence Chapter 2364 Spiritual battle Chapter 2365 Go back Chapter 2366 Mount Holy Mountain Chapter 2367 With the tiger to seek skin [one more] Chapter 2368 Jiang Chen, it is you! [二更] Chapter 2369 Hundreds of trials Chapter 2370 Too many enemy Chapter 2371 Force warfare [five more]

Chapter 2372 Worried Chapter 2373 The horror of the horn Chapter 2374 Forced into death Chapter 2375 Five elements away from the fire Chapter 2376 The limelight was robbed Chapter 2377 Snow Gods Palace Chapter 2378 Ice and snow Chapter 2379 Ice Throne Chapter 2380 who am I…… Chapter 2381 Tian Ding Zhen Qiankun Chapter 2382 Banned Chapter 2383 Looking back, I am desperate!

Chapter 2384 Real backhand Chapter 2385 More terrible than death Chapter 2386 Take the world by storm Chapter 2387 Strong return Chapter 2388 One enemy three Chapter 2389 Array of power Chapter 2390 Repression of Jiang Chen Chapter 2391 Break out Chapter 2392 Shen Qinglong Chapter 2393 True dragon Chapter 2394 Big conspiracy Chapter 2395 I hope, don't blame me.

Chapter 2396 Ask for more happiness Chapter 2397 Faith power Chapter 2398 Ignorant, fearless Chapter 2399 Fly Chapter 2400 I won't kill him, I will die. Chapter 2401 Wan Beast Blood Festival Chapter 2402 White sword god Chapter 2403 Generation legend Chapter 2404 Top match Chapter 2405 Flying fairy Chapter 2406 I want this day, change for me! Chapter 2407 It’s going to change

Chapter 2408 Soul change Chapter 2409 Hundreds of thousands of turns, only true heart Chapter 2410 Lion body pony tail, tiger eye dragon eyebrow Chapter 2411 Four demon kings Chapter 2412 Your opponent is me! Chapter 2413 Guild Wars Chapter 2414 Only owe the wind Chapter 2415 Has he survived? Chapter 2416 Jiuchentian robbery Chapter 2417 Zulongta suppression, motherhood Chapter 2418 Son of Zulong Chapter 2419 Just running like this?

Chapter 2420 Burning the fire of the life Chapter 2421 Zulong Chapter 2422 Scorpion Chapter 2423 Swallowing mother self-improvement Chapter 2424 Zulong Huang, defeated Chapter 2425 The transformation of the dragon sword Chapter 2426 70,000 years of conspiracy Chapter 2427 Who can resist? Chapter 2428 Only war Chapter 2429 Life is a great person, and death is also a ghost. Chapter 2430 Big handwriting Chapter 2431 Terrible soul power

Chapter 2432 Billionaires, the power of faith Chapter 2433 Brother in the afterlife Chapter 2434 Hate the sky to win me 70,000 years Chapter 2435 Worried Chapter 2436 Speaking Chapter 2437 Thousand husbands Chapter 2438 Fins are difficult to fly Chapter 2439 The human heart is so, why is it a thief? Chapter 2440 Sorry, sorry. Chapter 2441 Fighting eight hundred disciples Chapter 2442 World War I became famous Chapter 2443 Give birth to kill

Chapter 2444 Sin Chapter 2445 Three great talents Chapter 2446 Holding the colorful thunder, I said who is it? Chapter 2447 Casualties Chapter 2448 Shocked by the river, famous in the world Chapter 2449 Bold days [one more] Chapter 2450 Respect is not as good as life [two more] Chapter 2451 The game has just begun [three more] Chapter 2452 New auction method [four more] Chapter 2453 All parties competing Chapter 2454 You are none other than Chapter 2455 Cangyunjie, Wutong Mountain

Chapter 2456 No, there is a dog [plus more] Chapter 2457 Big **** and little bastard Chapter 2458 Ten elephants in Kowloon, beaten by mountains Chapter 2459 Well deserved Chapter 2460 Xuan Fengzong, framed [plus] Chapter 2461 Killing the Quartet, the sword refers to the northern Xinjiang Chapter 2462 Help you ascend to heaven Chapter 2463 Fight a great battle Chapter 2464 Avatar Chapter 2465 Troubled enchanting Chapter 2466 Luohan Vientiane Chapter 2467 Sit back and break the cold battle [plus]

Chapter 2468 Join forces in a battle, resurrect Chapter 2469 Xiongguan Tiandi Battle Dragon Chapter 2470 Desperate thirteen sticks Chapter 2471 Nine deaths, the end of the oil Chapter 2472 defeat Chapter 2473 Words appear Chapter 2474 You can try it out [four more] Chapter 2475 Killing Chapter 2476 God Wang Chapter 2477 Disdain Chapter 2478 Solo, king of gods Chapter 2479 Reinventing the king of God

Chapter 2480 Fighting to death Chapter 2481 The first battle Chapter 2482 Thirteen boundaries, eight parties to aid Chapter 2483 Where is the big land, where is my home? Chapter 2484 I don’t see Yan Huang see Xuanyuan Chapter 2485 Tianzhu Mountain Chapter 2486 I want your sister, no more! Chapter 2487 Blackrock Ridge, Panthera Chapter 2488 Princess in fairy tale Chapter 2489 I am in a hurry, don't delay too long Chapter 2490 Flaming lizard Chapter 2491 Yu Erniang

Chapter 2492 Three fires Chapter 2493 Painting the ground Chapter 2494 Eight hundred dragon snake Chapter 2495 Self-breaking Chapter 2496 I see you, not so cool! Chapter 2497 Really a puzzled boy! Chapter 2498 Retreat Chapter 2499 Who is the hero? Chapter 2500 Chihwa is a companion, Gu Tengsheng Chapter 2501 Mountain river Chapter 2502 When the peach blossoms are scattered, re-examine the ancient vines! Chapter 2503 Bamboo flute girl

Chapter 2504 Old man in the cave Chapter 2505 They come, the security Chapter 2506 See the float order, see the float Chapter 2507 Big devil head Jiang Chen Chapter 2508 Soul venom Chapter 2509 Fighting! Attack with poison! Chapter 2510 Breaking the law Chapter 2511 The heart is clear in the mirror Chapter 2512 Looks like a horse cell Chapter 2513 Profitable, desireless Chapter 2514 Inexplicable repression Chapter 2515 Cat and mouse, chase battle

Chapter 2516 Blade teenager Chapter 2517 Big treasure Chapter 2518 Qing Ling Dan Chapter 2519 Dan Lei’s vision, alarming all directions Chapter 2520 Ruthless obliteration Chapter 2521 Another jade face fox Chapter 2522 Red clothing 13th floor Chapter 2523 Rooted in magma Chapter 2524 Chestnut in the fire Chapter 2525 Show the enemy to weak Chapter 2526 Big demon gathers Chapter 2527 Endless abyss

Chapter 2528 Frozen town Chapter 2529 The road still exists Chapter 2530 God beast Chapter 2531 Guardian of Chixia Gu Tengxin Chapter 2532 酣 战 battle white tiger Chapter 2533 Trapped the heart, but could not sleep Chapter 2534 Cangtian white tiger Chapter 2535 The name of the old man, shocking the West Mountain Chapter 2536 Four fires Chapter 2537 Rolling down Chapter 2538 Bamboo flute over the valley, where is the nickname? Chapter 2539 Skyfire field

Chapter 2540 The true body of Chixia Gu Tengxin Chapter 2541 I am a descendant of the dragon. Chapter 2542 wild ambition Chapter 2543 Severe heart Chapter 2544 Seven-level float, Pudu sentient beings Chapter 2545 Daoyun Chapter 2546 Another defeated man Chapter 2547 Repression Chapter 2548 Haotian conspiracy Chapter 2549 What is the day? What is the devil? What is a **** Buddha? Chapter 2550 Prisoner princess Chapter 2551 Taikoo Emperor

Chapter 2552 Jedi reversal Chapter 2553 Zhen Zhen was arrested Chapter 2554 Thousand Miles Glacier, Eight Pulse Peak Chapter 2555 My wife is occupied Chapter 2556 Predecessor Chapter 2557 New hatred and old hate Chapter 2558 Fenghua dances Yancheng Chapter 2559 She is my woman Chapter 2560 Under the King of God, strong and invincible Chapter 2561 This battle is only for you Chapter 2562 Eat you Chapter 2563 Lord of the Eight Pulses Yinchuan

Chapter 2564 Killing a wife and killing a child Chapter 2565 Indignation of Jiang Chen Chapter 2566 Clothes are not blood-stained, swords are not merciless Chapter 2567 Fight Chapter 2568 Please enter the 瓮【三更】 Chapter 2569 The spear broke the shield, but this is the case [four] Chapter 2570 Tianxuan Qifeng array Chapter 2571 Daming Wang relic Chapter 2572 Serial array Chapter 2573 Fighting ambition Chapter 2574 Allure Chapter 2575 Deep love

Chapter 2576 Doomsday collapse Chapter 2577 Why don’t you treat others? Chapter 2578 A enchanting guy! Chapter 2579 Fighting! Chapter 2580 Horrible fighting god Chapter 2581 I like you, but it is true! Chapter 2582 Goshawk does not fall into the sky Chapter 2583 A sword is broken, and the sword is one. Chapter 2584 Sword to give a hero Chapter 2585 East Emperor Chapter 2586 Zhensanshan Chapter 2587 Huangjishan Ladder

Chapter 2588 Donghuang Taia Chapter 2589 Beyond the dust! Chapter 2590 Look at that day, broke a hole! Chapter 2591 Dilapidated Donghuangzhong Chapter 2592 There is this operation Chapter 2593 People need to be sincere Chapter 2594 Within three strokes, I will marry you. Chapter 2595 Ruthless obliteration Chapter 2596 The momentum of the world Chapter 2597 Inexplicable eyes Chapter 2598 Ben Leihai Chapter 2599 a sword smashes thousands of cents

Chapter 2600 Sealed forbidden Chapter 2601 The first romantic talent in the Qilian world Chapter 2602 Is it not enough to lose people? Chapter 2603 Shadow of the sky Chapter 2604 Cang Yunjin Chapter 2605 Gods are tens of thousands of people, and the king of God is difficult. Chapter 2606 *Stacked Chapter 2607 Nine Saints Chapter 2608 The person behind Dan Fang Chapter 2609 Lost children Chapter 2610 Brutality Chapter 2611 Quenching artifact

Chapter 2612 Strong array fluctuations Chapter 2613 Magical white Chapter 2614 Separate Chapter 2615 The meaning of drunkard is not wine. Chapter 2616 Array of annihilation [plus] Chapter 2617 Repair transfer array Chapter 2618 The waves of the Thunder Sea Chapter 2619 The tide retreats, the canyon is now Chapter 2620 Ice sea dragon palace Chapter 2621 Strange jade box Chapter 2622 Wraith Chapter 2623 Really you guys

Chapter 2624 Who should be, who is the dog? Chapter 2625 Mysterious spine Chapter 2626 Fighting spirit Chapter 2627 Enemy meet, extra-eyed Chapter 2628 Greed and desire Chapter 2629 Prison bull Chapter 2630 Dragon Ball Chapter 2631 Warrior's Gate Chapter 2632 World of War Chapter 2633 Why are you attacking me? Chapter 2634 The eagle hits the sky and dies! Chapter 2635 Behind the door of the Warriors

Chapter 2636 Warring States Chapter 2637 Map of the Lord of the Warring States Chapter 2638 Broken Holy Spirit Mountain [thanks to hehe] Chapter 2639 Killing Chapter 2640 Fighting spirit Chapter 2641 Jiang Chen’s stubbornness Chapter 2642 Battle Luoqing River Chapter 2643 Like the emperor Chapter 2644 Half step god Chapter 2645 The fear of the body of the spirit Chapter 2646 Strong and powerful Chapter 2647 The face is green

Chapter 2648 Allure Chapter 2649 Because of love Chapter 2650 Dragon Elephant Buddhism, Kowloon in the sky Chapter 2651 Prisoner Chapter 2652 Resentment Chapter 2653 Never lower eyebrows Chapter 2654 Ten wars Chapter 2655 Break through the array Chapter 2656 Tower Chapter 2657 Happiness never leaves Chapter 2658 Used to be a world Chapter 2659 Invincible

Chapter 2660 There is a fish in the north, which is called 鲲 Chapter 2661 Raw swallow Chapter 2662 Dog planing thirty-six Chapter 2663 There are days outside the sky Chapter 2664 Three feet of moonlight, a pair of monks Chapter 2665 Regret Chapter 2666 Broken shot Chapter 2667 Qi Qing Qing Chapter 2668 Tingping Qinghe Zong Chapter 2669 One is not enough Chapter 2670 Insufficient people, swallowing the world Chapter 2671 Frozen three thousand miles

Chapter 2672 You give it a blow, I give him a blow. Chapter 2673 I want my son Chapter 2674 Mother gas quenching Chapter 2675 Killing, starting from this moment Chapter 2676 Heaven and earth Chapter 2677 The master of three wars Chapter 2678 Xuan Jiejie Chapter 2679 Win me, you are qualified to speak Chapter 2680 One mountain is taller than a mountain Chapter 2681 Xuanyuan Remnant Sword Chapter 2682 One sword east Chapter 2683 I’m not used to his bragging.

Chapter 2684 Last reliance Chapter 2685 White lord Chapter 2686 The land of the river, no more rivals Chapter 2687 Kill the king's house Chapter 2688 Qilian Bianyan, the mountain of severe disease Chapter 2689 Feather dispute Chapter 2690 a little wolf Chapter 2691 White ink city remains Chapter 2692 Longmenling anecdote Chapter 2693 Missy returns Chapter 2694 The soul of the soul Chapter 2695 Tiger-shaped iron-bone

Chapter 2696 Under the mine Chapter 2697 诡 逞 逞 Chapter 2698 Running all the way Chapter 2699 Make a wedding dress for others Chapter 2700 Conspiracy, just start Chapter 2701 Embark on Tianfeng City Chapter 2702 Dongshan City, the flag of a moving, Tianfeng City iron hoof Chapter 2703 Home dispute Chapter 2704 Brother killing Chapter 2705 Tiger of Liaobei Chapter 2706 Not good Chapter 2707 Two families gathered

Chapter 2708 Forced palace Chapter 2709 New homeowner Chapter 2710 Yili Zhensanshan Chapter 2711 Crossing the river Chapter 2712 Swear to maintain the dignity of the feather family Chapter 2713 Domineering back Chapter 2714 Variant regeneration Chapter 2715 Black hole Chapter 2716 Blue light Chapter 2717 Sixteen poles Chapter 2718 a broken flag Chapter 2719 Prince of the Ice Emperor

Chapter 2720 Dragon altar ancient sacrifice Chapter 2721 I do not want to lose my father Chapter 2722 I hope you won't let me down. Chapter 2723 a sword overwhelming all Chapter 2724 Humanoid weapon Chapter 2725 Pulling a spike Chapter 2726 Dragon altar ancient sacrifice Chapter 2727 Three guardian kings Chapter 2728 Royal ten party monster, do not dare Chapter 2729 Frost heart Chapter 2730 Ice wolf Chapter 2731 The glory of the royal family, inviolable

Chapter 2732 Why don't you enter the tomb of God? Chapter 2733 The horror of the heart of frost Chapter 2734 Han Jiangyue Chapter 2735 Between the fingers, the smoke disappears Chapter 2736 Tell her, I don’t blame her. Chapter 2737 Since ancient times, I have been passionate. Chapter 2738 Too three Chapter 2739 Join forces Chapter 2740 Cheng Ye Jiang Chen, defeated Jiang Dust Chapter 2741 This is not mad, this is self-confidence Chapter 2742 My son, haven’t lost yet. Chapter 2743 Never be an enemy

Chapter 2744 Miles Escape Chapter 2745 Mistaken into Jedi Chapter 2746 Zhoushan Roof, Luofeng Gorge Chapter 2747 Sword soul Chapter 2748 What kind of mortal people are there? Chapter 2749 Falling into the sky for nine days Chapter 2750 White goddess Chapter 2751 Dragon Eater - 犼 Chapter 2752 Full, sleep Chapter 2753 Then I will... lose some? Chapter 2754 Guardian, son of Kowloon Chapter 2755 Three thousand prajna, all in all

Chapter 2756 You still want to eat, I can't? Chapter 2757 A remnant soul, a game of chess! Chapter 2758 The ninth catastrophe, one spot! Chapter 2759 Break the game, not break Chapter 2760 Are you really owed? Chapter 2761 Fire Kirin's insistence Chapter 2762 Never give you a shame Chapter 2763 The crown of the river Chapter 2764 Who does not know the river? Chapter 2765 Thunder Chapter 2766 Entering the realm of the king Chapter 2767 Other stage

Chapter 2768 East Gushan Chapter 2769 Another master Chapter 2770 Murder Chapter 2771 Always a legend Chapter 2772 Inheriting and independent Chapter 2773 Red snake Chapter 2774 a enchanting eye above the top Chapter 2775 Everything is affectionate Chapter 2776 What are you doing with you? Chapter 2777 If I am not benevolent, heaven and earth will not exist! Chapter 2778 Must not be an enemy Chapter 2779 Qidanfang

Chapter 2780 Rakshamon Gate, Ghost Valley Chapter 2781 Gambling Chapter 2782 People are not frivolous Chapter 2783 Horror Ghost Valley Chapter 2784 Not as good as people Chapter 2785 Colorful dare symbol Chapter 2786 There is a glimpse of Jiucheng Dan Chapter 2787 Who is childish? Chapter 2788 Join hands Chapter 2789 Not mad, it is not the East Emperor Tai! Chapter 2790 Unpredictable Chapter 2791 Gentleman's words are more than necessary

Chapter 2792 Boseiyama Chapter 2793 Legendary rise Chapter 2794 Extremely * Chapter 2795 Today's hatred, today will report Chapter 2796 Five rubbish! Chapter 2797 Ridiculous sad face Chapter 2798 Thousands of miles of anxiety Chapter 2799 Agarwood Chapter 2800 Fangshanjie, Shanhezong Chapter 2801 Arrogant price Chapter 2802 Who can laugh at the end? Chapter 2803 Ink attack, a morning light

Chapter 2804 Formerly a goddess, the country Chapter 2805 You are the alchemy teacher Chapter 2806 Rest assured, everything has me Chapter 2807 Battle of the name Chapter 2808 God of War 3 Xuan Xuan: the body of the **** of war Chapter 2809 Fortunately, with Jiang Chen as a friend Chapter 2810 This can not be ah Chapter 2811 Perfect Chapter 2812 Not a human being, nor a Holy Spirit Chapter 2813 Yamanaka Ariyama Chapter 2814 Squandering flowers Chapter 2815 Full of irony

Chapter 2816 See you again in the future, you and me will not owe Chapter 2817 Butterfly Fairy Chapter 2818 One string and one column Chapter 2819 Du Fushan Chapter 2820 I want that iron tree to bloom, white jade smoke Chapter 2821 Menghai Mingyue Gorge Chapter 2822 War of the God of War Chapter 2823 War **** awakens Chapter 2824 Promise storm, Wannian Iron Tree Chapter 2825 Can be broken, can be avenue Chapter 2826 Happy road Chapter 2827 Jiu Pindi respects the king of heaven, and one goes to biochemistry

Chapter 2828 You are not South China Chapter 2829 Not worthy of being called a real person Chapter 2830 Sorrowful, sad and strong Chapter 2831 There is no South China in the world. Chapter 2832 It’s hard to stop me from getting away. Chapter 2833 Avenue crystallization, fruit Chapter 2834 Jiang Chen’s self-blame Chapter 2835 Eight hundred miles of long river sunset, Jiuzhongshantian Chapter 2836 I want you to kill three thousand Chapter 2837 Keel world Chapter 2838 Shock, avoid war Chapter 2839 Ghost Valley fiasco

Chapter 2840 Swallow the four kings Chapter 2841 Fo Guangzhen Yinfeng Chapter 2842 Then, fight it. Chapter 2843 Sword five Chapter 2844 Ghost array method, Sen Luo ghost mother Chapter 2845 Ghost gate array Chapter 2846 The form of a mad cow Chapter 2847 Swordless Chapter 2848 Finally, you have shown up Chapter 2849 The dog of the funeral Chapter 2850 Three-legged Chapter 2851 Silver dragon fruit is now

Chapter 2852 Xiaolong Chapter 2853 a scene of deja vu Chapter 2854 Resident team Chapter 2855 a needle into the soul Chapter 2856 Block the Valley of Ghosts Chapter 2857 The scum that should not live in the world Chapter 2858 Your performance, stop here. Chapter 2859 I don’t know the world Chapter 2860 Fear from 傀儡 Chapter 2861 Chaotian drum Chapter 2862 The first in the world, it is deserved Chapter 2863 King of the Peak

Chapter 2864 Eight-door basaltic array Chapter 2865 Complete battle Chapter 2866 I am willing to be a pawn, let you be at your mercy. Chapter 2867 Out of the mountain Chapter 2868 All are dead... Chapter 2869 Quota Chapter 2870 Killing with a knife, chasing the ground Chapter 2871 One defeat Chapter 2872 Jedi counterattack Chapter 2873 Fight hard Chapter 2874 The killer of Tong Xuan Shenfu Chapter 2875 Sometimes people can't just live for themselves.

Chapter 2876 Nine Chapter 2877 Next policy Chapter 2878 Deep and righteous Chapter 2879 The resilience of the refiner Chapter 2880 嚣张的褚云姬 Chapter 2881 Big brother Chapter 2882 Sorry, I am late Chapter 2883 Warrior Chapter 2884 Yuan artifact Chapter 2885 Yan Yunji’s worries Chapter 2886 Scorpio thirty-six hammer method Chapter 2887 Quiet

Chapter 2888 Afterlife, awesome Chapter 2889 100,000 artifacts, less than a blue silk for you Chapter 2890 Ten-day agreement Chapter 2891 Will definitely protect you Chapter 2892 Blood sect, Jiuding Mountain Chapter 2893 Blessed with a unique furnace Chapter 2894 Battle of the Grand Master [One more] Chapter 2895 Ding Wei Gai Shi [two more] Chapter 2896 Craftsmanship: Heavy hammer method [three more] Chapter 2897 The shock of the ten elders [four more] Chapter 2898 Yuan artifact Chapter 2899 Never recovered

Chapter 2900 Purple sable sword Chapter 2901 Vulcan Chapter 2902 Ancient fire beast Chapter 2903 What are you waiting for? Run Chapter 2904 Zhu Rong’s descendants Chapter 2905 Man, not talking about it. Chapter 2906 Not crazy, why live Chapter 2907 A touch of cold moves Kyushu Chapter 2908 Life breath, disappeared Chapter 2909 Water emulsion Chapter 2910 Five elements of fire Chapter 2911 Fire crystal

Chapter 2912 Blood ancestor Chapter 2913 Three ancestors [one more] Chapter 2914 Blood sect, has already paid a torch [two] Chapter 2915 Only broken hands [three more] Chapter 2916 For me to swept [four more] Chapter 2917 Five elements of the dragon seal [five more] Chapter 2918 It’s better to say than to sing [one more] Chapter 2919 Everything goes along [two more] Chapter 2920 Fengyi County, Qingping Mountain [three more] Chapter 2921 Three-tailed fox [four more] Chapter 2922 Sitting on the profit of the fisherman [five more] Chapter 2923 Despair brought by Liuwei Linghu [six more

Chapter 2924 Emperor's strongest retreat [seven] Chapter 2925 Not as good as Yi Hong Lou, how? Chapter 2926 Ethereal flower [nine] Chapter 2927 Which two idiots will be fooled? Chapter 2928 Finale Chapter 2929 Xiaoye, I am still not addicted. Chapter 2930 Bai Yi Su Jin Shao Shaoqian Chapter 2931 Chasing Chapter 2932 Is this your cuddling? Chapter 2933 Jedi Chapter 2934 Big man Chapter 2935 Sorry, it’s late.

Chapter 2936 Ju Leifeng Chapter 2937 Five feet Chapter 2938 蹂躏 蹂躏 Chapter 2939 Dry Dragon Prison and Thundercloud Space Chapter 2940 Is it so simple? Chapter 2941 Reward outside the assessment Chapter 2942 If you are not conceited, what is genius? Chapter 2943 Still not rolling, when will it be? Chapter 2944 Ground fire purgatory Chapter 2945 Dengtianbang, the top 500 Chapter 2946 Dreamer Chapter 2947 Bamboo girl

Chapter 2948 Soul Chapter 2949 Vampire general offering Chapter 2950 Qin Fengwei Chapter 2951 Strong and invincible Chapter 2952 Resent Chapter 2953 Animal, metamorphosis, devil... Chapter 2954 I'll beat you, but will not knock your block off Chapter 2955 This name is good Chapter 2956 it is too late Chapter 2957 Do you still want to live alone? Chapter 2958 The two leading faucets Chapter 2959 Jiangzhu

Chapter 2960 Weird soul storm Chapter 2961 The eyes of the two government owners Chapter 2962 Who said that I did not participate Chapter 2963 Battle of qualifying, open Chapter 2964 It is not easy to cultivate, it is good for itself. Chapter 2965 Melting in his heart Chapter 2966 Chen Long Chapter 2967 Did he really lose? Chapter 2968 Can't say, can't say! Chapter 2969 Take the dragon Chapter 2970 Champion Chapter 2971 Qinglong shadow

Chapter 2972 Sword does not survive Chapter 2973 Then I won you. Chapter 2974 Take out a blue sky Chapter 2975 Sword festival, or sacrifice sword? Chapter 2976 Stalking from it, turning black and white Chapter 2977 Don't bow to fate, bow to death Chapter 2978 Even if the sage is also stunned Chapter 2979 Dreaming again Chapter 2980 Mixed king Chapter 2981 Closed Chapter 2982 Shocking conspiracy Chapter 2983 Jiang Chen expanded

Chapter 2984 One palm retreat Chapter 2985 Julong Land Chapter 2986 Get out of here, or die Chapter 2987 Fight against the sky Chapter 2988 Hardships, difficult for their owners Chapter 2989 Birth gate and dead gate Chapter 2990 Yu said that the Emperor has been defeated for three years. Chapter 2991 Bloodthirsty bat Chapter 2992 Tan bottom monster Chapter 2993 a squid Chapter 2994 Scorpio gossip lock demon array Chapter 2995 Ruthless Kendo

Chapter 2996 Friends of life, the enemy of life Chapter 2997 Nameless sword Chapter 2998 Hanging stone Chapter 2999 What is it? Not how? Chapter 3000 Underarm Chapter 3001 Qinglong gas, crystal sword meaning Chapter 3002 Qingyun Chapter 3003 Seven stone dragons Chapter 3004 Dragon riding Chapter 3005 Wandering over the tip of the knife Chapter 3006 Kneeling Chapter 3007 Fear of fear

Chapter 3008 Heaven and earth, ghosts Chapter 3009 Day cream sword Chapter 3010 North cool kills Chapter 3011 See also the bronze throne Chapter 3012 The killing heart of the three principals Chapter 3013 I won't die, you won't die. Chapter 3014 If the sword is not blood, why is it buried in the sky? Chapter 3015 Swordsmanship Chapter 3016 Stunning enchantress Chapter 3017 Chi Yan is a real person! Chapter 3018 Sword command Chapter 3019 斩台

Chapter 3020 The magic of the cymbal Chapter 3021 Desperate Xue Liang Chapter 3022 One enemy two Chapter 3023 Real ghost prisoner Ashura sword array Chapter 3024 Wanhao Light Chapter 3025 Enchanted Chapter 3026 Shadow stream Chapter 3027 Sucking the soul of the emperor Chapter 3028 Flying away? Chapter 3029 Swords and clouds Chapter 3030 The sword broke and died, defeated Zhoushan Chapter 3031 Necessary determination

Chapter 3032 Devil Chapter 3033 Ling Tian Chapter 3034 Not enlightened, no emperor Chapter 3035 Embryonic form Chapter 3036 The inheritor of Emperor Zhu Xian Chapter 3037 There is a gully in the chest. Chapter 3038 I am a priest, arrogant Chapter 3039 Avenue source is zero Chapter 3040 Old man Chapter 3041 Thank you for the second time. Chapter 3042 Nine turns of gold Chapter 3043 Tenbo House

~ 3040, what you look like Chapter 3045 He... What is his name? Chapter 3046 I believe that he will definitely come back. Chapter 3047 My son, can't die in white Chapter 3048 Soul Wanshan Chapter 3049 Dan Cheng and Long Hu Chapter 3050 Fight against the gods Chapter 3051 Spiritual spirit Chapter 3052 Killing the soul of Wanshan Chapter 3055 I am dragon thirteen, and I am back. Chapter 3056 Handsome, cool. Chapter 3057 Rush out of the dry dragon prison

Chapter 3058 This hatred, we must get the report Chapter 3059 If you have a brother, what can you ask for? Chapter 3060 The courage of the husband, it is difficult to become a big weapon Chapter 3061 The strength of the three government owners Chapter 3062 Killing the three main owners Chapter 3063 Because he is handsome Chapter 3064 You shouldn’t use her to threaten me. Chapter 3065 The scale of the dragon is reversed, and it is dead. Chapter 3066 You are not my opponent at all. Chapter 3067 Nine Chapter 3068 Our man is always the strongest Chapter 3069 The rescue of the Xuan Shenfu [two more]

Chapter 3070 The dignity of Tong Xuan Shenfu is inviolable Chapter 3071 One annihilation of the hundred [four more] Chapter 3072 Black soil, I will always remember you Chapter 3073 Desperate Jiang Chen [one more] Chapter 3074 People, always change will be [two more] Chapter 3075 Intricate West China Shenzhou [three more] Chapter 3076 Dim ancestral tower [four more] Chapter 3077 Fighting to death [five more] Chapter 3078 Dragon blood dyed the sky, a roar Chapter 3079 Fight someone, be duty-bound Chapter 3080 Crazy dragon thirteen Chapter 3081 Last hope

~ No. 3082 Daotianyin Chapter 3083 Thunder bursting, bursting out Chapter 3084 Mind and choice Chapter 3085 Who is the real master of the law? Chapter 3086 Five-star battle Chapter 3087 Earth roulette Chapter 3088 Three thunders gather, ruthless bombardment Chapter 3089 The fall of the monk monk Chapter 3090 Mysterious flame mad dragon Chapter 3091 Killing and killing Chapter 3092 Let me bow down to the person who is the minister, not born yet. Chapter 3093 Red silkworm cocoon

Chapter 3094 Desperate white clouds Chapter 3095 Moro County, through the seclusion, Wolverine Mountain Chapter 3096 No brothers are not expedition--passing the crisis Chapter 3097 No brothers are not going to expedite--See you at the Great Leiyin Temple Chapter 3098 No brothers are not expeditions - I am all inclusive Chapter 3099 Forced failure Chapter 3100 No brothers are not expeditions Chapter 3101 It’s imminent Chapter 3102 Marriage Chapter 3103 Tianluo Temple Chapter 3104 Let's go together. Chapter 3105 One enemy, no one can stop

Chapter 3106 wink Chapter 3107 Mysterious death station Chapter 3108 Tianlai boundary landlord Chapter 3109 Blood wash is quiet, then step on Tianlai Chapter 3110 I use my hands to make your dreams come true. Chapter 3111 Effective dog Chapter 3112 How could this be? Chapter 3113 Xiandao Penglai Chapter 3114 Mouth Chapter 3115 Give you enough respect Chapter 3116 One step Chapter 3117 Uighurs, dare to speak bravely?

Chapter 3118 Subvert the Penglai boundary Chapter 3119 The power of the world Chapter 3120 Cloud array, atomization Chapter 3121 There will be yang in the yin, there will be a loss in the surplus Chapter 3122 Come on me... Chapter 3123 Scream outside the cave Chapter 3124 Roll back again Chapter 3125 Yun Ge Yao Chapter 3126 Respected Chapter 3127 Powerful Zhongzhou Chapter 3128 Runaway Jiang Chen Chapter 3129 Venting anger

Chapter 3130 Heaven changes, and my way Chapter 3131 Land of meditation Chapter 3132 Zhongsheng Temple! Chapter 3133 Heaven and Eight Great Chapter 3134 News of the Luos Chapter 3135 Fighting protoss, fighting white Chapter 3136 Incomprehensible man Chapter 3137 King Robin Chapter 3138 The spearhead is everywhere, it is Jiang Chen Chapter 3139 Buddha is in front of me, also in my heart Chapter 3140 Zhongsheng Bridge Chapter 3141 Garbage, always rubbish

Chapter 3142 Thousands of miles, the palace wall Chapter 3143 Tianluo Temple came Chapter 3144 The sound of the Luohan Temple Chapter 3145 Temple disappearance Chapter 3146 Dizang Palace Chapter 3147 Sudden death Chapter 3148 Luohan Zhiwei Chapter 3149 Killing the river dust Chapter 3150 is her…… Chapter 3151 Behind the scenes Chapter 3152 Retirement Living Buddha's shelter Chapter 3153 Two green lights

Chapter 3154 Take advantage of the situation, kill Chapter 3155 Never let anyone hurt you Chapter 3156 He is my brother Chapter 3157 The reincarnation of the living Buddha is his Chapter 3158 If you want to move you, let me pass this first. Chapter 3159 One enemy five Chapter 3160 Angry, when killing Chapter 3161 Who can fight? Chapter 3162 This guy is finally dead. Chapter 3163 牛牛官儿 Chapter 3164 Phagocytosis Chapter 3165 He is coming, he really came...

Chapter 3166 Under the ancient well Chapter 3167 Red horse monkey Chapter 3169 This pharmacist Lingquan is mine. Chapter 3170 Why is she again? Chapter 3171 Forced back to snow Chapter 3172 Have you escaped the first day, can you escape the fifteen? Chapter 3173 Waste collection Chapter 3174 Enticing the enemy into the ancient well Chapter 3175 Frozen high Chapter 3176 The only life in billions of years Chapter 3177 Misplaced demon Chapter 3178 Lingshan Tianqi, Jiu Lian Juding

Chapter 3179 Daxue Mountain, Lingbi Cave Chapter 3180 Ying Ming Chapter 3181 Only you in your eyes Chapter 3182 The place where the crowd gathers Chapter 3183 Buddha wrath Chapter 3184 Reinventing the Red Horse Monkey Chapter 3185 Blazer Chapter 3186 Fighting space Chapter 3187 Luo Han Jin Chapter 3188 It’s time to desperately Chapter 3189 The crisis is coming again Chapter 3190 This guy is getting scarier.

Chapter 3191 Canaan Chapter 3192 Delay death Chapter 3193 Evil is not pressing Chapter 3194 Rescue Chapter 3195 Final hope Chapter 3196 I am back! Chapter 3197 Absolute suppression Chapter 3198 My Buddha is angry and reincarnation! Baishi Buddhist edge Chapter 3199 Red moon strikes Chapter 3200 Snow shadow reproduction, allure independence Chapter 3201 Violence and killing Chapter 3202 Black fog

Chapter 3203 Today’s Buddha world should be respected by me. Chapter 3204 Wisdom Chapter 3205 Buddhism disciple Chapter 3206 Reappearance in the ice Chapter 3207 Infatuation and Buddha Heart Chapter 3208 Wanli Shentu Ren Xiaoyao Chapter 3209 Wild China Chapter 3210 The tyrants are arrogant, invincible Chapter 3211 Fujian and Taiwan Chapter 3212 That is quite understandable. Chapter 3213 One tower and one temple occupy two sides, Yinhai Baji Mountain Chapter 3214 No brothers are not expeditions - love reluctant men

Chapter 3215 No brothers are not expeditions - dark incense Chapter 3216 You give me a try. Chapter 3217 Lonely mountain Chapter 3218 The realm of the monk... Chapter 3219 Meet the Kanto Gate Chapter 3220 Terrorist real person Chapter 3221 Buddhism Chapter 3222 Question of Jiang Chen Chapter 3223 Arrogant Jiang Chen Chapter 3224 Still a man’s husband Chapter 3225 Why are the leaders? Chapter 3226 Magma fluid

Chapter 3227 Ghostly domain Chapter 3228 Evil dragon Chapter 3229 Star fire Chapter 3230 Chronic death Chapter 3231 We practice, she is repairing the heart Chapter 3232 Shacking Sanzang Chapter 3233 One day I will be stronger than him. Chapter 3234 Battle against the evil dragon Chapter 3235 Shocked again and again Chapter 3236 Melting artifact Chapter 3237 Both leave Chapter 3238 Golden Pliers King

Chapter 3239 Want to run after loading? Chapter 3240 My root, my soul Chapter 3241 Time also, life also Chapter 3242 I will see you are not pleasing to the eye. Chapter 3243 Drinking flowers Chapter 3244 Baizong Conference Chapter 3245 Stupid to a certain realm Chapter 3246 Dulong County, Baihumen Chapter 3247 Gentleman sword Chapter 3248 Stop Chapter 3249 unfair Chapter 3250 One defeat

Chapter 3251 No benefit, no early Chapter 3252 I can’t hold the second sword at all. Chapter 3253 No one can provoke me Chapter 3254 Junshi Chapter 3255 Five-party palace Chapter 3256 Daoyou, please stay Chapter 3257 It’s a couple of days. Chapter 3258 Change of stone array [plus more] Chapter 3259 Do you still have to be shameless? Chapter 3260 What is special? Chapter 3261 Great Emperor Chapter 3262 Blood confession

Chapter 3263 Soldier Chapter 3264 The gods are falling, and they are unstoppable. Chapter 3265 The legend of Shichahai Chapter 3266 Battle of the Souls Chapter 3267 Sword has spirit, there is soul Chapter 3268 Chaoshan Hailing, Yuan Hua Chapter 3269 Long Daren Chapter 3270 Shihai Ice Palace Chapter 3271 Desperate Chapter 3272 Ice sculpture guard Chapter 3273 Fox smile Chapter 3274 Gosei pond

Chapter 3275 Zhongxingzong Chapter 3276 Meet again Chapter 3277 Kill you, use the slaughter knife Chapter 3278 This is your fate Chapter 3279 No, you can do it. Chapter 3280 Specializing in all kinds of shameless Chapter 3281 Abdominal back Chapter 3282 Another hidden mystery Chapter 3283 Mysterious Shihai Ice Palace Chapter 3284 White gun god, cold as smoke Chapter 3285 Gai Shihuangwei Chapter 3286 Winning the Holy Spirit

Chapter 3287 This is the real life winner. Chapter 3288 Ghost crying Chapter 3289 traitor Chapter 3290 I can't return Chapter 3291 Kill one person, forget one person Chapter 3292 Yuan Hua Chapter 3293 Thunder Chapter 3294 Old turtle's shock Chapter 3295 Coward Chapter 3296 Trail of the Ben Ray Mountain Chapter 3297 Huge Chapter 3298 One shock mountain

Chapter 3299 Forbidden protoss Chapter 3300 Guardian Chapter 3301 Cold magic Chapter 3302 a person who can’t dream Chapter 3303 Brothers see each other! Chapter 3304 Long talk! Chapter 3305 Old lover! Chapter 3306 Castle! Chapter 3307 Lord of the Devil! Chapter 3308 Songzan Kangying Chapter 3309 Inscription on the Mount Wanshan Chapter 3310 Altar at the bottom of the canyon

Chapter 3311 Promise stone Chapter 3312 Was caught... Chapter 3313 The door of the temple opens Chapter 3314 Ancient battlefield Chapter 3315 Ancient literary ancestor Chapter 3316 Forbidden land Chapter 3317 Deafening buzz Chapter 3318 Vibration in the tomb of the god Chapter 3319 Innocent Lord Chapter 3320 Qin come! Dinglai! Zhong Lai Chapter 3321 Seal again Chapter 3322 Sorry, I am sorry...

Chapter 3323 Disappearing tomb grave veteran Chapter 3324 Recasting the flag Chapter 3325 Cold thought Chapter 3326 Thunder Chapter 3327 Conspiracy Chapter 3328 Take away the mother Chapter 3329 The opportunity is coming Chapter 3330 Big melee Chapter 3331 Difficult to support Chapter 3332 Old ancestor, you are finally back. Chapter 3333 Things can't be violated Chapter 3334 Skipping

Chapter 3335 Because he is my brother Chapter 3336 Is it the person in that place? Chapter 3337 Dead people can't talk at all! Chapter 3338 All are garbage Chapter 3339 Thousand souls Chapter 3340 Qionghua Mountain, Lingyun Grottoes Chapter 3341 Lu Changtian Chapter 3342 Whirlwind Chapter 3343 Strong obliteration Chapter 3344 Ruthless killing Chapter 3345 Thunderstorm Chapter 3346 Battle against the gods

Chapter 3347 Eagle Chapter 3348 Completely smashed Chapter 3349 Every need Chapter 3350 last question Chapter 3351 Another piece of bluestone jade Chapter 3352 The feelings of the Zulong Emperor Chapter 3353 The Hall of the Fathers Chapter 3354 You are not qualified enough Chapter 3355 Strong river dust Chapter 3356 Murder Chapter 3357 A Yan, sorry... Chapter 3358 Man in black

Chapter 3359 Leave because of love Chapter 3360 Soul rejection Chapter 3361 Never let you wait too long Chapter 3362 The power of the dragon elephant! Chapter 3363 Hao Yunhang Chapter 3364 Lotus is in full bloom, death is coming Chapter 3365 Disappearing eyes Chapter 3366 Find someone who can make me feel good Chapter 3367 Kunshan County, Wanjian City Chapter 3368 Magic barrier Chapter 3369 a battle Chapter 3370 One palm

Chapter 3371 Entering the city Chapter 3372 Sword Chapter 3373 骊山剑冢 Chapter 3374 Fire red sword Chapter 3375 a hammer Chapter 3376 Crazy Tuoba Longyu Chapter 3377 Younger brother Chapter 3378 Jiang Chen's calculation Chapter 3379 The candle dragon sword is finally born Chapter 3380 The horror of the candle dragon sword Chapter 3381 Swords are like a sigh of relief Chapter 3382 Life and death, the day is destined

Chapter 3383 趁He is ill to kill him Chapter 3384 Jun family, no regrets Chapter 3385 Barbarians Chapter 3386 Victory Chapter 3387 Honorary lord Chapter 3388 Zhuhai Mountain Chapter 3389 Shangguan Hongyan Chapter 3390 Uncompromising animal Chapter 3391 Shadowless blood knife Chapter 3392 Redemption of death Chapter 3393 Go away Chapter 3394 Dancing bamboo news

Chapter 3395 Dilemma Chapter 3396 Seventeenth floor dry dragon prison Chapter 3397 Real strength, far more than that! Chapter 3398 Red teenager Chapter 3399 Identity exposure Chapter 3400 Backhand Chapter 3401 we will wait for you Chapter 3402 Hell fire Chapter 3403 Can't live without you Chapter 3404 Refining and chemical industry Chapter 3405 Source dispute Chapter 3406 Father's call

Chapter 3407 Prohibited array Chapter 3408 a spell, a reincarnation Chapter 3409 Change the dynasty Chapter 3410 a dilemma, unable to help Chapter 3411 The wind of martyrdom Chapter 3412 Nine clouds Chapter 3413 Broken Chapter 3414 My responsibility Chapter 3415 Endless despair Chapter 3416 Come on the sword Chapter 3417 Huang Wei Chapter 3418 a sword defeated the emperor

Chapter 3419 Lord of the North Cool Chapter 3420 Princely Chapter 3421 Jiang Chen’s mind Chapter 3422 Once you miss it, no longer Chapter 3423 Gate of heaven Chapter 3424 Floating array Chapter 3425 Nine Wang Ye, Wu Zhongjiu Chapter 3426 Squeeze Chapter 3427 Entangled Wu Zhongjiu Chapter 3428 Long Haoyue Chapter 3429 Half master Chapter 3430 No seeing no beginnings

Chapter 3431 Jianying 18 Chapter 3432 Rout! Retreat! Chapter 3433 People are not small now Chapter 3434 Praying for the battle on the temple Chapter 3435 Stars holding the moon Chapter 3436 Thousands of styles, who do you say? Chapter 3437 White hair youth Chapter 3438 Nothing Chapter 3439 Both of you have to die Chapter 3440 Rescue Chapter 3441 Desperate Chapter 3442 End of the world

Chapter 3443 Guild Wars of the East [three more] Chapter 3444 Poor and chase [four more] Chapter 3445 Strong posture, 睥睨八方【五更】 Chapter 3446 The month has been... Chapter 3447 No one can stop me. Chapter 3448 Big heavenly machine? I can do it too! Chapter 3449 The collapse of the gate of heaven Chapter 3450 God's will, hard to violate Chapter 3451 Passionate since ancient injury Chapter 3452 Don’t forget to not give up Chapter 3453 Dominion of the gate of heaven Chapter 3454 Horrible illusion

Chapter 3455 Your tears are my pearls Chapter 3456 Mission and heritage Chapter 3457 Star change Chapter 3458 Billion years of conspiracy Chapter 3459 Era reincarnation Chapter 3460 Unreachable person Chapter 3461 Heaven is like me, I am the secret Chapter 3462 Two ancestors Chapter 3463 Nice to have you Chapter 3464 Oriental family come Chapter 3465 Dare to move my woman, kill innocent Chapter 3466 Helian family, protect you around

Chapter 3467 Sunrise east Chapter 3468 A sword goes west, no one can stop Chapter 3469 Contamination Chapter 3470 Hard to hide Chapter 3471 Who is your third teacher? Chapter 3472 Sovereign, Lin Kun Chapter 3473 Three identities Chapter 3474 Conclusion Chapter 3475 Hate Chapter 3476 Take risks Chapter 3477 Ming Xiu Road, dark crossing Chen Cang Chapter 3478 Slaughter

Chapter 3479 Morality Chapter 3480 Four gathering Chapter 3481 The killing has been decided! Chapter 3482 Blood stained the sun! Chapter 3483 The world is silent, the sea is silent Chapter 3484 a sword cut four Chapter 3485 Why come Chapter 3486 The corpse is everywhere, devastated Chapter 3487 a swallow Chapter 3488 A sword out, Sihaiping, the sword is long and empty Chapter 3489 Do not hesitate to be the world Chapter 3490 The person behind

Chapter 3491 Nine swirling sound array Chapter 3492 The best choice Chapter 3493 I owe you a life, keep you innocent Chapter 3494 Western mysterious power Chapter 3495 Wind sister Chapter 3496 Sin Chapter 3497 Not a family, not a head Chapter 3498 God has a good life Chapter 3499 The person who killed the raft tower Chapter 3500 Long Jingze Chapter 3501 Donglong and Beilong Chapter 3502 what! Really fragrant!

Chapter 3503 Internal and external troubles of the dragon Chapter 3504 Blood drinking station Chapter 3505 Eight layers of blood Chapter 3506 Another eight-layered blood Chapter 3507 I am already low-key. Chapter 3508 Endless West Sea Chapter 3509 Rising Dragon Banquet, open Chapter 3510 Don’t die if you don’t wear it Chapter 3511 Four rubbish Chapter 3512 Terrorist submarine Chapter 3513 Shark spirit Chapter 3514 Innocent is based on the world

Chapter 3515 Bloody battle Chapter 3516 Good self-sufficiency Chapter 3517 Nothing Chapter 3518 Dragon Slayer Chapter 3519 Thunder Chapter 3520 Magic shadow Chapter 3521 I blame me for being greedy. Chapter 3522 The person who came out of the whirlpool Chapter 3523 Magic Xuan Chapter 3524 Battle of glory Chapter 3525 Skyshadow Chapter 3526 More and more flying eagle fish

Chapter 3527 Winning and losing heart is too heavy Chapter 3528 Resentment Chapter 3529 Shameless Chapter 3530 Evil Island Chapter 3531 This should be my location Chapter 3532 Into the heart of the heart Chapter 3533 Have monsters Chapter 3534 Sinister Chapter 3535 Glacier tunnel Chapter 3536 Dragon epic Chapter 3537 Seaweed Chapter 3538 Dimensional heavy water

Chapter 3539 Killing Chapter 3540 Nothing is what he can't do. Chapter 3541 Tianlong Chapter 3542 Force war Chapter 3543 The shadows of the sky are scattered, and there is a shock Chapter 3544 The embarrassment of the old man Chapter 3545 Brother Jiang Chen, go fast Chapter 3546 Sword twenty Chapter 3547 Sea lily, it is mine Chapter 3548 Cheap you Chapter 3549 Oh, I am back. Chapter 3550 I treat you as a brother, you sleep my daughter.

Chapter 3551 Arbitrate Chapter 3552 Dragon ancient land Chapter 3553 Emperor's gas Chapter 3554 Conspiracy to stop Chapter 3555 The body of the dragon, you have to change Chapter 3556 Black 曜 seven will Chapter 3557 Xuanjing Chapter 3558 Bone dragon chase Chapter 3559 Showing identity Chapter 3560 Leave me with them Chapter 3561 Non-my family, its heart must be different Chapter 3562 Qing Ben Jiaren, why is it a thief?

Chapter 3563 There is a battle Chapter 3564 Battle dragon Chapter 3565 What are the enemies of all beings? Chapter 3566 Who is the traitor? Chapter 3567 Retire Chapter 3568 Ghosts Chapter 3569 Thriller Chapter 3570 gem Chapter 3571 You are a bad old man. Chapter 3572 Real purpose Chapter 3573 Thunder Chapter 3574 This is a dead end.

Chapter 3575 Dark and boundless, straight through the Nether Chapter 3576 The fall of the court, the collapse of the thunder Chapter 3577 Strong confrontation, meeting in a narrow way Chapter 3578 Star River Sword Chapter 3579 Idol collapse Chapter 3580 Raytheon Guard Chapter 3581 Xiang Xiaoyu, who is pity Chapter 3582 Don't you hold it? Chapter 3583 Raytheon Chapter 3584 Do your best, die and then Chapter 3585 Ba Chaoyuan Chapter 3586 You and I have never been owed

Chapter 3587 If the heart is cold Chapter 3588 Such as the dew, go to the sun Chapter 3589 Like a bird Chapter 3590 It is convenient to have your place. Chapter 3591 Bulk style Chapter 3592 Eight poles, Lang Jiuji Chapter 3593 Sometimes there must be a life Chapter 3594 King Kong Float Chapter 3595 Killing a sword, leaving no room Chapter 3596 The murderer is him. Chapter 3597 The good use of the mountain owner! Chapter 3598 Love is selfish and selfless!

Chapter 3599 A fist shocks the nine poles, heaven and earth only me Chapter 3600 I am tempered Chapter 3601 Affectionate for a long time Chapter 3602 Will not let you watch lonely again Chapter 3603 Rejecting Shan Haizong Chapter 3604 The big power of shit Chapter 3605 Ning negative heaven, not negative Chapter 3606 Sword refers to Liao Yunsheng Chapter 3607 Guild warlord Chapter 3608 True return Chapter 3609 Heart suppression Chapter 3610 unexpected surprise

Chapter 3611 wild ambition Chapter 3612 One person alone Chapter 3613 Come to help out Chapter 3614 Strong like cloud Chapter 3615 Unsolvable peerless killing Chapter 3616 Reincarnation Chapter 3617 Eight-level door master Chapter 3618 Enemy Manchuria Chapter 3619 Blazer Chapter 3620 No brothers, no fights Chapter 3621 Golden light, such as mans on the back Chapter 3622 Buddha

Chapter 3623 Looking ahead Chapter 3624 Reinforcement to Chapter 3625 How did he live for himself? Chapter 3625 How did he live for himself? Chapter 3626 Laozi, the world's first handsome Chapter 3627 Too, silver fox Chapter 3628 Jedi counterattack Chapter 3629 Is this guy not looking for a dead end? Chapter 3630 Everyone will surrender Chapter 3631 Mountain is like a dragon, sea is like a beast Chapter 3632 Mountain sea beast - fat Chapter 3633 If you are a fairy, you can only use your hand.

Chapter 3634 Buddhism God of War, Ba Bufu Chapter 3635 Goodbye is already a stranger. Chapter 3636 Swallowed a demon Chapter 3637 The combination of the town magic monument and the town **** monument Chapter 3638 To be born together, die together Chapter 3639 Final war Chapter 3639 Final war Chapter 3640 Mysterious black man Chapter 3641 Since ancient times, I have been passionate. Chapter 3642 Crisp Chapter 3643 Serious rhubarb Chapter 3644 Illusion in the mind

Chapter 3645 Enchantment space Chapter 3646 Undead Chapter 3647 I can't say... Chapter 3648 God’s law is also released Chapter 3649 The Avengers of the Earth Spirit Chapter 3650 Destroy and ruin Chapter 3651 Ghost domain thirteen Chapter 3652 Only the will and the soul Chapter 3653 Lingming Stone Monkey Dragon Thirteen Chapter 3654 Three British Marathon Chapter 3655 Repression of the red horse monkey Chapter 3656 Laozi should also find more horses.

Chapter 3657 Na Yanluo reproduction Chapter 3658 Fallen crisis Chapter 3659 The last inheritor of the undead Chapter 3660 Three gods Chapter 3661 燧人氏和盖灵 Chapter 3662 Child, I am not wrong. Chapter 3663 Deep root Chapter 3664 The world is full of love and brotherhood Chapter 3665 He is still alive Chapter 3666 Fight against the sky Chapter 3667 Relics Chapter 3668 Hell's Gate, six reincarnations

Chapter 3669 Dao Yan Tian, ​​the cycle of law Chapter 3670 The true secret of the Zulongta Chapter 3671 What is the end of the cycle? Chapter 3672 Xuanyuan family Chapter 3673 Strong kill Chapter 3674 Kill him back to the carbine Chapter 3675 Tear array Chapter 3676 Is this too hunger? Chapter 3677 Da Luo statue Chapter 3678 Xuanyuan Chapter 3679 The source of the desert, see you Chapter 3680 The best haven bay

Chapter 3681 Stepping on Zhongzhou Chapter 3682 Most beloved betrayal Chapter 3683 Death penalty declaration Chapter 3684 The crisis brought by the emperor Chapter 3685 No change, sword twenty-two Chapter 3686 Battle before the city Chapter 3687 Wu Shen will Chapter 3688 Quiet listener Chapter 3689 Involuntarily, they are all commandments Chapter 3690 Deceive is a puppy Chapter 3691 I Mingn Chapter 3692 Breguet

Chapter 3693 Recasting the soldiers Chapter 3694 The soldiers will be brave and will complement each other. Chapter 3695 World War I became famous Chapter 3696 Hundreds of schools contend, each exhibition director Chapter 3697 I laugh, you are a great guy. Chapter 3698 Opening the curtain Chapter 3699 Prominent purpose Chapter 3700 I am grandfather, you are a grandson. Chapter 3701 Dan Yusheng Chapter 3702 not that simple Chapter 3703 The limelight was robbed again. Chapter 3704 Above Zhongzhou! Holy Buddha!

Chapter 3705 Apocalypse Chapter 3706 temple Chapter 3707 Holy medicinal Chapter 3708 Devastated and horrible remedy Chapter 3709 I have slept for hundreds of millions of years of ice sculpture Chapter 3710 Past events Chapter 3711 This guy is crazy ~ The 3712 delicious to stay until the end Chapter 3713 Red sleeve Chapter 3714 Last seen Chapter 3715 All are conspirators Chapter 3716 Lifelong love, source of life

Chapter 3717 First-line life Chapter 3718 Never fall down Chapter 3719 Everything is spiritual Chapter 3720 Break out Chapter 3721 The road is unparalleled, the soul is full of Chapter 3722 Shocking Tianqi Emperor Chapter 3723 a sham shot Chapter 3724 Sorcerer Chapter 3725 First person in ten thousand years Chapter 3726 I have to be crazy once in my life. Chapter 3727 I should have thought of it. Chapter 3728 Wuling Shenwei

Chapter 3729 Wu Yunfang defeat Chapter 3730 Final strength Chapter 3731 The South China Sea, the forest of Zizhu Chapter 3732 The last piece of pure land Chapter 3733 Who is not in the world? Chapter 3734 a hundred schools of thought Chapter 3735 Pure land is no longer... Chapter 3736 Moyu Qiancheng Chapter 3737 Battle of soldiers and ink Chapter 3738 Five-party Tianmen array Chapter 3739 By the way Chapter 3740 One thousand times a city, Wanshi ink attack

Chapter 3741 The good show is about to start. Chapter 3743 More painful than death Chapter 3744 Ruthless strangulation Chapter 3745 Enemy meet, extra-eyed Chapter 3746 Rushing together Chapter 3747 Difficult to fly Chapter 3748 When a man is a child, his daughter is self-reliant. Chapter 3749 Shoot it, kill innocent Chapter 3750 You are all damned Chapter 3751 How many roads can you look at? Chapter 3752 Strong Mohist Chapter 3753 Unmatched

Chapter 3754 The Emperor of the East, the God of Heaven Chapter 3755 Alarmed inner court Chapter 3756 Really think that you are invincible in the world? Chapter 3757 Maybe the end point is the starting point Chapter 3758 Gentleman agreement Chapter 3759 Sword twenty three Chapter 3760 same Chapter 3761 Top ten families Chapter 3762 Despise the world Chapter 3763 Clearly arranged Chapter 3764 Pain to the depths of the soul Chapter 3765 Recognition meeting

Chapter 3766 Preaching Chapter 3767 Unbearable sight Chapter 3768 Endless life, never die Chapter 3769 Who is he? Chapter 3771 Ling Tianzi Chapter 3772 Wanfo relic Chapter 3773 Unstoppable emperor Chapter 3774 I don't go to hell, who goes to hell. Chapter 3775 I am like a Buddha Chapter 3776 Clean up the portal Chapter 3777 Help me to live bliss Chapter 3778 Rootless water

Chapter 3779 Re-emergence Chapter 3780 Kill the deep sea* Chapter 3781 Killing chicken and slaughtering sheep Chapter 3782 Dead enemy Chapter 3783 Decisive battle Chapter 3784 Enemy of life Chapter 3785 Desperate deep sea Chapter 3786 Emperor Chapter 3787 Skywalker and nine days Chapter 3788 Protect the beliefs in your heart Chapter 3789 The power of the great emperor Chapter 3790 Tibetan front

Chapter 3791 Cried with a smile Chapter 3792 Leave another Chapter 3793 Recast Tianlong Sword Chapter 3794 Different Buddhas Chapter 3795 Reinvigorating the Buddha, it is duty-bound Chapter 3796 Shameful, etc. Chapter 3797 The ambition of the ancestors Chapter 3798 I have been with you for a long time. Chapter 3799 Golden body Chapter 3800 Sword twenty-four, absolutely reborn Chapter 3801 Brotherhood Chapter 3802 Hellwalker

Chapter 3803 Four Buddhism Chapter 3804 The change of the West Pole China Chapter 3805 Hell is not empty, swears not to become a Buddha Chapter 3806 The door of the small round! Chapter 3807 I don't know how Chapter 3808 Worried Chapter 3809 Light of death Chapter 3810 The threat of the Ivabu Chapter 3811 Soul, light Chapter 3812 Emperor Shi Tianwei Chapter 3813 Bet on life Chapter 3814 Buddha and the devil, only between one thought

Chapter 3815 World refuge Chapter 3816 Three Buddhas Chapter 3817 The temptation of past and present life Chapter 3818 Northwest Chapter 3819 The mission of the Luos Chapter 3820 I believe in you, but I don't believe in the Protoss. Chapter 3821 Tianhe Avenue Chapter 3822 The Three Realms are in the eye Chapter 3823 From now on, you and I will not owe each other. Chapter 3824 River Tullow, Xuan Huanglongjia Chapter 3825 There are strong enemies before, and there are pursuers Chapter 3826 No border sword, no end

Chapter 3827 Battle of Dao Yun Chapter 3828 Life and death collision Chapter 3829 Show up Chapter 3830 Quadruple god Chapter 3831 Swallowed a day Chapter 3832 Decisive battle king Chapter 3833 Looking back into the sky Chapter 3834 The vibration of the ancestral tower Chapter 3835 Long Yuan Chapter 3836 Supreme return, desperate return Chapter 3837 The danger of Buddhism Chapter 3838 Float tower

Chapter 3839 What is love, what is true? Chapter 3840 My tears are your tears. Chapter 3841 Can only succeed, can't fail Chapter 3842 Hong Ying above the West Sea Chapter 3843 Awkward teenager Chapter 3844 Spirit of the sky Chapter 3845 Gravekeeper, pale yellow Chapter 3846 The tomb of God opens and the gods return Chapter 3847 Haotian Chapter 3848 Hongjun turned into a sand, not seeing the world Chapter 3849 Cosmic sky map Chapter 3850 Space tide

Chapter 3851 How can you get a little less in the new world? Chapter 3852 Tide power Chapter 3853 Star stone Chapter 3854 Origin of origin Chapter 3855 Return to the law Chapter 3856 Terror cyclone Chapter 3857 Iron armor Chapter 3858 pay off Chapter 3859 Reproduce the battle Chapter 3860 Broken flow Chapter 3861 Chixia Stars Chapter 3862 Feather

Chapter 3863 Dry one vote Chapter 3864 Hit me together Chapter 3865 Two wing feathers Chapter 3866 follow Chapter 3867 Dogs want to eat roasted wings Chapter 3868 Turn on invincible mode Chapter 3869 Is it even more powerful? Chapter 3870 Master of the source Chapter 3871 Wild Dragon Thirteen Chapter 3872 Do not understand the pity and cherish the jade [three more] Chapter 3873 Four wing feathers [four more] Chapter 3874 Tuzu [一一]

Chapter 3875 Fighting homes [two more] Chapter 3876 In the mountains Chapter 3877 Call of Dragon Thirteen Chapter 3878 The world is bigger, there are also top Chapter 3879 Ascending ladder Chapter 3880 Forced charge Chapter 3881 Yandong City Yancheng Chapter 3882 Fu Jiafeng Chapter 3883 I have something to say Chapter 3884 Which is greasy Chapter 3885 Three-day battle Chapter 3886 Shock in Fu Yunzhong

Chapter 3887 Mano Shintoya Chapter 3888 Pointing Chapter 3889 Reborn Chapter 3890 Famous Chidong domain Chapter 3891 Paying the shock of your family Chapter 3892 Same sect Chapter 3893 Not a enemy Chapter 3894 Long tiger Chapter 3895 Zidan Pavilion [three more] Chapter 3896 Crazy Fu Yuntao [four more] Chapter 3897 Strong and strong [five] Chapter 3898 Paying for the crisis [six more]

Chapter 3899 Inexplicable hatred [one more] Chapter 3900 It’s terrible [two more] Chapter 3901 Can't hold on [three more] Chapter 3902 Is threatening you [four more] Chapter 3903 Heaven descends the dragon [five] Chapter 3904 Things [one more] Chapter 3905 Go to Wuge [two more] Chapter 3906 See also the feathers [three more] Chapter 3907 The dragon becomes more and more prominent [four more] Chapter 3908 Chen Yiren [five more] Chapter 3909 The dog bites you, do you still bite the dog? Chapter 3910 The ancestors of the Wuji Pavilion [seven more]

Chapter 3911 Meet your unreasonable requirements [eight more] Chapter 3912 High-profile Chen Cheng [nine] Chapter 3913 Baby 疙瘩【十更】 Chapter 3914 Hugh to grab the name of my master Chapter 3915 The land of dirt and dirt [12 more] Chapter 3916 Called Dad [13 more] Chapter 3917 Have something to say, have a fart and let go Chapter 3918 Come late at night [15 more] Chapter 3919 Two birds in one fell swoop Chapter 3920 Three old apprentices Chapter 3921 Exalted Chapter 3922 One-time rejuvenation

Chapter 3923 醍醐 顶 top Chapter 3924 Colosseum Chapter 3925 Copper face Chapter 3926 No. 3 Combat Chapter 3927 Scared? Chapter 3928 Boiling of the Colosseum Chapter 3929 Blowing too big Chapter 3930 Hot again Chapter 3931 Fusion pangolin Chapter 3932 The power of terror Chapter 3933 Fierce Chapter 3934 Colosseum Legend

Chapter 3935 Three-eyed leopard Chapter 3936 Rongyuan Tower Chapter 3937 Unspeakable Chapter 3938 What is the Hualien gang? Chapter 3939 Renovation of Hualien Chapter 3940 Identity exposure Chapter 3941 Grandfather debut Chapter 3942 All over the place Chapter 3943 That is your grandfather Chapter 3944 Qingyuan Pool Chapter 3945 Xie Ting [一一] Chapter 3946 Really big [two more]

Chapter 3947 Give it a [three more] Chapter 3948 Still don't see the ancestors [four more] Chapter 3949 True **** [one more] Chapter 3950 The Colosseum is boiling again [two more] Chapter 3951 Then on the battle platform [three more] Chapter 3952 Battle against three-eyed leopard [four more] Chapter 3953 Promotion to the source of the three heavens Chapter 3954 a glance at hell Chapter 3955 a sword Chapter 3956 make friends Chapter 3957 The source of the four heavens [two more] Chapter 3958 Unstoppable [three more]

Chapter 3959 Rhubarb engages in things [four more] Chapter 3960 Dog uncle [one more] Chapter 3961 Understatement [two more] Chapter 3962 Pointing to the Promise Court [three more] Chapter 3963 Hand in hand Chapter 3964 Crazy Wuji Chapter 3965 Xie Ting's invitation Chapter 3966 Shenwu Mountain Villa Chapter 3967 Injured Shen Wuwei Chapter 3968 Compensation for 100,000 Chapter 3869 a group of rice barrels Chapter 3870 Point again

Chapter 3971 Chiling Mountain Chapter 3972 This is my teacher Chapter 3973 Flying character Chapter 3974 You are Jiang Chen Chapter 3975 Guild warrior Chapter 3976 Death Lei Lian Chapter 3977 Non-negligible dog Chapter 3978 Xie Ting's blood Chapter 3979 Great victory [four more] Chapter 3980 Zhang Qing's shock [five more] Chapter 3981 One finger pointing [six more] Chapter 3982 This dog is too fierce [one more]

Chapter 3983 Unusual beast Chapter 3984 The feast of rhubarb [three more] Chapter 3985 Shocking conspiracy Chapter 3986 Star ruins [one more] Chapter 3987 Master out of the [two more] Chapter 3988 Zhao Lingqi's opinion [three more] Chapter 3989 Genius gathering Chapter 3990 Enter the ruins [five more] Chapter 3991 Eight Doors of the Romans [six more] Chapter 3992 Array Chapter 3993 Break Chapter 3994 Big counterattack

Chapter 3995 Crazy Wuge disciple Chapter 3996 Jiang Chen teacher Chapter 3997 Painful Chapter 3998 The power of the wild Chapter 3999 Kill the eight sons Chapter 4000 The sadness of the feathers Chapter 4001 Strong counterattack Chapter 4002 Shoot dead seven sons Chapter 4003 Skills Chapter 4004 Feather's despair Chapter 4005 Lay the name Chapter 4006 Psychedelic array

Chapter 4007 Zhao Lingxi's worry Chapter 4008 Star tomb Chapter 4009 Lin Queen Chapter 4010 Repair for further progress Chapter 4011 Fury Xie Yunpeng Chapter 4012 Re-opening Chapter 4013 Yu's sorrow Chapter 4014 Wonderful use of the ladder Chapter 4015 Start to fear Chapter 4016 Jiang Chen's requirements Chapter 4017 Crazy ass Chapter 4018 The same is true

Chapter 4019 Repair for further progress Chapter 4020 Master is not available Chapter 4021 Three products and ten percent Chapter 4022 National teacher Chapter 4023 Want to face Chapter 4024 Invited city government Chapter 4025 Demon fox [two more] Chapter 4026 Admire very [three more] Chapter 4027 You dare to question me [four more] Chapter 4028 Bai Xiaoling's conspiracy [five more] Chapter 4029 Save Xie Yunpeng Chapter 4030 Means through the sky

Chapter 4031 Five sons fight Chapter 4032 Pointing to Chen Yiren Chapter 4033 Zhao Gan light confidence Chapter 4034 Worry Chapter 4035 Fighting the Chiling Mountain again Chapter 4036 Huang Quanyi dream Chapter 4037 Promotion to the source of the nine heavens Chapter 4038 Anti-killing five sons Chapter 4039 Nether Taiwan Chapter 4040 Exile Chapter 4041 Not open your eyes Chapter 4042 Ten wicked people

Chapter 4043 frenzied Chapter 4044 Treasure boy Chapter 4045 Street killing Chapter 4046 Bad identity Chapter 4047 Come and go Chapter 4048 Unspeakable Chapter 4049 hunting Chapter 4050 Enemy committed [one more] Chapter 4051 Chase [two more] Chapter 4052 Leading snake out of the hole [three more] Chapter 4053 Decisive battle Chapter 4054 This dog is too powerful [five more]

Chapter 4055 Brothers join hands Chapter 4056 Ground source Chapter 4057 Tragic four sons Chapter 4059 The nightmare of the Yu people [two more] Chapter 4060 Reflowing place [three more] Chapter 4061 Shivering [four more] Chapter 4062 The northernmost land [five more] Chapter 4063 Mysterious Dragon Palace [six more] Chapter 4064 Do not measure [seven] Chapter 4065 嚣张大黄狗 Chapter 4066 Sword repair obsession Chapter 4067 Step on death

Chapter 4068 Zhao Ba's anger Chapter 4069 Burning evil city Chapter 4070 Destruction of a city Chapter 4071 Dragon Palace Chapter 4072 Detoxification of the elderly Chapter 4073 Wan Yao Chapter 4074 Exile Chapter 4075 Flying sky Chapter 4076 Kill the young master Chapter 4077 Escaped again Chapter 4078 Black tiger Chapter 4079 Keel

Chapter 4080 To poison the old man's anger Chapter 4081 Entering the Dragon Palace Chapter 4082 a drop of dragon blood Chapter 4083 Floating prison palace Chapter 4084 Wan Yao surrender Chapter 4085 Give you a chance not to Chapter 4086 Let’s talk Chapter 4087 Fighting against old people Chapter 4088 Sweeping the place of exile Chapter 4089 Feather movement Chapter 4090 Decisive battle book Chapter 4091 Decisive battle of Chiling Mountain

Chapter 4092 The threat of the Nether Chapter 4093 Magic boy [four more] Chapter 4094 a sword kills the big son Chapter 4095 Feather day Chapter 4096 Turn the tide Chapter 4097 Nameless body Chapter 4098 Justice Chapter 4099 Going to Chinan Chapter 4100 Grand Prince Palace Chapter 4101 Shock Chapter 4102 Final battle Chapter 4103 Peerless enchanting

Chapter 4104 Big things [one more] Chapter 4105 Go to the Chizhong domain [two more] Chapter 4106 蛟龙Border [three more] Chapter 4107 Killing [four more] Chapter 4109 Hurricane beast [two more] Chapter 4110 The origin of the wind [three more] Chapter 4111 Big 肆 肆 [four more] Chapter 4112 Feast Chapter 4113 Know everything Chapter 4114 The transformation of the eternal fairy wind Chapter 4115 Repair for further progress Chapter 4116 Purple woman

Chapter 4117 Save people to the end Chapter 4118 Kirin House Chapter 4119 Sifu One Camp Chapter 4120 Potential crisis Chapter 4121 The second floor of the Dragon Palace Chapter 4122 Feather blocked Chapter 4123 Underestimating the enemy Chapter 4124 Keel Chapter 4125 顶天立地龙十三 Chapter 4126 Why do you die [two more] Chapter 4127 Unbearable [three more] Chapter 4128 Brother reunion

Chapter 4129 One sword second Chapter 4130 Kill again

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