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Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess

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Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo, met Gu Yuena, and after a million years of painstaking practice, he finally became a beast god. After a catastrophe, he became a human being, forged the first divine body of Douluo, and awakened the heaven-defying twin god-level martial souls.

Save Bibi Dong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the scumbag.

Master wants to accept me as an apprentice? Sorry, you don’t deserve it.

Show off Tang San with one hand, blast the white tiger with one punch, cut Tang Hao with three swords…

A few years later, Luo Yu swept Douluo, and the king came to the Wuhun Palace, stepping on the abyss, pointing at the vastness of the sword.

In the vast God Realm, who is worthy of a battle…

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Short Title:SIFCG
Alternate Title:斗罗:从俘获女神开始无敌
Author:lonely bamboo
Weekly Rank:#65
Monthly Rank:#56
All Time Rank:#1375
Tags:Adult, Adventure, Anti-MC, Douluo, Douluo Dalu, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Pregnancy, System, World Travel,
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  1. if I'm not mistaken Asura God didn't have this shitty character, like all the other male and female characters, that have changed so much that it sucks

  2. you have only read 16 chapters and you complain, read 50 chapters and you will understand that your field of vision was very small

  3. this is just a childish 300 thousand year old monster story, how can he be provoked with cheap provocation huff, and a slap in the face every few chapters, the conclusion I made with just the 16 chapters I've read is this novel is absolute trash. DON'T BE READ!!!!

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