After returning to Haotian City, Tang Bufan immediately called a meeting of elders.

   "With regard to the matter of my becoming a god, the time is not yet ripe, so please don't make it public for the time being, even the sect disciples cannot tell."

   The elders nodded, but they didn't have any comments.

   Tang Bufan turned his gaze and fell on Tang Hao, "Uncle Hao, tell me about the situation in the Abyss of Death!"

"Death Abyss did have a big problem. The death aura inside surged, and those dead creatures became more active than before, and they have begun to wander in the first two areas. Moreover, several of us encountered it in the second level of Death Abyss. Bibi Dong, she has already added the nine spirit rings of the second martial arts spirit, the spirit ring configuration is even more six black and three red, and the spirit power has reached level ninety-nine, very powerful." Tang Hao nodded, but mentioned When he arrived at Bibi Dong, his expression became more serious.

"At that time, we almost started with the people in the Spirit Hall. Later, an army of skeletons emerged from the depths of the abyss of death. Among them were several more powerful mysterious creatures. The battle was about to start. The opponent was too strong. Then, we were able to escape with the spirit hall of ours. For this reason, the hall of spirit spirit lost two title Douluos."

Tang Bufan thoughtfully, "Has Bibi Dong reached level ninety-nine? It's okay, not becoming a **** is just an ant after all. Even if she becomes a god, she is not my opponent. There is even a Qianren who inherits the **** of angels. Snow can't beat me."

   "Xiao Fan, even though Bibi Dong is a twin spirit, she has reached level ninety-nine spirit power, but she shouldn't be able to become a god, right?" Tang Xiao's eyes moved, and the doubt in his heart was asked.

Tang Bufan glanced at everyone and sighed softly, "One thing I forgot to tell you, Bibi Dong has been recognized by a certain deity, and she has a chance to become a god. And Qian Daoliu's granddaughter Qian Renxue also got it. The recognition of the God of Angels has been participating in the assessment of the God of Angels for several years."

   The elders couldn't help being taken aback, and even a worrisome worrisome appeared between their eyebrows. There were actually two **** inheritors in the Wuhun Hall.

The second elder's eyes were cold, "Xiao Fan, now that you have become a god, you have to kill Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue first, so as not to increase trouble in the future. If you leave it alone, once they become gods, their ambitions will definitely expand sharply. I'm afraid we can't tolerate the existence of our Clear Sky Sect, I'm worried that sooner or later they will do something with you on our Clear Sky Sect."

   "The second elder grandfather, do you have no confidence in me or in our Haotian Sect?" Tang Bufan smiled faintly, and asked back.

   The second elder smiled wryly, "Xiao Fan, I naturally believe in your strength, but the Wuhun Temple is likely to give birth to two gods!"

Tang Bufan put a smile on his face and said seriously, "The second elder grandfather, I understand that you are thinking about the sect. However, for the time being, I cannot kill Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue, and I will keep them to deal with foreign gods. The Abyss of Death threatens the entire continent. Moreover, I am not the only one of us in the Clear Sky Sect that has been approved by the gods!"

"Xiao Fan, did you mean Zihan? But her inheritance is only the **** of fog, shouldn't be a **** who is good at fighting! And her spirit power is too low, I don't know how many years it will take to cultivate to ninety-nine Level, not to mention inheriting the position of God." Tang Xiao's heart moved.

   Tang Bufan said mysteriously, "Uncle, in addition to me and Zihan in the Haotian School, there is one other person who has been inherited by the gods."

   "Xiao Fan, are you kidding me?" Tang Xiao asked in surprise.

   The other elders also looked surprised, and there was a hint of expectation in their eyes.

   Tang Bufan nodded lightly.

   After receiving an affirmative response from Tang Bufan, a smile appeared on Tang Xiao's face, "I wonder which disciple of the sect was lucky enough to be favored by the gods? What kind of gods did he inherit?"

   "It's Qing Yu, she has become the inheritor of the Sea God. Besides the five of us, there is another person who has also been recognized by the **** and is participating in the test of the ice **** in the far north." Tang Bufan said directly.

   The smile on Tang Xiao's face stopped, not that it was strange that Qing Yu had become the inheritor of the Sea God, but that it was strange that other people had inherited the inheritance of the god.

   Tang Hao's eyes narrowed slightly, "Xiao Fan, as you said, aren't there already six deities inheritors on the mainland? Once they pass the test, doesn't it mean that there will be six deities living together in the future!"

   The other elders are also dignified, these are the six gods!

   After a while, Tang Bufan spoke again, "You elders don't need to worry about this, just leave these to me. Okay, let's talk about the next arrangements!"

   Tang Xiao and others nodded repeatedly.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Bufan slowly said, "Next, I am going to go to Thunder Grand Canyon to inherit the throne of Thor. After success, I will go to the Abyss of Death to kill the two foreign gods and fight for the seal. The space passage there."

   "Xiao Fan, if you don't wait for the thing about the abyss of death, it's too dangerous for you to go alone!" The second elder said with some worry.

The corner of Tang Bufan’s mouth raised an arc, "Second elder grandfather, you don’t have to worry about my safety. Once I inherit the thor’s throne, my strength will only be stronger. Even if I can’t beat those two foreign gods, I can protect myself. The important thing is that the Death Abyss has been dragged on for long enough. If it drags on, I am worried that the Magic Star Territory will build a stable space channel, and everything will be too late at that time."

   The second elder couldn't help but sigh in his heart, he knew too much about Tang Bufan's character. Once the child makes a decision, no one can make him change his attention.

   Seeing that the elders have no opinion, Tang Bufan announced, "If there is nothing wrong, let's end today's meeting!"

   "Wait a minute, Xiao Fan, I have something to trouble you!" Tang Xiao suddenly stopped Tang Bufan.

   Tang Bufan was slightly surprised, "Uncle, can you tell me something?"

   "Xiao Fan, you have become a **** now, so I want to trouble you to find my grandfather Tang Chen to see if his old man is still alive?" Tang Xiao pondered for a while.

   Tang Bufan raised his eyebrows, "Sect Master Tang Chen? No problem, I will search Douluo Continent again, but you shouldn't have much hope, Uncle."

   Tang Xiao and Tang Hao's expressions darkened slightly, and fell into silence, even the other elders were silent.


   After the meeting, Tang Bufan returned home. Tang Zheng and Xu Xiuqing had prepared a table of delicious meals.

   Tang was looking at his son for a while with pride, "Xiao Fan, you have become a **** now, there should be nothing next, right?"

   "Father, mother, I am afraid I will disappoint you. Although I have become a god, there are still many things to deal with." Tang Bufan said in a low tone.

Xu Xiuqing's face darkened slightly, "Well, you must pay attention to safety when you work abroad. Also, you are over twenty years old, don't forget to bring me a daughter-in-law back, of course two or three me too No comment."

   When it comes to the back, Xu Xiuqing is even more excited.

   Tang Bufan had a headache, so he could only bite the bullet and continue eating.

   This meal took a full hour to end.


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