Chapter 1523: Following

 On Isaac's side, he was constantly adjusting his plan based on the fierce battle in the Demon King's Hall.

 The battlefields elsewhere are already in full swing.

 Above the sky.

The metal dragons who have been fighting are already fighting and angry, and they are increasingly unable to maintain their rationality.

 Metal dragons are constantly falling into rage and losing their minds, attacking all targets around them without distinguishing between friend and foe.

Even though Tamarande and Larendra Magar tried their best to save their companions, it was difficult to stop the continuous sacrifice of the metal dragon.

 The more metal dragons are violent and sacrificing, this will further arouse the anger of other metal dragons, making it increasingly difficult to maintain sanity.

If Tamarande and Larendra Magar hadn't been there at this time, this sky battlefield would have been completely destroyed.

This is precisely the reason why Larendra Magar was unable to escape and enter the underground labyrinth of Perelesberg.

However, although the situation on this battlefield in the sky is extremely bad, the situation on the ground battlefield and in the maze of tunnels is exactly the opposite.

On the ground battlefield, Garros-Dragonmare's army has been completely overwhelmed. The resistance of the Dragon Witch Cult, which is composed of frost giants and orcs, has also been completely defeated.

At this time, Gallows-Dragon Nightmare is leading part of the army and speeding into Perelus Castle.

Coupled with the team led by Dorn Greybrook, who is determined to take revenge.

With no threat from him, Azak and the others were trying their best to break through the obstacles as quickly as possible, even if they were injured. However, they quickly defeated Sammaster's deployment.

 “If the opportunity arises, take down Drogothos first!”

 At this time, Sammaster could no longer take care of both sides.

Although the team chasing Sammaster has already lost Havalan, both Azak and Kapnolisir are as powerful as Havalan.

Having learned about Dogothos' methods, Sammaster naturally did not dare to take the risk and gave them the opportunity to break into the underground hall.

 The underground hall, this is his lifeblood.

 “Let’s get out of the way and then follow them.”

Especially, they are all aware of the urgency of time, so they are trying their best...

Sammaster also didn’t expect that he would be unable to drive back the three-headed dragon lich.

 The same is true in the maze of tunnels.

 The other part of the army is either chasing the defeated orcs and giants, or attacking the group of evil dragons in the sky.

  Sammaster called for deployment in the labyrinth tunnel, but this could not stop them at all.

 But in this way, it is difficult for Sammaster to contain Azak and others.

“It seems that Sammaster is still a step too late.”

  It's not that he lacks the ability to teleport, but the combined pressure of the three Dogossos is too powerful.

Without being able to force him back, all he had to do was pull away a little, which meant that the three-headed dragon lich was one step closer to the underground hall.

And the Archbishop of the Lord of the Morning, who is at odds with Sammaster.

Soon, when magic is cast on the other side of the maze, the tunnel that collapsed due to the "earthquake spell" will be reopened...

Isaac said as he walked back to the tunnel where he had been invisible before.

Of course, this time we have to keep up with Azak and others, so naturally we won’t go as far as before.

It's just to avoid the front, so that this "legendary invisibility" will not be noticed by Azak, or Kapnolisir, or the archbishop in charge of the "Holy Grail of Lathander".

His "legendary invisibility" is certainly powerful, but Azak's, and especially Kapnolisir's methods, if faced head-on, there is a real possibility of abnormality. Not to mention, the "Holy Grail of Lathander" is the manifestation of the sun's divine energy, and its extraordinary characteristics must restrain all hidden effects.

If he were to encounter the brilliance of this holy weapon directly, Isaac was really not sure that his "Legendary Concealment" would be able to evade this restraint.

 So, it is still necessary to avoid the front and then follow up.

"How does Your Majesty want to take action? How do you need my cooperation?"

Aleski asked as he followed closely in his footsteps.

 Issac finally decided to take Dogothos as the first target, and he couldn't welcome it more.

 “Be prepared with both hands.”

"If he performs consecutive instant casts, you can use dispel and counterattack to interfere with all his spellcasting."

"But if he only performs one instant spell when I take action, or even does not perform any instant spells, you will stare at his body and hit him, at least leaving a few bones!"

 These words of Isaac.

 Aleskle was nodding.

Of course he could hear that Isaac had directly considered the worst case scenario in advance.

 The worst thing is that Dogothos retreats as soon as the battle begins, or even retreats without a fight.

Isaac asked him to leave a few bones of Dogothos. Obviously, he had them. Even if Dogothos could escape, they would still have to find out and track them down.

 These bones of Dogothos are the best materials for prophecy spells!


Aleskle nodded and had no objection to this.

Although there are currently only three people on their side, and the purple-robed man can be excluded from the combat list, with him and Isaac here, at least for this battle, it is enough!

And...he certainly didn't think that Isaac wouldn't be more prepared.

This Green Dragon King has been paying attention to this place long before Dragon Madness came.

How could you be alone at this juncture?

The three figures quickly disappeared into the depths of the tunnel.

 Very quickly.

 It is the battle deep in the Demon King's Hall that is getting more and more intense.

From within the maze tunnel, battles broke out from time to time, and they were approaching rapidly.

 Azhak’s divine Holy Light!

The power of the sun of the Holy Grail of Lathander!

However, the breath of the blood-sucking smoke dragon did not enter the induction.

This guy's ability in stealth and concealment is indeed extraordinary.


Alexikler, who was silently perceiving and pondering, suddenly felt something in his heart, and then turned his eyes to Isaac: "Your Majesty, have we overlooked someone?"


After the sudden "defeat" to Garros-Dragon Nightmare, the dark archbishop never showed his face again.

With this decisive betrayal, there is no doubt that Ogasun is also the person who most hopes that Sammaster can die completely.

 At this moment, this person will never leave.

Rather, he should be lurking in the dark, waiting to see how Sammaster will die, and even, if necessary, he will definitely take action!

Aleskle was thinking that if they were to follow Azak and others, would they collide with Ogason again?

 (End of this chapter)