Douluo: Starts From Blowing Up the Spirit Ring

There is no system, coin martial arts, innate soul power is only three levels, and the apprentice master is rejected. Waking up and angry, it is better to beg for himself, because he was also a master in his previous life. Relying on the exploration of soul power, awakening succe.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 310 Another beauty (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 309 Bai Chenxiang (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 308 The strongest defense? 1 sword break it! (2 in 1)

v2 Chapter 307 The Witch's True Colors (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 306 Strong conquer (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 305 Powerful Family 1 (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 304 Shrek 3 Beauty Reunion (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 303 Can't believe it v2 Chapter 302 Announcement of 7 Treasure Glass Sect v2 Chapter 301 Bone Douluo said he was injured v2 Chapter 300 Ten Thousand Swords Return to Zong v2 Chapter 299 Sword Douluo (2 in 1)

v2 Chapter 298 Seven treasures Liulizong announced to join the Wuhun Empire v2 Chapter 297 Take Ning Rongrong first v2 Chapter 296 Must kill Tang 3

v2 Chapter 295 Angry Bibi Dong v2 Chapter 294 9 Tests of Tang 3 Obtaining Raksha God v2 Chapter 293 Don's 300 consecutive victories v2 Chapter 292 Su Xiaotu's Martial Spirit Characteristics v2 Chapter 291 v2 Chapter 290 Su Xiaotu Awakens Martial Soul v2 Chapter 289 Su Xiaotu has a fight v2 Chapter 288 The death of Yu Xiaogang (end) v2 Chapter 287 The death of Yu Xiaogang (continued)

v2 Chapter 286 The death of Yu Xiaogang v2 Chapter 285 Yu Xiaogang's anger v2 Chapter 284 All parties shake v2 Chapter 283 God Shura was struggling to wake up v2 Chapter 282 The shock of everyone in Wuhun Hall v2 Chapter 281 The same aggrieved v2 Chapter 280 Crush Title Douluo under the attention of the public v2 Chapter 279 I'm sorry, I'm Lei Meng v2 Chapter 278 I am not wrong, right? v2 Chapter 277 Ultra long range kill v2 Chapter 276 Amazing words v2 Chapter 275 Kill the Blue Palace Tyrant Dragon Sect

v2 Chapter 274 Yu Xiaogang's Unknown Premonition v2 Chapter 273 Report to Bibi Dong v2 Chapter 272 Rongrong, how do you feel about waking up? v2 Chapter 271 Ning Fengzhi didn't hold any expectations anymore v2 Chapter 270 Really failed v2 Chapter 269 Shock v2 Chapter 268 Sovereign, times have changed v2 Chapter 267 Extremely arrogant v2 Chapter 266 Ning Rongrong's changes (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 265 Strong v2 Chapter 264 Academic exchange with Huowu v2 Chapter 263 Goodbye fire dance

v2 Chapter 262 His Royal Highness the Son v2 Chapter 261 Yu Xiaogang's obsession v2 Chapter 260 Unhappy 0 Renxue v2 Chapter 259 Kill Dai Mubai (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 258 Evil Soul Master Dai Mubai v2 Chapter 257 Sling a 100,000-year soul beast v2 Chapter 226 terror v2 Chapter 255 Bibi Dong's embarrassment v2 Chapter 254 Dad, mom. I am Xiao Wu v2 Chapter 253 Hello, grandparents, I'm Su Xiaotu v2 Chapter 252 Sneaky feeling v2 Chapter 251 Su Xiaotu is awesome

v2 Chapter 250 Su Xiaotu's Innate Domain v2 Chapter 249 Wake up and let Ah Yin find Tang 3 v2 Chapter 248 Surprise Xiao Wu v2 Chapter 247 Hug wife and daughter v2 Chapter 246 Bibi Dong: "Did you wake up after losing?" v2 Chapter 245 Diao Da chrysanthemum Douluo v2 Chapter 244 vs Ju Douluo v2 Chapter 243 Bibi Dong feels that waking up is the one who knows her best v2 Chapter 242 Bibi Dong: "Are you not affected by the Killing God Realm?" v2 Chapter 241 Shocked to numbness v2 Chapter 240 Take the enemy's head more than 0 miles away v2 Chapter 239 Team up with Ah Yin to develop new soul skills

v2 Chapter 238 Ye Lingling's Poisonous Milk v2 Chapter 237 Kitty's performance v2 Chapter 236 Sister, Sister v2 Chapter 235 Loli-shaped sister paper v2 Chapter 234 Xiao Xiyan v2 Chapter 233 vs Lingling and the kitten (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 232 The matter with Hu Liena was seen by Bibi Dong (2 he... v2 Chapter 231 Xiao Wu after the metamorphosis v2 Chapter 230 Amazing soul bone storage v2 Chapter 229 Bibi Dong's shock v2 Chapter 228 A Yin said he didn't watch v2 Chapter 227 Kill

v2 Chapter 226 10 blazing sun snakes v2 Chapter 225 Ah Yin's human form v2 Chapter 224 Forcing Ah Yin v2 Chapter 223 The first test is completed v2 Chapter 222 Tang 3 status v2 Chapter 221 Yu Xiaogang vomits blood v2 Chapter 220 Explosive ring training system comes out v2 Chapter 219 The joining of Ghost Douluo v2 Chapter 218 A Yin: Tang Hao takes the blame v2 Chapter 217 Recognition of the Shura Blood Sword v2 Chapter 216 Tang Chen exploded after death v2 Chapter 215 Tang 3 Blackening

v2 Chapter 214 Tang Hao died v2 Chapter 213 The sinister awakening v2 Chapter 212 Killing fields, continue v2 Chapter 211 Tang Hao shot v2 Chapter 210 Don 3's desperate situation v2 Chapter 209 Regret Tang Hao v2 Chapter 208 Awakening vs Don 3 v2 Chapter 207 Tang 3 kills Zao Wou-ki v2 Chapter 206 Zao Wou-ki backstab Tang 3 v2 Chapter 205 Ah Yin's Discovery v2 Chapter 204 Tang Hao was killed v2 Chapter 203 Tang 3 Goodbye Xiao Wu

v2 Chapter 202 Besie me? ridiculous v2 Chapter 201 Zao Wou-ki died v2 Chapter 200 Hu Liena kisses v2 Chapter 199 Zao Wou-ki, be cool v2 Chapter 198 Hu Liena v2 Chapter 197 Hu Liena's fighting style in the killing capital (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 196 The shock of Chrysanthemum Douluo v2 Chapter 195 A Yin said that he shouldn't have seen it v2 Chapter 194 Lan Yinhuang, Tang 3 is completely out of play v2 Chapter 193 A Yin is mine v2 Chapter 192 Tang Hao and his son are too miserable v2 Chapter 191 Awakening and Ah Yin

v2 Chapter 190 Ah Yin was brutally attacked by Su Xiaotu v2 Chapter 189 Ah Yin completely gave up v2 Chapter 188 Don 3 awakening failed v2 Chapter 187 Tang Hao: "It's time to improve your Blue Silver Grass!" v2 Chapter 186 Hu Liena: "Teacher, I'm going to the killing capital!" v2 Chapter 185 Quick upgrade v2 Chapter 184 Anti-kill v2 Chapter 183 Go, pokeball v2 Chapter 182 Blue bottle emerges v2 Chapter 181 A Yin and Su Xiaotu (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 180 The ruined Yu Xiaogang v2 Chapter 179 The ring explosion theory is dead

v2 Chapter 178 Girl Raijin v2 Chapter 177 Martial Soul Fusion Skill with Hu Liena (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 176 Ruin Yu Xiaogang (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 175 Teacher, he copied mine v2 Chapter 174 Yu Xiaogang released the theory of ring explosion v2 Chapter 173 Master: "Soul Power Fusion Skill? Isn't this my theory... v2 Chapter 172 Hu Liena listening to the corner (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 171 Zhu Zhuqing, Ye Lingling and Hu Liena v2 Chapter 170 Flying with the beautiful sword v2 Chapter 169 Active Kitty (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 168 Ning Fengzhi is stunned v2 Chapter 167 Ning Rongrong gives a kiss

v2 Chapter 166 Ning Rongrong absorbed immortal grass v2 Chapter 165 Get the benefits of Ning Rongrong v2 Chapter 164 Oscar, it is impossible for you to be with Rongrong! v2 Chapter 163 Dai Mubai's end v2 Chapter 162 Surprise for Bibi Dong v2 Chapter 161 A Yin abandoned her husband and abandoned son v2 Chapter 160 Tang Hao: "What are you talking about? Tang 3 is not our son?... v2 Chapter 159 Skyrocketing strength v2 Chapter 158 Skyrocketing strength v2 Chapter 158 Become a disciple of Bibi Dong v2 Chapter 157 Secret Chamber Bibi Dong (2 in 1) v2 Chapter 156 Is it okay to slander the master in person?

v2 Chapter 155 Bibi Dong: "Come in with me alone!" v2 Chapter 154 Incarnate martial soul can solve v2 Chapter 153 Hold A Yin in his hand and fiddle v2 Chapter 152 Ah Yin came here v2 Chapter 151 A Yin: "Tang 3 is not my son?" v2 Chapter 150 Get what you want v2 Chapter 149 Xiao Wu was shocked v2 Chapter 148 I also have sugar when I wake up v2 Chapter 147 Have sugar to eat v2 Chapter 146 Xiao Wu, you are the devil! v2 Chapter 145 10 fingers interlocking face to face v2 Chapter 144 Don 3 Heartbreak

v2 Chapter 143 Tang 3 Xiao Wu finally meets v2 Chapter 142 Tang Hao was dumbfounded v2 Chapter 141 Fired again v2 Chapter 140 2 tomorrow fired v2 Chapter 139 Goodbye Xiao Wu v2 Chapter 138 Zhu Zhuqing Fried Ring v2 Chapter 137 The soul-guided pistol and soul-guided cannon made Zhu Zhuqing confused v2 Chapter 136 Su Xiaotu is too skinny v2 Chapter 135 Ju Douluo panicked v2 Chapter 134 what? Do you want to join Wuhun Hall? v2 Chapter 133 Another soul bone v2 Chapter 132 Angry Bibi Dong

v2 Chapter 131 Sister will not resist! v2 Chapter 130 Unprecedented one vs seven v2 Chapter 129 Yu Xiaogang is dumbfounded v2 Chapter 128 I want to whip Bibi Dong v2 Chapter 127 The awakened spirit evolution v2 Chapter 126 Bring Zhu Zhuqing back to the room v2 Chapter 125 Bibi Dong is good or bad v2 Chapter 124 Crush v2 Chapter 123 Davis and Zhu Zhuyun gave it to me v2 Chapter 122 Simple and rude soul power fusion skills v2 Chapter 121 The theory of awakening shocked Zhu Zhuqing v2 Chapter 120 Crying kitty

v2 Chapter 119 Tang 3 Explosion Species Clear Sky Hammer v2 Chapter 118 Zhu Zhuqing's fiasco v2 Chapter 117 The kitty was crushed in an instant v2 Chapter 116 Confident Yu Xiaogang v2 Chapter 115 Shuai fried the audience ~ Testimonials on the shelves! v2 Chapter 114 Get ready to blow up the audience! v2 Chapter 113 I really dare to say it! v2 Chapter 112 Very interesting 1 brother v2 Chapter 1 Number on shelves! Group number Chapter 111 Bibi Dong is getting darker Chapter 110 Bibi Dong

Chapter 109 Plan to accept Zhu Zhuqing Chapter 108 Ju Douluo: "That's it?" Chapter 107 Toolman Hu Liena completes the task Chapter 106 Meet Hu Liena again Chapter 105 The fairy grass was pulled out by Su Xiaotu Chapter 104 Wake up, thanks to you just now! Chapter 103 Sword Douluo is here Chapter 103 Grandpa Jian, this is the result of waking up Chapter 102 Chrysanthemum Douluo played Chapter 101 There is no more love Chapter 100 Yu Xiaogang Meets Bibi Dong Chapter 99 Bibi Dong's sorrow

Chapter 98 End of qualifiers Chapter 97 Ye Lingling who wakes up and shocks Chapter 96 Soul Power Forging Chapter 95 Is he going to the Wuhun Hall? Chapter 95 Chapter 94 Huo Wu's Initiative Chapter 93 I just found out that torturing is quite fun! Chapter 92 Prepare to beat Canghui Academy Chapter 91 Xiao Wu finally got her wish Chapter 90 Blazing Academy abused Chapter 89 Join if you can't beat Chapter 88 transaction

Chapter 87 Ning Fengzhi Chapter 86 Hello, do you have a girlfriend? Chapter 85 The gloating of Ning Rongrong and others Chapter 84 What the **** is this guy's martial soul? Chapter 83 Battle against Blazing Academy Chapter 82 How is the home team? Chapter 81 Master blows the ring? Chapter 80 Xiao Wu is sour Chapter 79 Tang 3's fourth spirit ability Chapter 78 Give the quota to the 2nd team Chapter 77 Poisoned milk Chapter 76 Bibi Dong's guess

Chapter 75 So you have a spirit ring, right? Chapter 74 Give your parents Xiancao Chapter 73 Wake up for the first time refused to tease sister Chapter 72 Money can move the gods and thunder gods Chapter 71 Wuhun resonates Chapter 70 Hu Liena Chapter 1 All show off ~ No update in the morning, in test subject 3, in line Chapter 69 Want to kiss you for a long time Chapter 68 Su Xiaotu ~ Going to learn to drive Chapter 67 childbirth

Chapter 66 Sister Xiao Wu is also unreliable sometimes! Chapter 65 Then I'll call you Daming the same as you, 2 clear Chapter 64 2 Ming, that aggrieved! Chapter 63 Start with 3 meals a day Chapter 62 Daming's surprise Chapter 61 Meet Xiao Wu Chapter 60 Give me back my Xiao Wu Chapter 59 Deep into the Star Dou Great Forest Chapter 58 Xiao Wu didn't come? Could it be... Chapter 57 Isn't it a bit too shameless? Chapter 56 First kill Title Douluo Chapter 55 Wuhun real body also defeated

Chapter 54 Start first Chapter 53 Ice and Fire Chapter 52 Ice Fire 2 Ruined Chapter 51 Out of the soul bone Chapter 50 fire Chapter 49 Super Electromagnetic Gun Soul Guidance Device Chapter 48 Xiao Wu left Chapter 47 Tang Hao appeared and forced Xiao Wu away Chapter 46 Yu Xiaogang thinks he's inferior Chapter 45 Immortal Zong Ye Lingling Chapter 44 Xiao Wu's question Chapter 43 Holding hands with Ye Lingling

Chapter 42 How many skills of Tang 3 did you teach? Chapter 41 Fierce battle Chapter 40 Magnetic Escape·Sword is coming! Chapter 39 Go it alone Chapter 38 Use all hidden weapons Chapter 37 Xiao Wu: "It's you!" Chapter 36 Dai Mubai, come to fight! Chapter 35 Take advantage of Chapter 34 Xiao Wu in distress Chapter 33 Evening party Zhu Take Kiyoshi Chapter 32 Uncle and nephew Chapter 31 The awkward master

~ Happy 2021! Chapter 30 Yu Xiaogang's advice Chapter 29 It's really him! wake! Chapter 28 Shrek 7 monsters, here comes Chapter 27 Fight Yu Tianheng again Chapter 26 Hone combat experience Chapter 25 He can't break through the 30th level Chapter 24 Yu Xiaogang is stunned, why can't he absorb the spirit ring? Chapter 23 Yu Xiaogang is blowing up rings Chapter 22 Invitation from the Nobles of Soto City Chapter 21 Successfully joined Chapter 20 Losing streak

Chapter 19 I don’t need Wuhun Chapter 18 I want to join the Wuhun team Chapter 17 Entrance to school was blocked Chapter 16 Slaps are always so off guard sometimes Chapter 15 Excited master Chapter 14 The master arrives Chapter 13 This is a bit of gain Chapter 12 Beat Dai Mubai Chapter 11 You rubbish, you are not worthy of Zhu Zhuqing Chapter 10 What a big melon Chapter 9 The soul ring was blown up by me Chapter 8 I don’t have to worry about you

Chapter 7 Rose hotel with only 1 room forever Chapter 6 I have a fiance Chapter 5 Stunned Chapter 4 It really is Zhu Zhuqing Chapter 3 Shocked parents Chapter 2 Super Electromagnetic Gun Chapter 1 Blow up the spirit ring at the start

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