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Douluo: Opening Sign To the Goddess Xiaowu

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Novel Summary

Chu Qin, a veteran otaku, loves watching Douluo Dalu animations, but by chance, he came here.

And, awakened the goddess system.

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Short Title:DOSTGX
Alternate Title:斗罗之开局签到女神小舞
Author:Immortal sauce
Weekly Rank:#426
Monthly Rank:#269
All Time Rank:#588
Tags:Anal, Arrogant Characters, Douluo, Douluo Dalu, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, First-time Intercourse, God Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Incest, Mind Control, Multiple Realms, Necromancer, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System, Threesome, Time Skip, World Travel,
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61 Comments on “Douluo: Opening Sign To the Goddess Xiaowu
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  1. "This ghost vine originally belonged to the third brother!" Xiao Wu said from the side. "Well, you Xiao Wu, you are actually helping outsiders to speak." Chu Qin secretly said in his heart" Really ? Mc is an outsider and talks to himself in mind like this ? What is this mc's brain problem ?

  2. Mc lies left and right he says he is blue eyed dragon king thou he is not to zi ji He says to bibi dong that his fater is from god realm thou he is not after getting caught he says sorry i lied to u Worst MC ever

  3. Dh lah kagak kuat baca lagi, tolol udh mcnya seabis ngelawan Tang Hao. Rating dari gw 1/5 karena 150 ch pertama doang yang seru

  4. Kebiasaan author anj* awal awal baca seru pas selesai lawan Tang Hao sistem nya jadi bikin bacot sana sini bgst bgst, awal awal udh bener bener sistem begitu jadi nggak kebanyakan bacot sama haremnya pas selesai lawan Tang Hao jadi banyak bacot sana sini. Emang kebiasaan kebanyakan author China demi ngejar ngejar novelnya biar sampe ribuan bab di ulang ulang terus ceritanya sampe di bikin boring hedehh

  5. The storyline, plot of this novel is awesome. The coordination among the characters, the plot and every small details in this novel is a charm of its own, some may complain about the novel being harem but it's totally worth reading, the plot leaves you in no regret. At least the author should post 4-5 chapters each 🙂

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