Still the same result.

In the sky, there was a purple moon, no matter the strong or the weak, they entered a hypnotic state one after another, letting Luochuan collect it.

The sacred, spiritual, and water attributes were acquired by him and merged into a new dzi bead.

Then came Haomiao Palace, the first palace of the Central Region, and the Valley of Love, the first valley of the Eastern Region. Luochuan gained all the natural and time attributes other than the holy attributes.

In the end, only the dzi with the destruction attribute was not obtained, and the first blood red prison in the Southern Region with this attribute was placed last by Luochuan.

It's not how strong the blood red prison is, and behind it there is an existence comparable to a god.

Lord of the Nether!

The special creatures born in the Nether Space attached to this plane, by absorbing the negative energy of the plane, are now above the Celestial God level in strength.

In the words of this world, it is the legendary Heavenly Transformation Level, which can also be said to be the God Level.

The difference with the gods of the gods is that they have no **** status, which is similar to his clone status.

In other words, the two sides are of the same level, so he will naturally be more careful.

Qian Renxue didn't know this. Although she had seen the existence of the Lord of the Nether in the ancient books of the sacred places, she did not expect it to be related to the blood red prison.

She thought that this time, like other holy places, she would be able to tour around unknowingly.

In fact, this is not the case.

After Luochuan used the hypnosis skills, some people suddenly burned with a devastating flame.

This is a purple flame, which quickly merges into a unique creature while beating.


The powerful people have larger crabs, and the weak ones are smaller, and not everyone has them, only a few.

These crabs opened their tiny eyes one after another, and released their will to destroy.

Qian Renxue was stunned for a moment, then her complexion changed, her eyes gathered, she was shocked: "This will... is so powerful!"

She was a little uncertain: "Which **** this is, how does it feel similar to the Destroy God King, although there is still a big gap, it is not the power that mortals can have."

"It is a special existence of the same attribute."

Luo Chuan knows the details of this thing, and the blood red prison is its spokesperson, so it is not surprising that these people will release the destructive power in their bodies.

After all, the Lord of the Nether is in the auxiliary space of this plane, much closer than the gods of other gods, and the will can come more easily.

On the opposite side, the purple crab looked at Luochuan and Qian Renxue. Although this was only a trace of its power, it was instinctively aware of the threat.


Suddenly, the crabs shattered and turned into flames to converge on the largest crab, allowing its body to increase at a rapid rate.

When these flames left the major hosts, they took away all their power, and one individual fell directly and fainted.

The crab is getting bigger and bigger, the breath is rising steadily, and the coercion is getting stronger and stronger.

From the original Celestial God level, it quickly broke through this level and reached a Celestial Transformation level comparable to a god.


Qian Renxue felt the pressure and moved closer to Luochuan anxiously.

"Don't be afraid, give it a chance, let it gather strength!"

Luo Chuan calmly looked at the crab, which was already more than a hundred feet tall, and it continued to grow, and its color changed from purple to darker, turning into purple-black.

The big crab commented on Luochuan coldly, and did not look at Qian Renxue. In its perception, this mysterious existence threatened it.

The person under the crab is the prisoner of the Blood Red Hell. At this moment, with the help of the destructive power of the Lord of the Nether, he has gotten rid of mental hypnosis and regained consciousness.

He first glanced at Luo Chuan and Qian Renxue in a bewildered look, and then noticed something was wrong.

It's okay if you don't know these two people. The key is that some people fainted, and the others still do their own things as if they didn't see them.

"Who are you and what did you do to them?"

The face of the prisoner of the blood red prison was gloomy, he didn't know how the two people got in, and even if it wasn't for the destructive force in the body to awaken him, these people would kill him.

"The puppet is not qualified to ask questions, and honestly provide it with strength."

Luo Chuan faintly replied, making the prisoner of the blood red prison out of anger.

Who is he, the leader of one of the five sacred places in this continent, if he is not qualified, who is qualified on this continent?

Burning with anger, he roared, and the power of destruction skyrocketed, engulfing his whole person, into the big crab that had turned into purple and black.

The terrible coercion was released, shaking the entire holy place, and the devastating fluctuation caused everything nearby to disappear directly into powder.

"The unnamed people, have the ability to come out and fight!"

The Prisoner of the Blood Red Prison was still sensible and appeared outside in a flash.

He can't fight in his own home. Not only will he ruin the old nest, but it is estimated that most of the people around him who are obviously controlled by the other party will die, and the blood red prison may be ruined because of this.

"Relax, I don't bully the weak, just go outside to clean up you, you are qualified to be cleaned up by me."

Luo Chuan nodded and let go of Qian Renxue: "Wait a minute, after solving it, we will go directly to the source of this force."

When the prisoner of the blood red prison heard this, the pupils in his eyes shrank, and this person seemed to know where their power came from.

He wondered: "Who are you, seem to know some secrets?"

He was a little flustered, if anyone knew that their Holy Land had something to do with the Lord of the Nether, they would immediately be attacked by a group.

After all, the Lord of the Nether was a terrifying existence that brought destruction and disaster to the mainland tens of thousands of years ago.

Except for them, everyone will oppose.

Once they know that they are the Lord of the Nether, they will definitely do it.

"You don't have the right to know, so don't ask, give me a punch first, big crab."

Luo Chuan didn't pay attention to the prisoner of the blood red prison at all, but looked at the big purple-black crab that was already a kilometer high, with a bright golden light on his body, and punched it out.

It was a simple single punch, but after the punch, the situation changed.

The first is the violent wind, the clouds disappear, the sky and the earth roar, the golden brilliance shakes the world, and the void is distorted and shattered, forming a mottled golden dragon. Roared and flew out.

Luo Chuan itself is not big, but the power of this fist is terrifying, its radiance is so bright, the momentum in turn suppresses the huge crab.

This punch has no attributes, it is pure power.

The latter's small eyes showed fear, and the huge front ao swung out like a small hill.

The destructive force rolled over like a wave, but the moment it touched the fist, it was instantly broken.

A huge golden fist collided with the black giant ao.


The space shattered on the spot, and a black hole appeared on the spot, and the giant ao within it suddenly solidified, and then, in its changing pupils, it cracked.

Starting from a single point, the cobweb-like cracks spread, quickly spreading hundreds of meters of huge front ao, filled with golden light, forcibly propped it open.

Luo Chuan passed through the broken front ao, unstoppable, and smashed into the crab's eye unstoppably.

Then, the Cancer's body shook and was blown away. Part of the huge body disappeared out of thin air under the crit and was broken up!