He has also learned about it in the past two years.

Soul power pistols were not dressed in batches in the Wuhun Hall. Except for Awakening and Zhu Zhuqing who was next to Awakening, he did not find anyone else using a soul power pistol.

Moreover, the forging material of the spirit power pistol, he also learned later, was very strong, not ordinary material.

So he thought that he was frightened by being awakened before.

Only after making a decision, he couldn't regret it.

Because he felt that no matter whether the spirit power pistols he awakened could be mass-produced, the spirit hall was still irresistible.

"I hope that Uncle Ning will not use all of these spirit power pistols, because so far, except for a few people, there are none in the Wuhun Empire!"

"If Uncle Ning uses too much at once, others will be dissatisfied!"

After waking up and taking out the soul power pistol, I made a special explanation.

"Of course it's okay. Are these spirit power pistols the same as before?"

Ning Fengzhi immediately agreed to come down when he heard this, and then resisted his excitement and continued to ask.

If the power is the same as the previous one, it is really incredible.

Every attack launched was equivalent to an attack from a Soul Douluo, and it was enough to hurt Title Douluo.

"Well, it's all the same!"

Wake up and nodded.

"In this case, Rong Rong also let me call the shots, then I agree!" Ning Fengzhi nodded, and after a reserved indulge, did he agree to the revival of marriage.

"I won't tell you anymore!"

After Ning Rongrong heard Ning Fengzhi's words, her pretty face flushed immediately, and immediately after leaving a word, she ran away shyly!

Get it done!

Upon seeing this, Su Xing smiled triumphantly in his heart.

Ning Fengzhi didn't object, and Ning Rongrong didn't resist, and everything was a matter of course.

Su Xing didn't know if Ning Rongrong really liked him, or just for the sect, but everything was fine, as long as she was taken down, the result would be good.

Awakening didn't mind at all, Qibao Glazed Glass Sect developed better with his influence.

This is what I even want to see when I wake up.

Ning Fengzhi and Su Xing were satisfied, only Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo were a little unhappy.

Their little princess was just kidnapped?

"His Royal Highness, Purple Electric Douluo two years ago, did you really kill it alone?"

Bone Douluo didn't want to just let Wake up to accomplish something beautiful, so suddenly he asked Wake up.

"Forget it, Purple Electric Douluo is also out of luck, and just happened to run into Lei Meng's me!"

Although Su Xing didn't know why Bone Douluo suddenly asked, he still admitted directly.

"In this case, let's compete!"

"Rong Rong is not only the princess of the Qibao Liuli Sect, but I also treat her as a granddaughter!"

"Of course, you can also refuse, I just want to see if you are now strong enough to protect Rongrong!"

When Bone Douluo heard Su Xing say this, his expression flashed slightly, and then he spoke of his test.

Bone Douluo didn't force him to fight against himself when he woke up, he still had room to speak.

If Suwaken really doesn't want to fight him, just refuse it.

However, he believes that if Awakening really has that strength, he will definitely not refuse.

"Okay, no problem!"

Su Xing suddenly laughed when he heard this, and agreed directly.

Awakening also wanted to see how strong he was now at level 88.

Awakening only knows that if he faces Yu Luomian again, he can win easily without having to delay that long.

Because of him now, the destructive power caused by the sword attack has increased a lot.

In addition, the number of flying swords that can be manipulated has also increased a lot.

At level 72, awakening can only control 18 flying swords at the same time.

Now at level 88, there are 54 flying swords that can be manipulated at the same time!

"Wake up, Uncle Bone, what are you doing?"

Ning Fengzhi, who was next to him, had to stop him when he saw it.

"Uncle Ning, it's okay, I just want to see how strong I am now!"

Upon seeing this, Su Xing immediately stopped Ning Fengzhi, and then he believed in self-belief.

Seeing Awaken's self-belief, Jian Douluo couldn't help taking a look at Awakening. Is this kid really that strong?

"Okay, then you all order it."

Ning Fengzhi didn't stop it when he heard the words. He actually wanted to see how strong his awakening was now.

Soon, Su Xing and Bone Douluo came to the back mountain of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect.

Ning Rongrong didn't know how he learned that Xing Xing was going to fight Bone Douluo, and quietly ran back, following Ning Fengzhi's back and looked nervously at the two Wake and Bone Douluo who were about to fight.

"Dad, Grandpa Jian, the two of them won't be in danger, right?"

Ning Rongrong couldn't help but worried. Whether it was waking up or Bone Douluo was injured, it was not what she wanted to see.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen if Grandpa Jian is here!"

"And there are two more over there!"

Sword Douluo smiled upon hearing the words, and motioned to Ning Rongrong not to worry, and at the same time looked at Ju Douluo and Ghost Douluo on the other side.

"That's good!" Ning Rongrong breathed a sigh of relief, and then stared nervously at the battle that was about to begin.

"Level 95 Sensitive Attack Type Title Douluo, Martial Spirit Bone Dragon!"

In the field, Bone Douluo faced this awakening and took the lead in summoning his martial soul.

"Level 88 Sensitive Attack Type Spirit Douluo, Wuhun silver coin!"

Seeing Ghost Douluo say this, Su Xing also casually said his level.

Qiang Qiang~~~

Then, awakening did not summon his own martial soul, but summoned eighteen superalloy flying swords, one by one suspended behind the awakening.

"What? Level 88 Contra?"

"How can it be?"

"In just two years, you have actually been promoted to level 88?"


Hearing the words of awakening, Bone Douluo, who was still somewhat calm, suddenly stared.

Not only the Bone Douluo facing Awakening, but also Ning Fengzhi who was watching the battle on the sidelines, including Ju Douluo and Ghost Douluo.

They knew the level two years before waking up, and they also knew that they had definitely improved a lot in the past two years after waking up.

But they didn't expect that it took only two years to wake up, and they had risen from level 72 to level 88.

It's incredible.

"This is terrible, right?"

Ning Rongrong opened his mouth wide, his eyes filled with disbelief.

She really couldn't believe that the current level of Awakening had reached level 88.

In the past two years, she has also practiced harder, and her spirit power level has also reached level 62.

She also knew that she was definitely not as good as Awakening, but she did not expect that not only did her spirit power level not be closer to Awakening, but it was farther away.

She upgraded so quickly before waking up because she could still understand when she went to the Slaughter City, but she couldn't imagine that she could improve so fast after coming out of the Slaughter City!

"It's really amazing..."

Unexpectedly, Ning Rongrong's gaze turned to admiration.

It is human nature to worship the strong, and women worship powerful men.

Wake up will be her man again, and Ning Rongrong's eyes are reluctant to move away from Wake up.


Sword Douluo looked at the eighteen flying swords summoned by Awakening, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Although his current level of awakening shocked him, what he wanted to know more was the kendo of awakening.

The awakening now revealed, coupled with the information on the awakening battle collected before, made him full of interest in awakening.

He wanted to know the difference between the kendo displayed in his hands and his.

"Good fellow, no wonder you are so confident!"

"The old man is welcome!"

"Fourth Soul Skill·Bone Domain!"

Bone Douluo also recovered from the shock at this time, starting with a fourth spirit ability.

As Bone Douluo's words fell, huge white bones protruded from the ground, enclosing both Awakening and Bone Douluo.

When opened from the outside, this bone domain is like a huge skeleton.

"Second Spirit Ability·Bone Seam Connected!"

Then, Bone Douluo displayed his second spirit ability, connecting the bones!

Although it was only the second spirit ability, it was the one that Bone Douluo used most often.

In the state of the second spirit ability, Bone Douluo's figure can shuttle freely in his bone domain.

The reason why Bone Douluo is an agile attack type spirit master, the Min refers to Bone Douluo's ability to teleport in space.

His own speed is not fast, but his teleportation is enough to hang other spirit masters at his speed.


I saw Bone Douluo's figure instantly disappeared in place, and then appeared behind Wake, with a layer of bone armor covering her hand and attacked Wake.


It's a pity that Bone Douluo's teleportation is fast enough, but the speed of awakening is not slow.

The awakened figure just flashed, and directly avoided Bone Douluo's attack.

Just as soon as he awakened, he realized that Bone Douluo's teleportation was very fast, but his reaction speed was not enough.

After the teleport appeared in a position, there was a slight pause, and the correct response could not be made in the fastest time.

But the speed of waking up is unparalleled under the stimulation of thunder and lightning.

Therefore, he evaded Bone Douluo's attack instantly when he woke up.

Moreover, Awakening has enough self-confidence, even if he does not fly the kite at a distance, as long as it is not a large-scale attack, Bone Douluo will not be able to hit him!

He was already level 88, and he didn't need to distance himself from fighting Title Douluo.

Without pulling the distance, with his speed and reaction speed, almost no one can hit him.

Unless it is a large-scale covering spirit ability, or a spirit ability that locks the enemy's breath.

"Eighteen swords of the dragon descending!"

After avoiding it, Su Xing immediately launched a counterattack, manipulating 18 flying swords to attack Bone Douluo one by one.

Qiang Qiang~~~

A series of flying swords swept Bone Douluo up under the control of Awakening. Bone Douluo could detect the sharpness of the Awakening Flying Sword.

This time, Bone Douluo appeared behind Wake again, and then attacked Wake again.

It was only this time that Bone Douluo had just taken action, and the awakened Feijian changed its direction and swept up to Bone Douluo again.

The figure of Bone Douluo only appeared, and when he stagnated for a short time after his teleportation, Awakening attacked Bone Douluo with an unparalleled reaction speed.

"How can it be……"

This time Bone Douluo was shocked again, it was him who teleported, but why did the one who took the initiative to attack after teleporting became awakened?

Shouldn't he control the initiative?

Why is this feeling of aggrieved feeling so familiar?

By the way, when fighting with the guy Sword Douluo, that's it.

Obviously he was the one who teleported, and he was the one who moved faster, but he just couldn't beat Sword Douluo because his reaction speed was a little bit slower than Sword Douluo.

As a result of his battle with Sword Douluo, he was able to teleport and fell into a passive position. In the end, he could only rely on his own strong defense and Sword Douluo to fight fiercely.

Now, Bone Douluo had a bad premonition, he was afraid that he was facing another Sword Douluo.

"So fast reaction speed!"

Sword Douluo watching the battle next to him, his eyes lit up as he watched the awakening battle.

At the same time, Sword Douluo also felt a bit familiar with the way he woke up.

By the way, isn't that what I look like?

Sword Douluo looked at Wake's attack again, and it was no weaker than his.

"Old bone guy, it's difficult!"

Seeing this, Sword Douluo had a hunch, and Bone Douluo might not really be the awakened opponent.

The fact is also true.

Next, even if Bone Douluo displayed his martial spirit body, he could still teleport around, but he would not be able to regain his consciousness by attacking.

On the contrary, after each teleport, he will be attacked by awakening, so that he can only passively defend to avoid teleporting again.

Anyway, Bone Douluo felt more and more aggrieved.

Even more aggrieved than fighting sword Douluo!

When he fought Jian Douluo ~www.mtlnovel.com~, at least he could counterattack from time to time, and when he fought against Awakening, all his counterattacks were missed.

He felt that even if he displayed the ninth spirit ability, ossifying the dragon, he might not be able to wake up.

This kid is too slippery to hit him at all. It's disgusting!

Bone Douluo was completely convinced now, Yu Luomian was killed alone by a person who was awakened.

"Don't fight, don't fight!"

"I admit defeat!"

After seeing the reality clearly, Bone Douluo resolutely gave in and couldn't fight anymore. It was disgusting to fight against Su Xing!

Can't wake up at all.

It's a mess, but he can teleport, teleport can't hit people, and he is counter-attacked by others, and he will be a ghost?

"Lao Jian, come and take revenge for me!"

Bone Douluo not only conceded defeat, but also shamelessly suggested that Jian Douluo should do it for him.

It wasn't that Bone Douluo had any bad thoughts, and wanted to wake up from the war of wheels.

But he knew that after seeing the performance of Awakening, Jian Douluo would definitely want to fight Awakening.

The fact is exactly the same. After watching the battle of Awakening, Sword Douluo really wants to compete with Awakening to see whose sword is better.


"Grandpa Bone, even if you admit defeat, how can you let Grandpa Jian continue?"

Ning Rongrong on the side heard Bone Douluo say this, and suddenly grumbled a little dissatisfied.


"I just want to see. Both of them use swords. They must be beautiful to fight!"

Bone Douluo Bening Rongrong felt a little embarrassed when he said so, he coughed embarrassingly, and then said in a whisper.

"It seems to be too!"

Ning Rongrong heard what Bone Douluo said, and suddenly felt very reasonable.


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