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Jiang Chen slammed his head and swelled his head, and Huo’s wake up.


"In 3486, the Holy Sepulchre has been dead for a hundred years, Jiang Chen, you are also called Jiang Chen, and this holy man was born again a hundred years later."


Jiang Chen, the first holy world in the Holy Land, a hundred years ago, he was smashing the clouds, breaking the door of the fairyland, opening up a new road to the saints of the mainland, but exhausting the last drop of holy blood, fallen to the holy cliff, did not expect One hundred years later, I was born again.


Jiang Chen looked up and found himself in a dark and dilapidated room. The walls were covered with cracks, the door was closed, and he was imprisoned.


Jiang Chen’s ears were vertical and someone spoke outside the door.


"Brave brother, he is the only son of the city owner. Although he is not talented, the city owner has a lot of love for him. If he is known by the city owner, he will be miserable."


There are two big men standing outside the door. One person is full of worry. This is a deserted area of ​​Tianxiang City. Very few people come here on weekdays.


"Afraid of a fart, God does not know the ghosts, the city owner does not know, say, wait for the blood of this kid, we will immediately leave Tianxiang City, Yang Shuang, you do not want to live forever."


Yang Yong’s face is awkward.


After listening to this, Yang Shuang’s face struggled and changed into a twilight: “There is no way out anyway. The owner of the city did not know how much thought he spent on this waste son, how many elixir he poured into him. It’s only a period of time. If these elixirs are given to us, they will soon reach the sea and even break through the people."


"These medicinal medicines are wasted on him. It is better to complete their brothers with their waste. After three days, Purified Dan has purified all the impurities in his body. We drank his blood, the qualifications improved, and immediately went high. One time update"


Yong brother sneered.


The words of the two people were heard by Jiang Chen, who was just reborn. After the memory of the Lord, the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was also a sneer.


"If you want to drink the blood of this holy, you only have to drink urine."


It is learned through memory that the two outsiders are the guards of the city's main house, and the dog is willing to hit his own mind and kill himself to take blood.


Jiang Chen didn't panic, and he was the first holy man in the world. He had encountered more than a hundred times of this dangerous scene. What's more, these two people have eaten purified dan, and it takes three days to get rid of the impurities in their blood. These three days are your own opportunities.


Ignoring the two outsiders, Jiang Chen began to examine his own body. When he felt the majestic power contained in the body, he immediately became happy.


"The old master of this city only knows how to instill a good medicine for his son, but he does not know that his son can't absorb it at all. There is so much backlog of medicine, and it will come sooner or later. However, for me, this body is just one. Treasure."


Jiang Chen has a smile on his face. For the world's first holy, it is easy to absorb these drugs.


"The two guys also gave me a cleansing Dan. Although it is very low-level, but for this body, it has endless benefits. The backlog of all the medicines will be refining and absorbing."


Jiang Chen’s thoughts moved, and he found a condensate from his memory and started to work. First time update


Under the operation of the condensate, the accumulated drug power in the body began to be evacuated a little and entered the limbs of Jiang Chen.


The elixir began to quench the bones of the river dust, blood, every inch of skin. At this time, the purification of Dan also played a certain role, removing the impurities deposited in the river dust.


The drug burden of the backlog for more than a decade is really too thick. This waste material boy is a treasure, it is a great waste. No wonder someone will hit his mind.


"Pharmaceutical gas, give me a conversion."


Jiang Chen gave a low drink, and the enormous potency of the body began to transform into a pure force at the same time as the body was tempered.




Breakthrough, the second phase of the atmosphere!


It was only an hour, Jiang Chen broke the original shackles and hit the second stage of the situation. More faster chapters please come.




In the three sections of the gas, four sections, five sections, one day, Jiang Chen broke through successively and directly hit the five sections of the atmosphere.


The so-called thick accumulation of thin hair, this body of the back of the elixir is too thick, has been hit into the five sections of the gas, the drug used half.


Outside the door, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang were restless and still waiting anxiously.


"Brother, one day, or kill him directly, take the blood."


Yang Shuang is a little upset.


"No, it takes three days for Purification Dan to completely purify the impurities in the blood, and so on."


Yang Yongdao. First time update


In the room, Jiang Chen is immersed in the thrill of promotion, Shengyuan mainland, everyone's cultivation of Wu, the nine sections of the atmosphere, can open up the sea in Dantian, reach the sea, then the human environment, Tiandan, Godland is also called the basic five.


After reaching the five stages of the atmosphere, Jiang Chen still did not stop, but the speed of promotion was significantly slowed down.


Two days later, Jiang Chen digested all the potions in the body, and reached the peak of the eight sections of the atmosphere. It was only a step away from the nine sections of the atmosphere.


"The three weathers are eight segments, and this body is also the limit."


Jiang Chen’s face is calm. If he is replaced by other people, he will be promoted to seven ranks in three days. I am afraid that he will be crazy, but Jiang Chen is the first holy man in the world. Whether it is knowledge or heart, it is far from being able to compare. To be fair, he is an old monster. More faster chapters please come.


"Haha, drink blood."


With an excited laughter, the door was opened and the two appeared in front of Jiang Chen.


"Drinking blood? You drink Laozi's urine."


Jiang Chen sat on the ground and suddenly punched two punches, respectively, on the lower abdomen of the two, and the two made a scream and flew out.


These two are the guards of the city's main government. Although they are not weak, they are only six sections of the atmosphere. How is Jiang Chen's opponent.


Jiang Chen patted his buttocks and walked out of the room without hesitation. He was a fist and he was clear. The two couldn’t stand up again.


In the other courtyard, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang were lying on the ground, holding their stomachs in pain, and looked at Jiang Chen in front of them with horror. More faster chapters please come.


"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. You are only a part of the situation. Even if you don't die, how can you be so powerful in three days?"


Yang Yong was shocked and broken. As the guard of the city government, they knew too much about this second-generation master. This guy is a complete waste. It is also awkward on weekdays. It has become so powerful that it has completely changed.


"You two dog slaves, it’s really a dog, and the idea is on the head of this young master. Say, who is instructing you?"


Jiang Chen’s eyes are cold and look at Yang Yong. He is not a fool. These two people are even more courageous, but after all, they are only slaves of the city’s government. If no one is instructing, they will not dare to deal with themselves, let alone clean up Dan. Such an immortality is not something that two slaves can take out. More faster chapters please come.


"No, no one is telling us that we are going to drink your own blood."


Yang Yong said quickly.


"Don't say, then you will never have a chance to say it."


Jiang Chen came to Yang Yong in front of him, and his palm was photographed in Yang Yong's heavenly spirit. His head was broken and the blood was mixed with a group. The dead could not die any more.


"This Holy Spirit never gives a second chance."


The indifference of Jiang Chen’s face is not a bit uncomfortable for such a **** scene.


But Yang Shuang on the side was frightened. He was timid when he was, and he had seen such a tragic scene, and immediately shivered.


"Come to you, say, who told you to do it."


Jiang Chen turned and looked at Yang Shuang.


"No, really no one, the young master is forgiving, the young master is forgiving."


Yang Shuang was frightened. The boy in front of him was not a young master who was familiar with him. The means of killing was too ferocious.


"Don't say? Very good, you can rest assured, I will never let you die very easily. I know a way to die. Before the human heart stops jumping, it will not die completely. I will cut your hands." With your feet, dig your nose, and then dig out your liver and kidneys, let you see what your body looks like, and finally dig out your heart. If you have enough willpower, you may still see yourself. The frequency of heart beats."


Jiang Chen said one word at a time.


"Well, I said I said."


Yang Shuang is full of sweat, he can't stand it. In his eyes, Jiang Chen is a demon, a devil.


"Hurry up, this young master's patience is limited."


Jiang Chen looked indifferent.


"It is the young master, the young master has instructed us, and the purification of Dan is also given by him."


Where is Yang Shuang still dare to hide.


"Jiang Rulong."


Jiang Chen’s mind suddenly appeared a name. This Jiang Rulong is the son of his own oldest adopted from a young age. Because he does not live up to expectations, the old man Jianghai is still very valued for this son, and many businesses are handed over to him. In memory, this big brother is also taking care of himself. No matter what trouble he has, Jiang Rulong gives him a hand.


"Why did Jiang Rulong want to get rid of me?"


Jiang Chen asked.


"The city masters have used a lot of elixir resources in you over the years. The young masters are naturally embarrassed. As long as you die, the young master will become the sole heir to the Jiang family. Moreover, tomorrow is the marriage between Murong and Jiang. If you die, this good thing will fall on the young master."


Yang Shuang trembled and said everything he knew.


"It turned out to be."


Jiang Chen mouth raised a sneer, Murong sister is a big family of Tianxiang City, commercial giants, even if it is the city's main government, but also to give three points, do not dare to easily provoke, Jiangjia if you can marry Murong family, Baili without One harm.


This Jiang Rulong heart machine and the city government are extremely deep. If it was the previous Jiang Chen, one hundred tied together could not fight him, but now it is different. The world’s first Shengsheng reincarnation, it’s a small river like a dragon. Over.


"Young Master, I have said that I should say, please take care of the young master, and make a small horse to do the horse. I am willing."


Yang Shuang repeatedly hoes.


"I don't need a slave like you."


Jiang Chen took a picture and Yang Shuang’s voice stopped.


[New, brothers, walking...]