"It seems that Lao Jian is not an awakened opponent either!"

Bone Douluo watched Sword Douluo being awakened and suppressed. While surprised, he expressed his satisfaction in his heart.

He couldn't be beaten to wake up, of course Sword Douluo also had to be beaten!

That would prove that it was not that he was too bad, but that he was too good to wake up!

Moreover, to see Sword Douluo deflated, Bone Douluo was also very happy to see it.

In the field, Sword Douluo also frowned when he saw that Awakening's attack became stronger.

"The Eighth Soul Ability·Twelve Advection Slash!"

But Sword Douluo didn't panic, a long sword gathered in his hand, and he waved it!


Under Sword Douluo's swing, twelve sword blades shot out, and each slash was dozens of meters long!

Bang bang bang! ! ! !

Under Sword Douluo's eighth spirit ability, all the blades that were awakened were instantly crushed and defeated, and fell to the ground.

Except for the 54 super alloy blades, all the metal blades were destroyed.

"Sword Fifty-Four!"

Seeing that the Sword Douluo was truly true, Awakening did not copy the Ten Thousand Swords to the sect again, but instead controlled the remaining 54 super alloy blades to kill the Sword Douluo.

Shanzhai Wanjian returned to the sect or something, just play around, he still can't really control so many flying swords accurately at the same time.

Operating 54 flying swords at the same time is his strongest state now!

Ding Ding Ding~~~

So, even though there are fewer flying swords controlled by Awakening, the overall strength is stronger!

"Sixth Soul Skill, Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect!"

Sword Douluo performed another ten thousand swords to return to the sect.

Ding Ding Ding~~~

It's just that no matter how many attacks he attacks, he can't hit him to wake up.

Sword Douluo saw that he was awakening too quickly, and with the ability to control so many flying swords, it would be difficult to rely on long-range attacks to defeat Awakening.

"Fifth Spirit Ability Megatron Quartet!"

Upon seeing this, Sword Douluo gave up and continued to use long-range attacks, and quickly rushed to Awakening with the sword.


He just woke up but didn't give Sword Douluo a chance to get close, and the figure avoided directly.

Then continue to control the flying sword attack.

He is definitely not as good as Sword Douluo in close combat, he knows his shortcomings, so he won't be long with short shots!

But Sword Douluo's speed was not as fast as waking up, and without Bone Douluo's teleportation, it was impossible to feel awakening at all.

This is the opposite of Bone Douluo.

Bone Douluo relied on teleportation to get close to awakening, but because his reaction speed was slightly satisfactory, he couldn't make good use of the advantages of teleportation.

Sword Douluo had a very strong reaction speed, but because he couldn't get close to awakening, he couldn't touch it.

As a result, Sword Douluo felt uncomfortable.

He couldn't get close to awakening, and his seven-kill domain was useless.

His seven kills domain is his strongest means, in his seven kills domain, he can reduce the enemy's attack power by 90%.

It can be said to be a super talent field!

However, the range of Jian Douluo's seven kills was only 30 meters.

He couldn't get close to awakening, and the Seven Kills domain would naturally be useless!

"The Ninth Soul Ability·Sword Shadow Spike!"

Unable to get close to awakening, Jian Douluo had to display his ninth spirit ability.

The ninth spirit ability can combine the swords of the sword and Douluo people into one, and the attack power of all spirit skills can be doubled.

"The Eighth Soul Ability·Twelve Advection Slash!"

In the state where the human and the sword were in one, Sword Douluo cut out twelve advancing cuts again, and slashed towards Su Xing.

The first time he woke up, he noticed how powerful Sword Douluo had attacked.

"Unfortunately, no matter how strong it is, it must be able to hit the enemy!"

Awakening didn't accept Sword Douluo's attack at all, and stayed away here.


Sword Douluo suddenly discovered that the way of fighting like waking up was disgusting.

It's totally different from his fighting style!

He can carry his sword up to fight against people, but when he wakes up, he doesn't meet the enemy in hand-to-hand combat at all.

"Haha, did Lao Jian experience the same aggrieved aggrievedness just like me?"

Bone Douluo, who was watching the battle from a distance, clearly saw the suffocation on Sword Douluo's face, and he burst into laughter in his heart.

Really, he swears, in the world of soul masters, he has never encountered a soul master like Awakening.

Relying on the means of attacking the enemy at a super long distance with one hand, plus the super fast speed of its own, it does not fight the enemy in close combat at all.

I stood at a distance and attacked you without letting you attack me. When you press over, I will flash, and then continue to hit you with long-range attacks until I defeat you.

"I see, Yu Luomian, the old fellow, was afraid that he was not the one who was awakened and beaten to death, but that he was **** to death by him!"

Bone Douluo could also guess how aggrieved Yu Luomian who was killed by Awakening would be.

But thinking of myself, if I want to wake up, I can play with myself like this, Bone Douluo's mood is not beautiful, and it is very uncomfortable.

He is a titled Douluo, or a titled Douluo who has been famous for a long time~www.mtlnovel.com~ will be beaten by a Contra!


"Fortunately, this kid is not an enemy, I just fight ten Title Douluo, and I don't want to fight this kid anymore!"

The only thing in Bone Douluo's heart was that he was no longer an enemy when he was awakened.

"Stop fighting, I surrender!"

In the field, after realizing that he couldn't wake up in this way, Jian Douluo also chose to admit defeat.

He also expressed distress.

At first he saw the awakened Kendo, and he was delighted by the hunt.

However, apart from the initial matchup, Sword Douluo has already discovered that when he wakes up, he doesn't know much about kendo at all. He just used the sword as a weapon...

Well, the sword is originally a weapon. In short, he doesn't recognize the awakened swordsmanship, and he doesn't dare to carry the sword against the enemy's short combat. What kind of swordsmanship?

So Sword Douluo who discovered this point simply gave in.

Of course, it was Sword Douluo who knew that he really had no way to wake up.

But he is also confident, and he can't help it when he wakes up.

No matter how many flying swords awakened, he could defend it.

It's just that he couldn't win and regain his consciousness. From Jian Douluo's point of view, he just lost, so he simply gave in.

Anyway, there is Bone Douluo who concedes defeat, and he concedes defeat later, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

"Elder Sword has accepted!"

Wake up to see that Jian Douluo has given up and put away all the flying swords.


Sword Douluo didn't expect Awakening to be so direct, did he really think he really defeated him?

Or does it mean that you haven't used your full strength until you wake up? So you are determined to be better than yourself?

"I now believe that you alone killed Yu Luomian!"

"You are the most powerful genius I have ever seen!"

"No, geniuses are strong people who haven't grown up yet, you are already a decisive strong person now!"

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