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Jiang Chen has already had an understanding of this floating prison palace. The eternal world is a peerless and powerful baby. Maybe it is comparable to the existence of the ladder. Now he has become the master of this dragon palace, enough to make himself in the eternal world. Mobile terminal


"Black King, now you are alone in this Dragon Palace?"


Jiang Chen asked.


"Nature is not. Those who went out before are unable to hold back the curse of the eternal Lord. The soul is lost. The spirit has been completely lost, so they can run out of the Dragon Palace. This is also the only possibility to get rid of the Dragon Palace, under the curse. If you completely lose yourself, you can leave here. We have not lost our wisdom and lost ourselves. We are always looking forward to the arrival of our master. Now that the Dragon Palace has a new owner, the curse is naturally eliminated. On this day, we don’t know what to expect. How long has it been."


The black king said with great excitement, and when he finished, his momentum suddenly shocked.


I saw the sound of roaring in the entire Dragon Palace. The figure appeared in different directions. There were monsters that turned into human figures, and there were monsters, and elves, dense and dense, and Jiang Chen’s gods swept under the clouds. One more, just 10,000.


"I have never seen a master yet"


The black king said to the Wan Yao.


"I have seen the master."


Wan Yao screamed in unison, all lying on the ground, neatly.


Jiang Chen’s inner vibrate, this scene is a bit too shocking. There are no accidents in front of these big demons. All of them are ground-sourced.


Moreover, according to what the Black King said before, they have been cultivated for a long time, and they are far more than this. Under the curse of the eternal Lord, after three thousand years of weakening, they have reached the realm of today.


"Black King, can you improve if you cultivate it?"


Jiang Chen asked, his inner heart can not be calm at this moment, what exile land, now in his eyes is already rubbish, the top ten wicked people are vulnerable to existence, if he put all these demons out, for a moment It is possible to bury the corpses in the wild, and the dogs do not stay.


What makes Jiang Chen even more expecting is that if these people's cultivation is still able to gradually recover, then the tens of thousands of demon army can be used too much.


If there is one percent of the monsters here can upgrade one level, it is a heavenly source, a hundred days, a source of heaven, a tens of thousands of land, nine days, Jiang Chen led the 10,000 demon army, kill Shangtian Yushan, the feathers of the Red East, where there is resistance.


"Starting the master, as long as the curse is broken, our cultivation will gradually recover gradually. For up to three days, we can be promoted to the heavenly source. This is the first layer of the Dragon Palace, one month. There will be no less than a thousand people in the promotion of the heavens."


Hei Wangdao, he said an understatement, but can fully feel that the words that the Black King said, there is no half-baked composition, this figure is even more conservative.




Jiang Chen’s eyes slammed brightly, and he resisted the laughter without excitement. The thousands of days of the demon, the Tianyu Mountain could not be leveled.


"From now on, all the things left by the floating butchers are owned by the masters, including the lives of all of us. The black king is willing to go to the fire."


The black king held a fist against Jiang Chen and said forcefully.


"Very good, Black King, I ask you, this eight layers above the Dragon Palace, what is why I can't open now."


Jiang Chen asked, although he said that he had the help of Wanxue and the keel of the keel. For Jiang Chen, it was already a great advantage and a good thing, but since he became the owner of this dragon palace, Jiang Chen naturally wants to know the above. What are the eight layers?


The first floor of the Dragon Palace has such great benefits. He believes that the more he goes up, the more benefits he will have.


"I don't know this subordinate. It's not enough to guess. The above is being imprisoned. I am afraid that it is also the character of the chief of the floating butchers. The people on each floor should be different. As for the master, he cannot open the second floor. It should be the master. The repair is not enough. The layers above the Dragon Palace should be automatically upgraded as the master improves, but the owner does not have to worry, although the master above can't come out now, but because the curse of the Dragon Palace has been lifted, the master above The cultivation will not be weakened anymore. Even if it is not allowed to go out in the Dragon Palace, it will not affect their cultivation. If the master does not open a layer, the master who comes out inside will be directly used by the master."


Black king road.


Wen Yan, Jiang Chen could not help but nodded, and could not help but sigh, his own once a plane master, here, even repaired as a low-level even a second floor of the Dragon Palace can not open.


However, Jiang Chen is not discouraged at all. The more he is, the more excited he is inside, the more the Dragon Palace opens. This shows that he has a long way to go in the eternal world. This is another way to compete for the world. The process on this road is the most desirable for Jiang Chen.


"Black King, you will continue to practice in the Dragon Palace in the future. When I need you, you will be able to go out. Without my orders, no one can move."


Jiang Chen said loudly to the Black King and the Wan Yao.


"Yes, master."


Wan Yao is in unison, the scene is vast, Jiang Chen is like a king, waving his finger.


"The owner is assured that now you are the owner of the Dragon Palace. Without your instructions, we just want to come out and we can't get out."


Black king road.


Jiang Chen nodded and was very satisfied with the performance of the Black King and the Wan Yao. Then, his body shook and went straight out of the Dragon Palace.


The moment when Jiang Chen walked out of the Dragon Palace, the huge Dragon Palace, which was suspended above the sea, suddenly turned down sharply, and became a small light spot in the blink of an eye, completely disappearing from the place of exile.


For the sake of a grain of dust, the Dragon Palace has entered the body of Jiang Chen, which can be large or small, and can be summoned by Jiang Chen.


"Look, the Dragon Palace has disappeared. My God, this mysterious Dragon Palace has not been known for many years in the exile. It suddenly disappeared and disappeared. It seems that it has never happened."


"What happened must be related to Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen?"


"Look, Jiang Chen has appeared. This guy must have been surprised. He entered the Dragon Palace and not only did not die, but the Dragon Palace disappeared. The disappearance of the Dragon Palace must be related to Jiang Chen."


"It must be Jiang Chen. He got all the treasures in the Dragon Palace. It must be like this."


The disappearance of the Dragon Palace, the reappearance of Jiang Chen, undoubtedly set off a storm in the north of the land, it can be said that no one is not surprised.


The mysterious Dragon Palace does not know how many years existed in the northern part of the land. When the top ten wicked people appeared, the Dragon Palace was there. Now the Dragon Palace suddenly disappeared, and Jiang Chen was the first person to enter the Dragon Palace in countless years. Said no connection, I am afraid no one believes.


Jiang Chen got the Fugitive Palace, which indicates that the Red East has ushered in the end. Lao Su’s recent mood is not very good, resulting in a very slow codeword. Today is still a day, and tomorrow will usher in the climax of the Red East. Lao Su tries to be three more, in addition, my brothers, my WeChat public number, thank you.


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Dragon War God