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The digital management system was reformed, and a loophole was accidentally found in the operation of Hell, which caused a young man to die inexplicably before his life was over.

Because Hell’s Officer didn’t pay attention to the fantasy world, with uncanny skills Ayaka began to emerge step by step in the powerful world. However, what Hell didn’t expect was that the fantasy world and the real world in the end was actually the same way.

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Short Title:DBLA
Alternate Title:龙珠之绫叶传奇
Author:Maple Leaf Connection
Weekly Rank:#2140
Monthly Rank:#2269
All Time Rank:#2997
Tags:Age Progression, Cheats, Child Protagonist, Fanfiction, Fast Learner, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Gods, Humanoid Protagonist, Loli, Male to Female, Outer Space, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wishes,
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21 Comments on “Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka
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  1. This novel suffers heavily from Chinese mentality, when he/she is born the alien puts her down as a useless weak woman with no future, her parents see she's a girl and just leaves to never see her again because women are useless and only good for finding a strong male and apparently can't improve in combat like male saiyans and things like this become commonplace in the novel: In his mind, Ayaba's life is estimated to be a waste that even an ordinary low-level fighter can hardly reach. If it's a boy, maybe you can stimulate your potential through battles, but it's a pity that she's a girl, and she's destined to have no achievements in the future. In Vegeta, girls will not be the focus of training unless they are the offspring of intermediate fighters or advanced fighters.

  2. It also has 'heavenly dao' that takes the form of a Chinese cultivator in a robe in a final boss way similar to ISSTH and has Bardock break through to super saiyan god by playing a Chinese board game where Vegeta and Goku (who is repeatedly called monkey king, and so are both Goten and Gohan also called monkey king) 'comprehend god realm' to become super saiyan gods by chanting a random and meaningless idiom to break through. >_>

  3. pretty stupid, its gender bender but the answer to this is merely to use the Dragon balls and reverse your sex. so tell me exactly why even bother making this gender bender to start with.

  4. I found you even more stupid since they legit explained that in chapter 2, since the hell's judge used his divine power to make him into a girl it is unlikely that shenron has the ability to bypass that power and change him back into male.Please read before typing shit like this.

  5. simply give up the body and take another one over, if he cant change his sex then change the body like Zamasu did in DBS

  6. "Ayaka also thought about using the power of Dragon Ball to transform itself into a male body, but this body was transformed by Judge Lu's divine power, and the power of Shenlong should not be enough to change the characteristics of this body."

  7. there is also Ginyu Technique of Soul Switching, there are many ways to rid yourself of a Female body that cant be changed the body was created by the Judge but his soul is still the same.

  8. her bidy is given by judge lu, and if you hongye which is typically her blood that she separated for the parallel doesn't have the immortal body....hongye only have almost infinitely long lifespan and her regeneration is very much worse than mc...do you really think that she can take that cheats with her new body, and also remember that like that one on ginyu forces....although he can change body at will but the potential is limited because of the reason it is not his original bofy

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