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A cold wind blew, Jiang Chen couldn't help but shudder, and the hand of the keel and spear could not help but tremble. Mobile phone side ranena`


Jiang Chen looked around and looked around. Everything didn't exist. Jiang Chen seemed to have entered a solidified space, and couldn't tell the gloom.


"How is this going"


Jiang Chen’s eyebrows, the scene in the Dragon Palace is totally different from what he imagined, and the difference is 100,000 miles. At the same time, Jiang Chen’s heart is full of doubts. It’s too mysterious. The monster that went out from here before. There are no 10,000 and eight thousand. In Jiang Chen’s view, there must be at least a group of monsters.


I didn't think that there was such a calm here. It was like a real exile. It was not a monster, not even a root hair.


In the face of such an environment, the only thing Jiang Chen can explain is that the monsters inside have all gone out. After all, the gate of the Dragon Palace was opened.




The keel of the keel screams and trembles in the hands of Jiang Chen, and even a will is heard. This will is not very clear, but Jiang Chen can probably know what it means through blood.


"I know, I can't see the true face of the Dragon Palace because I haven't got the approval of the Dragon Palace. If I want to get the approval of the Dragon Palace, I have to start with this keel, as long as I refine this. The spear can be recognized by the Dragon Palace, and even the owner of the Dragon Palace can be succeeded. The Dragon Palace does not know what it is, but the level is definitely not low, because the Dragon Palace can be used to hang the ladder before, since I got the ladder, this situation is still First appeared."


Jiang Chen muttered to himself, he is not a fool, his life practice has given him an unparalleled experience of cultivation, even if he enters this mysterious Dragon Palace at this moment, Jiang Chen still has no trace of panic, and the will passed through the keel Soon I knew what I was going to do next, instead of letting the Dragon Palace trap myself.


The keel of the keel has become more and more fierce. The golden dragon is attached to the back and forth of the spear. It is obviously interested in the keel.


"Well, I will refine the keel spear and get the approval of the Dragon Palace, and then I can see the roots of the Dragon Palace."


Jiang Chen’s scorpion shines, and immediately sits cross-legged, putting the keel spear in front of him and starting to concentrate on refining.


As for what is going on outside, Jiang Chen is not worried at all. The so-called thing does not hang high, and the place of exile is no longer a matter of chaos. There is no one here worth visiting.


As for the rhubarb dog, Jiang Chen is not worried at all. This dog is an old fox. He is very embarrassed. He has too many life-saving skills. If he hides, the whole exile of the exile will not find him.


The dragons and scorpions have been unfolding, and the blood of Jiang Chen has begun to boil. The evolution of dragons and dragons has made the blood of the river dust body and the blood of the cosmic dragon generally no more than even more.


Under the control of Jiang Chen, the golden dragon brush touched into the keel and spear. For a time, the keel of the keel was shining and the momentum was soaring, making the entire Dragon Palace tremble violently.


Inside the keel of the keel, it contains the extremely noble blood of the cosmic dragon. The absolute cosmic dragon master's warrior is not speculative. However, this keel war spear is sealed. In the peak period, I am afraid it will not be weaker than the existence of the ascending ladder. .


Because of the problem of blood, Jiang Yuanlong quickly got the approval of the keel and spear, which made the first step of Jiang Chen refining the keel spear very smooth.


Even so, it is not an easy task to completely refine the keel and spear with Jiang Chen’s current ability. This refining has lasted for half a month.


In the past two months, the northernmost land is still crowded with people. The top ten wicked people are very patient. One has not left. As for the monsters that ran out of the Dragon Palace, although they flow to places where they are not in exile, they also Did not turn up too much spray.


"Jiang Chen’s kid has been in the Dragon Palace for half a month. How can he still not come out and will not die inside?"


"We are still waiting here for what I am afraid I will not see any more."


"What do you know, the Dragon Palace has not been sunk in the sky, which means that there will be changes. The mystery of the Dragon Palace is not clear. As long as the Dragon Palace does not disappear, there is a need to wait. Otherwise, you think that What the big wicked people have to do?"


"Yeah, continue to wait, if Jiang Chen walks out from inside, I am afraid that it will become the target of the attack of the top ten wicked people in the first time. This guy snatched the spear of poisoning the old man and poisoned the face of the old man." It has been gloomy for half a month."


Many people are talking about it. The top ten wicked people are waiting for it. So far, no one has given up on the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace has long been the most marked place in the exile. As long as the Dragon Palace exists for one day, it may be different. The change, the top ten wicked people can not be missed, the masters of the exile land will not miss.


After all, in this exile, there are not many people on weekdays. Instead of going back to doing nothing, it is better to wait here to watch the excitement.


At the moment, in the Dragon Palace, after Jiang Chen completely refines the keel and spear, a low dragon blood actually overflows from the keel.


"The energy in this dragon's blood is so good. This is a reward for the keel and spear. If I refine this dragon's blood, my cultivation will improve at least two levels and directly reach the five-day sky. The point, and, refining this dragon blood, just to test my blood is noble, or the blood of the cosmic dragon is noble."


Jiang Chen’s eyes burst into a shining light. This dragon blood is simply a treasure in the baby. Even if he sees Jiang Chen, he can’t help but lick his mouth.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen directly swallowed the dragon's blood, so swallowing it so swiftly, I am afraid that Jiang Chen can do it. If you change it to other people, can you get the approval of the dragon blood? The energy contained in the blood is enough to directly blast their bodies.


However, this situation does not exist for Jiang Chen. The blood of Jiang Chen is enough to overwhelm everything. Even the blood of the cosmic dragon must be surrendered.



The dragon blood entered the body of Jiang Chen, and a violent energy suddenly raged in the body of Jiang Chen, flooding the limbs of Jiang Chen, the energy of dragon blood is extremely overbearing, and the nobleness of his own in Jiang Chen’s body come out.


It is a pity that at this time, the golden source dragon shot again, and the dragon blood was swallowed in one bite. The dust of the river dragon broke out, and the blood of the cosmic dragon was suppressed.


Dragon War God


Dragon War God