After receiving Tang San's news from Bibi Dong, Awaken quickly learned about the death of Emperor Xue Ye on the side of the Heaven Dou Empire.

   "The news is really coming one by one, they are all together!"

   "Qian Renxue's movements are a bit faster than the original, but not much faster!"

   "At this time, Qian Renxue should have inherited the throne, right?"

   "Hey, now, Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue, the mother and daughter, have become emperors of the same country! They are also female emperors!"

   "Kill the Star Luo Empire again, and the entire Douluo Continent is almost in the hands of their mother and daughter!"

  Wake up after thinking about it, and feel that the time for the Wuhun Empire to unify the Douluo Continent shouldn't be far away.

   Of those sects, only the Haotian Sect was left in the upper three sects, and the mountain could not be closed.

   The next four sects have also taken refuge in Wuhun Hall!

   It can be said that in terms of the sect power, there is no longer a way to stop the Wuhun Empire.

   Therefore, the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire are the only ones that prevent the unification of the Wuhun Empire.

   Now that the Heaven Dou Empire has fallen into Qian Renxue's hands, there is only one Star Luo Empire left, what can I resist?

   In the past two years, the reason why the Wuhun Empire has not done anything is entirely because the Wuhun Empire has just been established and needs to adapt.

   Now, it's almost the same.

   But for a while, even if Qian Renxue succeeded to the throne, she wouldn't be able to blatantly fall to the Wuhun Empire.

   Otherwise, the subjects of the Heaven Dou Empire would not accept it.

   What Qian Renxue can do is to secretly compromise the Tiandou Empire.

   For example, when fighting, some important personnel were deliberately arranged to a certain place, and then they were killed by the Wuhun Empire.

   But wake up and feel that it doesn't have to be that troublesome, as long as Qian Renxue can hold Heaven Douluo when the Wuhun Empire attacks the Star Luo Empire.

   After the Wuhun Empire destroyed the Star Luo Empire, it would be logical if Qian Renxue was broken and surrendered.

   or even more radical, there is no problem at all, that is to use hard power to directly attack the two empires.

   Only that way will cause relatively large losses and casualties.

   can be solved without force, it is better not to solve the problem by force.

  Because that would bring hatred to the original people, which is not conducive to the reunification of the rule and management.

   However, it all depends on Bibi Dong's choice. Wake up and feel that no matter which choice he chooses, there is no problem.

   Anyway, they can unify the Douluo Continent.

   Wake up now to consider his own problems.

   He has to plan for his future. After the Spirit Empire has unified the Douluo Continent, how can he seize power from Bibi Dong?

   "In addition to continuing to improve my own strength, I have to attract more talents that belong to me!"

   "There are not many forces that really belong to me in the Wuhun Empire right now!"

   In the Martial Spirit Empire, awakening in the past two years has of course infiltrated, and some people are gathered to be loyal to him.

   With the status of the saint son of the Awakening Spirit Hall, many people were still gathered.

   The strongest are Ju Douluo and Ghost Douluo.

   "It's time to get Ning Rongrong, and really tie the Qibao Glazed Glass Sect to my side!"

   Su Xing quickly thought of the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect. The current Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect is dependent on the Wuhun Empire, but not on him.

   Want to tie the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect to him, taking down Ning Rongrong is the most effective and easiest.

   "There are also four single-attribute families, which is also a good choice. The four single-attribute families add up, and apart from no titled Douluo, it is worth the top three!"

   "I just want to conquer the four single-attribute families. It's not that easy. They hate the Clear Sky School. In fact, what they want in their hearts is the Clear Sky School!"

   "Otherwise, it wouldn't be so easy to be subdued by Tang San in the original work!"

   "Otherwise, if you really hate Tang Hao like they said, you won't be subdued by Tang San just because of the defeat!"

   Then, when I woke up, I thought of the four single-attribute families.

   When I first watched anime, I thought it was funny to wake up a little bit.

   Those are the four single-attribute families, and they are as deep as the sea with Haotianzong and Tang Hao.

   However, under such circumstances, Tang San was able to say something to fight against those families. If the fight was lost, he joined the Tang Sect he created.

   To put it simply, you can look at it like this.

   From Tang San's perspective.

   Oh, you hate my dad and my dad’s sect so much!

   Let's have a fight, if you lose, you call to join my Tang Sect!

   That's it!

When    Su Xing first saw such a scene, he was really defeated by Tang San's strange thoughts.

   And what's more weird?

   What's more weird is that the four single-attribute families actually agreed.

   actually agreed!

   is simply too!

   was really awake and stunned at first, and it was almost straightforward.

   It was discovered later that the four single-attribute families were all talking about it, but in fact they were still thinking of Tang Hao.

   I don't know if he is still reading Haotianzong, but he must still be reading Tang Hao, their former master.

   But even so, Su Xing still felt ridiculous about Tang San's thoughts.

   It is understandable that the four single-attribute families choose to accept Tang San's fight, because they still read Tang Hao.

   However, Tang San proposed to join him if he lost the, it was really hard to understand.

   Knowing that the other party hates his father very much, where did the face make such a proposal?

   Unless, Tang San knew from the beginning that the four single-attribute families still thought of his father.

   Forget it, go far!

   After deciding to take Ning Rongrong down first, he woke up and prepared to take Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo to the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect.

   Ju Douluo and Ghost Douluo must be brought.

   Even if he wakes up, he can be 100% sure, Ning Fengzhi dare not attack him.

   But when I wake up, I still think it's better to take them on, and to be safer.

   But before going, Su Xing first went to see Bibi Dong.

   "What? It depends on your appearance, right?"

   Bibi Dong saw that he was awake, and he knew something was going on when he was awake, so he smiled and asked.

   "Teacher, the Great Xueye has just died, and the prince Xueqinghe has just ascended the throne. The Heaven Dou Empire has not been stable for a while. It is time for our Wuhun Empire to attack the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire!"

   "Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect, it's time for them to announce that they have joined our Wuhun Empire!"

   "The time has come to destroy the two empires and unify the Douluo Continent!"

  Wake up and glanced left and right, and after making sure that there was no one around, he looked serious and made suggestions to Bibi Dong.

   Hearing the words of awakening, Bibi Dong, who was originally lazy but full of domineering sitting on the high platform, flashed in his eyes and quickly stood up.


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