"Grab!" The old man who fled the poison first flew out, and the poison gas was released directly and spread around. This is very direct, and the purpose is not to let people close. It is his ultimate poison that the mobile phone has poisoned the old man. It is difficult for ordinary people to get close. Even if it is a master of Jiuzhongtian, such as Zhao Biao and Feihui, they are not willing to touch, even if they have strength. Resisting these poisons will definitely give up most of the energy to resist, which will result in a certain loss of combat power. The poisoning of the elderly is the peak state. In the case of acute poisoning, this keel and spear is not his own. "The shot, such a good thing, can not let him take it alone." Zhao Biao also rushed out, he is now like a mad dog, who dare to bite two. "Hey! Do you dare to grab it with me?" The old man slammed the cold, and Shenwei made a big show, and evolved a **** hand. The big hand was covered with poisonous, overwhelming, directly shrouded the keel. The preemptive strike of this move is really powerful, making it impossible for others to get close. The keel war spear is at your fingertips, and the face of the poisoned old man has already emerged with a smile. In his opinion, as long as the keel war spear gets his hand, no one dares to find himself to grab it, because it is undoubtedly the tiger's mouth to eat. Looking at the whole place of exile, dare to grab things with yourself, not yet. However, when the old man was poisoned, he thought that he would win the battle. When he was about to take the keel to the hand, the figure was like a blast. Suddenly, it broke through layers of obstacles. Even the poison of the old man could not cause the shadow. No effect at all. Snapped! A dragon claw slammed and grabbed the keel spear before the poisoning of the old man. The next moment, the figure flashed out, swaying out of the hundred feet, making the big hand of the poisoning old man fall, and the great wicked are also busy. "Who?" The old man was mad at the poison, and the first one shouted. Everyone looked at the figure, not Jiang Chen or who? At this moment, Jiang Chen, the keel and the spear were held in the hands, the source dragon in the body once again swayed, and even the keel and spear were violently swaying, which seemed to resonate with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen can feel a very powerful energy from the keel and spear. It is the power of the source. The source of this energy is exactly the same as Jiang Chen. It is almost unnecessary to guess. Jiang Chen can conclude that this must be the treasure of the cosmic dragon. Jiang Chen has a feeling that if he can refine this keel and spear, relying on this spear, he will be able to exert a powerful power, and the spear is in hand, killing the top ten wicked people. However, it takes some time to refine the keel and spear. Although his blood is very suitable for refining the keel, he is the first thing to contact the cosmic dragon, and it will take some time to get used to it. "Jiang Chen, it turned out to be you." Zhao pulls his eyes and his eyes are about to burst. He is the most ignorant of Jiang Chen. This face appears in front of himself. Zhao Biao will directly lose his mind and hate the sky. Let Zhao pull the hatred of Jiang Chen, and it has reached the point of gnashing his teeth. "Small beasts, hand over the spears, or the seat will let you taste the pain of human life and die." The poisoned old man is mad, and he is the head of the top ten wicked. In this exile, no one has ever dared to grab his own things. This keel war spear will be on hand, and a half-way will kill a hairy boy, which will make the poisoned old man not angry. "Kid, this thing is not something you can get involved with." Ghost also said. The ten wicked people's momentum was released, and the raging waves of the sky slammed Jiang Chen into a tightly trapped area. It was completely a net of the sky, and did not give Jiang Chen a chance. "Where, this river dust is not crazy, this time dare to stand up and fight the spear. Really do not know life and death, now Zhao pull everywhere to find Jiang Chen to kill him, if he is his words, then take the top ten wicked How far is it to run when fighting for the spear, but this is sent to the door in vain. This brain looks really sick. It is not enough to offend a Zhao Biao. Now even the poisoning of the old man will be offended. The kid’s mouth is hunted, and he will die. His behavior is to directly offend the wicked ten people. In the exile, the ten wicked people’s respect is inviolable. Whoever infringes, that is a death, Jiang Chen All of the top ten wicked people have all been offended, and can still have a living path? Yes, I don’t know what this person thinks. At this time, I dare to jump out. The Dragon Palace is opened so many times, few people dare to go with the top ten evil people. Fighting, because the people who had robbed the baby with the top ten wicked people are already dead."...... Many people are shocked. Obviously, no one thought that Jiang Chen would dare to jump out at this time. Use the sky Was also not an exaggeration to describe such a situation, there is not the slightest chance of escape. "You, I am sorry, this spear is my own. The so-called heaven and earth are treasures. If you can't get it, you can't grab it. You can only blame yourself for not doing it." Jiang Chen said in a big way, don't give it to the top ten. The wicked face a little. Of course, Jiang Chen does not need to face the top ten wicked people. These evil-stricken guys are in the eyes of Jiang Chen. The so-called top ten wicked people are also the title they gave themselves, and they are exiled. They are nothing, and their nature is different from those who are innocent. They are unscrupulous and full of evil, so they will be exiled. It is unkind to say that even if they open the door to the exile land, they are not willing to go out. Instead of shouting outside, it is better to be happy here, to be a high-ranking king. "Small beasts, do you think you can get the spears? You seem to know nothing about your strength." "Kid, give me the spear, I will keep you in the place of exile." The poisoned old man extended his hand and changed his face faster than flipping the book. He had to gnash his teeth at the moment before, and now he began to throw olive branches. "Give you? Old poisons, these holy things, you are qualified to have this garbage." Jiang Chenxiao laughed, no face to poison the elderly. "Well, give you a chance, don't you, this seat will kill you now, see how you take the spear." The old man turned his face again, angry, and no one dared to talk to himself, he would have to look This unintelligible guy, why dare to be so crazy, do not say that there are keel war spears, even if there is no, Jiang Chen said to himself, the poisoning of the elderly has enough reason to kill him. Say, my daughter fell to the head, the occipital fracture was hospitalized, and it was broken. Sorry, the sword fairy was kept up-to-date by keeping the manuscript, and the dragon war gods became more and more difficult to write later. Write, it should be restored to normal updates soon, and today is even more.

Dragon War God

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