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Douluo: The Tang Poison Official Match

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Shen Xiu is one of the five poisonous gods in a certain server of Sword III. Scum Sword III passed through with scum. As an otaku who only knows to play games, he silently looked at the child in front of him, speechless, hehe, lying down. Groove, isn’t this the pig’s feet in that famous book! Shen Xiu: What book comes from QAQ, I knew I would go through today, and labor and capital must gnaw the entire book! So… the protagonist asks for [cross out] shelter!

cp Tang San X Shen Xiu (how could my third brother be affected by ⊙▽⊙) Black belly (this is it) loyal dog attack X is soft and cute in the inside Wife is cold and read to me, article Su Susu, thick gold finger Rough! and also! Silly white sweet! Don’t worry if you haven’t read Douluo’s Sao Nian, this article will use the original text. Although the previous move is a little bit [well, it is a lot of QWQ], but the slag author will improve it later~ Seeing a surprise in the back, OTZ rest assured~(≧▽≦)/~

Reading notes:
1. The main acceptor
2. This article is moved from the original text. There may be a lot of copy and paste in the front. Recently I plan to edit the article [After all, I said two months ago to edit the article and repaired two chapters:)]. Little cutie has never seen Douluo [there are amongst the stupid cat readers]
3. Regarding the later re-repair of the five poisons skills, I was too lazy to change the previous = W = the five poisons system has a low appearance rate and a weak sense of existence = W =

Content Tag: Different World Continent Traveling through Time and Space Immortal Hero Cultivation Sweet Text
Search keywords: protagonist: Shen Xiu, Tang San Supporting role: all kinds of unexplained

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Short Title:TPOM
Alternate Title:斗罗同人之唐毒官配
Author:Xujia cat ears
Weekly Rank:#5734
Monthly Rank:#5421
All Time Rank:#4331
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Douluo Dalu, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Shounen-Ai Subplot, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Dios mío simplemente la ame, aunque me duele que mi esposo este con otro pero esa es otra dimensión y pues lo acepto, pero me encantooooo chama simplemente necesito más de las próximas novelas con ellos mismos porque no solo está combate continental 1, si no que tenemos toda una franquicia.... Ojalá ubiera una de un transmigrador igual pero con Espada Douluo el que está protegiendo a los de la pagoda de colores osea ese hombre también es bello.... Lo amo... Gracias autor fue simplemente la mejor de todas espero que sigas escribiendo más y gracias a todos los de MTLNovel por darnos la oportunidad de leerlas♥️✨

  2. Good storiesss ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆ You guys should read it! I recommended!!!!!!!! tapi tang san disini gey ajg, suami gue😭😭 xiaosan huhuu😌

  3. Can someone recomend me a daulou daulo yaoi and.this story is really nice i love it maybe when i will done reading the story in my library i will definitely will re read this

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