"His Royal Highness, I also regard Rongrong as my granddaughter. Since the old bones have given you a test, then I must come one too!"


   "Otherwise, doesn't it seem that I don't care about Rongrong? You say so?"


   Sword Douluo looked towards Su Xing, coughed twice and found himself a reason to take action.


   When he saw Su Xing's use of kendo, he was really delighted by the hunt.


   "Yes, I have long wanted to compete with your Excellency!"


   There is nothing wrong with waking up, so I readily agreed.


   "Seventh Soul Ability·Seven Killing Real Body!"


   Seeing Awakening, he did not refuse. After Jian Douluo jumped into the arena, he directly displayed his martial spirit body.


   Awakening can defeat even Bone Douluo, he certainly won't drag it big, so as soon as he comes out, he will display his Martial Spirit Real Body.


   yellow yellow purple purple black black black black black black!


   Nine spirit rings also appeared on Jian Douluo's body.


   In an instant, a powerful shock burst out of Jian Douluo, like a divine sword, its sharp edge was revealed!


   "Fourth Soul Ability· Murderousness Revealed!"


   Immediately afterwards, I saw Jian Douluo pinching the sword art in his right hand and reaching out for a move. In his hand, a sword blade formed by condensed spirit power appeared, a blade full of sharp aura.


   "The sword is coming!"


   Seeing Sword Douluo's movement, he also pinched a sword tactic when he woke up. With a wave of his right hand, in addition to the 36 flying swords before, 18 flying swords were summoned out, a total of 54 flying swords.


   Awakening also directly used the strongest swordsmanship, and at the same time accurately manipulated 54 flying swords!


   "Good guy, this kid hasn't used his full strength just now!"


   Bone Douluo in the distance, seeing the awakening movement, his eyes suddenly stared!


   He didn't expect that in the battle with him before waking up, he didn't use his full strength.


   This is so shocking!


"go with!"


   swish swish~~~


   With a stroke of his right hand as he awakened, 54 flying swords all swept toward Jian Douluo.


   Facing the attack of awakening, the sword Douluo holding the sword of soul power calmly waved the blade of soul power in his hand, cutting out a sword aura to face the attack of awakening.


   Ding Ding Ding~~~


  In an instant, the sword energy cut by Sword Douluo continuously collided with the flying sword controlled by Awakening, and the sound of Jin Ming's clashing continued to sound.


   It can be seen that no matter how fast the flying sword is awakened, or how tricky the attack angle is, Sword Douluo can catch it with the sword in his hand.


   This reaction speed is no worse than waking up.


   However, as far as the scene is concerned, Sword Douluo was suppressed by his awakening and fell into a passive state.


   After all, there are too many flying swords that have awakened, and he can only resist passively, and he can't do extra movements.


   "Is it suppressed by quantity?"


   "My sword, there are a lot!"


   Sword Douluo was calm and relaxed, instead of anxious, he smiled faintly.


   "Sixth Soul Skill, Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Sect!"


   Brush Brush~~~


   With the release of Sword Douluo's sixth spirit ability, behind him, countless sword blades condensed by spirit power suddenly appeared, densely floating behind Sword Douluo.


   This picture is really cool!


   Wake up and see it, it is also horrible and interesting, regardless of the quality and precise manipulation, he can also summon so many swords.


"it is good!"


   "But you are not the only one who can summon so many, so can I!"


   "The sword is coming!"


   I saw Wake laugh, his hands burst into thunder, and he pressed hard to the ground!



   A handful of metal sword blades, under the awakening magnetic control, were extracted and condensed from the ground by the awakening.


   For an instant, countless metal sword blades emerged from the ground, and finally hovered behind him.


  The blades condensed from the awakening scene are generally metal blades, not super alloy blades!


   There is no way, the gold needed for the superalloy blades contained in the underground is not enough.


   Awakening can’t be stored in advance, a storage soul guide that doesn’t have that much space.




  Ning Fengzhi them, when they saw that Awakening had also produced a spirit ability that was almost the same as Sword Douluo, they were a little dumbfounded.


   The fighting styles of these two people are really similar!


   "Very good, then see if your sword is strong or mine is strong!"


   Sword Douluo's eyes lit up again when he saw the moves made by Su Xing.


   This kind of confrontation that belongs to kendo has made him a little bit enthusiastic, who has always been calm.


  唰唰唰! ! !


   Then, with a wave of Sword Douluo's right hand, the tens of thousands of soul power sword blades floating behind him quickly attacked awakening.


   The dense scene is like raining down!


   "I'm coming too!"


   Awakening was also an enthusiastic wave of his right hand, and countless metal blades rushed towards Jian Douluo's Wanjian Guizong.




   Ding Ding Ding~~~


   I saw a series of metal blades and soul power blades, constantly colliding in the air.


   Some sword Douluo's soul power blades were destroyed by the awakened super alloy blades, and some awakened metal blades were destroyed by sword Douluo soul power blades.


   The collision of the blades in the air is like two armies, fighting each other fiercely. You come and go, killing the sky and the earth.


   On the other hand, Suwa and Sword Douluo stood quietly on the spot, calmly, and the collision in the air formed a very sharp contrast.


   Ning Fengzhi saw such a scene, their eyes were all reluctant to move away, they just thought it was wonderful.


   But soon, everyone discovered that, besides the 54 super alloy blades that were stronger after awakening, the other metal blades summoned later were not equal to the soul power blades of sword fighting, and were slightly inferior.


  The metal blade manipulated by awakening gradually lost to www.mtlnovel.com~ and more and more were shot down.


   "In that case, then!"


   "Invented Soul Skill, Sword Flashing Thunder!"


   Seeing such a scene, I wake up knowing that if he doesn't make other counterattacks, the Wanjian he copied will be defeated by Jian Douluo's genuine Wanjian.


   Therefore, waking up soon gave the remaining metal blades, all superimposed with the power of thunder and lightning.




   On the metal blades belonging to Su in the air, under the control of awakening, each metal blade flashed with strong thunder and lightning, intertwined on the time blade of the metal blade.


   Those metal blades, under the blessing of the awakening thunder and lightning, their power instantly doubled.




   With the strengthening of the blade controlled by Awakening, the sword of Sword Douluo's soul power was lost, and it was defeated one by one, turning into soul power to dissipate.




   "Wake up actually suppressed Grandpa Jian in turn!"


   Ning Rongrong saw the burst of awakening, his beautiful eyes flashed again and again.


  Although he saw that Awaken defeated Bone Douluo and knew that he was awake, Ning Rongrong still felt very shocked when he saw that Sword Douluo was suppressed by Awakening again.